Signs You Are Ready To Move In Together

Written by Harini Natarajan , Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner

You have been in a relationship for a long, and everything is going smoothly. Moving in together seems just the right thing to do, and you feel that cohabiting will not be an issue. But wait.

Moving in together is a lot more than just sharing the space and waking up with the same person every day. It comes with a lot of responsibilities. Moreover, you want to ensure that you are moving in with the right person at the right time and are ready to take up the responsibilities. So, if you have been thinking of moving in together, scroll through this article to understand whether you are ready or not.

Signs You Are Ready to Move In Together

1. You Are Exclusive

You have been together for a long time, and you know that your relationship is exclusive. You have already become a part of your partner’s family, and their friends also love you. Moreover, both of you have been discussing your future together. And before you get married, you want to spend time together and be comfortable staying under the same roof with each other.

2. You Have Discussed Finances

You Have Discussed Finances


Love is not enough to take care of the rent and pay your bills. So, do not move in together just because you are deeply in love with each other. Discuss the financial implications. From paying for groceries and rent to electricity bills, decide who takes care of what.

If you are buying a house and moving in, decide how to settle the EMIs and manage the loans. Check the debt and income ratio. If you have done all of these and are financially stable to take the plunge, go ahead.

3. You Know How To Resolve Disagreements

Cohabiting calls for emotional and mental maturity, especially during disagreements. Earlier, during fights, you both may head towards your respective homes and take time to cool off. However, now you are stuck together under the same roof. You cannot just walk out of the relationship.

Instead, you must develop problem-solving skills, communicate openly with your partner, and resolve the issue maturely. If both of you agree to disagree and are mature enough to handle the differences and arguments calmly, you can move in together.

4. You Respect Each Other’s Space

It feels good to spend all your time with your special someone. However, everyone needs their personal space to unwind. While both of you have a life together, you have your worlds, and there is no harm in going back to it without your partner.

Although you share your lives, you have your personal space, and both should respect that. If you think you are okay when your partner takes some time off from you decide to focus on themselves, it’s a sign that you are ready to stay together as a couple.

5. You Are Comfortable With The Embarrassing Things

During the initial phase of dating, most of us try to hold back the things we think others may find quirky or embarrassing. From having a dainty appetite to holding in gas, most of us pretend to put up a nice image. However, with time, you get so comfortable with your partner that you do not think twice before gorging that pizza slice in one go! If you think you can be yourself with the person you love, you can move in together.

6. You Know Everything About Them

You Know Everything About Them


From childhood stories and credit scores to family equations and their first kiss, you know your partner in and out. There is nothing to hide, and both of you are like an open book to each other. Everyone can’t open up easily. If they have done that, it indicates they trust you and see you as a confidante.

7. You Have Clarity Of The Shared Household Responsibilities

When you choose to live with someone, almost everything needs to be shared. From cooking meals, doing the laundry, and dusting the house to getting the groceries and taking the dog out – you have divided the daily chores, and both are ready to take the responsibility.

Moving in together sounds fancy, but managing a household can be challenging. If both of you are ready to take up these challenges, it is a sign that you are ready to live together.

8. You Have Practiced Cohabiting

You may have spent days together in the same house or have taken trips together and stayed comfortably together for weeks. These were like small practice sessions before you finally move in together. If you think you are comfortable staying with your partner and they seemed to have gone pretty well, you can move in together.

9. You Have Discussed Cleanliness

When you move in together, both of you are equally responsible for maintaining the cleanliness around the house. It means you cannot leave the wet towel on the floor and walk away or watch the sink pile up with dirty dishes. You should never feel like you are doing all the chores after moving in. Discuss it openly with your partner. If both are ready to take up cleaning up after their messes, that will be great!

Now that you are ready to move in together, you need to make sure the transition is smooth, and both of you are on the same page. Here are some questions to ask before moving in together.

Questions to Ask Before Moving In Together

1. Whose Place Do We Move In?

Whose Place Do We Move In?


Will it be your house, your partner’s house, or a new place? This is a question you should address immediately. It depends on the convenience of location, space, affordability, and comfort levels.

2. What To Keep, Donate, And Toss

Both of you are not going to get all your belongings to the new house. If you are moving into your partner’s house, they might already have furniture and other necessities. Moreover, excess things may clutter the space. So, decide what you will keep, which things you will donate, and which ones should be sent to the recycle bin.

3. Will Both Of You Respect The Rules Of Social Media?

Moving in with your partner gives you easy access to their lives, including their social media. You may feel tempted to check on their social media activities and chat history. You may also feel tempted to check their laptop or eavesdrop when they are on the phone. This is an absolute no.

Moving in together does not mean that you can invade your partner’s private life. State these rules before you move in together.

4. Do You Both Like Pets?

Do You Both Like Pets?


Either way, it is a good idea to know whether both of you prefer pets or not. Your partner may be a dog person, and you may be a cat person, or your partner may be allergic to pet hair – decide on having a pet depending on all these factors.

Also, getting a pet is not just about cuddles and boops. It comes with a lot of responsibility. Right from their vaccination and cleaning their poop to taking them out early in the morning and caring for their health – are you both ready to take the responsibility? Think on these lines.

5. What About The Worst-Case Scenario?

While you are always hopeful of things going fine, you must also consider the worst-case scenarios. What happens when you break up? Who is going to move out of the house? What about the pending EMIs of the house loan you took (you do not have to worry about this if you are living in a rented apartment or your partner’s place)? Who will take the pet? How are you going to split the things purchased together? What if one of you falls ill for a long period? You must discuss all the things beforehand.

Final Thoughts

Moving in together feels right when both of you are on the same page about the responsibilities that come with it. It is like taking the next step in your relationship and will affect its dynamics. Things seem different when you are dating and when you spend 24 hours with the same person under the same roof. If you think you are in that stage of your relationship where you can take the next step, take ideas from the article and plan how to make it happen.

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