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50 Most Popular College Girls Hairstyles

50 Most Popular College Girls Hairstyles Hyderabd040-395603080 January 24, 2019

Girls attending college are among the best dressed, the reasons may be many; they are possibly the consistently best dressed people on the world. They are young, beautiful and at the threshold of a new beginning. Their love to experiment is what gets them the title of best dressed. This phase of life moulds them into confident young women.

50 College Girls Hairstyles 

1. Fringed Bob

Fringed-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This eccentric bob is the latest from Taylor swift. The hairdo is a fresh update on the blunt bob chic and stylish. You can sport this to the college.

2. Sleek Blunt

Sleek-Blunt Pinit

Image: Getty

The bob is a sleeker variant of the blunt bob; the hairdo is again a chic ‘do’ to wear to college. You just need to iron out the curls.

3. Blonde Waves

Blonde-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The Medium blonde wavesare characterized bylayers at the top followed by the longer mane. The style is again easy to wear and maintenance.

4. Fringed Top

Fringed-Top Pinit

Image: Getty

The heavy fringes at the forehead and the straight long hair boast of a very fresh vibe and energy. The hairdo is perfect for young college going girls.

5. Fine Bangs Hairdo

Fine-Bangs-Hairdo Pinit

Image: Getty

The fine banged hairdo gets a new detail because of the inward bent bangs extending beyond the chin and contouring the face.

6. Black High Medium Ponytail

Black-High-Medium-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

This ponytail is in medium length and is based on a higher note. The ponytail ties up the mess but still gives a ruffled neat look to your personality. This is a very versatile hairdo right for the college and the party.

7. Side Part Blonde

Side-Part-Blonde Pinit

Image: Getty

The side part ponytail is blonde hued and very edgy. The style is short and neat, it’s again a versatile hairdo. The short hair is calmed using a good hair product or serum which gives a new essence to the hairdo.

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8. Ombre Medium

Ombre-Medium Pinit

Image: Getty

This sleek ombre medium length ponytail can be a good option for those with sleek long highlighted hair. The style is smart and effortless.

9. Highlighted French Braid

Highlighted-French-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The burgundy-white blend is exciting and gives the hairdo a new twist. This college girl hairstyle is pretty and elegant and if you have colored hair then you should try this version.

10. Long Side Curls

Long-Side-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

The long side curls are pretty again with a very edgy essence. The style is extremely posh sassy.

11. Wavy Tail

Wavy-Tail Pinit

Image: Getty

The black ponytail is medium in length and tied on a higher side. The ponytail is pretty and chic with the edges curled delicately.

12. Side Ponytail

Side-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The ponytail can be made on the sides with a chic side part. The ponytail gives a very carefree and playful vibe. The style is right for a happy college day when you just want to look different.

13. Sleek Long Ponytail

Sleek-Long-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The sleek long ponytail is smart and enhances the young pretty face of the wearer. Make sure the hairdo is neat and tight and tied on a higher base.

14. Short Blonde Mess

Short-Blonde-Mess Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy side braid is smart and oozes elegance. The style is done with a mid part. A French braid is also done from the two sections and then merged into the messy braid. The style gives a confused but neat look to the hairdo.

15. Side Bangs

Side-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

The ponytail gives an edgy appeal with the thick side bangs. The long bangs extend up to the chin on one side of the face and the style is very upscale. Right if you are the crowd puller!

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16. Open Hair Braid

Open-Hair-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The braid is done with an open hair and is extremely chic and stylish. The hairdo is very pretty and is blonde hued.

17. Fringe Ponytail

Fringe-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

A Taylor Swift staple the style is very smart and elegant. The hairdo is a good option for those who love fringes. The fringed ponytail makes you look adorable.

18. Puffed Ponytail

Puffed-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The edgy puffy ponytail has a messy essence to it with ombre hues. But the style is just right if you have the rock star attitude.

19. Mid Part Ombre

Mid-Part-Ombre Pinit

Image: Getty

The long ponytail with a chic mid part is pretty and edgy. The style with thin loose front bangs is again a very perky update on this style

20. Blonde Edgy Thin Braid

Blonde-Edgy-Thin-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The style is edgy and sassy  with the braid flaunted on the side, you can team the hairdo with denims or traditional wear.

21. Fish Braid with Side Part

Fish-Braid-with-Side-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

The fish braid is chic and stylish with a very trendy and young vibe. The long braid looks interesting and pretty with a small side part.

22. Curly Ponytail

Curly-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The curls give a very voluminous feel to the hairdo. The style is just right for if you have short curly tresses.

23. Simple Braid

Simple-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The simple braid can also give a very neat and pretty style if you have long tresses. The hair is very edgy and chic complete with messy bangs.

24. Long Flair Braid

Long-Flair-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The side braid is long and very edgy. The long blonde hued braid gets the edgy detail with the long side thick bangs.

25. Blonde Tie Up

Blonde-Tie-up Pinit

Image: Getty

The blonde messy ponytail is edgy and wavy. The style has the subtly tousled feel to it and is very easy hairstyle for college girls.

26. White Bouffant Ponytail

White-Bouffant-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The white ponytail is done with a side part. The edgy ponytail has a subtle bouffant has a very chic essence to it. The hairdo is stylish and edgy.

27. Messy Tail

Messy-Tail Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy tail is stylish and edgy. The hairdo with a wavy feel and ombre highlights is pretty chic and very looks optimum. Gives a very unique look to the personality.

28. Sleek Purple Tinge

Sleek-purple-Tinge- Pinit

Image: Getty

The purple sleek tinged sleek hairdo is stylish and perky. The hairdo is extremely sleek and high on fashion.

29. Side Long Braid

Side-Long-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The side braid is edgy and perky. The long side braid is done simply but with neat sophistication. The side braid is so edgy.

30. Blonde Twin Braid

Blonde-Twin-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The blonde twin braid with a chic mid part is stylish and super sexy. The edgy braid gives a very school girl look which you can carry right into college.

31. Braid with a Puff

Braid-with-a-Puff Pinit

Image: Getty

The side braid done just behind the ear is sexy and stylish. The hairdo involves a puff which gives more volume to the hairdo. The hairdo is very edgy with the braid done behind the ear.  The style is edgy and chic.

32. Long Ponytail Braid

Long-Ponytail-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The long ponytail braid is chic and stylish. The style is a wonderful hairdo wear to college.

33. Wavy Brown Braid

Wavy-Brown-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The long wavy brown braid is chic and stylish. The messy essence and the thin unsecured braid give smart wild style.

34. The Small Braid Bun

The-Small-Braid-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The small bun is very eccentric and elegant. A bun is not a bad idea for college if you wear it with attitude.

35. Braided Open Hair

Braided-Open-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The braided tresses are wavy and very stylish. The hairdo is extremely elegant and edgy. Try this when you don’t feel like tying up your hair.

36. Wavy Bent with Messy Side Braid

Wavy-Bent-with-Messy-Side-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The side braid is stylish and elegant. The hairdo is again very chic and messy. The thick blonde bangs are extremely chic.

37. Long & Unsecured

Long-&-Unsecured Pinit

Image: Getty

The long and unsecured braid is elegant and sophisticated. The braid is long and looks lightly ruffled but the unsecured end gives a very informal yet free vibe to the hairdo.

38. Blonde Fringed Braid

Blonde-Fringed-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The braid is chic and stylish. The braid is long and gets a different detail because of the long fringes. Wear the hairdo if you have a fringe and would like to try a new style.

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39. Blonde Thin Braid

Blonde-Thin-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The thin blonde braid is smart and gives a very perky effect. The style is stylish. The hairdo is elegant and you can wear it even if you do not have thick hair.

40. Braid with Open Hair

Braid-with-Open-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The style is edgy and has a very punk essence to it with long straight ombre style. The hairdo gives a very vivacious feel.

41. Braided on Both Sides

Braided-on-Both-Sides Pinit

Image: Getty

Do a French braid on both the sides to get the chic and perky style. The hairdo gives a fresh fairy tale appeal to the style.

42. Chic Brunette Bun

Chic-Brunette-Bun Pinit

Image: Getty

The brunette bun is done with a short side part which gives the side bangs a thick edge and wavy flair. The style is sophisticated and could be worn for a party or in routine.

43. Blonde Messy Braid

Blonde-Messy-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy braid actually looks like ball of curly bob but with still has the essence of a braid. The style is okay for a lazy college day.

44. Platinum Bob

Platinum-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The bob hairdo is tied with mini plaits on both sides of the mid part.

45. Side Waves with French Braid

Side-Waves-with-French-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The side French braid done at the front is elegant and stylish. The hair style for college girls looks pretty with the side braid on one side.

46. Brown Shiny Curls

Brown-Shiny-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

The brown shiny curls again have a very edgy braid done near the temple. The curls are big and give a very tender appeal to the personality.

47. Mohawk Braid

Mohawk-Braid Pinit

Image: Getty

The Mohawk braid is a very perky version of a braid and is a simple hairstyle for college girls. Wear it and you would stand the pretty one out.

48. Twist

Twist Pinit

Image: Getty

The twist on one side gives a very unique appeal to the hairdo. The otherwise simple sleek hairdo gets a tangy twist.

49. Intricate Weave

Intricate-Weave Pinit

Image: Getty

The ponytail braid is done with a fishy essence. The braid is very edgy and stylish. The ponytail braid gives a very unique look to the personality.

50. Edgy Bangs Pixie

Edgy-Bangs-Pixie Pinit

Image: Getty

The edgy bang in the pixie gives a very perky and edgy style to the hairdo. Wear the pixie cut if you like to keep the hair short.

We have listed out 50 best hairstyles for college girls. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us. We value reader feedback so do not forget to leave your comments below.

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