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Natural Skin Cleansing Formulas

Natural Skin Cleansing Formulas July 16, 2018

Since time immemorial, cleansing has been the most important part of the CTM routine of skin care. Cleansing helps us to get rid of old skin cells, dirt, grime, and makeup, and does not allow the skin pores to get clogged up. It also helps in blood circulation and prepares the skin to receive the nutrients and lipids applied after it.

It is often assumed that cleansing the face is the most basic task which anyone and everyone can do it even when one is totally tired and weary or a bit tipsy. Of course, it can be done so. But contrary to the popular belief that only soap and water can cleanse the face properly, today we have got 101 options like cleansing milk, foams, mousses, wipes, oil, lotions, and motorized brushes to clean the face. These sophisticated, gentle cleansers do not strip the skin of its oils and also moisturize the skin.

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Wanna feel some change for some time and stay away from chemical cleansing foams and face washes?

Providing Some Great Natural Skin Cleanser Formulas

Formula 1

Formula 1 Pinit

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In a mixer, blend ½ cup of fresh mint leaves and about ½ cup of sour curd to make a fine paste. To this paste, add two to three tablets of aspirin (powdered) and use this as a scrub and massage on your hands and face. Then, rinse with plain water. This is an effective cleanser, and the addition of aspirin tablets to the mixture means the addition of salicylic acid to the mixture. This is great for sensitive skin. You can store excess scrub in the fridge. However, its shelf life is only two days.

Formula 2

Cleopatra’s age-old beauty treatment used to be milk baths. And it’s true that milk acts as a superb cleanser, and it is rich in AHAs, i.e., alpha hydroxy acids. Take chilled milk or milk at room temperature in a cotton ball and clean your face with this. This is great for dry to combination skins.

Formula 3

Clean your face with a mixture of two teaspoons of baking soda and one teaspoon of lime juice. Rinse off with plain water. This mixture is great for oily skin.

Formula 4

Make a fine paste of ground sesame seeds and honey. Massage your face with this mixture and then wash your face. This works well for dry skin.

Formula 5

Apply a paste of gram flour or besan and turmeric mixed wiih vinegar or rose water, and wash off after cleaning face with this mixture.This is an age old method of cleansing the face. This is good for all skin types.

Formula 6

Similarly, you can make a paste of whole wheat flour or atta that is used for making rotis and vinegar, and use it to cleanse your face and then wash off with plain water. This is also an age old technique and good for all types of skins.

Formula 7

A mixture of corn meal (about four teaspoons) and yogurt (about half a cup ) can be used as a cleanser and then rinse off with plain water. This is good for dry skin.

Formula 8

Formula 8 Pinit

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Another great mixture is that of oatmeal flour and vinegar or rose water. Use it to cleanse your face and rinse off with plain water. Good for all skin types.

Formula 9

A mixture of one teaspoon lime juice, one teaspoon honey and egg white from one egg can be mixed and used on the face to clean the face and then rinse off. Great natural skin cleanser for oily skin.

Formula 10

A mixture of two teaspoons of almonds or peanuts (you may dry roast and then grind it), one teaspoon honey and 1teapoon lime juice can be mixed and used as a cleanser to clean the face and get it rid of dark spots also. Good for combination and sensitive skin.

Fruit Acids Cleansing

Fruit acid peels are good. But, they might leave your skin with rashes and redness and also scars. So, you may use natural acids to cleanse your skin instead of going for acid peels.

(a) Squeeze out the juice from a fresh lime or lemon or even an orange and dab a cotton ball in the juice and clean your face with it.

(b) Apple cider vinegar can also be taken into a cotton ball and can be used to clean face.

(c) You can make green tea and refrigerate it. It acts as a great cleanser and also a toner at the same time. So you can take it in a cotton ball and clean your face with it.

(d) Luke warm water mixed with rose water in equal ratios can be used with a cotton ball to clean your face.

(e) Plain rose water can also be used to clean the face.

Some Tips

Here are some rules which can give you a fresh looking face.

  1. For any skin type, cleansing your face twice a day is enough. Too often cleaning the skin can strip the skin of the essential natural oil present in it. However if you do not cleanse your face regularly, especially at night time, it can cause skin eruptions.
  1. Buy a cleanser which is suitable for your skin type. Avoid using soaps on your face. It can make the facial skin rough and harsh and damage it as time passes. If you use a too-rich cleanser, it can clog the pores, if you use a too-dry cleanser, it can irritate skin. Cleansers made for dry skin contain oils and herbs. Cleansers for oily skin contain oil production balancing herbs which can support clarity. While a cleanser for sensitive skin will be gentle, fragrance-free and non-irritating.
  1. Use tepid water for cleansing the face. Hot water can dry the skin and cause damage to it. Cold water does not dissolve and takes away dirt and grime.
  1. If you are using a washcloth or sponge to cleanse the face, ensure that they are soft and also clean. However, washcloth and sponges are not essential for cleansing the face as your fingertips can do the job well.

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  1. Before cleansing the face, wash your hands too properly. Also, use a headband to keep any long hair away from the face.
  1. You should start the cleansing process by splashing some water on the face and neck first.
  1. Put the face cleanser on the beauty tip for fingers or on a sponge and use gentle upward circular strokes. Apply the cleanser on the face and the neck. Avoid scrubbing too much. Gentle strokes can improve circulation and loosen the dirt, grime, and old skin cells. Scrubbing too much can stretch and irritate the skin, especially the eye skin area.
  1. Use tepid water only to rinse off the cleanser. Also, do not forget to rinse off the cleanser from the hairline as well as the neck. Any residue of the cleanser will attract dirt and also clog the pores.
  1. Wipe off the excess water on your face with a clean towel gently. Never drag the towel on the skin or scrub dry.
  1. After cleansing the face, use a water-based toner on the skin, and follow it with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type which will help seal the moisture and provide nourishment to the skin.

Waiting for a clearer and healthy skin? Why delay more when you have wonderful options for cleansing skin naturally? Go ahead with them.

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