50 Stunning Medium-Length Haircuts And Styles For Thick Hair

Written by Anjali Sayee

Not too long, not too short: just right!

Have you ever gone on a shopping spree for the perfect little black dress? It has to be exactly right, doesn’t it? Thick hair is the same. You don’t want it too long, or it’ll look drab. Too short, and it looks way too edgy. So what’s the perfect length for your thick hair? Medium length, of course!

Read on to find out which medium-length haircut and style will suit you and your wonderfully thick locks.

50 Stunning Medium-Length Haircuts And Styles For Thick Hair

1. Classic Straight Blunt Cut

If you have thick hair, this is the perfect haircut for you. The blunt ends show off your hair’s thickness beautifully. I think it’s one of the best haircuts out there. It is especially easy to style this cut in an updo.

2. The Bell Cut

Doesn’t the outline of this hairstyle look like a bell? If you live for that plain Jane look, this is definitely the hairstyle for you. It looks simple yet chic, and the ‘U’ cut at the end lends a stylish flair to this look.

3. Golden Brown Layers

I love a good layered cut. It enhances the overall volume of your tresses and looks super cool. Add a nice golden sheen to your brunette locks to take it up a few notches. Looks amazing, doesn’t it?

4. Side Bangs And Subtle Waves

Want to add some texture and volume to your hair without curling it? Then, slight waves are the way to go. Wrap the lower half of your hair around the curling iron for two to three seconds to curl it slightly. Spritz on some hairspray and brush out your hair gently to make the waves seem subtle.

5. Blonde Layers


Thick-haired women are so lucky! They can opt for layers that start somewhere down the middle and still manage to make it look voluminous. Adding waves at the bottom enhances the hair texture and looks incredibly stylish.

6. Curled-In Shag

The shag haircut has surpassed time to become one of the most classic hairstyles. This shag ‘do can only be pulled off with thick hair. Get multiple layers into your hair and curl the front layers inward to achieve this look. If you don’t want to damage your hair with heat styling tools, use a round brush and some mousse to get this look.

7. Soft Wavy Layers

Ever heard of the phrase “hair that flows like a stream”? This hairstyle is inspired by that phrase. Get layers that start halfway down and feather out at the ends to give your hair a soft look. Style this haircut in loose waves to create a romantic look.

8. Rock ‘n Roll Shag

Rock ‘n roll is always the way to go, and this killer curly shag haircut proves it. It looks messy while managing to remain stylish. This is the perfect haircut for those head-banging moments!

9. Layered Haircut

Layers are a girl’s best friend. Every girl wants stylish and bouncy hair, which can be achieved with layers. The feathered ends of this style make the rest of the hair look thicker and more voluminous.

10. Flicked-Out Dual Layers

While layers are great for thick hair, sometimes, many layers can be a bit too much. Opt for this simple dual-layered haircut instead. There is a little gap between the layers that adds bounce to your hair.

11. Center Fringe With Long Sides

One of the perks of having thick hair is being able to have a thick fringe. Not only does it look chic, but it also helps cover up your forehead and draw all the attention to your eyes, lips, and jawline. Leave a few long sections on either side of your bangs to give your face more definition.

12. Classic Curly Lob

If you have thick curly hair, keeping it nourished can be an everyday challenge. Opt for a nice lob to manage it. A lob is a long bob that comes up to your shoulders. It looks great and allows you to moisturize your roots easily.

13. Mid-Level Layers

Dimensional color involves coloring your hair in different shades of the same color to add texture to it. When you have blonde or brunette dimensional color, you need to be very particular with your layers. Get layers that start from halfway down to showcase the dimension and flaunt your tresses.

14. Two-Layer Haircut

Whoever knew that all it took to jazz up your hairstyle was two layers? This is the quickest fix out there! This two-layered haircut is perfect for anyone who needs to follow a strict dress code at work.

15. Dark Plum Textured Lob

A textured lob is one of the best ways to style medium-length hair. Go for some dark plum highlights to add more dimension to your locks. This hairstyle looks totally cool!

16. Blue Lob With Thick Bangs

Now here’s a look that is tailor-made for anyone who loves anime. Get your hair cut in a blunt medium-length lob and straight bangs. Color it in a bright aquamarine shade to finish off this surreal look.

17. Side Bangs

If you want to jazz up your medium-length hair, add some side bangs to it. They’ll help frame your face. They are also great for covering wide cheeks and accentuating your jawline. You can get some layers at the end to streamline the side bangs.

18. Angled Lob

The angled bob is making headlines all over the world. Don’t worry, you don’t have to chop off too much of your medium-length locks to achieve this look. Straighten your hair to create a sleek look.

19. Honey Blonde Layers

Layers can be accentuated with color. I would suggest getting your hair colored first and then getting it cut in layers. This way, you’ll be able to really enhance the layers. Add multiple shades of the same color to give your hair tons of dimension and texture.

20. Rose Gold U-Cut

The U-cut is known for being a bland hairstyle. But the scales can be raised by adding a nice rose gold shade to it. You can also go for some front bangs to modernize this

21. Gray Hair With Feathered Ends

Feathered ends can amp up the volume and thickness of your locks. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself! Using the point-cut method, thin out the ends of your hair. If you have layers, make sure to thin out the ends of each layer.

22. Summer Hair

Summer is that time when we all want to dress up. It’s summer vacay time after all! Try this layered cut with thinned out ends. This layered cut mimics the shag cut, except the layers start shorter at the front and get a little longer at the back. This helps in adding dimension to your locks. And don’t those blonde babylights look fancy?

23. Honey Blonde Ombre

Ombres are everywhere. They’ve become a huge hair statement. Apart from framing your face, ombres like this honey blond one can amp up your hair’s texture.

24. Dark-To-Light Dimensional Brown

A dark to light ombre is a great way to spice up your hair. It also helps in adding depth to your tresses and framing your face. I love how the waves that it’s been styled in accentuate the colors and texture.

25. The Curl And Wave

Thick, straight hair tends to lack bounce and look lifeless. Style it in some subtle curls or waves at the ends to add bounce and shine to it. You’ll be surprised by how much it livens up your locks.

26. Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

Being brunette is awesome, but I’m sure you’ve wondered how you would look with blonde hair. Instead of opting for a complete hair color change, try this blonde balayage first. The best thing about it is that since it is a lighter shade than brown, you can color it back if it doesn’t work out! But, to be on the safe side, check with a hairstylist which blonde shade will suit your skin’s undertone.

27. Side Curls

Volume depends on how you style your hair! Adding nice big curls to your sides and bangs can make your hair look voluminous and stunning. These big curls on the sides also enhance any added hair colors.

28. Brown Balayage

Have you ever gone to a forest and seen those small springs of water that lead to a river? The sun reflects off the water and makes it look like gold. This hair color reminds me of just that. It looks surreal and also helps in framing your face.

29. Blonde Ombre

If you have thick hair that is naturally dark, consider going for a blonde ombre. It will make your thick hair look luxurious. It will also give you the makeover you’ve always wanted!

30. Side Parted Layers

A side parting is the perfect companion for thick hair. It is the easiest way to style your medium-length hair when you’re in a rush. You can also part your hair on the side you normally don’t part it when your hair looks too greasy.

31. Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo highlights are hidden highlights. It involves coloring the under section of your hair and leaving the top layer untouched. When you have thick hair, peekaboo highlights – like these magenta ones – stand out and look brilliant.

32. Caramel Waves

Rich and delicious caramel! Just mentioning it made your mouth water, didn’t it? Take that deliciousness to your locks. Style your hair in waves to accentuate this gorgeous color, and you are good to go.

33. Bronde Mix

Ahh, the age-old rivalry between blonde and brunette! I say, why not both? They create a killer combination. This mix also frames your face beautifully. The top brown half makes your face look longer while the lower blonde half softens your features.

34. Golden Highlights

Gold is the color of royalty. It symbolizes wealth and prosperity. It also can make your hair look thick and lush! This is because, when coupled with brown, it adds depth and dimension to your locks.

35. Brown Lob With Highlights

Your shoulder-length lob can be spiced up with curls at the end. You can also highlight it with a deep chocolate brown shade to add depth and gloss to your naturally dark tresses.

36. Colored Lob

The lob is one of the most sought-after hairstyles. It’s very stylish and perfect for anyone who wants to go for shoulder-length hair. You can add some texture to your hair by getting it cut in layers and colored in a sun-kissed shade.

37. Blue Ocean

Do you ever feel like your hair is too long or too short to pull off a color? Take this mix of teal and blue, for instance. If it’s too long, it can look like a never-ending stream. If it’s too short, it might look like a small puddle of water. I think it looks best on medium-length hair. It looks like a wonderful stream, thanks to the curls.

38. Beach Hair

Beachy hair colors have been in demand for a really long time. That comes as no surprise as they create the perfect summer vacay look. The key to achieving the perfect beachy hair look is to style it in loose waves and spritz on some sea salt spray.

39. Blonde Tips

If you want to accentuate your natural hair color, go for a contrast look. Check out how the natural brown shines when paired with some blonde tips in this look. You don’t need to go for an ombre, just some simple highlighted tips will do the trick.

40. Deep Auburn Curls

Adding dimension to your hair can go a long way in making it look gorgeous. It adds depth to your locks while making them thicker. It also adds a nice sheen to your tresses. If you have brown hair, opt for a shade like deep auburn, chestnut brown, or dark wine.

41. Shadow Roots

Keeping your roots dark can make your hair look longer, and your face look slender. Dark roots also show off your natural hair color and texture. Get a shade that matches the undertone of your natural color but is a few shades darker.

42. Icy Blonde Balayage

Looking for the perfect winter hairstyle? I’d suggest this icy blonde balayage. It looks stunning and magical. The shadow roots add a mystical feeling, and the lavender-gray highlights amp up the dimension of this look.

43. Dimensional Bronde

Bronde is one of the few hair colors hairstylists can’t stop talking about. The dark roots in this look become lighter as they reach the ends. The feathered ends will make your hair appear thicker.

44. Purple Curls

Everyone’s going crazy over balayage, and rightly so! The balayage is a more natural and flowy way of highlighting hair. Instead of opting for natural shades, go for a vibrant shade like this violet. Style it in curls to jazz it up.

45. Espresso Balayage

Anyone who loves coffee knows that espresso is God’s gift to mankind. It’s all coffee – and that’s what makes it so delicious. Get your medium-length hair colored in an espresso shade to carry that feeling with you everywhere you go. Style it in waves to make it look deep and luxurious.

46. Platinum Blonde

Platinum hair is stunning! It’s all the rage right now. It looks like white with hints of silver and blonde. Check with your hairstylist if it will work with your skin’s undertone.

47. A-Line Lob WIth Blonde Highlights

Adding some contrast highlights to the sides of your A-line lob can turn up the heat on your locks. It works especially well if you want to soften your face shape and features. It also adds depth to your tresses.

48. Peach Ombre

Women who have light brown hair tend to opt for a blonde transition. Be different and let your inner warrior out with this peach ombre. The peach hue goes well with the light brown top. It will bring your hair back to life.

49. Lilac Hollywood Curls

Medium-length hair is perfect for Hollywood curls. That’s because they look incomplete when your hair is too short, but need to be folded when your hair is too long. Opt for a lilac shade with these curls to create a gorgeous Insta-worthy look.

50. Colored Layered Bob

Medium-length hair is also perfect for experimentation because it’s long enough to display two or more colors, but short enough to fade and grow out quickly. Experiment with bright combinations like this peach and blue blend.

Now that you know the medium-length haircuts and styles that you can opt for, here are some easy tips to maintain them.

Maintenance Tips For Thick Hair

  1. Use a protein hair mask at least once in two weeks to nourish your hair. If you don’t take proper care of thick locks, they can lose their volume. Opt for a natural hair mask over one that contains chemicals.
  2. Get regular trims. This will keep split ends at bay and refresh your style.
  3. Wash your hair twice a week. Before you wash your hair, do some oil therapy. Massage your head and hair with some warm oil and leave it on for an hour. This will give your hair the nutrients it needs and adds shine.
  4. Watch your diet! What you eat ends up going to your hair as well. Your hair needs many vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy, so you need to eat healthy.
  5. Every once in a while, take a break from your heat styling tools. And when you do use them, don’t forget to use a heat protectant. This will protect your hair from heat damage.

Medium-length hair is perfect for experimenting with new styles. Hope this article helped you understand how you can amp up your medium locks. Which one was your favorite style? Comment below to let us know!

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