Natural Or Relaxed Hair: Which Is Better For You?

Written by Anjali Sayee

Are you confused between relaxed and natural hair? With so many women embracing their natural hair and the natural hair movement gaining momentum, you might be wondering if it is safe to ditch relaxed hair. But we are here to tell you that the hair type you want to embrace depends solely on you. That said, we are here to help you make an informed decision about which hair type to go for. Keep reading.

What Is The Difference Between Natural Hair And Relaxed Hair?

Natural hair is the hair you are born with. It is hair that grows out of your scalp without any alteration in its natural state and natural texture.

However, relaxed hair is hair chemically treated with a hair relaxer. This treatment permanently straightens your hair by breaking the hair proteins that cause it to go curly.

Both natural and relaxed hair types have their pros and cons. Knowing them can help you make a better decision.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Natural And Relaxed Hair Types?

Natural Hair


  • Natural hair can withstand chemical treatments.
  • It has more volume than relaxed hair.
  • It is not prone to breakage.


  • Natural hair may get easily tangled due to its natural thickness.
  • It is hard to maintain and requires a lot of time, effort, and money.
  • Even combing natural hair can consume a lot of time.

Relaxed Hair


  • Relaxed hair is straightened and does not get tangled while combing.
  • It is easy to style and requires low maintenance.
  • It stays straightened and does not get frizzy.


  • Relaxed hair is achieved through chemical treatments and is more prone to damage.
  • It may eventually look weak and unhealthy.
  • Its chemical treatment may cause permanent scalp damage.
  • It is prone to breakage.

You may now choose your preferred hair type. But no matter the choice, regular maintenance is imperative. In the following section, we have discussed how you can maintain both hair types and prolong their life.

Tips For Maintaining Natural Hair And Relaxed Hair

Natural Hair

  1. The key to healthy natural hair is adequate nourishment. Have a balanced diet including protein, vitamins, and other important nutrients.
  1. Natural hair could be hard to detangle. But the process can be eased out with the right tools. Use hair combs that are specific to your hair type and detangle your hair slowly.
  1. While detangling, start from the hair ends and slowly work your way upto the roots. This minimizes hair breakage.
  1. Always moisturize your natural hair as it tends to lose moisture quickly and may dry up fast. You can opt for the oil rinsing or pre-pooing methods to condition your hair adequately.
  1. Your natural hair might feel like it has stopped growing after a certain period. You may massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Regular scalp massage tends to encourage hair growth as well as lessen hair loss (1).

Relaxed Hair

  1. Any chemical treatment can damage your hair, and relaxing your hair is no different. However, understanding your hair products can help. Have an in-depth conversation with your hairstylist and understand the different products and processes.
  1. It is important to maintain a consistent relaxing schedule. Your hair keeps growing, and you must relax the new hair growth every 8 to 10 weeks to prevent any breakage.
  1. Take care of your scalp to ensure you have healthy hair growth. Cleanse your scalp regularly and keep it moisturized.
  1. If you notice any damage at the hair ends, trim them. Doing so will ensure normal hair growth.
  1. Relaxed hair may also get dry easily. Hence, moisturize and condition your hair regularly.


No matter what hair type you choose, the confidence you carry will always set you apart. We believe this article has helped you make an informed decision. It is important to note that healthy hair comes from within. Hence, always ensure you eat healthy and stay hydrated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is natural hair stronger than relaxed hair?

Yes, natural hair is stronger than relaxed hair as the former does not go through any chemical treatment.

Does relaxed hair grow faster than natural hair?

The hair growth rate is the same for both hair types.

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