80 Money Rose Tattoo Ideas That You Can Try

Body art that commemorates your journey to financial prosperity.

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In the realm of body art, money rose tattoo designs stand out as an edgy symbol of success and financial growth. They seamlessly blend beauty and symbolism by combining motifs of a rose and money. The designs symbolize financial freedom and serve as a reminder of your journey toward meeting your personal goals. Money rose tattoo designs attract good energy and represent dedication, ambition, and commitment to success. However, they are not just about money and prosperity. These tattoos also represent the determination of the wearer when facing challenges just like thorns do not stop a rose from blooming.

If you wish to turn your skin into a canvas of wealth and success and want to convey a sense of resilience and power, go for a money rose tattoo design. It’s a unique and aesthetic way of saying you value both art and success. In this article, we have some stunning references to help you draw some inspiration. Let’s jump right in!

Money Rose Tattoo Meaning

A money rose tattoo represents prosperity and financial growth. It merges the beauty of a blooming rose with the symbolism of currency, portraying ambition for both wealth and art. Each flower petal conveys the story of financial aspiration and successfully manifests monetary stability and an affluent future.

Need more convincing? Scroll down to understand why it is a great choice.

Why Choose A Money Rose Tattoo?

The popular money rose tattoo design symbolizes fortune, wealth, and financial growth. Adorning the tattoo can help manifest success and abundance and provide a visible token of one’s goal for financial stability.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Apply a thin layer of mineral sunscreen with zinc oxide and SPF 50 to preserve the ink vibrancy and intricate detailing of your money rose tattoo design.

So far so good. Wondering what makes a money rose tattoo stand out? Find out more about its unique visual language in the next section.

Visual Appeal Of Money Rose Tattoos

Primarily, money rose tattoos appear extremely captivating due to the fusion of delicate floral beauty and the powerful symbol of currency. The visual allure of this tattoo lies in its blend of elegance and financial ambition, which points to a hunger for the finer things in life.

Scroll down and check out the top 80 money rose tattoo designs that you can bookmark for your next ink session!

80 Money Rose Tattoo Ideas

These tattoos hold meaningful significance and symbolize prosperity, financial success, and wealth. The design emphasizes the potential of the wearer to win. So, let’s dive in and check out the 80 best money rose tattoo designs that we are loving at the moment!

1. Money Rose Hand Tattoo


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A post shared by @northeastink_tattoos

This stunning money rose hand tattoo design has become a popular choice amongst many tattoo enthusiasts. It is a striking display of the intricate fusion between the symbols of wealth and the timeless elegance associated with roses. The circular silhouette of the design makes the arm the perfect place to get inked as it offers a clear view of the detailing.

protip_icon Trivia
Molly Brazy, a rapper, has a money rose tattoo design inked on the back of her right hand in which dollar bills are drawn as flower petals.

2. Elbow Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Rizzy Royce (@s.l.m._rizzy)

If you don’t wish to get inked on too obvious a spot, then the elbow is the perfect place to get a money rose tattoo design. Choosing the elbow as the canvas adds more dimension to the tattoo and helps showcase individuality but in a discreet manner.

3. Money Rose Neck Tattoo


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A post shared by Pesado (@pesadosink)

The neck is a daring place to get inked but the money rose tattoo design is bound to attract a lot of attention. If you wish to fetch countless compliments, plus display a stunning design altogether, then definitely keep this reference in mind. This brave spot promises a blend of beauty and fearlessness, creating a tattoo that demands everyone’s notice.

4. Money Rose Tattoo Sleeve


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A post shared by Mr Dil (@mrdiltattoo)

Nothing stands out like a sleeve tattoo and when inked with a modish money rose tattoo design, you are guaranteed to make heads turn. This eye-catching design not only makes a bold statement but also allows for personal expression through visual art.

5. Money Rose Forearm Tattoo

This design adorning the forearm should definitely be on your tattoo reference list! It undoubtedly exudes elegance and is the perfect fusion of wealth and esthetic expression. Moreover, what would be a better body area to openly flaunt your new tattoo?

6. Leg Money Rose Tattoo

Here’s a gorgeous piece we just can’t get enough of. The money rose tattoo design inked with the dollar rolls, dice, and playing cards is perfect for anyone looking to add an edgy quotient to it. And it is more than a tattoo; it’s a captivating narrative etched on the skin, telling a tale of ambition and fortune.

7. Eye And Money Rose Tattoo

The eye and money rose tattoo design carefully merges mystical vision with financial ambition. It is a captivating design that symbolizes foresight and prosperity and looks absolutely stunning when adorned on a large body part such as the arm. It is a visually striking piece and offers a meaningful expression of the wearer’s desire for financial success.

8. Double Money Rose Tattoo With Name


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A post shared by Tatts By M A R (@mar30th_)

Here’s to manifesting good fortune and wealth! This double money rose tattoo design with the name engraved in the center in italics is bound to attract pure abundance to you. As a unique and meaningful art piece, it resonates with those who seek not only financial success but also want to wear their dreams in a visually stunning manner.

9. Money Rose And Clock Tattoo

This enchanting tattoo design features the passage of time along with two beautiful and intricate money rose designs that smoothly embrace the clock. The design is ideal for someone who understands the value of time. The tattoo becomes an enduring reminder of the importance of both prosperity and the judicious use of time.

10. Red Money Rose Tattoo

The red money rose tattoo design is something refreshing that you can try. It brings a vibrant twist to the classic look. If you wish to wear the modish tattoo on your body but do not want a monotonous look, then this is a lively choice that you can add to your body art repertoire.

11. Abstract Money Rose Tattoos


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A post shared by Liam Gash (@l.t.g.tattoos)

A money rose tattoo, along with a stunning and realistic eye motif, in an abstract design? Well, nothing gets better than this look for us! The design exudes boldness and allure, something that is guaranteed to have everyone’s eyes locked on you. The unbeatable look uniquely blends financial aspirations with visual appeal and a touch of mystery.

12. Money Rose Tattoo With Color


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A post shared by Michael Garcia (@hiakink)

Another colored money rose tattoo design that you can bookmark for your next appointment. This tattoo in green emphasizes the meaning of the design. The statement of ‘the future belongs to those who prepare for it today’ offers additional emphasis to the meaning of the tattoo.

13. Other Money Rose Tattoo Ideas

Accompanying the already present tattoo of 777, the lucky numbers representing intuition and luck, this money rose tattoo is indeed the perfect and most appropriate addition. With its blend of wealth symbolism and prosperous elements, it harmoniously complements the essence of good fortune, creating a unique fusion that aligns with the wearer’s aspirations and beliefs.

14. Money Rose And Music Rose With Clock Tattoo

Bringing the magic of music, time, and money all together in an intricate and bold tattoo design is surely one for the intrepid heart – someone who does not fear carrying a beautiful masterpiece on their forearm. It’s like a visual anthem for individuals who embrace life’s melody, navigate time wisely, and are not afraid to chase their financial dreams.

15. Money Rose With Stylish Skull Design


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A post shared by Christian Deel (@tattoobyc)

A daring skeleton tattoo design with a dollar sign on its beanie accompanied by a stunning money rose tattoo undoubtedly emphasizes on the message of good fortune. And, the ideal place to get it tattooed? Of course the bicep as it offers a spacious canvas. This combination not only makes a bold statement but also serves as a constant reminder of an individual’s commitment to chasing success and prosperity.

16. Money Rose With Lion Face Tattoo

The lion tattoo has always been associated with fearlessness, courage, and strength, and when styled with a money rose tattoo design that symbolizes wealth and success, it is bound to manifest to you all the power and glory in your journey through life. The combination of the different elements comes together to bestow the wearer with a stronger mindset and the reassurance that they can fight through life’s many struggles like a roaring lion.

17. Skull With Double Money Rose Tattoo

This skull with double money rose tattoo combines various edgy and elegant elements. The Mexican esthetic of the skull along with the double money rose designs undoubtedly makes the tattoo stand out. While the skull symbolizes morality and rebellion, the double money rose represents prosperity and beauty. The tattoo helps in creating a balance between the darker aspects of existence and the desire for financial success.

18. Burning Money Rose Tattoo

A rose on fire can signify the burning desire to do something great and the money rose design only further makes the tattoo appear bold and striking. It symbolizes not just wealth and good fortune but also the passion to pursue big dreams.

19. Money Rose Arm Tattoo

This sleeve tattoo design featuring the playboy tattoo, detailed money rose tattoo, dice, and playful waves is high on the style quotient. Whether you consider yourself a trendsetter or a free spirit, this extensive combination of symbols on your sleeve is bound to make a bold statement.

20. Breaking Bad Money Rose Tattoo

A daring tattoo design for the Breaking Bad fans out there and true tattoo enthusiasts. While this one can take a long time to get done, it is the most ideal design if you wish to showcase your love for the popular television series and also attract good fortune. The tattoo not only reflects fandom but also invites prosperity and its intricate details make it a great conversation starter.

21. Scarface Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Gabriel Hernandez (@gto_ink)

Another cinema-inspired gem that speaks volumes, the Scarface tattoo design inked on the forearm embodies the will to hustle. It encapsulates the spirit of facing challenges head-on, making it a dynamic expression of ambition for those who choose to wear it.

22. Multiple Design Money Rose Tattoo

Want a tattoo design that exudes style and looks super refreshing? Bookmark this look for some inspiration! The maximalist design effortlessly incorporates different pieces and fits beautifully on the bicep.

23. Jesus Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Javy (@javy626tattoos)

For a true believer in Jesus and general spirituality, the intricate tattoo design here featuring a money rose tattoo and Jesus is ideal. And, while the masterpiece here is inked on the upper arm, it can be adorned on the back as well, providing a good wide base. Combining faith and financial aspirations, the tattoo design creates a harmonious blend of personal values and esthetic expression.

24. Money Rose With Cross Tattoo Design


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A post shared by Kiro28k (@kiroinkz)

Another great tattoo inspiration for the ones who follow Christianity and wish to display their love for god through body art. The complete piece beautifully comes together with the dice tattoo symbolizing luck, the money rose tattoo representing prosperity, the card tattoo for good fortune, and a clean and sharp cross in the center for faith. The tattoo design can be a meaningful and visually alluring representation for those with a connection to both spirituality and aspirations.

25. Clock And Money Rose Hand Tattoo

This clock and money rose hand tattoo combines timeless symbolism and prosperity. While the money rose hand tattoo often wears a single design, this tattoo helps us see another great way of incorporating a larger pattern on the hand despite minimalist ones. The clock represents the fleeting nature of time and the urge to value it fully for financial abundance and success.

26. Money Rose With Year Tattoo


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A post shared by @retroewon

The money rose tattoo design with the numbers inked below is a bold and fun way of commemorating an important year. The design is ideal for anyone who wishes to remember a significant event in their life. The tattoo design not only adds a touch of playfulness but also serves as a lasting reminder of cherished memories, making it an ideal choice for those who want their tattoo to tell a story of a specific and meaningful time in their journey.

27. Modern Money Rose With Leaves Tattoo

You may come across many money rose tattoo designs that are in a circular pattern but this tattoo truly stands out. The elongated rose design with leaves pointing outward sits perfectly on the bicep and looks like a striking piece of art. It not only breaks away from the conventional pattern but also adds an extra layer of visual appeal to the overall look.

28. Crowned Skull Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by @marshall_tattoo_studio

If you aren’t afraid to get a bold tattoo inked, this bleeding skull with a money rose design would be the ideal fit for you! This edgy combination merges the intensity of a skull with the aspiration of financial prosperity, creating a striking and unique visual statement. It boldly captures the true essence of a daring spirit and hustling, with a positive outlook on life.

29. Money Rose Tattoo With Black Stem And Leaves

Here is an alluring money rose tattoo design that focuses solely on the money rose by keeping the main design in a soft gradient pattern. The stem and leaves around it are inked in a dark hue. The tattoo design can be bookmarked by those who wish to showcase the beauty of the money rose in a subtle yet impactful way.

30. Money Rose In Hourglass Tattoo Design

This unique tattoo design has seamlessly blended the money rose and hourglass motif together to symbolize the importance of time and money and how both elements can quickly slip away if not dealt with wisely. The design captures the essence of making the most of our time while pursuing financial goals, creating a meaningful and thought-provoking tattoo.

31. Money Rose With Guns Tattoo

Only one word comes to our mind as we look at this masterpiece, it is simply rad! The money rose tattoo with guns and beautiful bleeding eye definitely isn’t one for the weak-hearted or someone afraid to go bold and beyond. This tattoo not only symbolizes strength but also serves as a bold statement of individuality, embodying courage and resilience in the face of challenges.

32. Haircut Scissors And Money Rose Tattoo Design

This hairstyling scissors and money rose tattoo design represents the growing industry of salons along with the desire to bring good wealth and prosperity. The fusion of these symbols suggests a commitment to success in the beauty sector and financial well-being, reflecting the wearer’s passion for both hairstyling and economic prosperity within their profession.

33. Baby Angels With Money Rose Tattoo

The baby angels with a money rose tattoo combine the innocence of cherubs with the symbolism of prosperity. This alluring design signifies a wish for financial blessings and pure-hearted protection. The baby angels represent purity, while the money rose embodies a desire for wealth. It’s a charming and meaningful tattoo that beautifully blends the heavenly and material aspects.

34. Double Money Rose Tattoo

The double money rose tattoo features two roses made of dollar bills, symbolizing prosperity and abundance. The design often signifies financial success and the desire for doubled wealth. It’s a creative way to express the wearer’s ambitions for financial growth and the belief that opportunities can bloom like roses and the double representation of the flowers only brings in more luck.

35. Praying Hands And Money Rose Tattoo

The praying hands tattoo design here with the money rose pattern inked on it effortlessly combines religious and financial elements. It symbolizes a hope for success and blessings in financial endeavors. The praying hands signify faith, while the money rose represents prosperity. This tattoo can be the ideal choice for you if you are someone who wishes to convey his or her belief in balancing spiritual values with financial goals.

36. Dove And Clock Money Rose Tattoo

Here’s another stunning forearm money rose tattoo design we can’t get enough of! But this time it is adorned with a flying dove and clock. The overall design symbolizes peace, time, and wealth and together support the meaning of wanting a harmonious and prosperous future. The unique tattoo design can be your way of expressing your aspirations for a successful and balanced future.

37. Abstract Clock And Money Rose Tattoo

This half sleeve and hand tattoo adorning the gorgeous money rose and abstract clock design looks anything but boring. The soft hues of black with a subtle gradient of red in it accentuate the overall appearance and visual appeal of the tattoo. The design exudes originality and versatility, reflecting the wearer’s distinctive style and also symbolizing a fusion of time and prosperity.

38. Single Baby Angel And Money Rose Tattoo

If you wish to get an adorable baby angel inked on your body but the previous tattoo reference wasn’t to your taste, then we are sure you would love this. The cherub with the money rose tattoo does not look overpowering and allows a good balance to be created between both motifs. Equal representation and focus are given here to ensure the value of each motif is well appreciated.

39. Dove And Money Rose Tattoo

Another rising dove and money rose tattoo design you can bookmark if you are an enthusiast of birds and wish to manifest an abundance of wealth as well. The dove tattoo design has often been associated with peace and love and money rose tattoo along with it only attracts more positivity and overall prosperity in one’s life sans any struggles.

40. Mask And Money Rose Tattoo Design

Don’t know about you but we are in complete awe of this money rose tattoo design! The anonymous mask here, which for us definitely resembles the ‘Money Heist’ mask, seamlessly uniquely blends mystery and wealth. The mask represents the secrecy or hidden emotions of an individual and the money rose design accompanies it in an act to gain financial abundance.

41. Female Skull Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Mobtown Taylor (@rail_pirate)

Here’s a daring tattoo design for the fearless and intrepid girlies out there! The female skull with a money rose tattoo is a bold expression of strength and femininity. The position of a traditionally edgy skull with the delicate and symbolic money rose creates a unique fusion, suggesting female empowerment and a true embrace of one’s individuality. It’s a fierce statement piece for those who seamlessly navigate the challenges of life.

42. Wave And Skull Money Rose Tattoo

You can tell by now that we adore skull tattoos, especially this one with an amalgamation of skull, waves, and money rose tattoo design. The detailing on the piece of art definitely calls for applause and its smooth silhouette and wave pattern brings everything together. The skull here signifies mortality, waves evoke fluidity in life, and the money rose hints at prosperity, making this tattoo a captivating representation of life’s diverse facets.

43. Gradient Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Roberto Razo (@razo_tattoo)

While you could adorn your money rose tattoo design with other striking elements as well, it is always a good idea to stick to the main art piece and allow the single tattoo design to stay in the limelight. But if you wish to make the solo design more attractive, then request your tattoo artist to showcase their prowess by adding a gradient texture to it.

44. Money Rose With Name Tattoo


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A post shared by Dreamer (@mrdreamer69)

The money rose tattoo combines a beautiful, blooming rose and money motifs to symbolize love and financial goals. The above design incorporates an individual’s name to add a personal touch to the tattoo. The tattoo not only represents the desire for prosperity and success but also makes it more meaningful and valuable by adorning the name of a loved one along with it.

45. Money Rose With Female Face Tattoo

The black money rose tattoo with a stunning female skull portrait and money rose crown settled on her head exudes feminine strength and regal authority. The design conveys a narrative of innate beauty and power, intertwining elegance with financial growth in a visually striking composition. This aspiring tattoo definitely deserves a spot on your tattoo references list and is guaranteed to fetch you countless compliments.

46. Money Rose Stomach Tattoo

The stomach is another great body part to get inked on as it allows for a large canvas to tattoo bold designs. Due to the spot, it is seldom exposed to the sun which contributes to the tattoo’s longevity over time. And what better design to get inked than the modish money rose tattoo right here!

47. Money Rose With Clouds Background Tattoo

The money rose and soft clouds design tattoo symbolizes prosperity and dreams coming true. The delicate rose made of currency represents wealth and success, while the soft clouds backdrop adds a dreamy touch, suggesting limitless possibilities. The design is the perfect choice for those manifesting abundance and positivity in their lives.

48. Cute Dog Money Rose Tattoo

We definitely found the sweetest way of remembering one’s dog, while also bringing together other important elements like the money rose tattoo, compass design, and an intricate rose flower tattoo. The unique combination symbolizes the enduring love for one’s pet, a sense of direction in life, and the pursuit of natural beauty.

49. Colorful Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Charlie Tat (@kundalin_ink)

The multicolored tattoo here is a vibrant symbol of wealth and beauty. The portrait of the lady joker with the Guyana flag on the cap and the money rose tattoo design below creates a smooth fusion of cultural pride, financial ambition, and artistic expression. The tattoo reflects the wearer’s deep connection to their heritage, desire for good fortune, and the timeless allure of nature’s beauty.

50. Marilyn Monroe Money Rose Tattoo

Capture the endless allure and beauty of Marilyn Monroe in this celebrity-inspired money rose tattoo design. This ink masterpiece effortlessly blends elegance with wealth, featuring a delicate rose made of currency and the icon’s portrait. But while a classic portrait could be chosen, the tattoo artist gives a fun twist to the design by adding a few joker elements to her image. The stylish design can be a tribute to Monroe’s legacy, while also aiming for financial abundance.

51. Hip Money Rose Tattoo

If you don’t want to go ahead with any of the classic spots to get this stunning piece inked, then don’t be afraid to experiment a little and get it tattooed on your side hip like this image above. The cool design of the rose crafted with dollar bills looks ever-so beautiful on the long body part, allowing for good visibility. But placing it on the hip also adds a touch of mystery and personal significance.

52. Money Rose With Statement Tattoo

Do you want to manifest good fortune and prosperity? Well, don’t shy away from spelling it out! The money rose tattoo design here with the clear statement of ‘I need money’ is something that can act as a humble reminder to embrace hustling and drive motivation from it. And, though the dollar rose is not in the spotlight and appears sitting softly behind the affirmation, it does indeed add more essence and significance to the overall tattoo design.

53. Money Rose With Bold Lion Tattoo

This captivating body art combines the elegance of a money rose, representing wealth and prosperity with the power and strength of a fierce lion. The portrait of the lion with a crown here adds a bold and fearless touch to the overall design and symbolizes the burning desire to keep going and attain financial independence and growth. It creates a sweet balance between good fortune and vigor.

54. Black Money Rose Hand Tattoo

The popular money rose tattoo features an elegant and intricate design of a rose with dark hues, symbolizing hidden wealth and mystery. While you may have come across numerous money rose tattoos in dull tones and white detailing, the black shading here adds a sense of depth and complexity to the overall appearance, making it an intriguing and unique choice.

55. Money Rose Origami Tattoo

This money rose origami tattoo is definitely a creative design with the rose crafted from folded paper resembling money. The intricate folds mimic the beauty of a blooming rose, while the choice of currency adds a unique touch. Symbolizing prosperity and beauty, it is a stylish way to express the appreciation of wealth and financial success through the art of origami and body art.

56. Bold Money Rose And Hourglass Tattoo


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A post shared by Jimmy Javier (@jimmytat)

While we covered a beautiful hourglass and money rose tattoo design above, here’s another reference you can select for your next tattoo appointment. The design embodies the passage of time and wealth. Its emphasis on the popular statement of ‘time is money’ gently reminds the wearer to seize every passing second and moment in an attempt to gain financial growth and an abundance of prosperity.

57. Multiple Roses With Money Rose Arm Tattoo

If you wish to express your love for roses, then what better way to do it than getting multiple flowers inked! The design covers a stunning and intricate rose in the center that is surrounded by numerous money rose tattoo designs, symbolizing good fortune from every direction. The masterpiece also embodies femininity and timeless beauty. The dynamic fusion of nature and wealth creates a captivating visual art here.

58. Money Rose Chest Tattoo

The chest is another excellent spot where you can get inked, especially a design like a money rose that requires a straight and big canvas for the intricate details to be appreciated. What’s more? The burning flame around the masterpiece creates a flowy appearance and seamlessly brings together all the other designs as well. The heart design in the middle is another stunning element that makes the design an attractive and unique choice.

59. Money Rose Green Eye Tattoo

Is the realistic green eye drawing you in like it is doing to us? Well, that is exactly what is making this money rose tattoo design unique. The green eye incorporated into the design represents vigilance and the ability to perceive opportunities. The tattoo is a great way for individuals to express their aspirations for financial success while emphasizing the importance of staying attentive to opportunities that bring prosperity and wealth.

60. Minimalist Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Isma (@ismainink)

Not a fan of big sleeve designs of bold tattoos? This minimalist money rose tattoo would be perfect for you! The simple yet elegant design features a styled rose created using currency symbols. The tattoo design is characterized by clean lines, subtle shading, and a focus on the essential elements, making it a tasteful choice for those who like to rely on modest designs and appreciate both art and financial motifs.

61. Money Rose Face Mask Tattoo Design


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A post shared by Oso Lopez (@osotattoos)

The money rose and mask tattoo design here has drawn inspiration from the Greek muses, Thalia and Melpomeme. The pair of happy and sad masks are commonly referred to as the muse of tragedy and comedy, symbolizing the constant ups and downs of life and the balance between the both. The money rose tattoo along with it helps in understanding the message that money can bring happiness as well as misery.

62. Gorilla Money Rose Tattoo

This is another roaring animal tattoo design with a money rose that represents strength, wealth, and beauty in one artistic image. The words, ‘the world is mine’ depict the desire of the wearer to conquer every one of their goals. The complete design exudes power and resilience with the gorilla embodying fearlessness, the money rose representing prosperity, and the statement giving off a clear message.

63. Nape Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Sambo Yoeun (@bo_tatz978)

While an extremely painful spot to get tattooed on, the money rose tattoo design sits beautifully on the wearer’s nape. It not only captures the true essence of wealth and prosperity but also showcases the sheer resilience and strength of the wearer to sit through the session bearing the discomfort. Its subtle design but impactful placement makes it a symbolic expression of personal growth.

64. Casino esthetic Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by Kyle Wilson (@k.wilson_art)

The casino-inspired money rose tattoo design combines the elements of gambling, nature, and wealth. The unique design features a rose made of dollar bills, playing cards, casino chips, and dice, reflecting the allure of wealth and luck. The intricate tattoo captures the essence of the casino atmosphere, while also emphasizing the desire for financial growth and opportunities, thus making it a great choice for the ones who appreciate the glamor of playing.

65. Red And Black Money Rose And Butterfly Tattoo

The vibrant money rose tattoo design here plays with the stunning palette of red and black and combines the elements of growth, transformation, and power. The money rose represents love and prosperity, the butterfly signifies change and renewal, and the fierce tiger eye symbolizes strength. The contrasting red and black hues add a bold and striking visual impact. The tattoo conveys the message of embracing life’s challenges and to emerge victorious, surrounded by love and wealth.

66. Japanese-Inspired Money Rose Sleeve Tattoo


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A post shared by Tam Nguyen (@tamnguyen1904)

The blossoming flowers with ferocious dragon and money rose design surely could not be missed. The delicate blend of traditional Japanese art and currency creates a unique, captivating design that tells a story of financial abundance and cultural appreciation. The all-black hue further adds a touch of elegance to the design and facilitates a natural movement on the entire sleeve.

67. Minimalist Money Rose Chest Tattoo


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A post shared by Rice (@rice_theartist)

Here’s another money rose chest tattoo that you can take inspiration from for your next tattoo salon visit! The single design of the money rose here allows for the focus to remain solely on it and make it stand out further. The subtle yet striking design embodies both financial simplicity and growth and emphasizes the beauty of minimalism while representing prosperity.

68. Money Rose With Stem Tattoo

The petals here are crafted from currency, specifically dollar bills, while the stem connects to the rose, embodying financial abundance. The tattoo conveys wealth, success, and the desire for a flourishing life. The flower stem acts as a support in gaining financial stability and growth. It is a creative way to showcase one’s aspiration through artistic expression and the blooming rose made of money.

69. Statue Of Liberty And Money Rose Tattoo


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A post shared by @marshall_tattoo_studio

The Statue of Liberty is an iconic symbol of freedom in the United States, standing tall in the New York harbor. On the other hand, the money rose tattoo combines currency elements with the beauty of a rose. Both elements represent different aspects, liberty and wealth, but share the common thread of personal expression. The design celebrates financial success through these powerful elements.

70. Money Rose Shoulder Blade Tattoo


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A post shared by Dreamer (@mrdreamer69)

The beautiful rose made of dollar bills, inked on the shoulder blade is another great tattoo placement you can think of. The eye-catching masterpiece is created with true intricate details and subtle shading in the back as well that make it stand out like no other. While the tattoo emphasizes on the classic meaning of wealth and good fortune, its unique placement makes it a more attractive choice.

71. Large Money Rose And Portrait Back Tattoo


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A post shared by • Christine Mai • (@krye)

This stunning large money rose and lady portrait back tattoo is a masterpiece and definitely one for the books! The intricate and bold design features a detailed rose made of currency notes, symbolizing wealth, while the portrait adds a personal touch and empowers femininity. The skilled craftsmanship here is one that should truly be appreciated and given applause for making it such a statement piece.

72. Money Rose And Girl Face Tattoo

The money rose tattoo design with female portraits has been a hit, and while we come across many designs, here’s another beautiful variation that we are currently loving. The tattoo merges the symbol of wealth with feminine beauty. The portrait of the girl expresses numerous emotions and characteristics. The tattoo thus can be a personal statement about the importance of both prosperity and human complexities.

73. Bold Money Rose Arm Tattoo


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A post shared by @retroewon

The bold design of money rose and playing cards inked on the upper arm is a clean and sharp look you can drive inspiration from. It can be considered another playing-theme tattoo and is an absolute right choice for the ones who like to indulge in gambling and do not shy away from the risks of financial ups and downs.

74. Money Rose With Message Thigh Tattoo

Placed on the thigh, this money rose tattoo design can be appreciated for its intricate detailing. The statement ‘love is pain’ around the stem of the flower adds a personal touch to the tattoo and delivers a message relevant to the wearer.

75. Money Rose Bicep Tattoo

Want to flaunt your muscles while showcasing your new tattoo? Get the money rose tattoo design inked on your bicep! The popular tattoo placement allows for good visibility and offers a bold statement. The intricate and cool design transforms a rose into a visual representation of wealth. So, if you have been searching for a daring money rose tattoo design, then this one would be it.

76. Money Rose Shoulder Tattoo

This vibrant and detailed design of a money rose tattoo sitting comfortably and beautifully on the shoulder is one anyone can rock. The wide base of the body part becomes a good canvas to capture every single detail of the popular tattoo. What’s more? The eye-catching tattoo does not look overpowering and is one you can adorn if you are into subtle yet chic looks.

77. Money Rose With Burning Cards Tattoo

The money rose design with the playing cards on a soft flame here symbolizes luck, risk, and financial growth. The tattoo features the burning playing cards and an intricate rose made of dollars that together represent the passion for wealth and chance. If you feel you are someone who has an intrepid soul and who does not refrain from taking financial risks, then definitely get this masterpiece inked!

78. Money Rose With Triangle Tattoo


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A post shared by @spitstattoos

This money rose design with a triangle and realistic eye in the center has everyone mesmerized, us included! This symbol of prosperity and balance features a triangle that represents stability and strength, while the money rose signifies wealth and abundance. The tattoo conveys the idea of financial success in a stable foundation and the space for vision to help one grow. The design is ideal for anyone seeking a harmonious life and good fortune.

79. Money Rose And Compass Tattoo

Words definitely won’t be enough to describe this stunning masterpiece, the money rose and compass tattoo design showcases the need for wealth and direction in life. The rose made of currency is surrounded by a compass, symbolizing guidance and navigation through one’s journey. It blends artistry with personal aspirations and the wearer’s desire for financial success.

80. Money Rose And ‘Never Give Up’ Tattoo

Here’s our final money rose tattoo design. While every single reference has an impactful expression, this money rose tattoo design with the encouraging statement ‘never give up’ is one that exudes pure charm and fearlessness. The detailing on the hundred-dollar bills is another thing to be noted here. While the money rose speaks of financial growth, the motivational message embodies resilience and determination, reminding the wearer to persevere through challenges.

The money rose tattoo serves as a compelling symbol of prosperity via nature’s enduring beauty. It acts as a visual metaphor for prosperity through the intricate design of a rose made from dollar bills. The modish tattoo design is appreciated by tattoo artists for its intricate detailing, symbolism, beauty, and visual impact. It is highly preferred by tattoo enthusiasts who wish to manifest good fortune. Hopefully, the article was able to provide you with an array of money rose tattoo references that will make you book your ink appointment soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a money rose tattoo cost?

The cost of the tattoo can vary depending on the size, detail, and tattoo artist’s expertise, but you can expect to spend anything between 100 dollars to 500 dollars.

How big is a money rose tattoo?

The size of a money rose tattoo varies from small and minimalist to large and intricate, depending on personal preference. However, it is recommended not to opt for very small designs that cannot capture the detailing well.

Where on the body is a money rose tattoo commonly placed?

The popular tattoo design can be seen adorned on body parts such as the hand, forearm, neck, and bicep.

Can I customize my money rose tattoo to make it unique?

Yes! You can personalize your money rose tattoo by adding unique elements or designs that hold special meaning to you and even take references from the above images.

Can a money rose tattoo have a negative meaning?

While the tattoo generally holds the meaning of good fortune and prosperity, it also depends on the wearer’s perspective and what elements they wish to get inked along with it. At times, it may convey materialism or human greed.

Key Takeaways

  • The latest money rose tattoo design symbolizes good fortune, prosperity, success, and an abundance of wealth.
  • The tattoo design can be a way of manifesting financial growth in one’s life.
  • The striking tattoo creates a fusion of nature’s beauty and the powerful symbol of money.
  • The money rose tattoo design is commonly inked on the hand, sleeve, and forearm.

80 Money Rose Tattoo Ideas That You Can Try

Image: Dall·E/StyleCraze Design Team

The following YouTube video features a collection of money rose tattoos that may give you some more fresh ideas to consider. Check it out before booking your next tattoo appointment!

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