Top 25 Most Beautiful Jasmine Flowers

Written by Arshi Ahmed

Jasmine flower is a genus of shrubs and vine belonging to the Oleaceae family. There are around 200 species of this flower. Jasmine is native to the Himalayas and is considered sacred in India due to its strong spiritual significance. It is considered a symbol of divine hope in the Hindu religion.

Jasmine is widely cultivated for its shiny leaves and clusters of fragrant flowers. Its scent has a pleasing effect on the mind which makes one alert and stress free. Jasmine symbolizes love, modesty, sensuality and attachment. It is also the national flower of Indonesia, Pakistan and Philippines.

Most Beautiful Jasmine Flowers

Here are the 25 most beautiful jasmine flower pictures along with their information:

1. Cestrum Nocturnum Night blooming:

By SergioTorresC (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Night blooming Jasmine is a member of nightshade family. It is native to tropical America and West Indies. The shrub bearing this flower has simple, oval shaped leaves and clusters of small, greenish white flowers with lovely green foliage which appears every year from spring to fall. Night blooming jasmine grows favourably in sunlight and well-drained soil. The fragrance of this flower is very strong and is distinctly powerful at night. Its scent is powerful enough to produce severe allergic reaction in some individuals. It has glossy smooth leaves around 4 to 8 inches long. This jasmine is relatively easy to care for, but requires extra attention in cold climates.

2. Gardenia Jasminoides Cape Jasmine:

By KENPEI (KENPEI’s photo) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-SA-2.1-jp], via Wikimedia Commons

Cape jasmine is a beautiful, shrubby, evergreen houseplant which is extremely popular for its creamy, fragrant blooms. It is native to Japan, China and India. Its leaves are glossy, leathery and lustrous green in colour. Its petals are white in colour which turns yellow with age. The flower may be single, double or semi double. Like other jasmine, Cape jasmine also has a strong sweet scent which can make the entire room fragrant. This flower needs bright light and moderate temperature to grow properly.

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3. Gardenia Jasminoides Candle Light:

Source: pinterest

Candle light features large, showy double white flowers with attractive dark green foliage. The shrub grows to an average height of 5 feet and 4 feet in width. This large, waxy flower blooms from late spring to early fall. This jasmine needs good air circulation to discourage foliar diseases.

4. Gardenia Jasminoides Aimee Yoshida:

Source: pinterest

Aimee Yoshida is an extremely fragrant variety of jasmine which features showy white coloured flowers with deep green foliage. This flower prefers warm conditions with high humidity and rich acid soil. Regular watering and feeding is imperative to maintain its health. This jasmine works well as both a cut indoor flower and as a garden flower. It is native to China, Taiwan and Japan. It has an intoxicating smell and occurs yearly in late summer or fall.

5. Gardenia Jasminoides August Beauty:

By Queerbubbles (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

August Beauty is a prolific bloomer with velvety white petals and lustrous foliage. This medium sized evergreen shrub originates in China, Japan and Taiwan. These wonderfully fragrant blooms are borne on a rounded evergreen shrub which is useful as a low hedge or an accent flower for entryways. The flowers are white and turn creamy yellow with age. These doubled flowers have a pinwheel like appearance and waxy petals. They will bloom best in afternoon shade, moist, drained soil and good air circulation. Its powerful, sweet scent can make the entire room fragrant. It attracts visual attention and is resistant to drought, diseases, mildew and heat.

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6. Gardenia Jasminoides Belmont:

Source: pinterest

Belmont is best known for its lush foliage and exceptionally large leaves. Belmont is one of the best cultivars for indoor planting. It has semi double ivory flowers which, like, other jasmine flowers, turn yellow with time. It blooms yearly from late spring to summer and even fall.

7. Gardenia Jasminoides Chuck Hayes:

Source: pinterest

Chick Hayes is a heavily scented bloom which is banked by dense, healthy and glossy dark green foliage which remains evergreen on its shrub. Unlike other jasmines which bloom for 3 weeks, Chuck Hayes blooms for approximately 4 weeks in late spring to early spring. This double-flowered ivory white bloom begins unfurling in early summers as soon as the hot weather arrives. As for the maintenance, Chuck Hayes requires regular pruning to remove dead foliage and give proper shape to the plants.

8. Gardenia Jasminoides Daisy:

Source: pinterest

Jasminoides Daisy is a single, flat white flower with small and stiff leaves. It has a low mounded shape with lush green foliage. The shrub bearing this flower grows to an average height of 3 to 4 feet, depending upon the environmental conditions and produces single white fragrant flowers. It grows best when planted in sandy or loamy soil in full sun. The foliage can turn pale green to yellow if the soil is alkaline. The flower turns yellow over time. This jasmine can be useful in the landscape and other outdoor living areas. It produces a strong fragrance, making it ideal for both garden planting and as a cut flower for indoors.

9. Gardenia Jasminoides Frostproof:

Source: pinterest

Frostproof jasmine is best known for its hardiness. This jasmine is aptly named Frostproof due to its high withstanding ability to late spring frost. The plant has a nice symmetrical upright form with nice foliage. It is an upright shrub which supports shiny, dark green leaves with white 2 to 3 inches flower. It opens in pairs on the branches and has a very pleasant fragrance. The flower can be maintained even at a 12 to 14 inch height in a pot and grows around 3 inches outdoors.

10. Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Daruma’:

Source: pinterest

Daruma is a dwarf form of Kliem’s Hardy jasmine. Daruma bears a waxy, small single flower on glossy deep green foliage. It has small dense rounded leaves which are quite attractive. The shrub reaches an average height of 2.5 feet.

11. Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Kliem’s Hardy:

Source: pinterest

Kliem’s Hardy is a small evergreen shrub that originates from China. It appears sporadically until the cool days of autumn. Its glossy foliage provides a perfect backdrop for the large, creamy six petaled blooms. It looks great in containers, flower beds and in the foregrounds of borders in your garden. This star shaped flower has an intense fragrance which is simply divine. It requires a shady site and well-drained soil which is neutral in pH.

12. Gardenia Jasminoides Grif’s Select:

Source: pinterest

Grif’s Selects is a terrific gardenia that is hardier than most of the other jasmines. It offers six petaled radial, ivory blossoms in spring and summer. Its leaves are lustrous, glossy green and come with velvety foliage. The flower blooms to a reddish orange colour which looks very attractive. This jasmine is well known for its exceptional winter hardiness. It is best grown in organically rich soil with proper water and feeding.

13. Gardenia Jasminoides ‘Miami Supreme:

Source: pinterest

Miami Supreme gardenia is an irresistible large white fragrant flower which blooms spastically throughout the year. It has glossy green leaves and dark foliage which looks very beautiful in contrast to its ivory blooms.

14. Gardenia Jasminoides Michael:

Source: pinterest

Michael is another hardy variety of jasmine. It blooms yearly in mid-summer in alkaline or loamy soil. Its leaves are marbled in cream and green colour and are quite long and slender. It is a low maintenance jasmine which needs regular watering. Like other jasmines, this one also emits a nice and pleasant fragrance

15. Gardenia Jasminoides Glazerii:

Source: source

Glazerii features showy white blooms with bright green foliage. Its plant has shiny emerald leaves and grows up to a height of 8 feet and 6 feet in width.  Glazerii is considered one of the most favorite plants used in flower gardens. It thrives best in moist acidic soil with good drainage and in partial shade.

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16. Gardenia Jasminoides Mystery:

Mystery is a large bright flower. The base of the flower remains a colorful red and yellow, even after the petals drop, thus creating a pleasant sight during fall and winter. Its glossy, green compact foliage will make the flower an eye catcher in both gardens and containers. Regular mulching is required to protect it from whiteflies. Plant this flower in a proper area where its fragrance can be enjoyed.

17. Gardenia Jasminoides Shooting Star:

By Alpsdake (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Shooting star is a single, 6 petaled Jasmine with large leaves. Shooting star is more upright than other single varieties of jasmine. This remarkably fragrant flower will make an excellent show in your garden or container. The flower requires maintenance only during the winter season.

18. Gardenia Jasminoides Variegata:

Source: pinterest

Variegata is a vigorous growing vine which grows yearly from spring through summer. It has glossy white, pale yellow and dark green leaves with striking white double bloom flowers. Its cream and white foliage makes this jasmine a masterpiece creation. It has a nice rich fragrance which fills the entire place with its scent. Variegata is considered as the best cultivated jasmine due to its vigor and beauty. Its ivory flowers also exude oil which is used in spas and parlors.

19. Gardenia Jasminoides Veitchii:

Source: pinterest

Veitchii is highly prized for its amazing looks and sweet fragrance. Its shrub bears white fragrant flowers with glossy pointed leaves which remain dark green throughout the winters. This jasmine is excellent for cutting. It is a low maintenance shrub which only requires regular pruning to avoid spoilage. It regularly attracts bees and butterflies.

20. Gardenia Jasminoides White Gem:

By Afrodita nz (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

White Gem is a wonderfully fragrant flower of dwarf stature. It is a superb evergreen shrub for warm climates. Its shrub produces many single, white, waxy flowers with six whorled petals that barely touch each other. Compared to other jasmines, White Gem emits a light fragrance. It requires warm conditions, rich alkaline soil and regular watering.

21. Jasminum Mesnyi:

Mesnyi is a primrose jasmine which grows in a large mound. It is a semi double, funnel shaped yellow jasmine. Its stems are arched and cascade like a fountain. The stem is square in section and becomes woody with age. Its oblong shaped leaves are bright green in colour and are held in groups of pointed leaflets. This jasmine is quite sensitive to cold. It can take a few degrees of frost but cannot tolerate prolong freezing temperature. The flower is fragrant and blooms sporadically the rest of the year.

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22. Jasminum Nudiflorum:

By Wildfeuer (Own work (own photo)) [GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 or CC-BY-2.5], via Wikimedia Commons

The shrub bearing this jasmine grows up to 3 meters tall and wide with arching green shoots. Its dark green leaves are divided into 3 oval-oblong leaflets which are 3 cm long. The shrub produces numerous solitary bright yellow, funnel shaped flowers on leaf axils which appear before the leaves. Unlike other jasmines it has a very mild fragrance. It grows best in rich, well drained soil and proper sunlight.

23. Jasminum X Stephanense:

Source: pinterest

This unique pink jasmine hails from Southwestern China and is a hybrid between Chinese species J. beesianum and J. officinale. Its woody vine is covered with numerous small, pink tubular flowers. Its long, green stems bear oval shaped green and cream foliage, which makes the sight of the flowers even more beautiful. The flower is not ornamentally significant and is perfect as a cut flower. This flower has also been rewarded with the RHS award of Garden Merit.

24. Plumeria Rubra:

By Hans Hillewaert (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Plumeria rubra is originally native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela. Its branches are thick and fleshy but tend to break in high winds. Its leaves are large and leathery. The flower mostly appears before the leaves in the summer through autumn. It is a funnel shaped, large flower with lobes like petals overlapping each other. It is a waxy, delightfully scented flower with a yellow center. It needs a well-drained rich soil and regular watering.

25. Jasminum Elongatum:

Elongatum is considered as a rare jasmine for its beautiful colour. It is a beautiful snow white coloured flower with pink on the underside of the petals. 6 to 9 narrow petals occur on each flower making it look like an angelic star. It has ear like leaves and glossy foliage. It is surprisingly a scentless variety of jasmine.

Hope the above jasmine flower images astounded you with their bright showy appearances. Now its the time for you to secure more jasmine flower information around you and share with us through comments.

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