50 Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Familiarize yourself with the prettiest blooms and the different meanings they hold.

By Ramya KaramsettiRamya Karamsetti  • 

“There is a language, little known,

Lovers claim it as their own,

Its symbols smile upon the land,

Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;

And in their silent beauty speak,

Of life and joy, to those who seek

For Love Divine and sunny hours

In the language of the flowers.”

–The Language of Flowers, London, 1875

Flowers are part of the most important occasions of life and have a language of their own. There are also beautiful flowers befitting specific occasions like birthdays, funerals, weddings, graduation ceremonies, etc. Some flowers have a religious significance, too.

Flowers’ meanings and symbolization were a key element many years ago. During Victorian era, special meanings were assigned to various flowers to send out coded messages and allowed individuals to express feelings which could not be spoken. This practice, called floriography, is still alive and thriving today. Every sentiment can be expressed in one form or the other by these fragile blooms. Read on further to know more about different flower meanings and their symbolism.

Below listed are some of the most beautiful and colorful flowers that will steal and melt you heart at the same time!

1. Rose:

Rose is one of the most popular and loved of the beautiful flowers of all time and its beautiful meaning is known by almost all at some level. Roses, with their unique combination of thorny stems and fragrant blossoms, are often prized as a symbol of achievement, completion and perfection. Rose is a perennial plant that has over 100 species. Some of them have closely packed petals while some have loose leaves. A traditional rose is usually dark red in color with a long stem with thorns. Different roses symbolize different things; yellow rose symbolizes friendship, mature love and joy while white roses signify sanctity, purity, peace and secret admirer. Red rose symbolizes immortal love and passion and pink rose stands for healing, innocence and first love.

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protip_icon Trivia
The rose was designated as the national flower emblem of the United States by President Ronald Reagan in 1986.

2. Tulips:

Their perennial bulb like form makes them a symbol of resurrection and determination. This beautiful flower is in the genus tulip and has 109 species.  The flower has 6 petals and is distinctly separated from each other. Tulips are available in various colors which include red, pink, yellow, orange and purple. Tulip flower is an 11th wedding anniversary flower and represents elegance and gracefulness. Yellow tulips symbolize cheerfulness and white tulips stand for forgiveness. Purple tulips are synonymous with royalty and red tulips symbolize deep love. It is believed that the black velvety center of the tulip represents a lover’s heart.

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The largest tulip garden in the world is located in Keukenhof, Holland.The picturesque garden showcases more than 7 million tulips that bloom between April and May every year.

3. Orchids:

When speaking of the most beautiful flowers, how can we leave out the orchids? Orchids are beautiful, charming, and delicate flowers with around 880 genera and 250,000 different species. Appearance wise, they look almost like an anti-flower with their geometrical shaped petals, which makes them even more desirable and exotic. These highly coveted ornamental plants represent love, luxury, beauty and strength and are the 14th wedding anniversary flower. Pink orchids convey pure affection while cattily orchids signify mature charm. Pink and white orchid flowers can also be sent as a gesture of sympathy.

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As a result of the blooms being so weighty, mature orchids eventually wind up blossoming upside down.

4. Sunflower:

Sunflowers were first grown in Central and South America and are a unique combination of beauty and utility. They are used for decoration purpose and for providing oil and food. The cheerful faces of sunflowers symbolize the sun, warmth, happiness, adoration and longevity. They are the 3rd anniversary flower and is definitely the most loved among all the beautiful flowers in the world.

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protip_icon Trivia
The word ‘tournesol’ for sunflower in French translates to ‘turns with the sun.’ This is due to heliotropism, which is the tracking of the sun by budding sunflowers.

5. Lilies:

Lilies are the most commonly used flower for funerals because they symbolize innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. Stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and is associated with majesty and purity and it was the symbol of Mother Mary’s purity and chastity. While the leaves symbolize her modesty, the white petal represents her innocence and purity. Peruvian lilies represent friendship and devotion while pink lilies represent wealth and prosperity. These beautiful flowers always bring peace to the receivers mind.

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According to Roman legend, the flower developed the pistil in the center because Venus, the goddess of beauty, allegedly envied the flower’s beauty.

6. Daffodils:

Daffodils are long stemmed beautiful golden yellow flowers which are synonymous with spring. The botanical name of daffodil is Narcissus and is also known as jonquils in England. Daffodils are a symbol of renewal and fresh start. They bring encouragement and hope to a grieving and unhappy person. Daffodils have several meanings attached to it. It stands for honesty, forgiveness and forthrightness. Chinese often see it as a symbol of fortune and celebrate whenever the daffodils bloom. A daffodil bouquet gifted to a person ensures happiness but do not give a single flower as it can foretell a misfortune.

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7. Marigold:

Marigold is one of the most popular and common flowers. The flowers bloom to different colors like gold, orange, white and of course yellow. Marigold flowers with maroon outlines make them appear even more beautiful. Marigold flowers are associated with sunlight which is supposed to carry positive meaning. However, it has also been perceived to be associated with darker qualities. It can symbolize jealousy, cruelty, sorrow and grief. Some culture also associates this flower with death.

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8. Lotus:

The lotus plant belongs to the Nillumbik genus and carries symbolic significance in major cultures across the world. Lotus plant’s floral meaning is rebirth and divinity. In Buddhism it is viewed as a sign of purity of speech and mind and is associated with spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In Hinduism it is associated with beauty and represents how a person can be awakened to the spiritual reality. In Egypt lotus stand for the sun. The most striking feature about lotus is that although it grows in mud and returns within, it flowers clean the next day.

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9. Dahlia:

Dahlia flower is a national flower of Mexico and is named after 18th century botanist Anders Dahl. It belongs to an asteraceae genus with over 30 species in its family.  Dahlia has a vast range of hues from bronze to red and white to purple and is grown throughout the year.

Dahlia carries a series of meanings with itself. It can either be a sign of warning, to change or a symbol of betrayal while in Victorian language, dahlia stands for the flower has survived. It expresses sentiments of dignity and elegance. It is a symbol of commitment and a strong bond that will last forever. Thus dahlia is often used for flower decorations to celebrate love and marriage.

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10. Gladioli:

Gladioli are tall flowers and are composed of multiple flowers. They stand up to 4 feet tall.  It is mainly grown in South Africa, Europe and Mediterranean regions of Europe. This flower is available in a variety of colors like white, pink, purple, yellow, orange, green and salmon.

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11. Carnations:

Carnation is a popular choice for sympathy arrangements.  Carnation name comes from the word ‘corone’ or coronation because it was used in Greeks crowning ceremonies.

Carnation is found in a variety of colors, the standard one being pinkish purple and each color carries a meaning with itself. Red carnation evokes admiration and love, while pink carnation stand for remembrance. White carnation represents pure love and innocence and good luck.

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12. Chrysanthemums:

The floral meaning of this flower is loyalty and friendship. There are about 30 different kinds of this flower and are found in various colors like white, yellow, pink and reds. Yellow chrysanthemums mean gently declining amorous advances. Red chrysanthemums mean an invitation to form a new relationship. The deeply enchanting white chrysanthemum symbolizes honesty and violet chrysanthemum means merry wish for wellness.

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13. Apple blossom:

Apple blossoms are strongly fragrant flowers that were honored by the ancient Celts as a symbol of love and would often decorate their homes with it. According to a Biblical story, apple blossom symbolizes a sense of promise. Dream of apple blossom flowers symbolize a long life and a great success in the field of trade and commerce.

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14. Camellia:

Camellia belongs to the family of Thecae and is native to Himalayas and Southern and East Asia. It has delicate soft petals and gentle curves which make it a very pretty flower. These flowers may come in pink, red or white colors.  Camellia is considered as a symbol of desire, passion and refinement.  It also signifies perfection and refinement.  The pink flower means longing, the red flower symbolizes ‘you are the love of my life’ and the white flower means adoration.

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15. Iris:

Iris flower is associated with faith, wisdom, friendship hope and valor. The blade shaped foliage denotes sorrows that pierced the heart.  The fleur-de-ilis is one of the most known symbols of the iris flower. The symbolic meaning of Iris flowers depends on the color. White Iris flowers symbolize purity and kindness, yellow Iris flowers symbolize passion, blue Iris flowers symbolize hope and faith and purple Iris flowers symbolize wisdom and compliments.  Iris is February birth flower and the 25th Wedding Anniversary flower.

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16. Lilac:

Lilac is an 8th wedding anniversary flower and its botanical term is named after a nymph named Syringe. It is a state flower of New Hampshire which symbolizes the hardy character of Granite state’s citizen. Lilacs signify the first emotions of love and white lilac symbolize youthful innocence. Lilacs also stand for confidence and pride.

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17. Peony:

Peony is named after Paeon, a physician to the Gods who received flower on mount Olympus. It is the traditional flower of China. It is a 12th anniversary flower and is widely known as the flower of riches and honor.  These flowers are very fragrant and smell amazing. They come in several colors like white, red, yellow and purple. It is also regarded as the flower of fortune and symbolizes happy marriage. Thus it is an ideal flower for marriage and festivities.

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18. Sweet pea:

Sweet pea is a small and delicate looking flower with a very sweet smell. It is also used in cosmetic industry for its heavenly smell. Sweet pea was discovered and promoted by Henry Eckford. This flower particularly symbolizes many thanks and offers blissful pleasure.

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19. Magnolia:

Magnolia flowers are a bit different from other flowers as they do not have petals. Instead, these eye-catching flowers have tepals in place of petals which are lead like structures. Magnolia flowers come in various attractive colors and each color signifies something or the other. The white ones mean purity and perfection, the pink magnolia means youth and luck and the purple one means best wishes for health and luck. Magnolias are also associated with the life force and are often sent on occasion of new birth.

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20. Lavender:

Lavenders are spike-like flowers composed of multiple florets and elegant stems. They come in different colors like light purple, blue and violet. They are quite famous for their size, smell, and their alluring beauty. Lavender represents purity, silence and luck. They also symbolize devotion. These flowers are usually gifted to people for luck, wealth and wisdom. Purple colored lavenders stand for royalty, elegance and refinement. They also promise new adventures.

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21. Ranunculus:

Ranunculus is a bright colored flower used mainly for medicinal purpose.  It is available in colors like yellow, pink, and red and white.  This flower is also known as buttercup commonly.  It is a beautiful flower which can amaze anyone by its inner and outer beauty. The floral meaning of this beautiful flower is ‘I am amazed by your charm’. This exotic flower symbolizes the radiant charm and magnificence. They can also be used as an alternative to roses.

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22. Stock:

Stock flowers are very similar to lavender and are native to Greece and Mediterranean. They have a delicate fragrance and wonderful blossom that sets it apart from other flowers. This flower symbolizes undying love and affection.  They are found in colors like white, pink, red or lilac.

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23. Statice:

Statice is a rich colored flower and is commonly known as sea lavender because of its strong resemblance to lavender.  Statice is commonly used for dry flower arrangements and bouquets. It symbolizes remembrance.

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24. Proteas:

These unique looking flowers are one of the oldest flowers in the history of mankind, dating back at least 300 million years ago. The unique appearance and the beauty of this flower are derived from its thick stalk and strong radiant flowers.  This flower symbolizes strength, diversity, transformation and courage.

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25. Queen Anne’s Lace:

This ravishing yet delicate flower derives its name from Queen Anne, the Queen of England. Queen Anne was challenged by her friends to create a lace as beautiful as a flower. While making the lace she pricked her hand. Thus the flower was named after her. The purple and red center of the flower represents the droplet of her blood. Queen Anne’s lace flower symbolizes grace and comfort.

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26. Poinsettia:

Poinsettias are beautiful star shaped flowers. It’s not actually a flower; it’s a leaf which changes its colour to become a beautiful plant. These colors are dependent on the species and the time of year they bloom. The colors range from green, cream, white and orange.

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27. Snapdragons:

Snapdragons are wild flowers native to Spain and Italy. The name snapdragon comes from the snap sound it makes when the sides of dragon’s mouth are gently closed. Concealing a snapdragon make a person appears fascinating and cordial. It represents both deception and fascination. It is believed that when squeezed, this flower opens its mouth to reveal secret about the future.

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28. Lisianthus:

Lisianthus is native to Texas and Mexico and symbolizes an outgoing nature. These flowers come with wide, ruffled and delicate petals and oval leaves. It has an uncanny resemblance to tulips and poppies. They also look like roses and peonies in their double form. These flowers play an important role in communicating a romantic desire, a charisma and congeniality. They come in colors like white, pink and lavender and purple.

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29. Freesia:

Freesia is bright colored flower and is named after Friedrich Heinrich Freese. These are bell shaped flowers with a sweet and citrus fragrance. Freesia is a 7th anniversary flower in the language of flowers. It epitomizes innocence, friendship and grace under pressure.

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30. Delphinium:

Delphinium, also known as larkspur is a cluster of pastel flowers which represent heavenly transcendence. This flower has a couple of meanings attached to it like an erratic state or inconsistent loyalties. They also symbolize an open heart and an ardent attachment. It is an ideal flower for celebrating some one’s accomplishments or to recognize someone’s success. The colors are varied and they mostly come in yellow, blue, white and purple.

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31. Bourvardia:

This pretty flower is named after Charles Bouvard, a physician to Louis XIII and is native to Mexico. This star like flowers grows in clusters on thin stem and comes in colors like pink, white, salmon and red. Bourvardia symbolizes enthusiasm and a sense of appreciation.

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32. Daisies:

Daisies are believed to be around 4000 years old and Egyptian ceramics decorated with daisies have also been excavated. The specialty of this flower is that it has no negative meanings attached to it. Daisies are completely positive in nature and are associated with purity, innocence, love, loyalty, beauty and patience.

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33. Hydrangea:

This 4th anniversary flower combines several star shaped flowers packed closely to form a pompom. These are available in several colors like white, blue, and pink and purple. This radiant flower symbolizes earnestness and is ideal for communicating a heartfelt desire. While some also believe that it stands for vanity and boastfulness.

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34. Aster:

Besides being beautiful, Asters have a very special flower meaning. They are fondly known as the symbol of patience and talisman of love. They are found in colors like white, red, pink, purple, lavender, blue with mostly yellow center. It is even believed to bring good luck, protection against evil and anticipation.

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35. Bird Of Paradise:

This exotic flower resembles a bright colored bird in the sky. They are also known as crane flowers because of its peculiar shape which resembles like a bird’s beak and plumage. This is a 9th wedding anniversary flower. They are available in yellow, pink, purple, orange, and white and blue. It symbolizes freedom, magnificence, good perspective and a joyous reminder of an undying appreciation.

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36. Heather:

Heather is a common meadow flower which is native to Ireland, Scotland, Russia and North America.  They come in colors like pink, purple, red and white. Heather symbolizes admiration, good luck and is also believed to have protective powers.  It is also associated with solitude and protection. Purple heather is used to represent admiration, beauty and solitude and pink heather is associated with good luck.

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37. Anthurium:

Anthurium is native to Hawaii and is one of the long lasting tropical flowers.  These heart shaped flowers symbolize hospitality, warmth and joy.

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38. Anemone:

This flower gets its name from a Greek word ‘windflower’. It is believed that anemone sprang from Aphrodite tears as she mourned the death of Adonis. Gifting someone a bouquet of anemone will bring luck and provide protection against evil. It even represents a soothing calm and a means of overcoming adversity and anxiety.

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39. Crocus:

This pretty looking flower looks like a cup and a single flower comes out of each stem. This beautiful flower is also used to create spiced saffron. This flower stands for cheerfulness.

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40. Amaryllis:

This stunning red flower is also known by the names Belladonna and Naked Ladies. The floral meaning of this flower is pride. These flowers come in colors like red, white, pink and purple. This gorgeous flower represents radiant beauty and determination. This flower also symbolizes success won after a struggle.

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41. Alstromeria:

Alstromeria is also known as Peruvian Lily because of its striking resemblance to miniature lilies. This beauty is named after Baron Claus von Alstromer who discovered this flower while collecting its seed on his visit to Spain. This flower is found in colors like white, golden yellow, orange, apricot, pink lavender and purple. This flower symbolizes friendship, long lasting beauty, devotion, commitment and care. It is also a symbol of wealth, fortune and prosperity.

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42. Pansy:

This flower is named after a French word (pensee) which means thought. This flower comes in a deep and intense color with a circular skirt and fringe with a single bright central eye. It is believed that this flower possesses telepathic powers because of its human like expression of a person in a deep thought. In Europe this flower is considered as a symbol of loyalty while its floral meaning is thoughts of lovers. It also has the power to strengthen ones memory.

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43. Cherry Blossom:

Cherry blossoms are flower from Cherry Blossom tree which is known as ‘sakura’ in Japan.  Cherry blossom in Asian culture means industrious, brave and wild and is also a cultural symbol in many parts of Asia.  It is also considered as a symbol of love, hope and happiness. This flower is also a symbol of power and represents feminine beauty and dominance.

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44. Cypress:

Cypress belongs to the family of Cupressaceae and is mainly associated with death, melancholy and mourning. They also symbolize love and longing for a person and indicate dignity and respect for the departed. These flowers are best for funerals.

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45.  Hibiscus:

Hibiscus flower is native to Asia and Pacific Islands and comes in over 200 species. This beautiful flower comes in different varieties and colors like red, pink, orange, yellow and white. This flower stands for courage and unity in Malaysia. The five petals of this flower represents five traditional kinds of duty, five kinds of happiness, five kinds of unity and other qualities that all add up to the meaning of peace and happiness. Its flower meaning is ‘seize the opportunity’.

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46. Jasmine:

Jasmine is a highly fragrant flower and is known all over the world for its heavenly smell and beauty. This flower is mainly white in color, although some yellow species are also found. Jasmine flower symbolizes love, happiness, life and hope. In Thailand, this flower also symbolizes the mother who nurtures and gives life to her children while in India, the flower symbolizes divine hope.

47. Morning Glory:

Morning Glory is a star shaped flower which blooms and dies within a single day. This flower symbolizes love, affection and mortality. In Chinese folklore, it represents a single day for lovers meet. Morning glory is an 11th wedding anniversary flower.

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48. Violet:

Violet flower is the flower of U.S.A and Greece and is named after the blue purple flower. This flower is a pledge of faithfulness and is a symbol of humility and constancy in love. Its small and delicate looks are often associated with love and romance. The purple color of this flower symbolizes royalty and power. Blue violets represent spirituality and white violet is associated with chastity.

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49. Gerberas:

Gerberas flower are Transvaal Daisy and come in vibrant colors like pink, red, green and sunshine yellow. Theses flowers symbolize purity, innocence and cheerfulness.  A bouquet of gerberas flowers can brighten and lift some one’s mood.

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50. Laurel:

Laurel flower belong to kalmia genus species and are native to Europe, Mediterranean and U.S. They are small flowers with white and red petals. These tiny flowers have a range of symbolic meaning dating back to the Greek mythology. These flowers are associated with ambition and perseverance. The Greeks would bestow this flower to laureates, poets, athletes and heroes as a token of appreciation. Laurels can also be a sign of treachery and false adulation.

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Infographic: Interesting And Fun Facts About Flowers

Flowers are a lovely compliment to any space, from a house to a yard and even your clothing. They are both beautiful and fascinating.

No doubt they attract the interest of many people. The infographic below lists some exciting, weird, and fun information about various flowers. Keep scrolling to find more!

interesting and fun facts about flowers (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

There is no sentiment that flowers cannot express. From love and happiness to forgiveness and grief, flowers signify every emotion. Also, there are flowers for every occasion, be it a wedding, a funeral, or a birthday. The symbolism of a flower largely depends on its color. While red roses stand for love, purity, and peace, yellow roses embody friendship, joy, and mature love. Similarly, white tulips symbolize forgiveness, and yellow tulips signify cheerfulness. Go through the most beautiful flowers in the world listed above and give them to your near and dear ones accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most unique flower in the world?

The black bat flower (Tacca chantrieri) is the most unique flower in the world as it has the rarest flower color – black.

What is the rarest of flower colors?

Elusive Blue is the rarest of flower colors.

What is the rarest flower in the world?

The Middlemist Red is the rarest flower in the world. It is scientifically identified as unspecified Camellia.

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