What Is Olaplex Hair Treatment And How Does It Work?

An effective hair strengthening procedure that can undo the damaging effects of overbleached hair.

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Olaplex hair treatment is a common hair restoration process you can find at most hair salons. It repairs damaged tresses (including hair breakage). It also strengthens the hair, protects it during harmful chemical processes, and makes the hair oh-so-lustrous! You can undergo this treatment from the wonderful comfort of your bedroom or living room. Scroll down to learn the benefits of Olaplex treatment and understand how you can use it at home.

What Is Olaplex Hair Treatment?

Woman undergoes olaplex hair treatment at salon.
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The Olaplex hair treatment guards your hair against damage when it undergoes any chemical treatment. It prevents thinning of the hair, weak strands, premature hair loss, and breakage caused by coloring and bleaching. This treatment helps make your hair healthy, shiny, and immune to chemical damage.

Overbleaching your hair might break the disulfide bonds. When numerous disulfide bonds break, your hair becomes weak, and this leads to hair fall. The Olaplex hair treatment maintains the integrity of these disulfide bonds and allows the bleach to stay on your hair for an extended period.

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The active ingredient in Olaplex that is responsible for restoring the broken disulphide hair bonds is known as bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate.

This hair treatment is said to have scores of benefits, and results from users back up these claims. Here are the major benefits of Olaplex hair treatment.

Before we jump into the benefits of the treatment, let’s take a quick glance at the brand’s net sales that support its success as a hair treatment option. The graph below displays the total net sales of Olaplex through different channels. Professional channels can be noticed as the clear mode of most sales, generating an estimated amount of 259 million US dollars.

Analysis Of Total Net Sales Of Haircare Brand Olaplex

Source: Statista

What Are The Benefits Of Olaplex Treatment?

Olaplex treatment nourishes damaged hair.
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1. Protects The Hair

Bleaching can affect the quality and health of your hair. It breaks the disulfide bonds and weakens the hair, leading to hair loss. The Olaplex hair treatment protects these disulfide bonds and makes the hair stronger. Your hair gets shinier with fewer split ends and frizz.

2. Free Of Harmful Ingredients

The Olaplex hair treatment is free of harmful ingredients, such as aldehydes, parabens, and gluten. These elements can cause inflammation, itching, irritation, hair thinning, and scalp dryness. While the impact of Olaplex might be slower, your hair stays significantly healthier in the long run.

3. Works On Virgin Hair

A misconception about Olaplex is that it can be used only on colored hair or if you are getting your hair colored. However, this treatment works wonderfully on virgin hair. If you have never undergone any chemical treatment, your hair is healthier than average. The Olaplex hair treatment can help restore your hair health to its pristine condition.

4. Easy To Use

A significant drawback of several hair treatments is that they require a hair stylist or dermatologist to administer the process. However, the Olaplex treatment procedure is elementary and does not require a specialist. Most of the Olaplex hair treatment products are commercially available, and you can do it yourself at home.

5. Quality Assurance

The Olaplex hair treatment is a trademark of Olaplex Inc., which means they have sole hegemony over their products. Olaplex holds patents for most of the ingredients used in this hair therapy. The brand affixes a quality seal to each solution used in the treatment to assure that all solutions come from the same lot.

Gail, a YouTuber, discusses using the Olaplex Treatment and shares the results. She says, “My hair felt stronger and nourished, like a seal had been applied to protect it from further breakage/damage and nature’s elements. I noticed that it was shinier and held my hair style for longer also (i).”

The Olaplex hair treatment consists of seven solutions to be used in succession to complete the treatment. They are very conveniently named Olaplex No. 1 through 7 to ensure that you use them in that order. Here are the seven Olaplex solutions and their functions in the treatment.

How Does Olaplex Work?

Salon professional uses olaplex for hair bond maintenance.
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 No. 1: Bond Multiplier

The Olaplex No. 1 bond multiplier is added directly to the hair color or bleach before applying it to your hair. It helps repair the broken disulfide bonds of your hair and makes it healthy and strong. This product is generally used in the salon unless you are coloring your hair at home.
Getting the Olaplex treatment done during the process of coloring your hair may slow down the process, especially if you are going for bleached or blonde looks.

Olaplex No. 2: Bond Perfector

The bond perfector is applied to the hair after thoroughly rinsing the hair color or bleach. It finishes the incomplete work by the previous solution – repairs all the remaining bonds that are still broken or damaged. This solution is like a deep conditioning hair mask that needs to be applied to your hair for about 20 minutes before washing off. This deep hair conditioning mask not only promotes hair nourishment and hair rejuvenation but also supports hair revitalization.

Olaplex No. 3: Hair Perfector

The Olaplex hair perfector helps repair minor damages that your hair undergoes daily. Apply this solution before using your regular or Olaplex shampoo. Keep it on for at least 15 minutes before washing off. You can repeat the process once or twice a week.

Olaplex No. 4: Bond Maintenance Shampoo

The Olaplex bond maintenance shampoo effectively protects your hair from further damage. It contains coconut oil and does not harm your hair or scalp.

Olaplex No. 5: Bond Maintenance Conditioner

The Olaplex bond maintenance conditioner helps retain your scalp’s natural oils and does not dry out your hair. It improves the quality of your hair, prevents any damage, makes it stronger and healthier, and promotes healthy hair growth.

Olaplex No. 6: Bond Smoother

The Olaplex no.6 solution is a leave-in cream that nourishes your hair and helps prevent frizz. It can protect your hair for up to 72 hours. This bond smoother is infused with coconut oil and vitamin E, which strengthen the disulfide bonds. It makes the hair softer and reduces the blow drying time. This product can be used on virgin hair as well as colored or chemically treated hair. Apply it to your hair especially focusing on the ends.

Olaplex No. 7: Bonding Oil

The Olaplex no.7 bonding oil maintains your hair health – eliminates frizz and adds shine to your hair. It is lightweight and provides heat protection up to 230° C. This oil helps retain the natural hair moisture, makes your tresses stronger, and provides hair protection.

Here are a few conditions when your hairstylist would recommend the Olaplex treatment.

When Do Hair Salons Use Olaplex?

Olaplex works well on dry and damaged hair.
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  • If you want to color or bleach your hair – because Olaplex helps repair the disulfide bonds of your hair broken during chemical treatments.
  • If your hair is severely damaged, thinning or breaking, or experiencing split ends.

Now let’s find out how you can use Olaplex at home in the next section.

How Do You Use Olaplex At Home?

Woman using olaplex product at home.
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You have to opt for the Olaplex No. 3, the hair perfector while undergoing this treatment at home. This solution is an excellent option if you want to repair your hair from the damage caused by daily activities. Apply the Olaplex No. 3 solution to the hair for about 20 minutes before shampooing. Repeat this process every week for long-lasting hair care.

However, make sure the product suits your hair and scalp before you use it. Read on to learn more about the side effects caused by Olaplex.

Side Effects Of Olaplex Hair Treatment

The ingredients present in Olaplex may cause allergic reactions in some people. According to anecdotal evidence, women have reported experiencing adverse effects from Olaplex treatment, such as burning sensation in the pores, open pores, yeast infection, and intense scalp itching. These reactions were likely caused by chemicals in Olaplex products like lilial and panthenol, which may lead to skin problems such as flaking, inflammation, and scaling. However, it is reported that the company has removed these chemicals from its products.

Infographic: 5 Benefits Of The Olaplex Hair Treatment

The Olpalex hair treatment is a hair restoration process that repairs damaged tresses. It also protects your hair during chemical treatments. It prevents thinning and hair loss that are a result of coloring and bleaching. Go through the infographic below to learn more about the several benefits of this hair treatment.

5 benefits of the olaplex hair treatment (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

The Olaplex hair treatment is ideal for shielding your tresses against possible damage while undergoing a chemical treatment, like dyeing and bleaching. This way, it effectively prevents hair loss, hair thinning, and frizz, besides adding shine and strength to your locks. The best thing about this treatment is that you do not need a professional to carry out the process, and you can do it in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, some Olaplex solutions are not for sale and are found only at salons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an OLAPLEX treatment worth it?

It depends on your needs. OLAPLEX treatment can help with hair repair, work on all hair types, and has minimal to no side effects. However, the results are not permanent and you would require frequent treatment sessions.

Does OLAPLEX repair hair permanently?

No. As the results of OLAPLEX treatment take a while to show and only last for a couple of weeks, frequent treatments are necessary.

How long does an OLAPLEX treatment last?

It depends on your hair condition and how damaged it is. It is reported that OLAPLEX treatments last about four weeks for moderately damaged hair and up to six weeks for slightly damaged hair.

Is OLAPLEX damaging?

Possibly not. OLAPLEX is formulated to repair damage and any side effects or significant negative experiences have not yet been reported.

How long does it take to see results from OLAPLEX?

According to anecdotal evidence, it takes about 3-4 months of using OLAPLEX to see visible results.

Is OLAPLEX good for all hair types?

Yes, OLAPLEX is good for all types of hair including bleached or virgin hair.

Can OLAPLEX thicken hair?

Possibly. As OLAPLEX repairs broken disulfide bonds, your hair appears healthier and thicker than before.

Key Takeaways

  • Olaplex treatment protects chemically-treated hair and reduces further damage to give you strong, smooth hair.
  • This treatment can also be done to restore the health of virgin hair as well.
  • It consists of seven solutions that are to be used in succession for a complete treatment.
  • Olaplex hair products are free of harmful ingredients and easy to use.
olaplex hair treatment

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Watch this video to know all about Olaplex in-salon treatment for hair strengthening and repairing. Unveil the secrets to healthier and more resilient tresses.

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