22 Best Mother-Daughter Tattoos Ideas With Meanings

Get inked in matching tattoos to carry a bit of each other wherever you go.

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The mother and daughter bond is one of the cutest ones you will ever encounter. How about mother-daughter tattoos? Well, they are no less cute. Tattoos are a great way of expressing your love for someone, be it your spouse, family, friends, loved ones, or someone you idolize. Of these all, mothers and daughters dedicating tattoos for each other sound special and heart-warming. Tattoos are a great bonding experience to celebrate and honor this beautiful relationship and is something you can make a tradition of as well.

Most mothers and daughters are usually best friends and have unconditional love for each other. As the daughters grow, mothers become their backbone and stand up for them in every situation. So, if you feel you have not done enough to express your love for your mother or vice versa, it is never too late.

Get inked with some cute tattoos to show how either of you means for each other. But are you wondering how to go about it? You are sorted! In this article, we have finalized a few best designs to choose from. So, let us get started.

Mother And Daughter Tattoo Designs That Show Their Unbreakable Bond

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A mother-daughter bond may be stronger than other parent-child bonds because of a shared experience bias, which triggers empathy and induces a deeper understanding of the other. Why not flaunt a tattoo based on it in the ultimate show of love?

1. Like Mother, Like Daughter Tattoos

Image: jackemichaelsen / Instagram

Get a ‘same-to-same’ tattoo like your mamma dearest. You could get this cute mother daughter symbol in color or black. This will remind you of your childhood when you both had an amazing time hanging out together, playing on the swing, or just horsing around in your back garden. This is a very adorable tattoo as it will fill your heart with joy whenever you look at it.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: The arm, the thigh, below the neck, or the back, avoid the calf, elbows, and knees.

2. Our Bond Is Everlasting

Image: marcs309 / Instagram

This ‘I love you’ tattoo is a favorite among moms and their girls. It is super cute and can be done in your and your mom’s handwriting as well. You could also play around with the design and get flowers, cupcakes, or mamma-baby elephants instead of the cats. This tattoo is sure to capture attention as it is nothing but a bundle of cuteness.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this tattoo done on the wrist, shoulder blade, or the back of your hand, above the elbow. Don’t get it on large areas like the thigh or back.

Tattoo Artist, Rian Othus agrees and says, “Small tattoos on small parts of the body work. However, tattoos at the smaller mobile spots above body joints will age faster. So you need to ask your tattoo artist to adjust the detailing accordingly to increase longevity.”

3. Infinity Heart Tattoos

Image: shanbrooks1 / Instagram

Getting mom-daughter matching tattoos with infinity heart tattoos with your mom is the most adorable way of saying you both will love each other – now and forever. Your hearts will be connected, no matter where you go. This tattoo has a deep meaning and a beautiful message. If you have a sibling, all three of you can get this done together.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Othus suggests, “Ideal spots are inside the arm (closer to the heart to show affection), the foot (signifies a grounding relationship), and the back of the neck (symbolizes a relationship that feeds your creativity and lifts you up).”

4. Matching Infinity Tattoos

Image: anitawilsontattooist / Instagram

This is for those who like a little color and aren’t a big fan of black ink designs. If you want something simpler, you can get it done without the flower. You can also put each other’s names between the lines. If you want this infinity tattoo, but don’t like it in blue, try pink, peach, red, or purple. The flowers will look just as bright and pretty as they are now.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: There are a few places this tattoo will look great on because of its shape. Do it on the side of the arm or the side of your body. You can also adjust the sizing and do it at the nape of your neck or wrist. Avoid the thigh area.

Rian Othus offers a secret tip, “Before placing designs like this, try drawing the design on the area you’d like to get the tattoo in so you can test out how it feels. In certain areas like the wrist and elbow, the body is prone to stress. This may affect your tattoo design. Seeing if the design will twist or squish but still look good is key to a tattoo lasting a lifetime.”

5. You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Image: charli.inkcraft / Instagram

This tattoo is so adorable, it makes us want to rush to a studio and get it done, like, right now! You can also get this in your handwriting(s) and play around with the color of the sun. If you don’t want it in your handwriting, choose a quirky font to enhance this sunny tattoo. This is a definite eye-catcher and is going to make heads turn when you and your mom go shopping in your flip-flops.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: The best place is obviously on the side of the foot. However, if you don’t want that, get it done on the side of your arm or the side of your hand (adjust the font to make it way smaller). Avoid the thigh or the back area.

6. Daughter And Mother Foot Tattoos

Image: neitihoonboutiquebutterfly / Instagram

Foot tattoos are awesome! They can be easily covered up but are still so cute, personal, and visible when you want them to be. You can get this flower-lined heart or any other tiny tattoo. This is a good place to get color tattoos as our feet are relatively more protected from the sun than the other parts of the body.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Apart from the foot, this tattoo would also look good on the wrist and the lower triceps (back of the arm, just above the elbow).

7. Mother And Daughter Stick Figures

Image: danna.tattoo / Instagram

Even people who hate tattoos are not going to be immune to the charms of this one! This cute mother-daughter tattoo idea is for moms and daughters who live in different cities and only get to connect through the phone. We know the feeling! You start with ‘Hey Mama’ and go on for at least an hour. Even though you would never admit it to your friends, that is the best time of your day! Honor that moment by getting this beautiful tattoo made.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: This tattoo looks best on the wrist, near the ankle, or the back of your hand, above the elbow. But for it to be a perfect pair, you and your mommy have to get it on the same part of the body but opposite sides. For example, the mom gets the tattoo on the left arm and the daughter gets it on the right arm. This way the tattoos touch without you having to get in uncomfortable positions.

8. Fingerprint On The Heart

Image: alchemisttattoosandapparel / Instagram

This is a very personal tattoo. You can get your mother’s fingerprints and ask the artist to design a heart using it. Your mom can do the same using your fingerprint. It shows that her presence is always felt in your heart and soul. It is a beautiful and meaningful design that is sure to inspire younger generations too. You could also include a heartfelt message on top. It is a sweet mother-daughter tattoo design.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Consult an experienced tattoo artist to know exactly where to place this tattoo. Since it is quite small, the tattoo may fade easily over time depending on the area you get it done.

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Since tattoos are permanent engravings, while you and your mom discuss the decision, you both will learn a great deal about each other and how each of you views your relationship.

9. Mother-Daughter Tattoos On Wrist

Image: little_thistle_tattoo / Instagram

Isn’t this the cutest thing you have ever seen? Little birdies are not only cute but also look good on the wrist. If you have a sister, you can convince her to get the same one as well. It will look adorable! Also, if you want the hearts in red, great, but if not, you can just leave them bare or color them your favorite color.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: There is no doubt about it – this tattoo will look amazing on the wrist. But, if you want a different location, you can get this done all around your ankle (like a bracelet) or on your upper arm. Avoid the back, thigh, or hip area.

10. Badass Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Image: sacredarttattooparlor / Instagram

If you and your mom are peas in a pod and like badass things way more than hearts and flowers, we have got something for you. This ‘‘like-mother-like-daughter’ tattoo will bring out your personality as well as your mom’s. After all, you are your mother’s baby girl and so much like her!

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: The calf, upper arm, and thighs are good places for this tattoo.

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11. Mother-Daughter Disney Tattoos

Image: white_demon_tattoo / Instagram

Have you seen Beauty And The Beast? Well, then you know what this tattoo is all about. Your mom can get Mrs. Potts tattooed on her while you can get little Chip on you. Awww, cho chweet!!!

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this tattooed anywhere and it is going to look adorable – 100% guaranteed! But it will look especially good if you get it done on your arm or foot.

12. To The Moon And Back Tattoo

Image: vivienregos / Instagram

This will look amazing if you get it done in each other’s handwriting. You could also add a crescent moon at the side, but it is not necessary. Also, text tattoos tend to look good on their own. The phrase ‘To the moon and back’ signifies the amount of love you have for each other – it can cover the distance to the moon and back! It is a very simplistic tattoo with a deep message.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: This tattoo will look good on your forearm, the back, around the wrist, and the nape of the neck. Don’t get it done on the thigh or the foot.

13. Roses And Butterflies Tattoo

Image: jackiecatanio / Instagram

If your mother loves roses and all things pretty, you both can get this tattoo done. You can also add ‘Mom’ and ‘Baby Girl’ to the tattoo. If you both don’t want a color tattoo, it is better to skip this one, because it will not come out so well in black. However, you can tweak the colors of the tattoo as per your wish. Also, you can keep the tattoo and placement the same but change the colors.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Get it done on your arm or thigh. As this is a big tattoo, it will need some space. If you want, you can also do it on your back.

Tattoo Artist, Rian Othus adds, “Flat, broad parts of the body work well for this design. With this much work be sure to take care of the tattoo. Make sure you take more interventions during the tattooing process.”

14. Matching Hamsa Tattoos

Image: debisands_pdx / Instagram

Like mama, like daughter! Get this amazing Hamsa tattoo if you both are the modern hippie-turned-yoga enthusiast kinds. Maybe you both can show it off at the yoga class! Just have fun with it, and let your personalities shine through.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this done on the arm, below your calf, or the middle of your back. You can also get it done on the thigh.

15. Mother-Daughter Butterfly Tattoos

Image: daniel_joseph_sr 

This one is especially cute because it is one of a half and becomes a whole when you guys are together. The message is also very loving and beautiful. You can get the tattoo in any color you want – bright colors like yellow, blue and red will look great. But, if you are not a colored tattoo person, shades in black will look lovely as well.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this tattoo done on your arm, your thigh, the area below your knee, or on the side of your body. The only thing to remember is, the color and placement have to be the same for both of you.

16. Half Flower Mother-Daughter Tattoos

Image: ginafote / Instagram

This is a lovely tattoo and very few people, if any, can find it distasteful. The colors are lovely, the writing is beautiful. All in all, this is a 10/10. Instead of ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’, you can also get your names or something special that you call each other inked. Make it more personalized, and keep the colors muted and classy.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: This tattoo will only look good on your forearm. If you decide to skip the writing, you can get it done on your leg as well.

Othus offers another tip, “Test the colors before you get the tattoo to make sure they show up. Using watercolor markers, draw lines on your forearm to see which color shows vividly. Colors that don’t show well should be avoided.“

17. Avocado Tattoo

Image: jamieabel24 / Instagram

There is only one word for this tattoo – adoracado! This is such a unique tattoo, and once again, two parts of a single unit, which is what makes it so special. If you want, you can get this in green as well! This tattoo is a hit among sisters and partners as well because it is so damn cute.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this done practically anywhere. The wrist or arm would be a good, visible place. Avoid large areas.

18. Mother-Daughter Symbol Tattoo

Image: mizfit_g6 / Instagram

This is a symbol representing mother and daughter, and it is just too adorable for words. Also, it is super tiny, so you won’t have to convince your mom too much! This minimalist tattoo art is bound to look absolutely adorable.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: This would look great on the wrist, the arm, or the back of the ear.

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A minimal, matching mother-daughter tattoo will take less time and space. It will not only be symbolic of the bond you both share but will subtly help you feel connected when you are apart.

19. Shaolin Symbol Mother-Daughter Tattoo

Image: sandganesh / Instagram

This is another symbolic mother daughter tattoo you can get on your wrist. However, it is larger, so you need to get it done in an area that has ample space. Get it in black, red, or pink – whatever you like!

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Get it done on your arm, shoulder, collarbone, or the upper back.

20. Chinese Mother And Daughter Tattoo

Image: fengtattoo2016 / Instagram

This is a Chinese tattoo. It is colorful and bright and a bit bigger, so you need more space for it. If you and your mom like Chinese designs, you could go for this one.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: You can get this done on your arm or thigh. Test watercolor marker colors on your arm or thigh to check how the color will show on your skin tone.

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21. Mother-Daughter Bee Tattoos

Image: jessygerms / Instagram

This is as sweet as a whole pot of honey. Have you seen anything as cuddle buggy as this cute tattoo? I am sure your mom is going to absolutely love it too! Also, this is super tiny, so it is easy to hide and not too painful to get done.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: Absolutely anywhere! It would look absolutely adorable on your finger, wrist, ankle, above the elbow, on the back of the hand, and behind the ear. Avoid the waist and back.

22. Our Love Is Everlasting

Image: bayside_frank / Instagram

Get an Everlasting Love tattoo with your mamma. This is a very simple design that reflects that you live in each other’s hearts and cause it to beat. It is a very classy design, without colors or fillings. It will also cause minimal pain, and your mommy will definitely be in for it. Instead of the heartbeats, you can get each other’s names written as well.

Where To Get This Tattoo Done: This is a simple tattoo that can be sported almost anywhere. However, avoid getting it done on the middle of your back or the thigh. Your arm, wrist, back of the neck, shoulder, and collarbone are good places for this tattoo.

Infographic: Top 7 Meaningful Mother-Daughter Tattoos

The mother-daughter bond is one of the purest and cutest bonds you will ever encounter. From being best friends to each other’s backbone, they are everything to one another. You don’t need to get a tattoo deep-rooted in symbolism! Pick a design that holds value and meaning to the both of you. So, if you wish to do something for your mother or vice versa, getting inked together can be meaningful. Read the infographic below for some fantastic mom and daughter tattoos.

top 7 meaningful motherdaughter tattoos(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Save the high-quality PDF version on your device now.

Download Infographic in PDF version Download Infographic
Download Infographic in PDF version

Tattoos are the best ways to express your love for your loved ones. A mother and daughter duo always share a special bond. Tattoos are the best ways to express your love for your loved ones. A mother and daughter duo always share a special bond. You can also get customized designs that are suitable for both of your personalities. You can also get a tattoo that holds a sentimental meaning for both of you. So choose the best design and get it inked with your mom!

Frequently Asked Questions

What symbolizes a mother-daughter bond?

In tattoos, the most common designs that symbolize a mother-daughter bond are the infinity sign, birth flowers, astrological symbols, favorite foods, matching hobbies, or the names of the mother and daughter intertwined.

What flower is a symbol of mother-daughter bond?

Different cultures and religions have varying flowers that symbolize the bond between a mother and daughter. But, the lotus is the most common flower used to show their bond.

What flower symbolizes motherhood?

In Greek mythology, lilies symbolize motherhood. However, carnations, daisies, tulips, and gerberas are often associated with motherhood too.

Key Takeaways

  • Nothing is quite like the bond shared between a mother and daughter. One way to flaunt that bond is by getting tattoos together.
  • Mother-daughter tattoos have matching designs that make sense when shown together. The duo may even get the same tattoo of something meaningful to them.
  • From stick figures to infinity designs, there are tons of design inspiration for you to choose from.

Celebrate the unbreakable bond between mothers and daughters with these adorable tattoo design ideas. Watch this video to see the unique designs that capture emotions beautifully.

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