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10 Medicinal Uses Of Sassafras Oil For Skin And Health

10 Medicinal Uses Of Sassafras Oil For Skin And Health April 23, 2018

Sassafras is native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. It is a spice used to add flavor and aroma to food. It is a unique plant, and every part of it serves some purpose – be it the root, barks, leaves or flowers. Sassafras essential oil is extracted mainly from the roots and bark as they contain a high concentration of the oil. This oil is available just like any other essential oil in the stores. Sassafras has been used as a medicinal and aromatic herb since ancient times in America.

Let’s take a look how this Sassafras essential oil can help us in various ways:

1. Treats Head Lice:

Sassafras oil treats head lice effectively. Just add some drops of sassafras oil in the water and use this solution to wash your head. Repeat the same process once in a week for a month for best results.

2. Massage Oil:

You can use sassafras oil to massage your body. It heals the broken skin and rashes. A simple massage on the affected area before going to bed renews the damaged skin in no time. It is also helpful for treating blemishes and various other skin issues.

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3. Relieves Rheumatic Pains:

This oil also helps relieve rheumatic pain. You can apply this oil externally on the joints consistently for 30 to 45 days to get complete relief from this pain.

4. Aromatherapeutic Use:

This oil is widely used in aromatherapy. It has a soothing and calming effect on both mind and body. Various spas use this oil in aromatherapy sessions.

5. Medicinal Properties:

This oil has various medicinal properties and in ancient America, it was widely used for various medicinal purposes. Mix few drops of this oil in a glass of water and drink to treat high fever and ease menstrual pain. Use this oil if you are suffering from eye inflammation.

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6. Removes Toxins:

Sassafras oil is also a blood purifier and thinner. Prepare a tea by using sassafras root and bark. Drinking this tea helps to flush away the toxins from the body. Due to its diuretic properties, this tea also helps in treating high blood pressure problem.

7. Flavoring Agent:

Sassafras oil is widely used as a flavoring agent. It has a typical soothing aroma. It was used to flavor the medicines in ancient Europe and America. Sassafras oil is also used to make perfumes and soaps.

8. Strengthens Liver:

This oil strengthens the liver, which in turn removes toxins from the body. It helps in treating various skin diseases, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis.

9. Anti-Inflammatory Agent:

Sassafras is widely used as an anti-inflammatory agent for dental pain. It also treats gastrointestinal problems, if taken in a diluted form. Sassafras also works as an effective painkiller.

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10. Other Uses:

This oil of Sassafras oil also works as a cleaning agent. You can use it for cleaning and polishing the floor. It has the unique property to blend with any other ingredient to give the solution a soothing aroma. You can use sassafras oil to fragrance your blend of cleansers. Apart from oil, dried sassafras leaves are used for thickening soups and sauces. Chefs use this ingredient mainly in Creole cooking. The plant itself acts as a mosquito and insect repellant when placed in the household premises as it emits a typical smell.


Sassafras oil is rich in safrole. U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have banned safrole consumption as it is carcinogenic in nature. You should use this oil under medical supervision, as even a small quantity of this concentrated oil can be lethal. Now, you know about this sassafras oil uses for skin and health. So, would you now hunt to get this? Share your feedback with us in the comments section.

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