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10 Amazing Natural Remedies For Choking Throat

10 Amazing Natural Remedies For Choking Throat August 23, 2018

What if you are having your favourite meal and suddenly your throat gets choked? Your supply of oxygen is cut for a while and you are already panicking. In such cases, what can be done to get relief instantly?

This post deals with the simple and extremely effective remedies that give you immediate respite from choked throat. Remember, choked throat is not an alarming situation unless you get alarmed.

Read this post and get to know how easily you can get rid of a choked throat; and that too, in a matter of seconds!

Choking throat is a medical emergency and requires immediate aid. Hence, some of the common home remedies can be used to treat throat choking. Let’s have a look at them:

Home Remedies For Choked Throat:

1. Boiled Rice:

One of the best home remedies for choked throat is to swallow a chunk of boiled rice. This is because boiled rice sticks to the object thus making it heavy and puts pressure on the object to and makes it move further down into the stomach.

2. Pat On The Back:

This remedy has proven to be an effective throat choking remedy. If a person experiences a choked throat, all you have to do is thump him vigorously on the back. This will stimulate a coughing fit which can further push the obstruction down to the stomach. This remedy is particularly effective in case of small children when they are held upside down to get the additional effects of gravity.

3. Raw Egg:

Swallowing a raw egg can effectively cure throat obstruction. Just crack a raw egg in a cup and gulp it down the throat for relief.

4. Water:

As we all know, water plays an important role in facilitating smooth digestion, and it is no less effective in dealing with throat choking. Sipping the water slowly will stimulate the process of swallowing and hence remove the obstruction. Apart from water, it is advisable to incorporate more liquid foods in your diet so that the obstruction slides down slowly.

5. Mashed Foods:

Mashed fruits like papayas and bananas are good natural remedies for choked throat as they are soft and easy on your throat. Avoid eating hard foods as they can cause throat injury. Also avoid eating mindlessly and hurriedly as this will aggravate the problem.

6. Vinegar:

If throat obstruction is caused due to pieces of bones like chicken bone, fish bone etc., gargling with vinegar can effectively provide relief. This is because vinegar can soften the bone making it smaller in size and hence, easier to swallow. After gargling with vinegar, swallow a lump of boiled mashed potatoes to make this home treatment more effective.

7. Clematis:

Clematis is known for its therapeutic properties. A decoction prepared from clematis root is, in fact, an effective natural remedy for choking throat. All you need to do is boil the clematis root in water and add some brown sugar and vinegar to this decoction. Taking this decoction twice to thrice a day after every half an hour will help to soften the source of obstruction and hence remove it.

8. Heimlich Manoeuvre:

This method devised by Mr. Heimlich has proven to be effective in many situations of choked throat caused by chicken bones, beef, hot dogs, coins, pills and sweet. If the object causing the obstruction is visible, you can use the finger swipe method to pull it out. However, one needs to be careful while using this method, as it can cause a spasm in the back of your throat making matters worse. Hence, if the victim can locate the back of his throat, he can slowly pull out the obstructing matter, especially if it is a large chunk of meat.

9. Orange Juice And Lemon Juice:

This is one of the oldest remedies used if a fish bone is the cause of choked throat. You can drink orange or lemon juice to remove this obstruction. The citric acid in these juices is believed to soften the bone so that it becomes smaller and moves down into the stomach.

10.First Aid For Infants:

Infants often suffer from choked throat. In such a case, it is advisable to hold the infant along the forearm with his face down such that the head is lower than the feet. While keeping the infant in this position, deliver five quick blows on his back in between the shoulder blades. However, if this is ineffective, you can turn the baby over and give four thrusts to his chest with your two fingers.

Choked throat is not at all a reason to panic, especially after knowing these home remedies! However, if these remedies do not work and the matters become worse, it is advisable to consult the doctor immediately.

Have you ever had a choked throat? What did you do to get relief from it? Share with us in the comments section!

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