27 Most Beautiful Pink Roses Varieties In The World

Add a splash of color and cheer to your garden with some cheerful and elegant blooms.

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Flowers, as delicate and enchanting, all hold a different meaning and purpose in the hands of the one who creates, the one who nourishes, the one who gives, and the one who receives! Roses of all flowers are most popular for their various hues and corresponding symbols of love, hope, friendship, peace, and unity amidst many more! Pink roses are known for their delicate soft vibe, primarily symbolising love, affection, and admiration!

There are over a 100 varieties of roses! However, there are differences in the way a rose grows and blooms as well! While some may come out bunched together in bushes, some may creep up in beautiful vines, while some others might love to grow on individual long stems! There may be some with loose big petals, while others with small closely bunched petals! However you may like your rose, you may have a particular preference when it comes to the color especially!

Pink roses are more often seen in subtle and elegant wedding parties, bridal showers, baby showers, or teen birthday parties! Pink and especially pastel pink is a favorite of many girls and boys as well! Couples choose pink to add that vibe of romance to their special anniversary parties or special impromptu dates! Pink rose is also a safe bet when you are not really sure yet! It is gentle, elegant, romantic, cheerful, and speaks of love and admiration at the same time! To know more about the many beautiful varieties of pink roses, read on!

1. Pink Knock Out Rose:

The Pink Knockout Rose is a cross between Rosa ‘Carefree Beauty’ and Rosa ‘Razzle Dazzle’. It blooms in 3 colors – pink, yellow and red. The pink variety comes in both single and double blossoms. Pink knockout roses blossom throughout the year and are the roses with a disease resistant capability.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Plant pink knockout roses in a spot in your garden that receives at least 6 hours of full sun. Also, ensure there is ample air circulation between two plants to keep them all disease-free.

2. Zephirine Drouhin Rose:

The Zephirine Drouhin rose is an old Bourbon rose from 1868 and is one of the best climbers in the world. These are thornless variety of roses and have an extraordinary flexible cane. The flower blooms are in a cerise pink colour with a white base or in a vibrant pink colour. It has an old rose fragrance which is very pleasing. The flower blooms all year long.

3. Ballerina Rose:

This is a unique rose pink colour that makes it looks more like a morning glory flower. The ballerina rose is a modern shrub rose with pink flowers that look like apple blooms. This is a very popular pink rose because it looks different from other roses. The shrub holds more than 100 tiny pink rose flowers. It has a musky rose fragrance which smells amazing.

4. Cecile Brunner Rose:

The Cecile burner is a long lived polyantha rose variety and is classified as garden rose or even a China rose. Cecile burner is a thornless climbing rose and is a vigorous climber which can climb to terrific heights if you let it. The flower produces large clusters of perfectly shaped pink blooms. It has a sweet and spicy fragrance which is unique in its own sense. It has nice healthy foliage of green colour.

protip_icon Trivia
In 1988, the ‘Cécile Brünner’ rose was introduced into the Old Rose Hall of Fame as a world favorite.

5. Bonica Rose Bush:

The Bonica Rose Bush has been voted as the World’s Favorite Rose by World Federation of Rose Societies. It is a compact rose which is more suited for small gardens. The plants produce dainty pink blooms and come with an attractive green shade – with small leaves foliage. The flower is very easy to grow and requires minimum effort and care unlike other roses.

6. American Beauty Rose Flower:

The American Beauty Rose is very popular for gardens and is renowned for its success in the cut flower industry. The flower has a strong rosy fragrance and is often used in the perfume industry for its fragrance. The flowers bloom in late summer and fall. This beautiful flower can grow well in containers and large pots also.

7. Old Blush Climber China rose:

Pink climbing old blush China rose
Image: Shutterstock

The Old blush climber China rose is a form of Blush China Rose that has been grown predominantly in China and other parts of Asia for more than 1000 years. It is an antique rose which is known as the best among all the climbing roses. The blooms are larger than other varieties of Blush roses and are highly valued for their perpetual blooming. The flower comes in a silver pink shade with mauve shades. The flower smells delicious, just like sweet peas.

A food, travel, and lifestyle blogger paints a wondrous picture of pink climber roses from her travels to Kashmir, and it is the perfect endorsement for these ethereal flowers. “I would like to add here that the roses in Kashmir are spectacular – I have never seen such huge roses before! They were almost the size of my palm! I fell in love with the pink roses there. Old stone walls and pink roses climbing on them – now that is something I cannot resist (i),” she recounts.

8. Carefree Wonder Shrub Roses:

The Carefree Wonder rose is a disease resistant shrub rose that is easy to maintain. The shrub bears a cluster of double blooms rich pink flowers. The bloom looks extremely beautiful on dark green foliage. The flower has a very mild fragrance, unlike other roses.

9. Jacques Cartier rose or Rosa Marchesa Boccella:

The Jacques Cartier is a small Portland rose with a very compact form. It is one of the most beautiful pink roses and has an antique charm and Victorian elegance. The striking red buds open up to reveal lovely double decked and tightly packed pink blooms. Fully open blooms form an exquisite rosette shape and are very fragrant with a rich, sweet scent. The flower has attractive rich green foliage which deepens to blue green with age.

10. Tiffany Rose:

The Tiffany rose is a gorgeous hybrid tea rose that looks exquisite in gardens and flower decorations. The flower looks beautiful with it perfectly shaped petals and attractive dark green foliage. The flower is a gold medal winner and has won many awards for its beauty including AARS flower awards. It has an intense sweet rose fragrance. The flower blooms throughout the year.

11. Blush Rose:

The Blush rose is one of the most common roses, and even one of the most valuable roses, as it has passed on its incredible blooming prowess to countless cultivators in the West. The flower blooms very steadily, hence is not appropriate as a cut flower. The flower has medium semi double pink petals in loose clusters. It is soft pink in colour and has a nice sweet and pleasant scent to it. The flower blooms in clusters every year in June or early spring.

12. Coral Dawn Climbing Rose:

Pink coral dawn climbing rose
Image: Shutterstock

This is a disease resistant climbing rose which is a vigorous climber that bears beautiful pink coloured double petal flowers. The flower blooms throughout the year. The oval shaped buds bloom to reveal beautiful well-formed pink coloured roses. This nicely fragrant flower blooms in clusters and has healthy green foliage.

13. Nearly Wild Rose:

nearly wild rose lowes
Image: Shutterstock

Nearly wild rose blooms throughout the year. These are small deciduous shrubs with prickly stem that form an impenetrable barrier. The shrub produces a profusion of graceful long and pointed buds that open to an appealing single, 5 petal rosy pink bloom. The Nearly wild rose is a cup shaped rose that has bright green foliage. The flower is very easy to grow and is immune to all diseases. The flowers have a nice strong fragrant.

14. Seven Sisters Rose:

This is an old climber which is native to Britain. It is a large rose with large leaves and bigger double flowers. The flower rears up to 7 blooms, ranging from deep purple to pale mauve and even white shades of flowers. They get their name from the way these flowers change their colors. They open up to a dark pink shade and then fade to pink and eventually to white. The flower blooms only in summer.

15. Queen Elizabeth Rose:

This is one of the most popular 10 roses of all time. It even got the Rose Society’s Rose Medal and the President’s Trophy for the best rose of the year. The flower has an elegant and beautiful appearance with a sweet scent. The flower blooms singly on one stem and has a striking resemblance to hybrid tea roses.

The blooms range from single petal to fully double petals. The foliage is dark green, glossy and leather-like to touch. The flower looks beautiful and charming in any flower arrangement like bouquet and table centerpieces. This medium coloured flower blends easily with any surrounding plants and flowers to enhance the beauty of the garden.

16. Fantin Latour Rose:

This rose is named after Henri Fantin-Latour, a famous French painter, who was renowned for his love for flowers. This is an old Centifolia rose which exists since Victorian period or even before. This gorgeous pink flower appears in summers and smells of a rich and intoxicating fragrance. The plant blooms for at least one month every year. The rose canes are covered with beautiful matte green foliage which makes the flower stand out beautifully.

17. Valentine Heart Rose, a Sweetheart of a Rose:

This is the prettiest of all the roses I have ever come across. The flower has a beautiful blend of pink and white colour making it perfect for Valentine’s bouquet. The buds are of a pale scarlet shade opening with blush pink on the insides of the petals, and then take a vibrant shade of rosy pink. It has an enchanting fragrance making it a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.

18. Pierre de Ronsard Rose:

This rose is also known as an ‘Eden’ rose and is a magnificent large flowered pink climber. The flowers are large and are shaped like cabbages. The flower has an old school charm to it. It is intensely fragrant and has a tea rose perfume scent to it. The flower is basically white in colour but is suffused with pink colour.

19. Belinda’s Dream Rose:

The Belinda’s Dream Rose is a large pink bloom native to Florida and Gulf coast. The flower is resistant to black spots and diseases. The flower has a lovely fruit-like smell and is often used in the perfume and oil industry. Its green blue foliage makes the flower even more attractive.

20. Moonstone Rose:

This is a beautiful white and pink rose with a hybrid tea rose form. The flower petals are white outside and pink inside with edges of dark pink shadings or in a single pink colour. The flowers change the colour as they age and become paler and even white with time. The stem of this flower is long and firm making it perfect for cut flower. It has beautiful green foliage and blooms best in summer seasons.

21. Pretty In Pink Rose Flower:

These are the best pink roses to plant in garden and for flower decorations. The rose flower has a creamy white base that is laced with various pink colors. It is a medium sized perfectly cupped bloom with delicate rosy petals. These flowers bloom in clusters and have attractive foliage in light green colour. These flowers bloom during summer and fall with an intense rosy fragrance.

22. Rosa Variegata di Bologna:

This is a gorgeous old Bourbon Rose which was originally bred in Italy by Bonfiglioli and Sons in 1909. It is one of the best pink variegated climbers in its class. It has an enchanting bloom in shades of white and pink stripes. The flower is double bloomed and appears in clusters. This variety of Bourbon rose in extremely fragrant unlike other varieties of Bourbon roses.

23. Paulsen’s Pearl Rose:

This is an adorable little pink floribunda rose which has a wild flower-like touch to it. The flower blooms in clusters in soft shades of pink with red stamens. The fragrance is light to moderate and is quite pleasing.

24. Pink Parfait Rose:

Pink Parfait is a pink blend floribunda rose with a sturdy upright growth habit. The flowers are loosely double bloomed with neatly coiled center. The leaves are rich light green healthy foliage. It has a slight sweet scent. The flower has a great resistance to diseases.

25. The Fairy Rose:

This is the most popular pink rose. It was first bred in 1932 in England and later, three more new breeds were created owing to its growing popularity. This flower is often presented in flower exhibitions for its astounding beauty. Fairy rose bushes are known for their beautiful pink blooms that grow throughout the year and it has a mild fragrance.

26. Chicago Peace Rose

Chicago peace rose
Image: Shutterstock

The Chicago Peace Rose is a gorgeous hybrid tea rose with petals that are pink with an undertone of orange and yellow. Its ancestor is the well-known Peace Rose, which was developed in France during the 1940s and can often be recognized by its petals being a darker shade of pink with yellow undertones.

27. Chrysler Imperial Rose

Chrysler imperial rose
Image: Shutterstock

The Chrysler Imperial Rose used to be an exclusive color option available only for the Chrysler Imperial luxury cars in the mid-20th century. Its rich reddish pink hue matched the elegance and sophistication of the Imperial car line, and hence is often seen as signifying class distinction and high-end luxury.

Infographic: Top Pink Roses Varieties Around The World

Roses are considered among the best flowers in the world. With utter delicacy and enchanting fragrance, roses are often the top choice when dedicating your love to your partner. Whether you want to gift a rose to your loved one or looking for a beautiful pink rose variety to add to your garden, we have shortlisted our top 10 picks in the infographic below. Scroll down and check it out.

top pink roses varieties around the world (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

These pink roses are a feast for the eye and have a magical fragrance. So you are most likely to find these elegant flowers at wedding parties and bridal showers. They symbolize feelings like love, admiration, affection, and romance, and are sometimes gifted even on Valentine’s day and Mother’s Day. From the pink knock-out rose to the fairy rose, these flowers have varying levels of fragrance. While some of these bloom throughout the year, others only grow in specific seasons. Gift or greet your loved one with a bouquet of these roses to make them feel special.

pink roses_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What do 3 pink roses mean?

A bunch of 3 pink roses means ‘I love you’. The bunch also represents the early phases of a romantic relationship.

How long do pink roses live?

In a bouquet, pink roses can last up to a week if preserved properly. A rose plant can last up to 6-10 years and its flowers can last up to 10 days with proper care.

Can pink roses grow in water?

Yes, pink roses can be grown in water. In fact, growing them in water is easy, and the plant produced is very much like the parent plant.

Key Takeaways

  • Pink roses are known for their vibrant pink hue and are a symbol of affection, love, femininity, and admiration.
  • This subtle yet elegant flower is commonly used in weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties.
  • Some of the popular varieties of pink rose are the ballerina rose, Jacques Cartier rose, and Paulsen’s pearl rose.

This video showcases the most beautiful pink roses from the creator’s garden. Experience the beauty of summer blooms with pink roses. Check out the video and get ready for a virtual floral journey!

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