Top 25 Most Beautiful Marigold Flowers

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Marigold is a hardy, annual plant belonging to the Compositeae family. There are around 56 species of marigold found all across the world. Marigold has 2 genera which are referred to as Tagetes and Calendula. Tagetes include African and French marigold while Calendula includes pot marigold. The flower blooms in colors like golden, orange, white, red and yellow, but yellow and orange are the ones that are most commonly found. Commonly, the different types of marigold flowers are known as the “Herb of the Sun” and are a symbol of passion and creativity.

Marigold is one of the most popular flowers for garden decoration. Its cut flowers are extensively used for making garlands for religious and social functions. In India, marigold is offered to the Gods and Goddesses during Durga Puja, as well as on other festivals. Marigold flower carries both positive and negative meaning. It stands for sunlight, which signifies a new beginning, but at the same time it is also associated with jealousy, cruelty, sorrow and grief. Some cultures also associate this flower with death as it plays an important role on the Day of Dead. In Welsh tradition, marigold was used to predict weather. Closed blossoms meant that a storm was on the way. A potion made from marigold petals was thought to summon fairies when rubbed on the eyelids.

Here are the Top 25 Marigold flowers by popular choice.

1. Tagetes Cottage Red:

Cottage red is a single, bright red, five-petaled flower with a gold center and yellow edges. This hybrid plant was first bred in Mexico. The petals are in the shape of a spade with square tips. It appears from summer till frost on a 5 feet tall plant. The flower has compact, dark green and ferny foliage which stays intact throughout the flowering period. It performs best in sunlight in well-drained soil. The flower is long lasting, making it perfect to be used as a cut flower. Trim it regularly to lengthen its flowering period. This one of the beautiful marigold flowers will outshine just about any French marigold variety.

2. Baileya multiradiata:

By Miwasatoshi (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

 Baileya is a tender wild marigold which looks brilliant during spring. It is native to the deserts of Southern US and Mexico. It thrives in infertile and sandy soil. The flower is extremely delicate and can’t stand even the slightest frost. It grows in abundance in spring for a few weeks when new plants sprout from its seed. This showy, long lasting, bright yellow flower arises on nearly leafless stems above gray-green foliage. The flower turns papery with age.

3. Calendula officinalis:

By Rameshng (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Calendula officinalis is a cheerful, bright pot marigold that originates in the European and Mediterranean region. It is an easy to grow marigold but thrives best in temperate climate. The plant bearing this flower is hardy and drought resistant. It bears semi double flowers in shades of cream, bronze, yellow and orange amidst medium green leaves. The flower is highly attractive to bees and butterflies. The petals have a strong spicy flavor and are used for medicinal and culinary purpose. Calendula officinalis cannot tolerate intense heat and dies out during hot and humid weather.

4. Calendula officinalis Bon Bon Mix:

Bon Bon is a dwarf marigold suitable for pots and border planting. The plant produces large double, pom pom shaped flowers in apricot, orange and yellow shades. The flower develops best in cool temperatures but cannot stand heat. Its petals are edible and can be used in both fresh and dry forms to flavor cakes, puddings and salads.

5. Calendula officinalis Bon Bon Orange:

Bob Bon orange is a compact, fully double orange flower with dark green foliage. It would look beautiful as a cut flower. It grows on and off throughout mid-summer to mid fall. Regular deadheading will encourage continuous flowering.

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6. Calendula officinalis Bon Bon Yellow:

Bon Bon yellow is a compact, dwarf marigold. It is a fully double flower in pale cream to bright yellow colour. This is in beautiful contrast with its rich green leaves. This 4 inches flower blooms nonstop from late fall till spring in mild winter. It would look lovely as a cut flower and is also used as a colorful garnish for salads. The flower will do well in moist soil but requires good drainage.

7. Caltha palustris:

Caltha palustris is a perennial plant which is native to the regions of Northern Hemisphere. This succulent plant bears glossy, heart shaped leaves and clusters of bright yellow, buttercup like flowers. The blossom has 5 petals and a rounded tuft of golden yellow anthers that carry pollen. It is mounded by thick stems. Its leaves are also used as potherbs. For this, you need to boil it for several hours and change the water in between. These should not be eaten raw. Grow Caltha palustris in slightly wet or moist acidic soils under full sun.

8. Tagetes erect Antigua Orange:

This marigold is native to Mexico and Central America. Antigua orange is a golf ball shaped, 3 inches flower in bright orange color. The ferny foliage has distinctive aromatic scent. The plant grows up to 30 cm in height and 30cm wide. It will look great in containers and mixed borders as short stemmed cut flowers. It blooms nonstop the entire summer.

9. Tagetes erect Discovery Orange:

Discovery Orange is a vigorous and floriferous plant which produces large orange flowers throughout the summer. This bushy plant offers large, long lasting flowers which bloom continuously throughout the year. Its dark green foliage emits a distinctive smell when crushed. It will make an excellent background plant to be planted at the borders, in mass planting and in containers.

10. Tagetes erect Doubloon:

Doubloon features large, fully double, golden yellow pom pom flowers on sturdy stems. It is one of the hardiest marigolds and is highly weather resistant, standing upright in both rain and strong sunshine. The flowers last a really long period irrespective of the weather.

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11. Tagetes erect Discovery Yellow:

Discovery Yellow is a spectacular bright yellow double flower which blooms on dwarf plants. The yellow blooms contrast well with its dark green ferny foliage. The French marigold remains very neat and tidy while retaining its huge blooms. The flower has an extraordinary reliability and can tolerate both heat and cold weather.

12. Tagetes erect Inca Yellow:

Inca Marigold features double, pom pom shaped yellow flowers which arise beautifully amongst dark green foliage. The blooms are around 3 inches in diameter. The flower is also used to repel insects. Inca Yellow performs best in well drained fertile soil and is best suited for flower beds or containers.

13. Tagetes erecta Moonstruck Series:

Moonstruck is an African marigold plant which bears enormous, domed yellow or orange flower heads on strong, compact weather proof stalks. The sturdy plant stays exceptionally uniform throughout the summers. Its tightly packed petals provide resistance from rain, making moonstruck one of the most weather resistant marigold. These lovely flowers stay tight, fresh and colorful regardless the weather. If deadheaded regularly, they will continue to bloom till frost.

14. Park’s Whopper Yellow Marigold:

Park’s Whopper is a hybrid mix from the largest marigold bloomers (name unknown). The double blooming, yellow flowers are stuffed with short quilled petals which are symmetrically and beautifully rounded. It sports extra sturdy stems that resist severe weather conditions like rainfall and summer storm.

15. Janie Deep Orange Marigold:

Janie Deep is one of the brightest orange pincushion flowers occurring at the end of the stems. This dramatically ruffled marigold resembles a carnation in its appearance. It has fragrant, ferny leaves which remain dark green in colour throughout the season. The flower is best planted in the front of the border, edging and in containers of all shapes and sizes. Its fruit is not ornamentally significant.

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16. Tagetes erecta Sweet Cream:

Sweet Cream features beautiful creamy flowers that adorn the sturdy, medium, compact 16 inches tall plant. This white hybrid is a large, 3 inches wide flower which blooms early and continues until frost. It is attractive to butterflies, bees and birds. It has a superior pot and garden performance and is ideal for border and flower bed plantings. The flower requires regular watering, but do not overwater it.

17. Tagetes Patula Aurora Light Yellow:

Aurora Light Yellow is a dense double perennial which is native to the United Kingdom. The flower is a beautiful blend of hot crimson and brilliant yellow which blooms above clumps of dark green, deeply divided foliage. The flower blooms from late spring to early autumn in a sunny spot. It is a robust, trouble free plant which branches vigorously. It is the fanciest of all French Marigolds.

18. Tagetes Patula Bonanza Yellow:

By KENPEI (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Bonanza yellow is an herbaceous annual bedding plant with an upright spreading habit. This French marigold produces 2 inches wide, fully crested double blooms in bright lemon color. Its foliage remains dense right to the ground. Trim off the flower heads after they fade to encourage more blooms late into the season. Its scented foliage is heat and frost resistant and requires fairly low maintenance, making it great for amateur gardeners.

19. Tagetes Patula Disco Orange:

Disco Orange is a French marigold with large, brightly coloured single blooms that are borne in profusion atop compact plants. This hybrid Marigold was introduced by the German seed company Ernst Benary. It bears strongly aromatic, divided leaves and dark green foliage which is not much visible in the plant. It is an ideal bedding plant. This bright orange flower will definitely enliven your living room.

20. Tagetes Patula Safari Red:

Safari Red is an “anemone type” marigold with numerous deep orange- red, gold tipped petals. It is a hybrid between American Marigold and signet Marigold. It has large, finely divided 4 inches long leaves. Its root emits a substance that deters root nematodes, making it a perfect companion plant for nematode susceptible vegetables. The flower is excellent for cutting and is perfect for bouquet preparation. Safari Red is quite a low maintenance plant and is very easy to grow.

21. Tagetes Patula Safari Scarlet:

Safari Scarlet is a half hardy annual French marigold which blooms from early summer to early autumn. It takes less than a year to bloom completely. It is a rich mahogany-orange double flower with yellow tips. The flower is star shaped with bright green leaves. It grows well in direct sun and prefers medium level of water.

22. Marigold Mr. Majestic Double:

Mr. Majestic is one of the showiest French marigolds. The robust and bushy plants are smothered in fully double blooms with gold and mahogany striping which gives it a striking overall effect. It highly resembles the original Mr. Majestic heirloom- the only difference is that Mr. Majestic Double is packed up to the brim with petals. It will make a strong statement if planted in beds and borders. It is truly one of the most stunning French marigold.

23. Marigold Colossus:

Colossus is a French marigold variety belonging to the Tagetes genus. It is a dynamic, bi-coloured bloom in orange and deep red colour. The flower is quite large in size, just like a golf ball. It is surrounded by beautiful shiny leaves.

24. Tagetes Patula Safari Bolero:

Safari Bolero is a French marigold of the Safar series which produces maroon flowers with gold centers. It will make a superb show in pots, garden and even as a cut flower. Safari Bolero is an all-time favorite marigold owing to its lovely display of colour and its hardy nature.

25. Tagetes erecta Inca Primrose:

Inca primrose is a fully double, creamy yellow flower that keeps its petal packed all season long. The plant is quite tall, like other Inca varieties, giving it a good weather resistance and staying power. It continues to bloom in warm and favorable temperature. It is heat tolerant and can withstand periods of drought.

With so many marigolds to choose from, there’s surely some that will catch your fancy. Let us know which ones you loved or planted!

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