Top 25 Most Beautiful Daisy Flowers

These colorful and exceedingly beautiful daisies can brighten your garden or home ambiance.

Written by Ramya Karamsetti

Daisy flowers are members of Asteraceae family, the largest family of flowering plants. The name daisy comes from ‘day’s eye’, because the flower opens up during the day and closes at night. The uniqueness of daisy flower is that it has no negative meaning attached to it. Daisy flower represents innocence of youth. In Christianity, Daisy flower acts as a symbol of Child Jesus’s innocence. It also represents purity of the heart, mind and soul. Daisy is a classic symbol of beauty and is often depicted in medieval art, literature and poetry for its simple beauty.

Most Beautiful Daisy Flowers

1. Argyranthemum Frutescens Neptune:

Neptune is a vigorous dwarf Marguerite daisy. It’s compact and neat shrub produces numerous white daisies against ferny gray green foliage throughout the growing season. The white flower has a yellow center at the end of stems and is very attractive to butterflies. It’s tiny and furry leaves remain greyish green throughout the season. This hard daisy can even survive sunny rough sloped terrain and cold winters. The flower produces a strong scent when crushed. Regular pruning of this flower will promote its growth and will increase its flowering capacity. It is excellent for cutting and even for garden and containers.

2. Argyranthemum Frutescens Comet White:

Comet White daisy is native to the Canary Island and is grown as a tender perennial. Its shrub produces several yellow centered daisies against the backdrop of silver leaves and velvety foliage. This flower looks best in containers and as a bedding plant. This plant requires occasional maintenance and upkeep, so trim the flower head after they fade or die to encourage more blooms in the next season. It is very attractive to butterflies.

3. Argyranthemum Frutescens Sugar Cheer:

Sugar Cheer is a vivid magenta pink daisy and is one of the most intensely colored daisies in the whole world. This hybrid daisy was bred by Thomas Cunneen in Australia and was introduced by Nulfora International. It is also an award winning hybrid. These double bright pink daisies bloom yearly from late spring till frost. It is a fairly low maintenance flower and is quite easy to grow. It is best grown in sunny position in moist and well-drained soil.

4. Argyranthemum Angelic Dark Pink:

This lovely variety of daisy flowers is very popular for its beauty and resilience. The plant bearing this flower is about 18 inches tall and is widely used in combination planting. Its blooms are fully double and deep pink in color and bloom early in spring. It has bright green deeply lobed leaves which look amazing in contrast to its pink blooms.

5. Argyranthemum frutescens Comet Pink:

Comet pink is another amazing variety of daisies. It is a beautiful pink daisy with yellow centers. The flowering decreases in hot weather so it is best planted in fall. It can tolerate both wind and salt spray.

6. Arctotis X Hybrid Flame:

Flame is a showy South African Daisy. The silvery grey bushes transform into a startling large blooms of vibrant orange color with dark brown circles. The foliage is in form of clumps and its long, mid green leaves are silver on the back. The Royal Horticultural Society has even given Flame the prestigious Award of Garden Merit. It appears from summer till fall. It will look stunning in bed, borders and gardens. Deadhead the flower regularly to encourage a long flowering season.

7. Gardenia Jasminoides Daisy:

Gardenia jasminoides daisy flower
Image: Wikimedia by Alpsdake / CC BY-SA 3.0

Gardenia is a superb evergreen shrub native to East Asia. The shrub bears waxy, ivory colored flower whose petals strongly resemble windmill blades. Its dense foliage provides an all-round interest. This flower prefers growing in locations that provide full sun and moderately drained soil. It attracts visual attention and is resistant to deer, diseases, mildew and heat.

8. Argyranthemum Frutescens Summer Melody:

Summer Melody is a short lived daisy that stays for only 4 months. Deep rose buds open to reveal pink pompom flowers with dissected grey green leaves. Summer Melody has a tight, bushy habit and an early flowering ability. This daisy requires a sunny spot with fertile, well-drained soil and should be kept well watered. It is a winter hard daisy and is grown mainly in cooler climate regions. This daisy is attractive to birds and butterflies and is resistant to pests.

9. Daisy Snowcap:

Snowcap daisy is a small variety of Shasta daisy.  Its tidy, long blooming qualities are suitable for a sunny garden. Snowcap is a 3 inch bright and beautiful white flower with yellow centers. This flower has dark green foliage which boasts of shiny bright leaves. Snowcap has a pretty long blooming period which you can extend by removing faded flower heads to encourage more blooms. Pair it with yellow daisies like Black eyed Susan to form a great contrast. It is ideal for container planting or for front perennial border.

10. Argyranthemum Frutescens Butterfly:

Butterfly is one daisy which does not swoon in the summer heat. Butterfly begins to bloom the moment it’s planted and continues till frost. It has a mounded form and is suitable for garden plantation.  The flower requires full sun, regular watering and occasional grooming for proper development. The fruits of this shrub are not ornamentally significant. It has deeply cut ferny leaves and less defined foliage which remain fresh throughout the season.

11. Rudbeckia Hirta Denver Daisy:

Rudbeckia hirta denver daisy is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Rudbeckia Hirta is a Black eyed Susan and is even the winner of 2010 American Garden Award. It was named to commemorate the city Denver, Colorado’s 150th Anniversary in 2008. It has big, 4 inches flower in deep gold with a dark brown center. At the base of each petal is a dab or two of dark red splashing. It is a short lived perennial and is native to North America.  It blooms profusely during summers and has extreme heat tolerance. Rudbeckia will make a fabulous cut flower. This flower grouped together will create an amazing eye catching display.

12. Leucanthemum X Superbum Daisy May:

May has bright, white overlapping petals with golden centers which form a solid dome of 3 inches in diameter.  It also produces a lot of secondary flower buds on side stem branches. It is one of the most showy and reliable perennials. This well-mannered Shasta daisy will bring sunshine to your borders, bouquets and container. So if you are looking for white daisy flowers, do consider this one.

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13. Shasta Daisy Banana Cream:

Shasta daisy banana cream is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Banana Cream is a compact shrub which produces long blooming, bright lemon yellow flowers that mature into shades of pastel yellows. Banana cream is technically semi double with an extra layer of petals beneath the first one which adds more depth and color to the display. This flower looks breathtakingly beautiful when it blooms fully and puts up a spectacular show. It will last for 2 weeks or more in a vase. The bloom season begins in late spring and continues through summer. Butterflies play homage to Banana Cream, adding brighter color to display. It has nice compact, dark green foliage with incredibly disease resistant ability.

14. Robinson’s Red Painted Daisy:

Robinson's red painted daisy flower
Image: Wikimedia by KENPEI CC BY-SA 3.0

Red painted daisy is a stunning daisy in an intense shade of magenta. It has a vivid, frilly golden center framed with a ray of tightly packed, slender petals. It measures around2 .5 inches and lasts for almost a week. This flower will make a spectacular cut flower and will even stand out like brilliant pinwheels in your garden. This flower is set above the fern like foliage on straight and sturdy stems. It can even thrive in average conditions but performs best in acidic to neutral soil.

15. Lacrosse Shasta Daisy:

Lacrosse shasta daisy flower
Image: Pinterest

Lacrosse, like many daisies comes in bright white petals with sunny yellow centers. What makes it stand out is its uniquely quilled bloom that flattens out as it matures. The foliage on this flower is compact and very sturdy. This flower looks very stunning in partly shaded garden. It loves sun and blooms during summer every year.

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16. Shasta Daisy Aglaya:

Shasta daisy aglaya is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Aglaya daily has crested yellow centers on 3 inches diameter blooms that appears yearly in late spring. This white daisy flowers lasts for 7 months with regular pruning and deadheading. It has even received the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society Award in 1993. Its long and sturdy stem makes it perfect for cut floral arrangement. It requires full sun and well-drained soil to be at its best, though partial shade is recommended in the warmest zones.  Its shiny green foliage is resistant to heat, drought and humidity and its serrated narrow leaves remain dark throughout the season.

17. Bellis Perennis Bellisima Red:

The cultivar Bellisima Red produces small clumps of semi evergreen foliage and bears numerous cushion like daisies in shades of red with yellow eyes. The flower quickly grows to a height and width of 15 cm .It is a cool season daisy that originates from the European Grasslands and forest margins of Turkey. This flower is quite easy to grow, even in temperate summers.

18. Bellis Perennis Bright Carpet Mix:

Bellis perennis bright carpet mix is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Wikimedia by KENPEI / CC BY-SA 3.0

Bright Carpet Daisies feature delicate pink button flowers with white overtones. It has an yellow eye and rosy pink tips at the end of stems. It will make a cheerful addition to cottage garden, perennial border edges and meadow planting. Their small and compact size makes them suitable for container planting. This flower thrives in plenty of moisture and partial shade in hot areas.

19. Bellis Perennis Habanera Red:

Bellis Perennis habanera red is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Habanera Red is an English daisy which has been long popular for spring breeding in mild winter regions. It features large blooms with white petals with striking red tips which are slightly curled. It is also called “Large quilled doubles” because of its fluffy, thistle down like qualities. The flowers appear atop short leafless stems from late winter to sporadically into mid fall. Remove the faded flowers regularly to keep it well blooming in the summer.

20. Bellis Perennis ‘Habanera Rose:

Habanera rose is a cute button flower which is light pink in color. It is valued for its large, fully double daisies that have long and distinctly quilled tips. This flower appears from mid spring to summer.

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21. Bellis Perennis Pomponette:

Bellis perennis pomponette is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Pomponette is an unusual pompom shaped daisy in pretty shades of pink and white. Its tiny petals make perfect little domes which makes it look very cute. These daisy flowers are perfect for filling beds and adding a splash of color to your garden and window boxes.

22. Gerbera Jamesonii:

Gerbera Jamesonii is a tender perennial flower native to South Africa. Gerbera Daisy currently ranks as the 5th most popular flowers in the world today. The flowers range in size from 2.5 to 4 inches in diameter. Its coarse leaves are 8 to 10 inches long and are arranged in a rosette, forming low mounds that are 12 inches wide.  It grows best in moderate sunny regions. This white flower has very large centers in contrasting color. It grows well even indoors in soil based potting mix, cool ambient temperature and filtered bright light. But you need to take care of so that it does not attract whitefly.

23. Euryops Pectinatus Munchkin:

Munchkin is a tender broadleaf evergreen shrub which produces bright yellow daisies. The plant has upright stems with fuzzy, gray green leaves which stay green throughout summer. The flowering continues all year round in frost free climate. The flower loses its foliage as it ages, revealing the tan colored stems. This trouble free, floriferous plant is perfect for low maintenance planting and novice gardeners.

24. Bellis Perennis Tasso Deep Rose:

Bellis perennis tasso deep rose is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Tasso Deep Rose is a hot pink pompom like flower. This pretty looking flower is held atop short, upright and leafless stems which rise from its spoon shaped foliage. It is suitable for creating borders and line walkways. The flower should be planted in decent garden soil but never in clay soils.

25. Bellis Perennis Tasso Strawberries and Cream:

Bellis perennis tasso strawberries and cream is one of the most beautiful daisy flowers
Image: Pinterest

Tasso Strawberries and Cream is a cute double button flower in a stunning blend of soft creamy pink with a deep pink center. The flowers bloom in pink and then fade to white with age creating a spectacular multi tone effect. The plant bearing this flower is very compact with short and strong flower stems that sets the bud uniformly,

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Daisies may be the ideal plant for you if you enjoy gardening. These plants are easy to care for and wonderfully gorgeous, and they can brighten up even the most mundane gardens. These charming tiny plants and the beautiful daisy flowers add a rustic charm, and their hardiness and little maintenance make them a welcome addition to virtually any garden. Daisies, like everything else, can be divided into several categories based on their colors, forms, and growing habits. I hope you enjoyed looking at these beautiful daisy flower photos. Pick your favorite and begin growing it in the comfort of your home garden immediately!

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