10 Most Loved Heart Henna Designs To Try In 2019

Written by Jyotsana Rao

Henna, or mehndi, is a very important part of Indian culture. It is extensively used by women to decorate their hands and feet during marriages or other occasions and festivals. Not only in India, but women around the world also love henna as a form of temporary tattoo. They use it with different designs and art forms. One of the most loved henna designs that is popular around the world, as well as in India, is that of a ‘heart’.

Best Heart Henna Designs To Try In 2019

The top 10 most loved heart shaped mehndi designs from around the world are as follows:

1. Design 1:

This is my most favorite design amongst all. Patterns made on both the hands are different but on joining them together, you can see a very beautiful heart. The floral pattern around the heart looks amazing too.

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2. Design 2:

This is a flawless design made on the back of the hand! The pattern features two hollow hearts with small swish and swirl patterns around it. It looks really beautiful and I am definitely going to try this design on my hands.

3. Design 3:

In this beautiful heart design, the two peacocks look like the wings of the heart. This is what makes this design very unique and creative. What makes it even more beautiful is the use of blue stones and glitters.

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4. Design 4:

This is a very simple and sober design which is just perfect for your ankles. It looks like a beautiful anklet. Though this design is made on the ankles, you can also get it done on your wrist and belly area.

5. Design 5:

This design is quite similar to the first one. But what makes it different is the check pattern made inside the heart. This is a complete design which covers your entire hand and wrist.

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6. Design 6:

It is a very easy to make henna heart designs which follow a particular pattern of leaves. One big heart on your palm looks really beautiful with the small swirls and leaves around it. Though the design is really simple but it looks very beautiful and sober.

7. Design 7:

I found this design really creative and unique. A heart with a tree on the top is a very innovative design. If you are willing to go for a big design that covers your belly or the back area, you can definitely try this one.

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8. Design 8:

This beautiful design has so many hearts in it. The sequencing of the main big heart along with small heart-shaped leaves looks very cute. If you like the Arabic henna mehndi designs, you should definitely try this one.

9. Design 9:

In this design, different patterns and designs are made together to form a heart. There is no outline but still the heart looks perfect.

10. Design 10:

This is a very small and beautiful heart henna design. It has a very earthy and urban charisma.

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So this was the list of the best 10 heart henna designs. Do share which designs you loved the most via comments section below!!

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