Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Review

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Do you want an at-home manicure that lasts? Whether you want the perfect red or the best dark metallic, you’ll find abundant colors in the store to keep you from getting stuck in a nail rut. I tried and tested the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer and here’s how it fared in my review. Read on to find out whether this nail polish is a hit or a miss!

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Nude SkinPrice On Amazon
Silk StockingsPrice On Amazon
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Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Review

Crazy obsessed with color? It’s time you show your true colors with the vivacious range of Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer. This runway-inspired range of colors will help you stand out and make a stylish statement. Its chip-free formula is perfect for trendy nail looks. It’s also the Winner of the Femina Beauty Awards 2015!

Features And Benefits

  • Easy to apply
  • Glossy finish
  • Chip resistant
  • Runway inspired colors
  • Flat brush
  • Formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene free


The Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer comes in a transparent, cylindrical glass bottle with a simple black cap. The color’s name and its code are mentioned on top, which makes it easy to spot in your stash. It comes with a flat brush, making it easy to apply and spread the formula. On the whole, its packaging is pretty standard and nothing extraordinary.


Ethyl Acetate, Butyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Isophorone Diamine/Isophthalic Acid/Tromethamine Copolymer, Trimethyl Pentanyl Diisobutyrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Triphenyl Phosphate, Propyl Acetate, Bis(Glycidoxyphenyl)Propane/Bisaminomethylnorbornane Copolymer, N-Butyl Alcohol, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Stearalkonium Bentonite, Shellac, Polyoxyethylene Coconut Amine, Benzophenone-1, Dimethicone. [+/- May Contain/Peut Contenir: Ci 45410/Red 28, Ci 45350/Yellow 7, Ci 45370/Orange 5, Ci 45380/Red 21, Ci 60730/Ext. Violet 2]

My Experience With Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer

With my changing moods and seasons, I love trying different nail colors. I was pretty excited to try Maybelline’s Color Show Nail Lacquer range owing to its wide array of shades and how easy these are on the pocket. I picked up around four shades to try. Here’s my experience – read on to find out how this nail polish performs.

Texture And Finish

The texture of this nail polish is spot-on. One coat gives you a fully opaque finish, and two coats make it all the more perfect. It leaves your nails with a shiny, glossy finish that will stand out and make your hands look super attractive.


Each color is extremely pigmented and saturated. For a drugstore brand, I was highly impressed with how the colors turned out and also how I didn’t need to go in with too many coats to achieve an opaque finish.

Staying Power And Efficacy

The Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish stays on without chipping for a good three to four days. You can get away with minor chips by applying a good top coat and extend its staying power. The wear time is decent for the price you pay for this. No matter which shade you pick, you won’t be disappointed as Maybelline hasn’t compromised on the quality factor.

Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer Shades

These are some of the most popular and easily accessible colors from this range, and they’re all so gorgeous – it can be a real task to pick just one! Let me tell you a little more about each color that’s inspired straight from the runways of New York.

If you’re into neutrals, this is the perfect nude shade for Indian skin tones. Being on the subtler side, this needs a minimum of two coats to achieve a fully opaque finish.

‘Silk Stockings’ is a gorgeous champagne pink with subtle shimmer. This feminine color is guaranteed to make your hands look lady-like in an instant. It looks exceptional on fair to medium skin tones.

This bright canary yellow shade is perfect for a hot summer day. It has a thick, creamy consistency that provides opaque coverage in double layers. This nail color comes with a glossy finish and dries quickly without being runny. It is suitable for all skin tones and does not chip even after three days of application.

‘Keep Up the Flame’ is a pretty warm red and it will look great on everyone’s hands. This color is super pigmented, and it turns opaque in a single swipe. It’s fabulous and edgy at the same time.

This one’s a royal pink. It makes for a great color for the summers or spring. If you’re into bold, vibrant colors, this shade could be your new favorite. It also complements every skin tone well.

The shade ‘Silver Linings’ is a classic silver nail polish and it looks beautiful with ethnic wear. It’s perfect for weddings and parties. It’s suitable for fair to medium skin tones.

Pastel peachy shades such as ‘Coral Craze’ are a big hit for spring. It instantly lightens up your look and is a perfect way to start a new season. This shade suits most skin tones well.

Fancy some gold? This gold shade is very pigmented and leaves you with that much-desired metallic finish. It’s the perfect color to match with your ethnic outfits. It’s a hit for weddings and events owing to its festive vibe.

This teal colored nail polish is perfect for your next beach vacation. Its blue-green tones hit all the right spots, making it a stunner for fair to medium skin tones.

‘Downtown Red’ is the classic Marilyn Monroe red. It’s an all-time favorite and one of the most popular shades from this range. This would look beautiful on any skin tone and is perfect for absolutely any occasion.

This fuschia shade is like spring on your nails. It’s such a happy color and will brighten any outfit you’re wearing. It’s great for fair skin tones.

‘Black Currant Pop’ is a cute lavender shade that’s great for summers. It’s guaranteed to fetch you a whole bunch of compliments! A must-try for all skin tones.

This shimmery deep blue is the perfect color to get rid of your Monday blues. It looks classy and chic at the same time. What more could you want?

‘Crazy Berry’ is the perfect shade for fall and winter. It’s a deep purple that adds a lot of contrast to your hands.

Show this bright shade off during Monsoons to brighten up a dull day. It’s the perfect orange and is so versatile that it will complement all skin tones well.

This one’s a plain white shade. White nail polish has been a hot trend for some time now among fashion bloggers and on the runways. It’s a little high maintenance, but who says you can have it easy all the time?

Bring out the inner goth with this black shade of nail polish. It’s super pigmented, and two coats leave you with a fully opaque finish.

The top coat from this range – ‘Crystal Clear’ is a must-have to use as a base coat and a top coat.

*Subject to Availability

There’s A Different Set Of Colors Available In The U.S. Here’s What’s HOT!

  • Go Nude
  • Neutral Statement
  • Better In Buff
  • Dust of Bronze
  • Taupe on Trend
  • Pink Embrace
  • Pink & Proper
  • Punk Rock Pink
  • Hibiscus Haven
  • Rose Rapture
  • An Old Flame
  • Born With It
  • Rich In Ruby
  • Lust For Lilac
  • Pinkalicious
  • Deep In Violet
  • Coral Crush
  • Mauve In Manhattan
  • Pink Shock
  • Petal Plush
  • Wine And Forever
  • Keep Up The Flame
  • Paint The Town
  • Fuchsia Fever
  • Gilded Rose
  • Green With Envy
  • Blue Bombshell
  • Shocking Seas
  • Porcelain Party
  • Impeccable Greys
  • Onyx Rush

  • Easy to apply
  • Leaves you with a glossy shine
  • Pigmented color
  • Long-wearing
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Easily available
  • Affordable

  • Takes time to dry
  • Peeling and chipping occurs within a week or less

How To Use Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer?

  • Step 1: Apply a clear base coat to prevent your nails from yellowing and extend the staying power of your nail color.
  • Step 2: Brush one coat of lacquer from the center of your nail, starting from the base to the tip.
  • Step 3: For the cleanest look, leave a small space at the base of the nail, then apply polish to the rest of the nail.
  • Step 4: Top it up with a clear polish.

Shelf Life: 36 months

Rating: 4/5

Will I Recommend This Product?

Yes, I do recommend trying the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer to anyone looking for a budget-friendly option to add some life to your nails. Since nail polish trends change incredibly fast, this is a remarkably inexpensive option that won’t leave you disappointed. It will give you a chip-free, glossy, and professional-looking manicure with just a little bit of care and effort.

Picture a quiet Friday night, and you’re painting your nails, with some wine and Netflix. Fun, right? The little joys of life! Those were my thoughts on the Maybelline Color Show Nail Color Lacquer. Have you ever tried this nail polish? Share what you thought of it in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer for nail art and designs?

Yes, you can use the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer for nail art and designs. Its wide range of shades and quick-drying formula makes it suitable for creating various nail art looks, including freehand designs, stamping, gradients, and more.

Are there any special instructions for removing Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer?

You can remove the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer with a regular nail polish remover. Just take a cotton ball or pad soaked with the nail polish remover and place it on the nail for a few seconds to allow the polish to dissolve. Then, gently wipe off the nail polish, repeating the process if necessary. Remember to moisturize your nails and cuticles after removing the polish to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Can I use Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer on acrylic or gel nails?

Yes, you can use the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer on acrylic or gel nails. The nail lacquer works well on various nail types, including acrylic and gel nails ,just ensure to apply a base coat and a top coat to enhance the longevity of the nail lacquer and protect the artificial nails.

Can I use Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer on toenails as well?

Yes, you can use the Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquer on both toenails and fingernails for manicures and pedicures. The nail lacquer is suitable for use on both types of nails, providing a wide selection of colors to enhance your nail looks for both hands and feet.

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