Best Narcissist Quotes That Help You Understand Them Better

Popular sayings that can help you know more about the inner workings of a narcissist.

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How well do you know who a narcissist is? Lemme give you an insight into their attributes in short. A narcissist usually demands their needs to be met without caring even a bit about others’ needs and wants. It is not in their personality to be empathetic towards others. They are inclined to dominate and subjugate the ones who are part of their lives. And to help you recognize them, we prepared an extensive list of narcissist quotes for you that you can relate to. I am sure these quotes will assist you in being alert when you meet them. Remember, these people are boastful, too absorbed in themselves, and full of self-importance, vanity, and unwavering arrogance, which makes them ignorant beings. Narcissism includes incessant self-centeredness that disregards other people’s existence and importance. They expect excessive admiration and appreciation from strangers as well as acquaintances. Their interpersonal relationships tend to be disruptive. And guess what – they are extremely sensitive to criticism and are never going to accept their flaws and instead blame you for everything.

Best Narcissist Quotes

From quotes about a narcissistic man and woman to quotes about dealing with a narcissist and catchy quotes about surviving narcissistic abuse, we have prepared a perfect list for you to share with the ones you care about.

Narcissistic Men Quotes

The best narcissistic man quotes
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  • “A narcissist man will show his love based on what you do for them.”

These are the ones who measure your worth according to the things you do for them, or else you know that they don’t care for you at all.

  • “Feeding on pure souls and hearts is what a narcissist does.”

To satisfy their ego, narcissistic men feed on pure and innocent souls by procuring their energy until they get exhausted.

  • “A narcissistic man will break your heart as many times as he wishes to.”

Unbothered about hurting others’ emotions and sentiments, a narcissistic man would never hold back from doing it again and again.

  • “A narcissist man mostly cares about his image rather than anything else in this world.”

They are so into themselves that they will try to attach their status and appearances to their worth. They can resort to anything to make themselves look good in front of others.

  • “Abuse is indeed a way to vent out a narcissist’s anger and dissatisfaction.”

Abusive behavior is one of the typical portrayals of habits they follow. Vulnerable people satiate their hunger for abuse and domination.

Narcissistic Women Quotes

The best narcissistic woman quotes
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  • “All a narcissist seeks is praise and admiration without trying to reciprocate.”

A narcissistic woman will demand appreciation all the time. While they receive what they want, they won’t pay heed to what their counterpart expects.

  • “Jealousy runs in a narcissist’s blood.”

They can’t wait to see others fail. And when someone succeeds, they would go green with envy.

  • “At the slightest of inconvenience, a narcissist would turn arrogant.”

In all truth, even without any inconvenience, they will try to manipulate others into believing that they are responsible for any change or issue.

  • “Narcissists are mostly ignorant.”

The fact is that they can be all arrogant, impulsive, argumentative, and insensitive to others. They might react in a way that is supposed to offend others.

  • “Gaslighting is what a narcissist does best.”

You must know that they are good at playing games with your mind. They can quite easily deceive you by convincing you to be the one responsible for any unwanted matter.

Toxic Narcissist Quotes

The best toxic narcissistic quotes
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  • “A toxic narcissist will crave constant praise.”

They will be persistent in demanding and seeking praise.

  • “Silent treatment is a narcissist’s most used weapon.”

A narcissist will use silent treatment when dealing with people. Even when the counterpart desperately seeks answers, they will be unavailable and offer no response about it. They don’t care how hurtful this might be.

  • “Sympathy and empathy are not something that narcissists have in their books.”

They don’t have any space in their hearts and minds to be sympathetic or empathetic towards others.

  • “Toxic amnesia is a useful way of life which narcissists follow.”

Even after confrontation from the other side, they choose to avoid the allegations and convince them that the events and situations where they had victimized the former are insignificant.

  • “A narcissist will intentionally and repeatedly remind you of things that will upset you.”

They will try to create chaos in your mind by reminding you about things that make you feel uncomfortable and those you are trying to forget.

  • “Toxic narcissists cling on to empathetic and genuine people whenever they get a chance.”

They attract others by being all nice and kind at first. And when they gain their trust, they start showing their true colors.

  • “When confronted with their abusive nature, narcissists will portray them as victims.”

While they subjugate others with their abusive behavior, they never accept that and move on to be all sad and depressed as if they are the ones who are hurt.

  • “Narcissists are the ones who will never send you a sincere apology.”

They don’t feel bad about not apologizing to the concerned individuals. They are occupied in their worlds.

  • “You will be forced to get over hurdles all by yourself if you are with a narcissist.”

They can’t seem to help you out in your troubling times and merely want you to get over it without any concern about your take on it.

  • “With a toxic narcissist, get ready to face their demeaning nature as they would belittle and bully you as many times as they can.”

Have you encountered such a person yet who tries to belittle you more in front of others to make you feel bad? If yes, you need to avoid them.

Co-parenting With A Narcissist Quotes

Co-parenting with a narcissistic partner seems challenging and exhausting. Here are a few quotes to enlighten you if you have been co-parenting with a narcissistic person.

  • “Narcissists refuse to accept custody of the kid.”

They are too selfish to procure responsibility and custody for the upbringing of the child, yet due to legal commitments, they are bound to do so. However, they don’t do it wholeheartedly.

  • “A narcissist might intrude and disrupt your child’s routine and habits.”

They might ascertain you of handling them well, although they resort to unhealthy habits in the name of taking care of your child.

  • “A narcissist parent will try to turn your kid against you.”

This is what a narcissist does- gaslighting—gaslighting your kids to misbehave with you and eventually turning them against you.

  • “A narcissist will undermine your capability of putting efforts as a parent even in front of your children.”

This will ruin your children’s perception of you. They will criticize you in front of your kids and then talk behind your back every time they get a chance.

Surviving Narcissistic Abuse Quotes

Surviving abuse from a narcissist quotes
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  • “Don’t just leave- stay away.”

By this one, we would like to enlighten you that merely leaving their surroundings won’t help you get better, but stay away from their lives. Don’t even leave one option to reconnect with them.

  • “Don’t let guilt come up your way.”

While you are healing, try to recall that you made compromises with that abusive person, and now you deserve love, not abuse and humiliation.

  • “Remind yourself that you went through a rollercoaster.”

Don’t forget to remind yourself that you went through a lot and yet chose to stay strong. This will aid you in making peace with your past traumas.

  • “Shower yourself with gifts and make your self-care a priority to survive abuse from a narcissistic person.”

It is good to acknowledge your worth by showering yourself with gifts and making the best use of your time practicing self-care.

Letting Go Of A Narcissist Quotes

Best letting go of narcissist quotes
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  • “Avoid people who are constantly ignoring you for wanting the same things that you offer them.”

These are toxic narcissistic opportunists who demand everything from you – be it something emotional or materialistic. Still, while you make a hint of wanting the same, they blame you by trying to mean that you are asking for too much.

  • “Don’t even try to put effort into letting them know that you are leaving them.”

They don’t deserve to know that you are about to leave them after all the unfair treatment you had to go through.

  • “Nothing is braver than walking away because you realize it’s time to protect your heart.”

When people and situations get exhausting, be kind enough to take care of yourself because no one will rescue you from it. It would be wise to stay away from the ones who make you feel bad about yourself.

There is a fine line between self-love and self-obsession. Initially, a narcissist may look like a confident person who knows their worth. But soon, you will start feeling uncomfortable around them when you realize that the self-admiration is unsustainable and is beyond tolerable. Their egoism and conceit make everything about them. If you have had similar experiences, these narcissistic quotes will help you understand their behavior better. Try to know if they are personally dealing with something terrible that triggers this side of them. Suggest therapy if their behavior is getting toxic and harmful. If they refuse to cooperate or change their ways, it would be better to maintain a healthy distance from them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scares a narcissist the most?

Abandonment is one of the greatest fears of a narcissist. A person with narcissistic traits is always scared of being alone.

Can a true narcissist change?

They may change but only if the desire to change in a narcissist arises from within. Narcissists have a superiority complex and believe that they are always right, making change very difficult. However, if they begin to see the fault in their ways, take accountability for their actions, and view things from other people’s perspectives, they can change.

Are narcissists ever happy?

Despite their unlikable personality traits, narcissists are likely to be happier than most people. This could be due to indifference to other people’s opinions, a lack of shame or guilt, and staying in their own bubble of superiority.

Is narcissism a disease or a choice?

Narcissism is a complex personality disorder and not a choice. It can vary in seriousness from person to person, and choice does play a role in improving one’s narcissistic behavior. Only those with severe personality traits fall into the lower end of the narcissistic spectrum and are diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD).

Can a narcissist love their child?

Narcissists lack a sense of empathy, making them incapable of taking ethical and emotional decisions. They may not be able to form a loving bond with their children, and may often use them to their advantage to seek attention and play victims.

How can identifying narcissistic quotes help in dealing with a narcissistic person?

Narcissistic quotes can help you gain insights about their personality and behavior as they are not good communicators. You can use this information to save yourself from their manipulative tricks or to help them for their own good.

Check out this video for the top 20 quotes on narcissistic abuse. Get insight into the effects of this type of abuse and how to cope with and heal from it.

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