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Nutritional Yeast – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits?

Nutritional Yeast – What Is It And What Are Its Benefits? April 18, 2018

Nutritional yeast is a ‘deactivated yeast,’ which is often sold as a food product. It is yellow in color and has a nutty cheesy flavor. You will usually find nutritional yeast in the form of flakes or a yellow powder. Vegans and vegetarians love using nutritional yeast as an ingredient in recipes or as a condiment. It gives a similar flavor to what we get after adding cheese to any food. Usually people love to sprinkle it on hot popcorn or garlic bread or also to a pasta sauce. It not only tastes great but is also a rich source of some essential vitamins and proteins that are good for our health.

Nutritional yeast is cultivated from beet and cane molasses which have undergone a fermentation process for approximately a week. It is then dried out and packaged as flakes or powder. People often get confused between nutritional yeast, baker’s yeast and brewer’s yeast. While baker’s yeast is activated to make bread rise, brewer’s yeast is a byproduct of brewing beer, which clearly states that these two yeasts are completely different from nutritional yeast.

It is based on the source of all the B complex vitamins except B12 (occasionally). Nutritional yeast is a fungus like mushroom, so it requires bacteria to produce B12. It is good for health and so people often use it in place of parmesan cheese as a topping. It can also be added to any food like pizza, pasta, popcorn, soups etc.

Nutritional Yeast Health Benefits

There are various health benefits of nutritional yeasts. Read on to know more:

1. Power-pack:

Nutritional yeast contains 70 calories, 14 gms of proteins and more than 7 gms of fibre in one ounce. One serving of nutritional yeast provides a full spectrum of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, biotin, folic acid and minerals like zinc, selenium, iron, phosphorus, chromium and magnesium. There is no other vegetarian source that is power-packed with vitamins, minerals and amino acids – all essential to maintain good health.

2. Boosts Immune System:

Beta glucans that are derived from the broken cell walls of nutritional yeasts play the role of an immune stimulator. They work as a defence wall against fungal, parasitic, viral and bacterial infection and also cancer.

3. Maintains Good Cholesterol Levels:

Beta glucan in nutritional yeast is also effective in preventing coronary artery disease. This means they help in lowering LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol or good Cholesterol levels.

4. Protection from Free Radicals:

Nutritional yeast contains glutathione which form glutathione peroxidase in our body. This is a very important antioxidant which is required to protect us from free radicals. It also helps in reversing heart disease, lowering the risk of any cardiac ailment, getting rid of poor vision and fighting with the problem of hair loss.

5. Anti-aging Properties:

Very few people are aware that nutritional yeast also has anti-aging properties. It is enriched with nucleotides which are known for its anti-aging properties. It has rejuvenating properties for DNA and RNA which are considered as the genetic blueprint for life. It makes our skin young, youthful and healthy from the inside.

So now you know the health benefits of nutritional yeast. It is better to start including it in your daily food and replace those high-fat cheese products. It adds a very creamy, cheesy and nutty taste to the daily mundane food. Sprinkle nutritional yeast popcorns and pastas, and get instant exotic taste! If you haven’t tried it yet, you are definitely missing something. Nutritional yeast is easily available in the market. Both the forms of nutritional yeasts – powder and flakes, are safe and healthy to consume. It totally depends on you, how you want to eat it.

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In these times, most folks worry about their weight, figure and health. If a product can actually replace some of your high calorie food options, while not taking away your preferences for certain taste, isn’t that the magic formula?


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