211 Nicknames That Are Perfect For Your Brother

Annoy your brother all the way or make his day - but a nickname is the only way!

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Having a brother in your family and relatives is always a warm and happy feeling. But calling them just ‘brother’ is a boring thing to do. Here, we have listed some great nicknames for brothers that you can call him. Your chosen name can represent how your brother is your strength, weakness, guide, and a lot more. They always stand behind you like a rock. Check out our list of some interesting nicknames for brothers. Keep scrolling!

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You can dub your brother with many nicknames and you can personalize them by adding a part of their name as a prefix or a suffix.

211 Nicknames For Your Brother

Cute Nicknames

Cute nicknames for your brother
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  1. Boo – A cute nickname for a cute brother
  2. Pooh bear – If he reminds you of honey-eating pooh
  3. Bambam – For an adorable brother
  4. Chubs – If he is a bit chubby
  5. Pumpkin – If he is playful and sweet
  6. Bubba – When he is a little bundle of joy in your life
  7. Dumpling – For the brother who is filled with sweetness
  8. Bunny – If he is cute and runs around a lot
  9. Plumcake – If he is sweet and chubby
  10. Pupper – When he acts just like a puppy
  11. Little munchkin –For your cute little brother
  12. Bud – Short for the buddy
  13. Bucky – Perfect for a sporty brother
  14. Bambi –A cute baby deer
  15. Chico –For your cheeky brother
  16. Waldo – If you can never find him.
  17. Duckling – When your brother is the sweetest and cutest person
  18. Bro – A short version of brother
  19. Champ – When he is pro at everything he does
  20. Muffin – When he is the sweetest brother
  21. Cupcake – For your sweet and cute brother
  22. Broda –A unique twist on the word brother
  23. Marshmallow – If he is short, sweet and helps you calm down when you are stressed
  24. Itsy-bitsy – For your little brother
  25. Buttercup – When he is the glowing light of your life
  26. Big bear – For your sweet elder brother
  27. Cutie pie – For the cute brother who fills your life with sweetness
  28. Minion – For the little troublemaker
  29. Kiddo –For your kid brother
  30. Gigglebug – If your brother likes to laugh a lot
  31. Junior – For your younger brother
  32. Little lamb – If your brother is small and cute
  33. Panda – Perfect for your lazy yet cute brother
  34. Bobo – A twist to the word “brother”, and perfect for your younger brother
You can call your brother Buddy if he is also your best friend
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  1. Buddy – For your brother, who is your friend
  2. Captain – When he is the leader of your kin
  3. Chief – When he leads your tribe or clan of male siblings
  4. Cowboy – If he has an adventurous soul
  5. Homie – A cool nickname for your brother
  6. Kiddo – When he is a little child
  7. Knuckles –When he likes to fight with you a lot
  8. Lil’ Bro – A short for “little brother”
  9. Little Man – For your younger brother who acts like the big brother
  10. Mario – From the video game super mario
  11. Peanut – For your lovable little brother
  12. Sporty – For the brother who likes playing sports
  13. Adorbs – For all the sweetest brothers out there
  14. Big bear – For the sweetest elder brother
  15. Bumble bee – For your brother who doesn’t stop talking
  16. Cherub –If you believe your brother belongs in biblical time
  17. Chipmunk – When he has chubby cheeks
  18. Donut – A brother who is filled with sweetness
  19. Peaches – When he bruises easily
  20. Ross –The Ross to your inner Monica
  21. Poppet –Just a cute nickname
  22. Doodle – If you want to draw all over his face all the time.
  23. Squirrel – If your brother is super energetic
  24. Sunshine – If he lights up your world
  25. Wiggly bear – For your brother who likes wiggling around
  26. Baby face – If he has a younger-looking face
  27. Hobbit – If he is short but wise
  28. Tater tot –A perfect nickname for your baby brother
  29. Teddy bear – For the chubby and adorable brother
  30. Yoda – For your wise brother
  31. Ninja –When he likes to sneak around a lot
  32. Cosmo – If your brother loves space a lot
  33. Mufasa – If your brother is a tough guy
  34. Cupid – If your brother likes setting people up
  35. Angel – If he is protective of you
  36. Sasquatch – For your hairy brother
  37. Smiley – If he smiles all the time
  38. Nerdy – If he always has his nose inside a book
  39. Gandalf – If he fills your life with magic
  40. Zippy – If he is super energetic all the time
  41. Baby boo – A perfect name for your baby brother

Funny Nicknames For Your Brother

Funny nicknames for your brother
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Want to annoy your brother? Giving him a funny nickname will surely do the trick. Here’s a list of some funny nicknames that will keep you and your brother connected.

  1. Booger – A jab on the brother who acts like a boogeyman and frightens you.
  2. Chatterbox – If he likes to talk a lot
  3. Chucky – If he is sweet but psycho
  4. Copycat – If he copies everything you do
  5. Halfling – A jab at his height
  6. Milky –If he has pale and pasty skin
  7. Mini Me – If you like bossing him around
  8. Nacho – If he likes to snack a lot
  9. Old Man – A nickname that takes a jab at his head
  10. Rebel – When he refuses to follow any rules
  11.  Robin – If he plays the side-kick to your inner batman
  12. Shortie – Another jab at his height
  13. Shrimp – If he is super skinny
  14. Tiny – A nickname based on your brother’s height
  15. Wee Lad – It means “little man” in Scottish/Irish
  16. Scooby-Doo – If he is a scared puppy
  17. Dobby – When he is your personal house elf
  18. Cookie monster – When he loves cookies more than anything else
  19. Half-pint – A jab at his height
  20. Snoopy –If he likes to snoop around the household
  21. Troublemaker – If he likes to create trouble very often
  22. Elmo – If he is a furry little monster
  23. Brozart – A musical nickname for your brother
  24. Ape – If your brother is savage
  25. Bratty – When he is spoiled by his parents
  26. The Chosen One – When he is expected to do good in his life
  27. The Favored One – When he is clearly the favorite child of your parents
  28. Cheese – If he stinks a lot
  29. Sherlock Holmes – If he treats everything as a mystery
  30. Little snitch – When he snitches to your parents
  31. Dennis the menace – Another nickname for your troublemaker brother
  32. Dorky – If he is socially awkward
  33. Sharkboy – If he likes to play video games all day long
  34. Crybaby – If he cries all the time
  35. Derp – If he does stupid things all the time
  36. Little devil – If he is a spawn of the devil who causes trouble all the time
  37. Diablo – Spanish way of calling your brother a devil
  38. Egghead – When he is the smart one
  39. Sir Farts-a-lot – When he farts all day long
  40. Romeo – If he breaks a lot of hearts
  41. Caveman – If he is low maintenance
  42. Geek – Another word for your nerdy brother
  43. Gangster – If he likes to hit you a lot
  44. Thug –Another nickname for your fighter brother
  45. Hermit – If your brother likes to stay alone all the time
  46. Hulk – If he loses his cool easily
  47. Loki – If he likes playing mischievous tricks
  48. Muggle – If he doesn’t know any magic
  49. Joker – If he likes to make weird faces
  50. Ratso – When his personality is similar to a rat
  51. Mr. Scrooge – For a brother who doesn’t like to share his stuff
  52. Baby shark – When he is your younger brother but is a big bully to you
  53. Sumo –A jab on his weight
  54. Mowgli –When he likes to jump around a lot
  55. Trashman –If he smells like garbage
  56. Zombies – If he is lethargic all the time
  57. Lazyhead – If he refuses to do chores around the house
  58. Little Prince – If he acts like a prince around the house
  59. Dracula – If he likes to stay up all night
  60. Mr. Bean – If he jokes around a lot
  61. Avenger – If he likes taking revenge
  62. Mushy – If your brother has squishy cheeks
  63. Nutella – If your brother is as sweet as Nutella
  64. Hitman – Another nickname for your fight loving brother
  65. Paparazzi – If he likes to keep information about everyone
  66. Troublemaker – If he loves making new troubles every day
  67. Yoyo – When he changes his mind a lot
  68. Chicken boy – If he likes eating chicken a lot
  69. Popeye – If he acts tough
  70. Lucky charmer – If he proves to improve your luck
  71. Kermit – If he annoys you a lot
  72. Piggy – If he likes to eat a lot
  73. Granite – If your brother doesn’t like showing any emotions
  74. Cowboy – If he likes to go on adventures
  75. Mighty – If your brother is strong and tall

Brothers In Different Language

Find a nickname for your brother in other languages
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If you want to sound posh while calling your brother, use a name in a foreign language.

  1. Hyung – Korean for older brothers
  2. Dongsen – Korean for younger brothers
  3. Batska – Slavic
  4. Bratushka – Russian
  5. Bruder – German
  6. Brethren – Biblical
  7. Fratello – Italian
  8. Bror – Norweigan
  9. Ax – Mongolian
  10. Frère – French
  11. Vend – Estonian
  12. Brolis – Lithuanian
  13. Brawd – Welsh
  14. Kaka – Swahili
  15. Brolis – Lithuanian
  16. Bir Tuugan – Kyrgyz
  17. Shaqiq – Arabic
  18. Bhai – Hindi
  19. Abang – Malay
  20. Frater – Latin
  21. Ikhwan – Indonesian
  22. Kuya –Filipino
  23. Dan uwa – Hausa
  24. Nii –Japanese
  25. Bror – Danish
  26. Bràthair –Scottish
  27. Frate – Romanian
  28. Broer –Dutch
  29. Brathair – Irish
  30. Hermano – Spanish

Some Other Nicknames For Your Brother

Some other nicknames for your brother
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  1. Adopted
  2. Ping pong
  3. Biscuit
  4. Button
  5. Dimples
  6. Jelly bean
  7. Pebbles
  8. Twinkle
  9. Goober
  10. Rainbow
  11. Gummy bear
  12. Spooky
  13. Wormy
  14. Butters
  15. Nemo
  16. Couch potato
  17. French fries
  18. Meatball
  19. Little soldier
  20. Indiana Jones

Unique Nicknames For Brother

Brother hugging his older sister
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  1. Brozat: If your brother is a musician or music lover
  2. Tribe Chief: If your brother is a leader of the siblings’ group
  3. Lilliput: If your brother is a little short in height.
  4. Arms: True partners-in-crime. He’s the arms and you’re the legs.
  5. Bart: Modern and short name for bible character Bartholomew
  6. Bambino: A little child or infant
  7. Bobby Brown: Cutest boy in the town
  8. Dynamo: If he is upbeat and energetic at all times
  9. Floki: If your brother has heroic traits
  10. Foo Foo: If your brother is foolish and super-cute at the same time
  11. Fox: If your brother is cunning

Pawena, a blogger, shared her nickname for her little brother. She wrote, “ My brother’s correct nickname had actually been Gee, his name’s Geemeylan. But we call him Zo (i).”

protip_icon Quick Tip

While some nicknames are meant to tease your brother and in good fun, make sure they are comfortable being called by your chosen nickname.

Infographic: 5 Popular Slang Words For Brothers And Their Meanings

Slangs are informal and popular words often used casually among siblings and friends. You can sometimes use slang words instead of regular nicknames to address them when you are in the mood. Check out the infographic for the most common and endearing slang words to address your brothers.

5 popular slang words for brother and its meaning (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The best way to find out nicknames for blood brothers is by making a chart of their characteristics, traits, and personality. Their likes and dislikes will play a significant role in this regard, too. Then, think of some cute and funny nicknames that you can give to this brother of yours, depending on the insights. It is okay to annoy them with some funny nicknames to add fun to your siblingship, but do not go too far or offend them. The idea is to have fun and strengthen your fraternity with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say brother in British English?

In British English, the word “brother” is often pronounced as “bruh-dhuh.” Brothers are also addressed with the shortened term “bruv.”

Is “Bro” slang?

Yes, “bro” is slang for “brother.” It was initially used to refer to African-American men.

Can a brother give himself a nickname or does it have to be given by someone else?

A brother can surely pick a nickname for himself. However, there is more sentimental value in a nickname given by a sibling or someone who cares for you.

How do you come up with a nickname that truly reflects your brother’s personality?

You can play with words that define your brother’s personality traits or interests. Like “Little Prince” for a haughty younger brother, “Romeo” if he is the heartthrob of the neighborhood, or “Sherlock” if he likes playing the detective.

Are there any nicknames that should be avoided when referring to your brother?

Avoid any nicknames that insult his sensibilities, poke fun at his insecurities, or use words that he has expressed he is not comfortable with.

Key Takeaways

  • Giving a special nickname to your brother is ideal if you wish to call them something that perfectly represents them, from bunny to cookie monster.
  • Some funny nicknames can also be selected such as mini me, dorky, diablo, and kermit.
  • If you want to experiment with some nicknames in different languages then you can try hyung (Korean), bror (Norwegian), bhai (Hindi), and hermano (Spanish).

From “big bro” to “buddy,” find the perfect nickname for your brother in this video! Get creative and show your brother some love.

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