15 Touching Mom Dad Tattoo Ideas

15 Touching Mom Dad Tattoo Ideas September 21, 2017

She is your first love, first kiss, and first hug. She is your mother!! He is your first hero, first crush, and first king. He is your father!!

Our parents take care of us right from the moment we are born and they continue to do so even after we have our own little ones to care for. Getting their name inked on us is one of the many ways of showing our love to them.

Here I am listing the top 15 mom and dad tattoos that you can get for yourself. #1 is going to melt your heart!

Captivating Mom Dad Tattoo Designs

15. Mamma Papa Tattoo:

MAMMA PAPPA tattoo!! No matter what we call them, the love remains there with absolute permanence and serenity.

14. Bow Mom Dad Tattoo:

This one has a real heart anatomy with little bows on it. The tattoo signifies the wonderful concept of a parent-child relationship.

13. Love Mom And Dad Tattoo:

This tattoo on the feet is so beautiful, Mom on one end and Daddy on the other. Every time you feel low, you can see them right down there encouraging you to fight on and achieve what you want.

12. Dad Mom Toe Tattoo:

DAD and MOM on the toes – this is again a very different kind of a tattoo. The words are symbolic, and the placement and simplicity of it makes the tattoo simply wonderful!

11. Goldilocks Mom Dad Tattoo:

This again is a very adorable tattoo. The teddy bears remind us of the amazing childhood our parents have given us.

10. Cock And Hen Mom Dad Tattoo:

This is a very peculiar tattoo. The birds represent our mom and dad. This tattoo signifies that we are like little birds to our parents, no matter how much we grow up. I love this one a lot. The pink and blue hues are just so beautiful.

9. Mom Dad Love Tattoo:

A heart with wings and all your love pouring out, with MOM DAD written on it – it’s beautiful! I love the simplicity of this tattoo. Placed on the chest, it is close to one’s heart in all aspects.

8. Hearty Mom Dad Tattoo:

Two beating hearts with DAD and MOM written on them – how fantastic it is, right? The ribbon that extends above and below the hearts makes it absolutely lovely!

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7. Spanish Mom Dad Tattoo:

This is by far the cutest mommy and daddy tattoo. It has the trademark detailing of flowers, mush, hat and a feather, blush and more. Plus the words MOM and DAD make it oh-so-adorable!

6. Rosy Mom Dad Tattoo:

A cute little rose and lots of leaves – simply an awesome tattoo! This one has the words Mom and Dad inked on it, which makes the tattoo all the more beautiful. Getting this done will remind you of your wonderful parents.

5. Silhouette Mom Dad Tattoo:

This tattoo on thighs has gone a step further as it shows the parents’ silhouette. The vintage borders add to the beauty of it.

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4. Crown Mom Dad Tattoo:

This is a very sweet tattoo. It shows a heart and a crown, the heart for mommy and the crown for daddy. The fire signifies the massive power they have in our upbringing.

3. Jesus Mom Dad Tattoo:

This one combines one’s beliefs, religion and the love for parents into one – you will absolutely love this! The blue has a calming presence and the green shows the support they provide us.

2. Xoxo Mom Dad Tattoo:

This is a very precious tattoo. Getting their handwritings inked on us is the best way to remember them day in and day out. How beautiful it would be to wake up every morning to see your parents’ font on your skin!

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1. Anchor Mom Dad Tattoo:

This is such a lovely tattoo! It shows mom on a heart and dad on an anchor, depicting that they truly are our love and strength.

These are my favorites! What are yours? Shoot a comment and let me know!

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