Top 10 Miami Ink Tattoo Designs

by Shruti Goenka

queen.ltqueen.ltMiami ink tattoos happen to be the most colorful and fashionable body art patterns in vogue nowadays. Innumerable people on earth are in love with these stylish patterns for their unique and bold appeal. The Miami ink tattoos are available in both temporary and permanent formats. Both men and women can adorn these vibrant tattoos, which are available in various designs. Finding out expert Miami ink tattoo designers is not a difficult job; so far, they are the trendiest tattoo patterns right now.

Top 10 Miami Ink Tattoo Designs:

The main feature of the Miami tattoos is their vibrant and rich color. The tattoo designs, which originated from a popular television show, have grabbed the world with their gallant approach. Perfect for all ages, Miami tattoo has something to offer from its wide variety of collections. Here are some of the top collections of Miami ink tattoo designs, which are flaunted the most by wearers.

1. Angel Tattoo:

Angel tattoo is perfect for women, though men can wear them to show love for their beloved. This pattern of tattoo mainly projects an image of the angel amidst a flowery ambience. The tattoo is cute in appeal and looks beautiful on the arms and the back. They are mainly permanent tattoos, but some leading tattoo designers are coming up with temporary patterns as well.

2. Dandelion:

An innovative type of tattoo, dandelion is mainly a black and white pattern. The image comes with a baby girl or a baby boy stooping in front of a flowering plant, which is often compared with the desert moonflower. The image sets a carefree look and the waiting approach of the tiny one. The pattern is perfect for anyone, mainly for a young star who is just out of school.

3. Chicano style airbrushed fuel tank:

This pattern is generally permanent and looks cool on bikes and cars. Well, you can draw them on your body parts as well. For this, all you need is a wide area where you can draw well. The back part of the body is therefore considered the best if you wish to draw this pattern on your body. Colorful in design, the pattern is cool enough for projecting the Casanova look of the wearer.

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4. Devil’s cackle:

Chic yet scary, the Devil’s cackle tattoo is best for one who is in love with fiction. The tattoo is best for people linked up with rock bands. The laughing devil evokes the clever personality of the wearer.

5. The cobra tattoo:

A cobra tattoo is in fashion forever. It looks extremely gorgeous, and presents the strong persona of the wearer. The best part of the pattern is that it is temporary and can be removed anytime. The best place to draw a cobra is on the upper arms.

6. Flowers and the cross:

A pretty-looking tattoo, flowers and the cross is ideal for one who is in love with his religion. The tattoo comes with the image of flowers and a cross together, depicting the wearer’s love for God. This type of tattoo is generally drawn on the chest of the applier.

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7. Custom sleeve:

What does the name of this tattoo suggest? Yes, you got it right. They are named so as they look like an extension of your attire. Generally applied on the upper arms, this flowery tattoo looks like the extended part of the sleeves.

8. Golden eagle:

Popular by its theme, the golden eagle tattoo is most flaunted by men. They are extremely bold and vibrant, representing the versatile personality of the wearer.

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9. Bare essentials:

Essentials are best when applied on the back part of the body. Generally, the tattoo applies the color black for imparting a bold appearance.

10. Name your foot:

This tattoo, as the name suggests, looks the best on one’s foot. One can write his or her name in this tattoo style. This looks simple and can be drawn at home as well. Name your foot is a temporary type of tattoo.

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Hope you liked these miami ink tattoo designs. Do leave us your comments below.

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