10 Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

Written by Harini Natarajan

Who doesn’t love being called by a cute, special name? Nicknames are a personal way of showing affection to someone close and lovable. But when it comes to your girlfriend, you need a super special name. One that is not just cute but also holds meaning that can convey your feelings and how much they mean to you. Your nickname should portray a sense of belonging and closeness that comes with truly knowing each other. So, how do you come up with a good nickname for your girlfriend? Scroll down to find out.

How To Come Up With A Nickname For Your Girlfriend

Well, there is no right or wrong answer to this. Nicknames are special and may hold immense meaning in one tiny word. It should be something that your girlfriend likes to be called. At the same time, it should not be something that she may interpret as blatant teasing. You want the name to remind you of a cute moment or a time spent with your beloved one.

Here are the 10 cute names to call your girlfriend, along with their meaning.

10 Cute Nicknames For Your Girlfriend

1. My Love

Sounds cheesy, right? Somehow, this is one of the first things you end up calling your significant other when you love them truly. You can also add a twist to this. How? Simply change the language. How about Spanish, ‘mi amor’? Let’s not forget the trending Korean, ‘jaggiya’.

2. Babe

While many have conflicting opinions about this name, here are a few of them. Some girls might not like it because they don’t want to be treated like a kid by yet another person in their life. Others love the idea of being pampered and showered with affection and like the name that makes the speaker want to indulge in pampering the person.

3. Cara

Cara is Italian for ‘My Dear’, and while you can say ‘my dear’ like everyone else, Cara has a certain charm to it. The Italian language symbolizes love. It adds just the right amount of exquisiteness to the endearment. If she’s the one who makes your heart go crazy and takes your breath away, she needs an exquisite name.

4. Beautiful

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. While many would assume ‘beautiful’ talks about a person’s looks, it’s much more than that. It refers to a person’s soul and who they are. When you call someone beautiful, you are telling them that they have a good personality and attitude. Who wouldn’t love to be called that? So, calling your significant other beautiful… is really quite beautiful.

5. Darling

Darling – while it may sound like a name that’s out of the ‘ye olde books’, it’s special. Darling means beloved, someone you love immensely. It has a rustic charm. And why not remind the girl you love how much she means to you with this wonderful endearment? It’s sure to be one of those cute nicknames that make her blush and smile.

6. Princess

Sounds cliché? Well, every girl wants to be a princess! And if she’s the one who makes you want to protect and stay by her (maybe slay a dragon and fight off an army), she clearly holds a place in your heart. And for all you know, she might be your princess.

7. Angel

This name is for your girlfriend who is awesome, kind, and beautiful. If she makes you feel like she is ethereal and out of the world – so amazing that she makes you feel how enchanting she is all the time, a person so perfect – maybe she’s an angel.

8. Honey

Honey is a pretty common endearment. If your girlfriend is sweet as honey and makes you feel sweet and bubbly all the time, call her ‘honey’. Let her know she’s as precious as the sweet treat nature provides humans. From the famous Honey Bunny to chic Hon’, you have to use one that suits her best.

9. Cutie

This is for people who wish to call their girlfriends a simple name that defines their cuteness. What better way to tell her that she’s cute than calling her a cutie. You can also call her ‘cutie pie’ if you are into pies or ‘cutie-patootie’ if you think she’s as cute as a button.

10. Special Credits

A special mention for the creative people out there who can make up names based on a special moment you share – a personalized name that is reserved just for you to call them. For instance, ‘my sun’ for that girlfriend who sparks up your life and brightens your day. Of course, this word can also be something you have made up – a secret endearment only for you and unique to you.

These were our picks of the cutest pet names for girlfriends. Calling each other by nicknames helps you show affection and love to each other. You can always fall back on our list whenever you want unique ideas. Remember, you are never limited to just one nickname. So go crazy and call them all the names available under the stars. After all, it’s you and the one you love!

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