Marriage Proposal Ideas To Express Feelings To Your Partner

Written by Sushmita Barman

Marriage is to have and to hold a person for a lifetime. It is to grow with them, support them, make memories, and have a lot of fun along the way. But, to begin this life-long journey, you have to ask the question in the right way. There are a million great marriage proposal ideas out there, but which one would seal the deal for you? That would wholly depend on the relationship you share with your partner, your partner’s likes and dislikes, and their wishes for a proposal. When you are preparing to pop the question to your partner, you must keep their interests in mind. You may think that a cozy and romantic dinner may suffice to please your partner, but they might expect a grand proposal from you too. After all, marriage is mostly a once-in-a-lifetime kinda experience. So, you have to go big, or you might just end up going home alone if you don’t play your cards right! Don’t you worry, though, because we have the most amazing proposal ideas, and in these uncertain times, we got your back. Let the preparations for the big question begin!

Best Ideas For Marriage Proposal

We know that to commit to one person is a big enough decision to make. But to convince them that they should choose you in their journey is trickier. There are many ways to express your feelings to your partner. For that, we have put together a varied list of all kinds of proposal ideas. It does not always have to be an expensive or extravagant proposal, but it can still be special. We’ve handpicked a few ideas for every type of proposal that you can use. You can choose from them and make your proposal a memorable one for both you and your partner. Here are our picks:

Public Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • Flash Mob- It could be considered one of the great ideas for marriage proposals. It has been done quite a few times, too, but it never gets old. You can ask all your friends, your partner’s friends, both of your families, or even random strangers, if needed, to participate in the mob. You could compose a song by yourself, dance to it along with the gang, and at the end, you could ask the big question by going down on your knees or get your four-legged furball friend to help you to ask the question. Now, what could be cuter than that?
  • Theatre/ Karaoke Bar- You could take your partner to the theatre if they are a drama buff and pop the question with the presence of strangers on the center stage, or you could take them to a Karaoke bar and sing your favorite song. Both the proposals have a theatrical touch and can be romantic too.
  • Concert proposal- A few thousand people cheering, your partner’s favorite band playing their favorite song, and their favorite vocalist ushering you on stage to serenade your partner… Now, can it get any more romantic? We have gone through a lot of proposal ideas, and this one is undoubtedly pretty epic!

Destination Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • Beach Proposal- If the coast is near your place, you could decorate a small part of the beach with lanterns and flowers and surprise your partner with a beautiful ring. If the coast is far away from where you stay, you could take them out for a long drive and take them to the beach. Just when they would think that a spontaneous drive to the beach is a surprise, you can go down on your knees. If you ask us the best time for the proposal, the sunset hour is a winner!
  • Hike/Trek/Mountain Top Proposal- You could take your partner for a long hike to a beautiful waterfall or the mountaintop at the break of dawn. The start of a new day could signify the beginning of your new life together. You could not go wrong with this one at all, given the adrenaline daze, the breathtaking view, and the question that they have been waiting for from you. If you are looking for ideas on proposing marriage, this could work wonders for you.
  • Underwater Proposal-
Unique underwater marriage proposal idea


If you ask the best ideas to propose marriage, this could definitely be one of them. But, it could only work given that both you and your partner are adventurous and don’t have hydrophobia. You could include the diving team with you and ask the question when they are least expecting it.

  • Eiffel Tower- Every romantic would dream of a proposal in front of the monumental Eiffel tower. This could be a little extravagant, but it is one of the most epic too. Every hour is quite fabulous in front of the tower, but our suggestion would be to take your partner to the tower when the clock strikes an even hour, and the tower is lit with a thousand lights. This happens every hour, so you can take a chance in any of the hours. Take out the bouquet of red roses, go down on your knees and speak your heart out. Yes, we live for such cliches!

Homemade Proposal Ideas For Marriage

  • Proposal In A Fortune Cookie– A night when your partner does not feel like going out or cooking, you have got to jump at the chance! You can order in from your favorite Chinese restaurant and place a special request with them to put a customized note for you inside the fortune cookie. Hands down, this could be one of the most inexpensive, personal, and simple proposal ideas in the comfort of your home.
  • Cook Up A Proposal– If you ask us, nothing could be more romantic than cooking for your partner. You could up the game by making their favorite meal and smartly designing the food in a way so that the question can be easily understood.
  • Scrabble Proposal– If you and your partner are both into word games and scrabble is something you often play, we could not suggest this enough. This one could be a homage to both of your love for all things different.
  • Put The Ring In Their Favorite Book- This idea is for your bookworm partner, and they will love it merely because there is a book involved. You can take the proposal ring and put it inside the book that they love the most. Now, make sure that it is a different copy of the book and you have not messed with the book that they dearly love if you want the answer to turn out in your favor.

Surprise Marriage Proposal Ideas

  • Recreate Your First Date- You can take them down memory lane to that moment when both of you first felt the butterflies for each other. It would not only be a cute gesture but also make the day even more memorable. Both you and your partner will have a lot of stories to tell your friends and family about this proposal date for sure.
  • On A Rollercoaster Ride– Once again, this proposal would work wonders on the condition that your partner enjoys an adventure. A lot of amusement park rides click photos of people when they are on the ride. You can coordinate with them and hold out a placard that reads the bid question. Your partner will be caught by surprise when they see the photo. This is one of the simple ideas on proposing marriage that could be done without much effort! Little would your partner know that a rollercoaster ride would change their life for the better.
  • Hot Air Balloon Proposal- We have saved the last idea for the most picturesque and extravagant. A hot air balloon proposal could be a little over the top, but you only propose to your partner once in a lifetime, right? And for that, you have got to go all out. Once the hot air balloon is up in the sky, you can ask them the question. You can also arrange for a hidden camera in the hot air balloon to capture the experience and treasure it as a beautiful memory. If you ask us, this is one of the most epic marriage proposal ideas.

Marriage proposals are special and are supposed to make for the best day of your partner’s life until it is the wedding day. These days, it is all about grand gestures. However, you and your partner may not prefer flashy and public declarations. In that case, you will find quieter ways of planning a perfect proposal in this list of unique and awesome marriage proposal ideas. The key is to be genuine in your efforts to make your partner feel loved and cherished. It will convince them that you are the right one for them. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Good luck!

Key Takeaways

  • Marriage proposal ideas need a touch of surprise and variety, so a flash mob or an underwater proposal is never a bad idea.
  • If you want it to be cinematic, go on your knee at the Eiffel Tower or go for a hot air balloon proposal.
  • You may also keep it simple and romantic by cooking for her and decorating the venue so that she gets the message easily.

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