Top 10 Nail Art Spas In Chennai

Get trendy nail makeovers with Chennai's most experienced and expert team of stylists.

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Before we look into the best nail art spas in Chennai, let us first know about the economic, cultural, and educational hub of South India a little more. The city boasts of major industrial and commercial establishments of the country and is highly admired for being the abode of top business houses. The development that began from the time of the East India Company during British rule has attained momentum in the recent era with full-fledged growth in the sectors of technology, automobile, computer science, information technology, and hardware manufacturing.

The city, the capital of Tamil Nadu that was once considered traditional in all spheres of life, has attained a new makeover with an all-new avatar. People here have adapted to the new change gracefully while retaining an excellent balance with tradition. No wonder Chennai has some of India’s best salons and spas. From the next-door parlors to the international-standard spas and salons, the city can flaunt its new look.

Nail Art in Chennai – Top 10 Spas

1. Vermillion Nail Bar and Spa:

Known as one of the premier nail art spas in Chennai, Vermillion nail bar and spa stands out to be the perfect place if you are in love with stylish nail art trends. They claim to be the first-of-the-kind nail art bar in south India, specializing in all sorts of nail arts techniques. From nail spa to nail extensions, Vermillion is expert in different types of coolest nail enhancements.

2. Spa Senza:

Spa Senza in Chennai claims to be Chennai’s first spa dedicated to nail art styles. This spa uses the world famous OPI nail care brand for the best nail care treatment.

3. Elite Bonita Salon and Spa:

Looking for the best stylish nail arts in Chennai? Check out Elite Bonita salon and spa for a wide variety of nail arts. This nail spa in Chennai is perfect for anyone who wishes to learn some creative and unique nail art ideas. Visit this nail spa if you love trendiest nails for live nail art tutorials.

4. Medora Salon and Spa:

A popular spa of international standard, Medora is a one-stop place for all beauty treatments including the latest nail art inspiration. From fine polishing manicure to nail spa, Medora offers finest services to a large clientele in Chennai. Sidney Sladen, a renowned designer cum entrepreneur has made Medora the pride of Chennai.


Founded by celebrated stylish guru Vikram Mohan, CUT IT OUT happens to be one of the top 10 spas and salons in Chennai. Amongst its diverse lifestyle services, nail spa and arts are unmatched. Visit the parlor once if you love to flaunt the star-like look every time you step out.

6. River Spa:

An exclusive spa joint for people who love luxury, River spa is the branded choice of many celebrities in Chennai. Offering a host of services, River spa has some of the highly trained nail art specialists of the town. This place is best admired for its inclination for using natural products for beauty solutions.

7. Green Trends:

Another trendy spa at Chennai with green initiatives, Green Trends has attained much popularity among the style conscious people of the city. This salon and spa at Chennai offers a host of services, amongst which the nail art accessories service happens to be their trendiest one.

8. Naturals:

They claim to be India’s ‘Numero Uno’ beauty salon with more than 50 franchisees all over the country. Popular for many of the pioneering beauty care brands, Naturals would provide the best class treatment for your nails.

9. Yaksheetasri:

Another trendiest nail spa near Chennai, you can rely on when you look for fashionable nails at best prices. The spa has the best teams who are particularly trained for practicing the sexiest nail arts and equipped with the latest nail art tools.

10. Panache Salon and Spa:

Panache salon and spa is a well-known nail art center in Chennai. This spa offers unisex salon service and has an experienced and expert team of stylists and creative nail technicians who can guide you well with the latest nail arts.

Infographic: 5 Things To Expect At The Top Nail Art Spas

Nail art spas promise professional yet personalized services. They provide a relaxing, indulgent atmosphere and leave you with beautifully manicured nails. These spas provide a luxurious, hygienic, and enjoyable nail art experience. The infographic below lists 5 things to expect at the top nail art spas. Check it out!

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You can find many nail art spas in Chennai with international standards that offer expert services. These nail art spa services are preferred by many for the beautiful nail designs they do. Vermillion Nail Bar and Spa, Spa Senza, Elite Bonita Salon and Spa, Medora Salon and Spa, CUT IT OUT, River Spa, Green Trends, and Naturals are a few well-known nail art spas in this city. These spas are known for their expertise and the latest nail art designs they do. If you are a nail art enthusiast and wish to do a DIY nail makeover, you may learn from the nearby nail art workshops and nail art courses. If you are a resident of Chennai, you can visit any of the nail art spas mentioned above to get a trendy manicure or pedicure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does getting nail art cost in Chennai?

Depending on the salon, getting nail art done in Chennai can cost anything between ?1500 and ?3500.

How much do nail extensions cost in Chennai?

Basic nail extensions without any polish can cost around ?2500.

How long does nail art last?

It depends on the kind of nails done and how the hands are used in daily life. On average, acrylic nails can last around six to eight weeks if properly taken care of, while gel tip nails can last between two and four weeks.

What is a nail spa called?

Nail salon or nail bar are some alternative names for nail spas.

Is nail art good for your nails?

Nail art is generally considered safe for nails but it is recommended to take a gap of 1-2 weeks between sessions for the nails to breathe and recover.

Are there any side effects of nail art?

If done improperly, nail art may cause serious side effects that include nail infections, nail damage, skin irritation, and allergic reactions.

Key Takeaways

  • Chennai hosts a lot of popular nail art spas consisting of skilled nail artists.
  • The Medora Salon and Spa and CUT IT OUT offer some of the finest nail decor services in the area.
  • The River Spa, known for its natural beauty products, is ideal for those seeking safe nail art hubs.
  • Yaksheetasri is the best affordable option for frequent visits.

Embark on a journey to find your perfect nail salon oasis. Watch this video to learn expert tips and tricks on discovering the best fit for you. Let the search begin!

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