54 Cute Missing Friends Quotes For Your Far Away Bestie

Bridge the miles of distance and feel your pals' love with these heartfelt words.

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Have you ever gone through a phase of being away from your closest friends? Have you lost a friend unexpectedly? We bet all of us have gone through this heart-wrenching experience. Friendship is an essential ingredient in our lives. Unusually, the same circle of friends will stick around for you, but you might find a few friends who will be there for you. We have listed a set of missing friends quotes so that you can remind them about how grateful you have been for their existence. Also, for those who have cut ties with you or lost a dear friend to death, you can choose the relevant quotes from below and use them accordingly to commemorate their memories. So, now go ahead and use our ‘miss you, friend’ quotes when you miss your best friend. Scroll down to read through them!

Missing Best Friends Quotes And Sayings

Sometimes only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated by Alphonse De Lamartine
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Besides a list of heart-touching missing friends quotes, we have added “miss you best friend’ short quotes and more too. You may find solace in reading these quotes about missing friends and memories you’ve created together.

  1. “The hardest thing about friends moving away is not being able to talk to someone you used to talk to every single day.”

When friends move and physical distance grows, a change in lifestyle and lack of communication gets in the way. Going from hours of pouring your hearts to each other to radio silence can be difficult to deal with, further intensifying the despair that comes with missing them.

  1.  “There are people about whom we think every day.”

You might not talk to them every day, but you pray and wish good for them every day.

  1.  “There are some friends whom you don’t see or meet every day, yet you know they are there for you.”

You and your friends can be certain about each other that despite being not available each day, they will be the ones to push you through troubling times and support you. It is one of the best ‘miss you, best friend’ quotes.

  1.  “How strange is it when you can go without talking to someone for years yet get reminded of them every day!”

There are friendships and relationships which might have ended abruptly, or you don’t seem to connect well later on in life, but that does not mean you harbor any grudges towards each other. You still value the good memories that you both had created together before.

  1.  “Good friends are tantamount to the stars in the sky.”

The stars that you see in the sky are far away. However, you find a sense of comfort in watching the vast sky. This is similar to your connection to good friends. Despite the distance and lack of time, you seem to share something with them every time you end up making contact.

  1.  “We must have moved on, but the memories don’t seem to.”

A friendship might end up unanticipatedly over an argument or misunderstanding. Yet what lives on inside our minds are the memories. They never die.

  1.  “Friendships that never fade are truly blessed.”

With passing time, some friendships tend to change because the people involved in them change. However, those friendships where things remain the same after years are blessed enough to turn into an enduring bond.

  1.  “I remember, despite arguments, we have been glued to each other. I hope it stays forever.”

How deeply you think about your friendship is reflected in this quote. You can’t even seem to afford to lose a bond like this. So, you just let them know how badly you miss them if they are away or somewhere far from you.

  1.  “Look up, and you will realize that all this while you have been under the same sky.”

At times, when you end up missing your friend way too much, navigate your mind to see the brighter side. Acknowledge the fact that both of you are on the same planet and under the same sky.

You know someone is special to you when days just don't seem right without them by John Cena
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  1.  *What are goodbyes for? They are usually a way to let the counterpart know that you are gonna miss them.”

Every time we say goodbye to someone, it usually conveys that we wish to see them sooner. And also, it expresses forthrightly that you are going to miss them for real.

  1.  “My mind knows that distance doesn’t matter, but who is going to convince my heart about it?”

This is a worrying thought inside our minds as we can calm our nerves, but we cannot seem to persuade our hearts that distance won’t affect every friendship.

  1.  “All I know is that our hearts are close to each other.”

In friendships that are distant, there is usually a fear of getting detached over time. However, this is not the case most of the time in the case of genuine heart-to-heart connections. While miles might separate them, their hearts resonate with one another.

  1. “My days seem incomplete when they aren’t filled with your sweet presence.”

You may feel like something is missing from your day when your best friend is not around. Their presence instantly fills you with joy and happiness and their absence is felt extremely heavy.

  1. “Perhaps I could bear not having water for a day, but not talking to you is impossible!”

Talking with and simply listening to your best friend can be equal to something as essential as having water. This speaks to the intimate and ever growing bond you both share.

  1. “The physical distance between us does not matter because my heart will always stay close to you.”

No matter the long distance between you both, the love you have for your friend will bridge the gap. True friendship is connected by the heart and not distance.

  1. “The days are unbearable without my other half, my soulmate, my person.”

Your best friend is the only one who can truly be called your other half. You both fit together like puzzle pieces and balance each other perfectly. If you were to commit a crime, you wouldn’t call your partner or spouse, you’d call your bestie – your person and partner-in-crime.

  1. “Just know you are always running through my mind.”

Whether you are busy or idle, there is not a single second of the day when they don’t cross your mind. While cooking, dancing, and studying, they occupy the majority of your thoughts. “What is bestie doing?” and “Oh my goodness, she would have a fit if she saw this.”

  1. “The vast oceans may decide the distance between us, but they can never erode the strong friendship we share.”

The vast oceans may physically separate two best friends but they do not affect their friendship. Let’s be honest, you both would cross the seven seas to be there for each other.

  1. “Missing you this much might actually drive me crazy!”

Missing your best friend can be so overwhelming that it can easily be compared to going crazy. While this may seem a little exaggerated, the strong emotions completely justify the feeling.

Missing Old Friends Quotes

Looking for some “missing my childhood friends” quotes? Well, undeniably, missing your old friends is unbearable, be it childhood or any old buddies. To this end, we have listed below some ‘miss you, friends’ quotes that are specially meant for your old buds!

Some days, I wish I could go back and relive days with old friends not to change anything but just to feel a few things twice by Anonymous
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  1. “Old friends are like old songs; they never go out of style.”

Even when you haven’t talked in a while, the moment you reconnect, it’s like no time has passed. Missing them makes you appreciate the timelessness of your bond.

  1.  “The utmost sense of comfort you might find is always with them.”

Just like you grew from being an immature kid to a mature adult, they were with you through your growth. It can even be that you must have offered advice to each other out of sheer stupidity and cluelessness and learned an array of life lessons together.

  1.  “Missing your old friends is a sort of yearning to reminisce about the memories and past that you had together.”

Well, we know that dwelling in the past is not beneficial. However, there are days when we would wish to take a trip down memory lane. And this is the thing which you would prefer recalling with your old friends whom you had spent most of your childhood phase with.

  1.  “Old friends represent warmth and comfort.”

Friendship is all about comfort, positivity, and happiness. Your old friends bring warmth, comfort, and companionship to your lives. They provide you serenity in the midst of chaotic life.

  1.  “You don’t need to find something in common with the ones whom you have known since you were a kid.”

Just know that old friends are those with whom most of your choices and preferences are in common. Or what if we say lives are common? You can give it a thought as well.

  1.  “Old friends keep you grounded.”

When you come back to your old friends, you will find that old friends keep you grounded for life. You never forget your roots because of them.

  1. “Before you I was simply alone, but without you I’m always lonely.”

A friend’s absence can have a strong impact on one’s life. You may be able to cope with being alone without having known them, but the loneliness that comes with not having your best friend around can become unbearable.

  1. “I instantly smile remembering the beautiful and fun times we enjoyed together.”

The present times may not allow you to enjoy the same, joyful days again but the memories you create with friends will always surpass time and hold a strong place in your heart and mind, never ceasing to make you smile.

  1. “Everyone knows different versions of me but only you, my old friend, know my true self.”

Every individual becomes a whole new person when they meet different people but the ones who know our true selves are our childhood friends who have seen us grow. They have seen us at our best and our worst, and still stick around for more. If that’s not love and loyalty, nothing else is!

  1. “Time may have not been on our side but the sweet memories we created together will always stand the test of time.”

Everyone gradually loses a good friend who they were close to during their childhood days, but that does not mean that the beautiful memories created with them are not valuable. It is something that can live on forever in your heart.

  1. “Your name may not dominate my phone screen anymore but my heart always recalls it.”

You may not be having regular conversations with your best friend like you used to in college, but that does not mean their name does not pop up in your mind every once in a while. The call logs may not show their name anymore but they still remain in your thoughts.

  1. “Old friends are what is the true definition of unconditional love.”

Your older friends who were there for you when you had nothing are indeed the real definition of unconditional love. They became your friends when you had nothing to offer besides a small candy and still showered you with all their affection.

Quotes About Missing A Friend That Has Passed Away

Losing friends to death is unthinkable. To this end, we have prepared some “missing a friend in heaven” quotes for that special soul. So let’s read them too.

Come back even as a shadow even as a dream by Euripides
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  1.  “The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and for deeds left undone.”

As you grieve at the death of your friend, you would never want the memories to fade away. The responsibility of respecting and preaching his legacy is what you end up showing without being asked.

  1. “The best of friends are loved and remembered for who they were even in their death.”

As you grieve at the death of your friend, you would never want the memories to fade away. The responsibility of respecting and preaching his legacy is what you end up showing without being asked.

  1.  “Friendship always seems to transcend death.”

Friendship is all about being partners in crime and making memories together. The loss of a friend hits hardest when you continue living and experiencing new things that you had planned to do with your friend who is no more.

  1.  “I am reminded of them with a phrase or a joke that they had cracked while they were around.”

When you value someone, you will end up trying your best to remember their existence through their actions and words. These are the things that will keep them close to your heart.

  1.  “Losing a friend to death is like losing a part of yourself.”

Friends are those who seem to become a part of you. You both used to share fragments of yourself with each other. This is close to incorporating some of their parts to yourself.

  1.  “Celebrating the memories your friend gave you is cherishing their life in entirety.”

When you get reminded of a great friend even after they have passed away, you just wish to meet them in each lifetime. You can’t wait to be there with them together again, although it might seem like an illusion. That’s how bad you crave for their existence.

  1. “A goodbye felt too soon but your hello was all I needed to fill my jar with endless happiness.”

The heavens may have called your friend too soon. Maybe you did not even get the chance to properly send them off and say goodbye. But they presented you with a warm hello and filled your heart with many wonderful memories, keeping them alive in your mind forever.

  1. “The earth may feel your absence but my heart never did. For me, you will always stay alive and shining.”

A true friend is never gone or lost. Their physical presence may not be felt in the world anymore but they will always hold a secure place in your heart.

  1. “In this sweet little garden of memories, I’m glad we meet again and again.”

Memories are all that is left with us when someone special passes on, but it is a sweet little place where you can always meet them again and reminisce on those beautiful moments.

  1. “I never truly ever lost you, for me, you will always live on in my mind and heart.”

Your best friend is someone who will always be there within your heart. The world may have mourned their loss and moved on, but you will never forget their lovely soul, kind eyes, and warm smile.

  1. “These tears may never leave my eyes, but I smile knowing that I was lucky enough to have met you.”

When you lose your best friend, the heavy emotions take over your heart and all you think you can do is just cry, because no one else understands your pain. But never forget to smile for they graced your life with their presence and left you with a million little happy moments.

  1. “For me she never aged, she remains immortal in this little heart of mine.”

The human body may rot away but the soul remains immortal and leaves an indelible mark on one’s heart. Your friend may have passed on in her old age, but to you they will always be that young, wild child eager to make you giggle.

  1. “I instantly wipe away these sorrowful tears, knowing that I was lucky enough to share my laughter with you.”

The passing away of a loved one, a close friend, is something that will naturally fill your eyes with tears and heart with heaviness. But, a greater feeling that can overcome it is the feeling of knowing that they were in your life and left you with nothing but beautiful memories.

Quotes About Missing Your Best Friend Who Lives Far Away

Does distance separate you and your bestie? Below are some heart-touching quotes for missing friends who are far away from you.

A friend allows you distance but is never far away by Anonymous
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  1.  “I miss you like crazy. And this makes me sad often.”

When you both have been together for most of your life and then someday when you are bound to move to some other place, that distance between you makes your heartache so much that it upsets you.

  1.  “I feel like I have a limb missing since you’ve been gone. I have not been functioning the way I used to.”

You want them to know how worse missing them seems like. You feel like a part of you has left you.

  1.  “Missing a best friend is like trying to forget what happiness is.”

Friendship is what happiness feels like. When you miss your best friend, you feel like your happiness has been scraped off.

  1. “Might just be glad for the distance between us because it only makes me appreciate you more.”

The heart does grow fonder with distance. While you might have to deal with the long distance between you and your best friend, you also will be able to appreciate their efforts to stay connected with you.

  1. “This bittersweet feeling will never pass until you come here to calm down my heart.”

There are multiple times when you might be okay with your best friend living far away. But there are also times when you are struggling and the only thing that makes life worthwhile, the only cure, is them.

  1. “We might be far apart but you still remain the closest to my heart!”

What significance does distance have when two best friends are connected at the heart? They might be far away from you but that will never affect your love for them at all.

  1. “The stars symbolize our friendship. You may not be visible to me, but I know you are always there.”

And, just like the stars in the sky, you may have miles and miles between you and your friend, but the fact that they are still there is what true, strong, and enduring friendship is all about.

  1. “My eyes may not be able to see you but my heart still remembers your beautiful face.”

Even if you cannot physically see your dearest friend presently, your vivid memories together and the fond image of their pretty face is something that the mind will never forget.

  1. “Our addresses may have changed but our closeness and love will never be affected.”

True friendship does not rely on distance and even if your best friend may have shifted to a faraway land, it can never have any impact on the bond you share.

  1. “The everlasting love and connection between us can fight any distance.”

How does mere physical distance between two friends even compare to the unbreakable bond you both share. Your love and connection traverses time and space!

Infographic: Top 5 Lovable Missing Quotes For Your Long-Distance Best Friend

Long-distance friendship may hurt you once in a while, especially if it’s your best friend who’s away. It may prevent the both of you from making random plans at any place and time. And you only get to see and talk to each other on video or regular calls, texts, and emails. Sometimes you want to let them know you miss them but words fail to express emotions accurately.

This is when quotes about missing your best friend come in! Check out the infographic below to find a curated list of the top five lovable missing quotes to share with your best friend.

top 5 lovable missing quotes for your long distance best friend (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

We all miss our besties or old friends when they shift their base to far-away places for professional and other reasons. In such a case, do not keep your feelings to yourself. Let your bestie know how significant they are in your life by sending across thoughtful quotes and making them feel valued and precious. If you are not very great with your words, you can simply send a simple text saying “I’ve been thinking of you.” But if you’d like to express something heartfelt, choose the above missing friends quotes that can perfectly convey your emotions. If you are missing a friend who is no more, go through these quotes and commemorate your memories with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some funny quotes about missing friends?

• Not sure if I miss you or I miss insulting you.
• I miss you more than Miss Universe misses the universe.
• I miss you like an idiot misses the point.
• Yeah, I miss you too. It’s a lot less satisfying to steal pens from your own home, you know?

What are some encouraging quotes about missing friends?

• “Sweet is the memory of distant friends! Like the mellow rays of the departing sun, it falls tenderly, yet sadly, on the heart.” Washington Irving
• “Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time, we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad about that.” Ally Condie.

Are there any tips for finding the perfect missing friends quote?

One tip for finding the perfect missing friends quote is to reflect on your personal relationship with your friend and think about what emotions and memories come to mind. Consider using quotes that capture the essence of these emotions, such as quotes about shared experiences, inside jokes, or overcoming difficult times together.

How can someone personalize a missing friend’s quote to make it more meaningful to them?

One way to personalize a missing friend’s quote is to add specific memories or inside jokes unique to your friendship. This makes the quote more meaningful and memorable to you and your friend.

Do missing friends quotes only apply to long-distance friendships or can they be used for any type of separation?

The missing friends’ quotes can be used for any separation, not just long-distance friendships. These quotes can also be used if you have fallen out of touch with a friend or have gotten into an argument with them.

Can missing friends quotes be used to spark a conversation with a friend who has been out of touch for a while?

Yes, missing friends’ quotes can be an excellent way to start a conversation with a friend who has been out of touch for a while. They can help break the ice and show that you still value the friendship, even if it has been some time since you last spoke. The quotes can also serve as a reminder of the good times you shared and may be the spark that brings back the bond that was once there.

How can quotes about missing friends help people cope with the feeling of missing their friends?

Quotes about missing friends can help people cope with the feeling of missing their friends by providing them with relatable and comforting words that express the emotions they are experiencing. These quotes offer a sense of understanding, empathy, and shared experiences, reminding the person that they are not alone in missing their friends.

How can people use missing friends’ quotes to express their feelings to their friends?

People can use these quotes to express their feelings to their friends. By sharing a quote that resonates with their emotions, they can let their friends know how much they miss and value them. This can give words to their thoughts and help evoke memories and strengthen the bond. Additionally, these quotes can help people reminisce about good times together and show gratitude for being in each other’s lives.

Key Takeaways

  • Whether you are separated by miles or circumstances, expressing your longing for a distant friend through heartfelt quotes can strengthen bonds.
  • Friendships are invaluable connections that can withstand distance and time. They make for poignant moments of togetherness that are cherished even when your friends are far away.
  • Losing a friend unexpectedly can leave an indelible void in our lives. These quotes encapsulate the depth of this sadness and serve as touching tributes to the enduring power of friendship.
Missing friends quotes

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Missing your best friend? Let these quotes listed in this video for your best friend fill your soul with warmth and comfort. Find solace in these words of wisdom. Check it out!

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