111 Nicknames For Grandma That Suit Her Unique Personality

These days, not everyone wants to be called "grandma" — luckily there are other options!

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The relationship of a grandmother and her grandchildren is a unique one. It becomes stronger when you have nicknames for each other. Here, we have listed some sweet nicknames for grandmas that you can use to call them.

Grandmas show unconditional love towards their grandchildren. They always greet their grandchildren with hugs, gifts, and food. They will make the food according to the liking of the grandchildren and help them enjoy it. Life without a grandmother can be less affectionate. They are synonymous with love and affection. No matter what the situation is, they are always there for us.

Grandmothers have an important contribution to the development of their grandchildren. They share their wisdom with grandchildren and help them acquire positive personality traits. And giving a nickname helps create a special bond between the grandchild and grandmother. In this article, we have listed some sweet, cool, and funny nicknames for grandmothers that you can use to call them. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

Cute Nicknames For Grandma

Cute nicknames for grandma
Image: Created with Dall.E

“Grandma always made you feel she had been waiting to see just you all day and now the day was complete.” – Marcy DeMaree

Cute, cuddly, and someone who envelopes you with love – that’s a grandmother for you. They are warm and caring. They always ask you if you are hungry and whip up something in a jiffy! It does not matter if you are 2 or 52 – to a grandmother, you will always be a baby to pamper. Here are some cute grandma nicknames –

  1. Granny: A common but sweet way to address your grandmother.
  2. Mama [Last Name]: Simply add your family name for a cute way to call your maternal or paternal grandmother.
  3. Gam Gam: An adorable nickname, which is easy for toddlers to pronounce.
  4. MaMaw: A fun way to call your grandmother as she wraps you in a hug!
  5. Gammie: A lovely name for your grandmother in baby language
  6. MeMawMaw: This is another popular nickname for your grandmother, especially in southwestern parts of America.
  7. Gram Gram: Shower your some love by calling her Gram Gram in a sing-song voice. The second ‘Gram’ is for emphasis that you are craving her attention.
  8. Mimi: An adorable way to call your grandmother, which is a little reminiscent of ‘mummy.’
  9. Grandma: A traditional and classy way to address your grandmother.
  10. Nana: This is a super sweet way to call your grandmother who is always there for you.
  11. Grandma [Last Name]: Another classic grandmother nickname is to add the family name to ‘Grandma.’ This also helps you distinguish between your paternal and maternal grandmothers.
  12. Oma: A loveable way to call your grandmother. It is easy for toddlers to pronounce and remember.
  13. Mammy: This is another play on the word ‘mummy.’
  14. Gege: A charming nickname for a cool grandmother.
  15. MeeMaw: For the ones who find ‘MeMawMaw’ hard to say – this is an adorable compromise.
  16. Gram: Before it was short for Instagram, ‘Gram’ meant grandmother universally!
  17. Grammy: A cute and sweet way of calling your grandmother.

Cool Nicknames For Grandma

Cool nicknames for grandma
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“Every house needs a grandmother in it.” – Louisa May Alcott

Grandmothers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities! If your grandmother is cool and sassy, she will be super happy if you call her a fun nickname. ‘Grandmother’ or ‘Granny’ will not do justice to her bubbly and fun personality. Check out our top picks for cool grandma names!

  1. Gigi: A simple way to call your grandmother as it only has two repetitive syllables. Even a 2-year-old can pick it up quickly!
  2. G-Ma: A hip name for a cool grandmother!
  3. G-Mama: Another cool and fun name to call your grandmother who always has your back.
  4. G-Mam: This is not so common, but it has a cool and edgy feel to it. This is an apt nickname for a grandma who is strong and independent.
  5. G-Mom: Also a rare way to address your grandmother.
  6. G-Madre: Popular in Spanish-speaking communities, it has a modern touch to the traditional nickname.
  7. Glam-ma: What a perfect name for that grandmother who is always dressed up and classy!
protip_icon Trivia
“Glam-ma” is a term often used in the media for celebrity grandmas who refuse to be referred to as grandmothers.
  1. Glammy: Another name for your grandmother who is stylish and maternal.
  2. Granny Pie: A super endearing nickname for a grandmother who calls you ‘cutie pie.’ It’s a perfect pair!
  3. Grampoo: Such a delightful nickname for a grandmother who is loving but a little grumpy.
  4. Nina: Another perfectly cute name for your grandmother.
  5. Queen: Of course, a grandmother who commands respect and love deserves to be addressed as the queen that she is.
  6. Queenie: An easier way to call your authoritative yet loving grandmother.
  7. Pippo: A precious name for a delightful, warm, and loving grandmother.
  8. Bibi: A lovely name for a chill granny.
  9. Big Mama: A popular grandmother name for feisty and sassy ladies.
  10. Bobo: What a cute and easy nickname for a grandmother! It is simple and cool at the same time.
  11. Bunny: Is there anything cooler than Bugs Bunny? Well, how about you borrow the name for your equally cool grandmother?
  12. Cookie: Well, if there is someone who is sweet and warm like a cookie, it has to be a grandmother who smells like one since she keeps baking endless batches of cookies for you. It is a perfect nickname for such grandmothers.
  13. Cee Cee: A cool and delightful nickname for a chic and loving grandmother.
  14. Cha-Cha: An endearing way to call your grandmother as she envelopes you in hugs and cuddles.
  15. Brownie: A popular favorite of young kids and even adults. This warm, chocolatey baked deliciousness can be a cool nickname for your grandma.
  16. Deeda: Another easy way for toddlers to communicate with their grandmothers. It sounds similar to DaDa, which is one of the first words they learn.
  17. DiDi: Cool nickname to call that fierce grandmother who always has your back.
  18. Eemaw: This is more like a baby language nickname for an adoring grandmother.
  19. Gram Cracker: Another unique yet endearing way to call your grandmother.
  20. Honey: Someone who is as sweet and soothing as honey should be called so.
  21. Hopie: A lovely nickname for a cool and fun grandmother who always adds spring to your step!
  22. Lolli: An adorable nickname for your grandmother who is always smuggling you pocket money on the side.
  23. Grandmama: A universally appealing nickname for your grandmother.

Funny Nicknames For Grandma

Funny nicknames for grandma
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“Grandmas never run out of hugs or cookies.” – Unknown

Laughter is contagious. If you have a grandmother who is always teasing and pulling your leg, you are lucky! It is her way of showing how much she loves and adores you. Wondering how to address a grandmother with a great sense of humor? Take a look at the different names for Grandma listed below-.

  1. Mimzy: A lovely and fun way to call a grandmother who is cute and funny.
  2. Momsie: An adorable way to address your grandmother who showers you with love and hugs.
  3. MooMaw: A quirky and funny nickname for your grandmother to go with her personality.
  4. Sunny: A bright, chirpy, and fun grandmother needs a name that shows off her disposition.
  5. Tootsie: What a sweet and funny nickname for an endearing grandmother.
  6. Gamma: Probably a mispronunciation of grandmother that stuck. A lovely way to call your granny.
  7. Gammie or Gammy: An informal nickname for your grandmother. It is warm and popular across the world.
  8. Gam Gam: A beautiful nickname for your fun and quirky grandmother.
  9. Gran: A short and cool name for the grandmother who loves you unconditionally.
  10. Grana: This is a rare nickname for grandmothers, but it has a stylish ring to it. It even rhymes with ‘Nana.’
  11. Granny or Grannie: Another popular nickname for grandmothers. This is probably what most kids grew up calling their grandmother.
  12. Gramlo: This is a unique name for that off-beat but cool grandmother who cracks you up with her jokes.
  13. Grams or Gramms: This appealing nickname for your grandmother is something out of a fairytale.
  14. Gramma: Another name popular among young kids who are just learning to speak.
  15. Meemow: Funny nickname for a grandmother with lots of furry pets.
  16. Nan: This is a cool name that is short for ‘Nana.’
  17. Nona: Another adorable nickname for your grandmother who is always making sure you are not hungry.
  18. Nanny: A easy nickname for ‘Nana’ or ‘Nan.’
  19. Apa: A popular nickname for a grandmother who is wise and warm.
  20. Ema: A short and sweet nickname for a grandmother who is always forcing you to wear a sweater.
  21. Nene: A delightful grandmother who sings lullabies needs a name to suit her personality.
  22. Fluffy: This is a fun name for a grandmother who is warm and keeps knitting fuzzy socks for Christmas.
  23. GaGa: Another funny baby-babble nickname for your grandmother.
  24. Ganna: Another funny but cute nickname for your grandmother.
  25. Gie Gie: Almost similar to Gigi, this is an adorable name for the grandmother who is always brewing pots of tea.
  26. Hammaw: A rare but cool nickname for that grandmother who can’t stop laughing.
  27. Mumu: A lovely nickname for the fun-loving grandmother.
  28. Ona: What an endearing name to address the grandmother who is always teasing you!
  29. Oona: A slight play on the previous nickname that is easier for the kids to pronounce.
  30. Tutu: This is a funny nickname for that grandmother who is always pranking you.
  31. YuTu: You can use this nickname to get back at your grandmother for coming up with funny nicknames for you.
  32. Zsa-Zsa: An offbeat nickname for a grandmother who loves to watch the news all the time.
  33. Abuela: A unique and fun name to call your loving and fiery grandmother.

Pet Names For Grandmother

Pet names for grandmother
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“A grandmother is a little bit parent, a little bit teacher, and a little bit best friend.” – Unknown

Grandmothers are probably the first people a child interacts with apart from their parents and siblings. They are always there to support and comfort the family. From inside jokes to discreetly slipping you pocket money – grandmothers and grandchildren share many secrets. They have special nicknames for you, and you reciprocate with your own unique ways to call your grandmother.

Dee, a blogger, wrote about having a grandchild and what names they would be taught to use to address their grandparents as well as great-grandmother. She decided that the latter would be called Tootsie, while she would be called Oma. She wrote, “I understand just how much influence a grandmother can have on their grandchild’s life. And I’m putting a lot of thought into what name I’m going to start out with when my granddaughter begins her journey through life (i).”

  1. Bambi: A cute homage to the lovely children’s cartoon.
  2. Ba-Nana: Get it? It is such a fun name to call your grandmother!
  3. Bubbles: A bubbly grandmother deserves a name that shows off her effervescent personality.
  4. Ammaamma: A lovely way to call your grandmother, popular in South Asian communities.
  5. Granny Cupcakes: If you love cupcakes, surely you must love your grandmother who bakes them even more.
  6. Granny Mammy: Such an adorable nickname based on child logic.
  7. Huggy or Huggly: A snuggly, cuddly grandmother needs this lovely nickname.
  8. Lulu: A goofy yet adorable nickname for your grandmother.
  9. Lovey: A sweet and lovey-dovey nickname for your grandmother.
protip_icon Fun Fact
Kris Jenner’s grandchildren fondly call her by the nickname “Lovey.”
  1. Mermie: A grandmother who keeps you entertained for hours on end with stories about mermaids and unicorns.
  2. Mini-Ma: This simple nickname is perfect for a grandmother who shields you from your parent’s ire.
  3. Momsy: A grandmother who comforts you when you are sick and feeds you warm chicken soup deserves a unique name.
  4. Moo-Moo: A grandmother who chases you to keep drinking your milk so you grow up strong and healthy.
  5. Muffy: Mittens, muffins, and warm mufflers – these are all warm wintery things that remind you of your grandmother.
  6. Nanoo: A cute pet name for your grandmother.
  7. Nooni: This is a sweet but rare nickname for your grandma.
  8. Peaches: The rosy cheeks of your grandmother that blush when she laughs at your clumsy antics may remind you of soft, ripe peaches.
  9. Pittypat: A warm chocolate drink with marshmallows generously thrown in on a rainy day? The pitter-patter of raindrops must remind you of your grandmother.
  10. Pumpkin Pie: Autumn, pumpkin pies, and your grandmother’s lap – what better nickname for your grandmother who calls you “my little pumpkin?”
  11. Snuggy or Snuggums: A grandmother who smothers you with cuddles and hugs definitely needs this nickname.
  12. Cuppy Cakes: A sweet nickname for your sweet and adorable grandmother.
  13. Twinkles: There is no grandmother whose eyes don’t light up when they see you. Surely, they deserve this endearing pet nickname.
  14. Bubba: This is a cutesy nickname that just rolls off your tongue.

Spiritual Names For Grandma

Grandmother with her grandchild
Image: Shutterstock

These names reflect the cherished connection and the wisdom passed down through generations.

  1. Nurturing Soul Guide: Grandma, a guiding spirit on life’s journey, brings wisdom and comfort.
  2. Divine Guardian of Love: A spiritual protector, Grandma signifies unconditional love and a divine bond.
  3. Sacred Embrace Maven: Grandma’s hugs, a symbol of comfort and security, are a sacred embrace.
  4. Wisdom Whisperer: Grandma, a wise counselor, shares valuable life lessons.
  5. Graceful Light Bearer: Grandma, an illuminating presence, is a beacon of grace and positivity.
  6. Heavenly Comforter: Grandma provides solace, a soothing and comforting presence.
  7. Eternal Love Orchestrator: Grandma orchestrates enduring affection, weaving everlasting love into family ties.
  8. Spiritual Matriarch: Grandma lays a spiritual foundation as a revered and guiding matriarch.
  9. Ancestor’s Whisper: Grandma connects to ancestral wisdom, a conduit for whispers from the past.
  10. Blessed Serenity Maven: Grandma imparts tranquility and blessings, a serene and blessed presence.

Infographic: 10 Cute Nicknames For Your Grandma

There is nothing more beautiful and endearing than sharing stories and food with your grandmother. If you share a special relationship with her, a creative and cute nickname is a way of showing how much she means to you. Check out the infographic to find more ideas for cute grandma names. Scroll down to know more!

10 cute nicknames for your grandma (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

A bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren is special. Grandmas spoil us rotten, so much so that many of us grow up more attached to them than we have ever been to our parents. Our grandmas seem to start aging in reverse when they are around us. They want to be involved in our lives without expecting anything but our company. They have seen it all, knowing how nicknames represent only the closest bonds. So, take ideas from this list of cute, cool, and funny nicknames for grandmas and let them know they are special.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do they call grandma in Ireland?

A grandma is called ‘maimeó’ (pronounced ‘mah-mo’) in Ireland.

What do Texans call their grandma?

Texans often call their grandmas ‘Mimi’ or ‘mee-maw’.

What do they call grandma in England?

A grandma is called grandmother, gran, grannie, nan, or nannie in England.

What do black people call their grandmas?

Black people call their grandmas gogo, bibi, nini, ayeeyo, or nne nne.

Key Takeaways

  • The bond between a grandmother and her grandchild is truly special and only further strengthens when you use nicknames for one another.
  • You can call your grandmother by some cute nicknames such as Granny, Gam Gam, Mimi, and Meemaw.
  • If you think your grandmother has a fun personality, then you can try some cool nicknames as well like Gigi, Glam-ma, Nina, and Bibi.
  • There are some funny nicknames you can use as well such as Gram Cracker, Tootsie, Fluffy, and Mumu to make her laugh every time.

Choosing a nickname for your grandma is serious business! Watch this video to explore the process and find the perfect name for you!

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