Top 27 Most Beautiful Red Roses

Did you know there was a rose called Morden Fireglow? Yes, and there are more!

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Roses are a perennial shrub that comes in over 100 species and in a variety of colors. Rose shrubs are possibly the most popular flowering plant used in the floristry because of its versatility, beauty and fragrance. With their unique combination of thorny stems, vibrant color, and fragrant blossoms, the beautiful red roses are often prized as a symbol of achievement, completion, and perfection. Some of them are closely packed petals while some have loose leaves. A traditional rose is usually dark red in color with a long thorny stem. They bloom in a number of varieties, from climbing roses to tiny miniature version of roses.

A red rose symbolizes youthful love and beauty. Red roses are the perfect gift to those who you want to convey love, passion and respect. Red roses are also believed to symbolize bravery and a wish of joy. The colors of red roses range from bright red, blackish red to deep burgundy, each shade carrying significance with itself. Bright red means love, burgundy means unconscious love while dark crimson rose symbolizes mourning. Not just the colour, but the quantity also carries a meaning with itself. A single red rose symbolizes love while a dozen shows gratitude. 27 red roses signify congratulation while 50 signifies unconditional love.

protip_icon Trivia
The different numbers of red roses symbolize love differently. For instance, one rose signifies love at first sight, ten roses for perfection, and eleven roses signify true and deep love.

1. Darcey Rose:

Darcey is a highly acclaimed rose and is believed to be one of the best and the healthiest roses that have been bred till date. The beautiful red rose opens to reveal all the petals hidden within the bud. It continues to open up until a beautiful cluster of gold stamens at the heart of the rose shows out. When young, the outer petals form a perfect ring around an inner cup to form a perfect rosette. Darcey rose is the brightest red color in the bud and opens to a raspberry red color and then develops a rich purple tone as it ages. This exquisite flower has a light fruity scent. This flower is the best choice for weddings, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day.

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2. Chrysler Imperial Rose:

This is one of the most regal and magnificent looking roses. It has a large light red buds that open to a beautiful deep, velvety petaled bloom. The flower has a thick, thorn less stem with dark green leaves. This flower is sure to capture the onlooker’s heart. This dark green hybrid tea rose has a pleasing strong smell.  The flower blooms from late spring to fall. This long stemmed flower is long lasting and makes excellent cut flowers.

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3. Adrenalin:

Adrenalin rose is a perfect example of how stunning and beautiful a rose can be. It is a gorgeous velvet red rose on a long thorn less stem and deep green foliage. The flower maintains its magnificent form while opening slowly.  This rose can make any flower decoration and bouquet look beautiful.

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4. Amalia:

Amalia is a short growing Alba rose of the red rose flowers which produces a dark red double bloom rose. The bud opens to a classic cup shaped bloom. The flower has golden stamen in small clusters. The foliage is grey green in colour with medium dark green leaves. The flower has a magnificent smell to it and is very fragrant. The plant is quite susceptible to variety of diseases and pest so you must take good care of it. The flower would look terrific on wedding bouquet, table centerpiece and flower arrangement.

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Cultivated roses were introduced to Europe from China during the late 18th century. Most modern-day rose varieties have evolved from the cultivars from China.

5. Eternity Red Rose:

Eternity red rose is a brilliant bold red rose that is exquisitely modeled in the classic rose shape. It has lush green foliage which beautifully accents the firebrick red petals. This flower blooms every year from summer to spring. It smells very sweet, just like regular red roses. The flower is sure to attract the attention of the onlookers with its grace and elegance. It would look amazing to bouquets combined with white and pink roses and wedding flower decoration

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6. Samourai Rose:

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Samourai is a large red rose with velvety texture and semi matte green foliage surrounded by dark green leaves. The shapely oval buds open to a large double bloom flower. The flower is thorn less, so is very appropriate for cut flower arrangement. It has a very mild fragrance which is not much noticeable. The flower has a very good disease and pest resistance.

7. Tamingo Follies:

Tamingo follies are deep red spray roses with intense rich colour. This flower is surely the standout rose for any occasion. It has a large head that opens to a captivating cup shaped bloom. The flower has numerous bright red petals with attractive matte green foliage. It charms people with its spicy scent, which is quite different from other flowers.  The flower blooms throughout the year.

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8. Red Meidiland:

Red Meidiland rose is a pretty flower covered by small dense leaves and glossy dark green foliage. It is a low growing shrub with a creeping habit that is grown on a ground cover. This shrub produces a cluster of single roses with white centers and yellow stamens. The flower has no fragrance at all, unlike other rose flowers which are prized for their scent.  The flower blooms throughout the season and is resistant to diseases and black spots.

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9. Easy Elegance Kashmir Rose:

These are soft velvety red blooms. The soft cashmere petals of this rose mature to a breathtaking rich hybrid tea bloom.  The flower has velvety soft green foliage with small green leaves. This flower shrub requires low maintenance as compared to other roses.

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10. George Vancouver:

George Vancouver Rose is a shrub that bears an extraordinary number of flowers that bloom in clusters along a rich green foliage.  The bloom begins as buds and open to a fuchsia red when fully unfurl. The shrub is very hardy and healthy and has good disease resistant foliage. The shrub is a vigorous climber and can climb to unimaginable height if you let it to. It is moderately fragrant and has a sweet smell to it.

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11. Morden Fireglow:

Morden Fireglow is a low growing parkland series rose that has elegant pointed buds with beautiful cupped flowers. The flower grows in clusters in fiery orange red petals with a brilliant scarlet reverse. Since it is a hybrid rose, the spectacular colour was achieved through careful laboratory selection of flower pigments. The flower has a medium glossy leaves with seven leaflets, resistant to mildew. The flower was also honored with the Canadian Rose Society’s Outstanding Cultivar award.

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12. Super Hero Rose:

This beautiful long bloomer flower red rose was introduced in the spring of 2008. The flower is borne from wonderful clusters of perfect hybrid tea shaped blooms that stand out beautifully against medium to dark green foliage. The flower is highly disease resistant and is a great choice for foundation planting. The super hero rose blooms throughout the season and is easy to grow and disease resistant.

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13. Morden Ruby:

Morden Ruby is a dazzling Parkland series rose that arrives in early summer and recurs until season’s end. This long lasting flower is deep pink and ruby red with a distinctive splash of deep red. These 3 inches wide bloom are borne in small clusters with dark green, shiny foliage. This beautiful and unique rose has a mild fragrance and is more suited for gardening.

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14. Dublin Bay:

Dublin Bay is a hardy climbing rose which is even a distant relative of ‘New Dawn’, a lovely pink rose. It is a true red rose unlike the washed out varieties. The flower has a mild perfume which is very soothing. The flower, unlike other red roses is not prone to discoloration and black spots on the petals.  The flower blooms in spring and lasts till early December.

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15. Champlain Rose:

This is a beautiful dark velvety red blooms. This flower is classified as a Kordessi rose. It features cherry red blossoms that bloom during summer and fall. This flower was developed in Canada and is noted for its hardiness and disease resistant blooms.  The flower has dark green foliage and looks a lot like carnation flowers.  It has yellow eyes at the end of the stamens and is mildly scented. The flower blooms from early spring to late summer.

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16. Red Double Knock out Rose:

Double knock out rose is a prolific blooming, double red rose. The flower blooms in vibrant red colour and fades to reddish orange by autumn. The leaves are bright green in color and turns soft burgundy in color by autumn. The flower has an outstanding resistance to black spots and mild dew and does not require extensive care. You just need to feed them once a month and they will be healthy all time long. The flower blooms in summer and is highly fragrant.

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17. Quadra:

Quadra rose is a deep red flower that is borne in clusters up to four. This large flower has curvy inner petals like heirloom roses. The flowers fade to a deep pink as they mature. The foliage emerges as an attractive red and then turns to dark green. The flower is resistance to black spots and diseases. This 6 feet tall climber blooms extensively throughout the year.

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18. Hope for Humanity Rose:

This is a deep wide red bud that opens to a cupped flower in light blood colour. The flower blooms through the summer until the frost. The rose bloom in large clusters with high center and resembles small hybrid tea rose. It has glossy green foliage with dark green leaves.

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19. Adelaide Hoodless Rose:

This is a bright red to deep reddish flower that grows in clusters of up to 35 meters. The flower is lightly scented but still smells heavenly. The flower exhibits glossy, mildew resistant foliage. The flower has a short shelf life and dies in winter.

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20. Blaze:

Blaze is a low maintenance flower that blooms continuously throughout the year. It is a climbing rose which is bright red in colour. The blossoms are semi double with approximately 25 petals and are borne in clusters. The foliage is of a forest green colour with a slightly leather like texture.  The flower has a mild fragrance. The flower literally covers the entire shrub and looks like a blaze of colour, living up to its name.

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21. Sympathy Rose:

These bright red flowers can really define any garden or flower decoration. The flower has large red blooms that can bloom to 6 inches in diameter. The flower blooms every year in June until summer. It has lengthy canes, making it an amazing climber that can grow up to 10 feet. The flower has a rich, strong smell and is often used in the perfumery industry. The flower has thorn so it is not a good option for cut flowers arrangement. It is quite susceptible to diseases and pest, thus require high maintenance and care.

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22. Rosa Altissimo:

Altissimo is a striking climber rose that produces bright red blooms. The flower is large with around 5 inches of diameter. The flower has striking golden stamens with dark green leaves and matte green foliage. The flower is disease resistant but is often accustomed to black spots.

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23. Grootendorst:

Grootendorst is a beautiful rose which is mainly grown in cold climates. This flower is native to North America. It is a bright red flower with yellow eyes at the end of the stems. It has large clusters of small red pompom blossoms. The flower has emerald green foliage and is grown throughout the year. It has plenty of thorns and is not suitable for cut flower arrangement. The flower has a very pleasant smell, perhaps the best of all the red roses.

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24. Loving memory:

Loving memory is a hybrid tea rose which was bred by Kordes in 1981. It is a descendant of red planet roses. The flower is rich red in colour and comes with glossy green foliage. The drawback with this flower is that it is quite susceptible to hard frost so it cannot grow in harsh climatic regions. The flower is disease resistant and blooms throughout the season.

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25. Chevy Chase:

Chevy Chase is a very vigorous climbing rose that blooms profusely during summer. The flower was first bred in 1939. The flower isn’t true red in colour and has a hint a fuchsia pink. The smell is quite mild.

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26. Rhodos Rose:

Rhodos rose is a variety of red rose that is renowned for its big flower head and stem that is free of thorns. It is cultivated in Kenya in greenhouses located at high altitudes, enabling it to receive an abundance of natural light. This results in outstanding characteristics such as excellent head sizes, superb shelf life, and exceptional transportability. It has larger buds and a longer flowering period.

27. Madam Red Rose:

Madam Red is a specific type of red rose that is renowned for its deep, blood-red hue and impressive bloom size. It is considered a premium rose variety and is often utilized for special occasions like weddings or Valentine’s Day. Madam Red comes in a range of lengths, from 40 to 80cm, and can last up to 14 days when arranged in a vase. This rose variety is a popular choice among floral retailers, florists, and supermarkets alike.

Infographic: Top 10 Gorgeous Red Roses For Your Garden

Red roses symbolize a love interest or a romantic relationship. It can also enhance the beauty of your garden with their bright and attractive shades of red. The undeniable classic beauty instigates many of us to plant and take care with great passion. You must be overwhelmed with the list of 25 beautiful red ornamental plants across the world. Thus, the infographic below offers a greater selection of varieties that include the top 10 gorgeous red roses for your garden.

top 10 gorgeous red roses for your garden (infographic)

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Beautiful red roses are everyone’s favorite as they spread a lovely vibe. They are the most prominent flowers among the rose family. They are available in different shades of red, each signifying a different meaning. Overall, these delicate flowers are a symbol of love, romance, passion, and affection. They are perfect to deck up the stage for occasions like weddings, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries. It is an absolute treat to the eyes to have these blooms in your garden or backyard. So, pick your favorite red roses, plant them at the earliest, and watch them bloom every morning!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most fragrant red rose?

There are many roses that are considered to have strong fragrances, such as Lady Emma Hamilton, Mister Lincoln, Munstead Wood, Boscobel, Ebb Tide, The Poet’s Wife, and Claire Austen.

Why are red roses a symbol of love?

Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation, was in love with a human named Adonis. Tragically, a wild boar attacked and killed him. On her way to reach him, Aphrodite hurt her leg, and her blood stained a white rose, making it red. This is why the red rose is a symbol of passion and love.

What are some interesting facts or trivia about red roses?

Some interesting facts and trivia about red roses are as follows:
• In ancient Greece, red roses were associated with the goddess of love, Aphrodite, and were believed to have grown from her tears and the blood of her lover, Adonis.
• Red roses were often used as a symbol of the blood of Christian martyrs during the Middle Ages.
• The famous French painting “Moulin Rouge” by Toulouse-Lautrec features a woman holding a bouquet of red roses.
• Red roses are often used as a symbol of political resistance and protest. They are also the official flower of • • several countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Luxembourg.

Be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of red roses in this video. These close-up shots will engulf your senses in the reminiscing scent of roses. Take a look!

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