20 Cute And Funny Nicknames For Your Sister

Written by Harini Natarajan

Older or younger, having a sister is a rare blessing. Sisters are super adorable, funny, goofy, and catty sometimes. Giving her a nickname can really mean how special she is to you. Check out this list of 20 cute and funny nicknames that are perfect for sisters. Swipe up!

20 Adorable & Funny Nicknames For Your Sister

1. Chatterbox

Does your sister not stop talking once she starts? Do you wonder where from does she get all the information and the energy? Well, no other nickname than ‘chatterbox’ is apt for her. Calling her chatterbox playfully can also make her stop, even if it’s only for a minute.

2. Cupcake

Who doesn’t like cupcakes? They are a sweet, delicious pack of joy. And, if you have a sweet, cute and little sister, this nickname will suit her the best.

3. Buttons



Babies are adorably round! If you have a baby sister who has an adorable round face, googly eyes, and a short and cute nose, “buttons” would be the best way to call her and show her your love.

4. Smarty

If you have watched the viral “smarty pants dance” clip, you know how cute that was! Whether your sister is older or younger, if she is smart and a quick learner, give her the credit.

5. Sweetsu

Just another way of letting your sister know how adorable she is and how much you love her. Calling “sweetsu” to your sweet-natured sister who is kind to all will help you both bond better and be kind to each other.

6. Windster

Whether your sister is responsible for that smell or not, calling her out for it can be fun. And an apt but usual nickname would be Windster.

7. Copycat



Sisters, especially the younger ones, are big-time copycats. While that’s a compliment to you, copying your fashion, hairstyle, and everything else can get to you sometimes. But guess what younger sisters do not like? Calling them a copycat! This way you will not only name her appropriately, but it can also discourage her from copying you.

8. Booger

Does your sister pick her nose too often? A funny nickname for your nose-picking sister would be “Booger”. Teasing her with this nickname will help you both have a little game of tag and laughter – just how siblings play-fight.

9. Geek

With her big glasses, always in the library, sleeping on an open book, and having answers to all your questions – your sister has all signs of a geek. Nicknaming her “Geek” would therefore be apt for your sister.

10. BB

A few sisters have all the good qualities any human being can have – a sharp brain and a compassionate heart. If your sister is one such soul, nickname her BB or beauty with brains. Your gorgeous sister deserves this cool name.

11. Couch Potato

Couch Potato


Do you always find her on the couch in a sitting position? Well, she can work, read, or be productive, but making the couch her study and bedroom can be annoying. Instead of bickering, nickname her couch potato. That’ll do the trick (wink!).

12. Brat

Younger sisters are often spoiled by their parents. They need attention all the time and want their demands met by hook or crook. If your sister is also spoiled, Brat is the perfect nickname for her.

13. Lilliput

Do you have a naughty baby sister who is a 24/7 goof? Or, a sister who is a tad too short compared to you and does all sorts of notorious activities to tease you and seek your attention? The nickname Lilliput is perfect for her, who loves to be around you and has a ton of curiosity.

14. Plum

Do you have a sweet sister who is moody and gets upset a little too quickly? If your sis is sweet and sour, but you love and adore your sister for being so true to who she is, Plum will be her ideal nickname.

15. Genius



Is your sister extremely talented when it comes to studies or sports? Nickname her “Genius”. However, if your sister is just the opposite of a genius, calling her Genius can be a Chandler-like humorous move.

16. Nugget

Nugget is the perfect nickname for a loving sister who is super cute, a goof, and downright adorable. Whether you mean her to be a “nugget of joy” or an “adorable nugget”, it’s a cute name – just the one you are looking for your baby sister.

17. Pingu

Pingu is the name of a baby penguin in a hit stop-motion children’s show. Pingu is cute but clumsy. If you have a baby sister who is adorable but also wrecks a mess around the house, this nickname is perfect for her.

18. Smelly

Your sister may not smell or be smelly at all, but isn’t it fun to push her buttons by calling her smelly? Siblings bicker, and a cute way to do so is to poke fun, laugh, and be playful.

19. Diva



Whether your sister loves to dress up, sings like a soprano, or is tough to please, nicknaming her Diva would be the best one.

20. Mumma Bear

Regardless of age, many sisters act like mothers. She is protective of you, helps you with your studies or relationships, and gives wise advice. In that case, Mumma Bear is the perfect nickname for your sister.

Sisters are cute, funny, naughty, moody, compassionate, and supportive. Give her a nickname that you both can look back years from now and laugh about. Pick your favorite nickname for your sister from our list, and have a good time with your sibling.

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