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Top 25 Most Beautiful White Flowers

Top 25 Most Beautiful White Flowers September 18, 2017

White is considered as a binding and reflecting colour as it reflects all the lights, and goes well with any colour just like black or grey. White colour symbolizes peace and purity and represents heavenly and pious feelings.

White flowers are often given as a token of purity, humility, appreciation, innocence and express a truthful, clean and open heart. It brings lightness and brightness to the recipient’s life.

White flowers are often used in weddings and in the Immaculate Conception. They are related to chastity and perfection and are used by brides and virgins to convey modesty, beauty and innocence. At the same time, white flowers are also used in funerals to offer condolence and to symbolize the supreme light of God and the almighty.

1. White Rose:

White rose flowers symbolize beauty and represent true and young love. White roses are filled with spirituality and stand for purity, hope and virtue. They are also considered as a symbol of secrecy because of their discreetness. They also symbolize reverence and are often used at memorial services and funerals.

2. White Lily:

This beautiful lily opens into a classic bloom revealing eye catching lime white petals. Their unique shape and pure bloom colour are marvellous creation that brides often choose for their weddings. It enhances the royalty of a bouquet when used in a flower arrangement. White lilies symbolize purity and virginity.

3. White Calla lily:

White Calla lily is a large trumpet shaped flower that rests upon a long and smooth stem and symbolizes ‘magnificent beauty’. These white or creamy lilies are well known for its astonishing beauty and innocence.  It is also believed that white calla lily is the symbol of Jesus resurrection, its trumpet like shape stands for victory. It is also associated with angels, symbolizing divine purity, holiness and faith.

4. White Orchid:

White orchid is not as common as the coloured one and is considered as the rarest type of orchid. The flower looks extremely elegant and pure and stands out in every flower arrangement making it look exotic. White orchids stand for purity, innocence, virtue and divine beauty. It is often considered as a symbol of elegance and glamour and is sure to dress up any wedding bouquet.

5. White Tulips:

Tulips are one of the most loved flowers of the world and are an absolute beauty to the eye. White tulips are spring flowers which symbolize warmth, beauty and new beginnings.  It is perfect for any occasion and represents purity, forgiveness and serenity. It is often given as a token of forgiveness, so gifting these flowers can be the perfect way to apologize to someone. In the language of flower, it stands for ‘claiming worthiness’.

6. White Carnation:

White carnations are simple and sophisticated classical blooms with a wholesome and extravagant look. White carnations are of 3 types, the light and regular carnations with a big bloom at the top of the stem, the spray ones with smaller flowers and the short or dwarf ones which have one stem with several flowers. A white carnation bouquet with its divine beauty is perfect for Mother’s Day celebration and wedding ceremonies. White carnations stand for perfect love and innocence.

7. White Gerbera Daisy:

Gerbera daisies, with their wide spread blooms are lavishing flowers that have been admired for their exquisite beauty. The pale white blooms, complemented with a black center bulb and green stem makes it look extremely gorgeous. This cheerful flower can brighten any one’s day and lift people’s mood in a matter of few seconds. White gerbera daisies stand for sentimental clarity and beauty.

8. White Hibiscus:

White hibiscus is a breath -taking beautiful flower that is used not just for decorative purpose but is also used for its healing properties and to cure diseases. White hibiscus symbolizes purity and fertilization and stands for ‘seize the opportunity’ in the language of flowers.

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9. White Hydrangea:

Hydrangea is a snowball shaped flower which looks like a white cotton candy on a stick. It is made up of smaller white blooms with a faint blue ball at the center. White hydrangea is mainly suited for gardens but is at times also used for bouquet arrangement purpose. White hydrangea is a symbol of friendship and devotion and represents deep understanding.

10. White Daisy:

White daisies are innocent looking simple flowers that are often used for bridal bouquets, for decoration purpose and as sympathy flowers. The beautiful white flowers symbolize innocence and purity, simplicity and new beginnings. White daisies are also considered as a secret flower and hide secret love messages in the language of flower.

11. White Daffodils:

White daffodil is known as a soaring flower of all times and announces the rebirth of nature. This amazing flower has a divine beauty and charm in itself and symbolizes friendship and new beginnings. White daffodil is a 10th anniversary flower and represents rebirth and also unrequited love. It is also a sign of wealth and good luck and gifting a bouquet of white daffodils is believed to bring good luck and future happiness to the receiver.

12. Magnolia Flower:

Magnolia flower is extremely popular in USA and is the official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana. These flowers do not have petal like other flowers, instead they have tepals in place of petals. The general meaning of Magnolia is feminine sweetness and beauty and reflects tenacity while white Magnolia stands for purity and perfection.

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13. Jasmine Flower:

This wonderful flower with an irresistible fragrance is rarely used for decoration purpose and is mainly used in the cosmetic and perfumery industry for its wonderful scent. This flower symbolizes attachment and sensuality while the little Jasmine flowers symbolize modesty, grace and elegance.

14. Lily of the Valley:

This gorgeous little spring flower reflects beauty and magnificence and are mainly cultivated for their scent that is used in perfume industry. This bell shaped flower signifies the return of happiness and is used as a symbol of humility in religious paintings for its association with Christ’s second coming.

15. Camellia:

This exotic, precious and freshly looking flower expresses devotion of a young lover to another. The petals of this flower stand for the spirit of the ladies and the holder of the petals represents a young man and the protector of the lady. They come in various different flowers, each carries a different meaning. White Camellia stands for ‘you’re adorable’, in the language of flowers.

16. Japanese Anemone:

Japanese anemone is a cup shaped flower that comes in just two shades, pink and white. It is believed that anemone sprang from the tears of Aphrodite as she mourned the death of Adonis. Anemone carries both positive and negative meaning.  It stands for forsaken since it sprang from Aphrodite tears, while at the same time, it is believed to protect against evil and bad luck.

17. Cup Flower:

Cup flowers come in white. This flower is native to eastern and central North America. This annual flower has triangle toothed leaves.

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18. Shasta Daisy:

This is one of the most cheerful flowers with white petals and sunny yellow centers making it perfect for summer weddings. As per flower symbolism, Shasta daisy stands for love, purity and innocence. There are other meanings as well like loyal love, patience, beauty and secrecy between two people.

19. Annual Vinca:

Vinca, popularly known a Madagascar periwinkle or myrtle, is a beautiful shiny flower with green foliage. Annual Vinca is a saucer shaped flower in saturated shades of red, rose, pink and white. The white variety looks the best of all and is often used for decoration purpose. It stands for friendship and loyalty.

20. Queen Anne’s Lace:

The Queen Anne’s lace has its origin in Europe and has been given this name due to its lacy look. Queen’s Anne Lace, is also known as bird’s nest, bishop’s lace, wild carrot among various other names. This umbrella shaped cluster of lacy blooms look quite unique and different than other flowers. It represents ‘sanctuary’ in the language of flowers.

21. Iris:

This fresh white flower is a typical springtime flower, with is delicate petals opened fully to reveal yellow throats of the outermost petals. This pretty white flower is often used in wedding bouquet, table centrepiece and flower arrangement.

22. Datura:

This trumpet shaped flower is a highly fragrant flower which opens at dusk and closes at dawn. It has a spiritual history where it was used in the in the study of Vajramahabhairava-Tantra, a tantric text which elaborated worship and healing uses.

23. Iceberg Rose:

Ice berg rose is a classic cup flower which contains a number of petals. This is nearly a thorn less flower, thus it is ideal for wedding bouquets. It symbolizes innocence, spirituality, sympathy, honour and remembrance.

24. White Dahlia:

These summery flowers are lobe shaped flowers with pure white petals and a bright yellowy center. Dahlia, in Victorian language symbolizes the flower which has survived. It is also a symbol of commitment and bond that lasts forever. It is one of the most commonly used flowers even today in gardens and flower arrangements.

25. White Amaryllis Flower:

This beautiful and unique trumpet like flower has multiple white blooms on a single stem with a hint of lime at its center. These flowers are generally white, pink or purple in colour. White amaryllis flower symbolizes radiant beauty, purity and innocence.

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