Monistat For Hair Growth: Does It Really Work?

Get the facts right about the science behind this drug's role in hair health.

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If you have ever crushed aspirin to soothe acne or squeezed dry an Evioni  XA vitamin supplement with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help repair skin damage and maintain skin and hair health. capsule to apply to your face and scalp, we have what you may need! The new trend in town is using Monistat for hair growth.

Monistat-7 is the latest OTC drug to be used unconventionally. While this antifungal medication is generally used to treat yeast infections, beauty vloggers claim it can promote hair growth and maintain scalp health. Continue reading and check if there is any truth to these unbelievable claims.

protip_icon Know Your Ingredient: Monistat

What Is It?
An antifungal cream used to treat vaginal yeast infections.

What Are Its Benefits?
Helps reduce itchiness, redness, and inflammation caused by fungal infections and manage hair loss.

Who Can Use It?
Those who are experiencing hair loss due to fungal scalp infection.

How Often?
1-2 times a week or as prescribed.

May clog pores or lead to dryness if used in the absence of fungal scalp infections.

What Is Monistat?

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Miconazole Nitrate, sold under the brand name Monistat 7, is an antifungal cream used to treat vaginal yeast infections. The suffix 7 is the course’s duration. According to the brand website, CDC recommends this 7-day treatment for pregnant women and those with diabetes. However, it should be used only after consulting with the doctor (1).

Monistat-7 is also used to treat ringworms, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and oral thrush in babies.

Recently, people have also started using Monistat for hair growth. Some hair care enthusiasts have turned to it as a hair growth tip, using it as a hair product. Does it really promote hair growth? Let us find out the truth.

protip_icon Did You Know?
Miconazole was created by INSIGHT pharmaceuticals. It was first approved by the FDA in 1974 as a topical cream for treating vaginal yeast infections.

Does Monistat Promote Hair Growth?

Woman with scalp infection may benefit from monistat
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There is no scientific research to show that Monistat promotes hair growth. The claims are based on anecdotal evidence. While Monistat is not specifically formulated as a hair treatment or hair restoration product, its antifungal properties may help improve scalp conditions.

Monistat contains miconazole nitrate that prevents infections caused by yeasts and gram-positivei  XBacteria that retain the purple stain used in the gram stain test to identify the type of bacteria at the site of infection. bacteria (2).

Fungal infection on the scalp causes inflammation, itching, and redness that may harm the hair follicles and trigger hair fall. Usually, doctors prescribe ketoconazole for treating fungal infections on the scalp. Miconazole nitrate has a similar structure and is somewhat effective as ketoconazolei  XAn antifungal medicine used to treat skin/scalp infections like seborrheic dermatitis, reduce associated hair loss, and boost hair growth. in managing topical fungal infections (3). Once the scalp inflammation is gone and it is healthy, hair growth resumes.

That is one reason many people found Monistat-7 beneficial in promoting hair growth. In other words, Monistat-7 may help manage the type of hair loss triggered by scalp infections and not for any other reason. Anecdotal evidence suggests that when applied topically to the scalp, Monistat may stimulate hair regrowth, combat hair thinning, and improve overall hair care.

However, the truth that Monistat-7 is not a proven medicine for promoting hair growth will remain unchanged. So it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating Monistat or any other hair vitamins, hair supplements, hair growth products, or hair growth remedies into your hair care routine. If you are keen to give it a try, follow the methods below. Do a patch test to avoid any adverse reactions.

How To Use Monistat For Hair Growth

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It is better to consult a dermatologist before using Monistat and follow their directions. You may also follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer to apply Monistat on your scalp and hair. While using, ensure you:

  • Wear latex gloves and protect your hands
  • Do not keep it on your hair and scalp for more than 15 minutes or as recommended by the doctor.
  • Do not leave it overnight.
  • Wash it off completely from your hair and scalp.
protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also dilute Monistat in water using a 1:1 ratio. Pour it into a spray bottle and shake it well. Spray the solution on your scalp before bedtime. Wear a shower cap and sleep. Rinse it off the next morning. You can do this once or twice a week.

Jessica, a blogger, shared that she used Monistat for hair growth. She writes in one of her blog posts, “I’ve been taking the cream and applying it straight to my roots (i).” She shared that she applies the cream after shampooing her hair and keeps it until the next wash. Observing the results after a period of time, she notes, “I didn’t think it had done a thing for the length, though, until I took pictures. The difference is subtle, I think, but it’s there.”

Monistat-7 is generally considered a safe medicine for topical use. However, off-label use may cause some side effects.

Side Effects Of Using Monistat-7 For Hair Growth

Woman experiencing an itchy scalp after using monistat
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Using Monistat-7 on the scalp may cause:

  • Itching
  • Skin irritation
  • Burning sensation
  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pimple-like bumps
  • Flaking
  • Tenderness

The safety guide published on the manufacturer’s website also warns against unregulated use of Monistat-7. The guide specifies that Monistat-7 is “for vaginal use only (4).” Any other usage should be monitored by a healthcare professional.

Infographic: How To Use Monistat 7 For Hair

Although not scientifically proven, some anecdotal evidence suggests that Monistat 7 can enhance scalp health and promote healthy hair growth. However, it is always best to proceed with caution when using a medical product for a purpose it was not originally designed for. In the infographic below, we have outlined the key things you must keep in mind while using this drug for your hair. Check them out

how to use monistat 7 for hair (infographic)

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Monistat, generally used for vaginal yeast infections, may help with the hair loss associated with scalp fungal infections only. However, there is not enough research to validate the effectiveness of Monistat for hair growth. Moreover, it may cause certain side effects like itching, skin irritation, swelling, and a burning sensation. So, off-label and unregulated use of this medication is not advisable, and it must not be used unless recommended by a medical professional. If you have severe hair fall and skin/scalp inflammation, consult a doctor immediately to look for underlying conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Monistat help your edges grow back?

According to anecdotal evidence, Monistat may help your edges grow back.

How fast does Monistat work?

You should use it consistently for a week to see some progress.

Does Monistat work on bald spots?

While Monistat may help stimulate hair growth, more research is needed to solidify this claim.

Does Monistat dry out hair?

Anecdotal evidence suggests that using Monistat may cause side effects like flakiness, itchiness, and scalp irritation. However, further studies are warranted to support this claim.

Key Takeaways

  • Monistat-7, an antifungal OTC medicine, is claimed to work wonders for your hair.
  • While Monistat might be effective in treating fungal infections of the scalp, there is no scientific evidence to support this.
  • Itching, irritation, redness, and swelling are possible side effects of using Monistat for hair growth.
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Learn how to make a scalp treatment with Monistat 7 to help your hair grow faster! Get tips on how to use this product for maximum hair growth by checking out the video.

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