Olive Oil Vs Canola Oil – Which Is Better?

Health conscious people often confuse when to choose between the canola oil and olive oil. While some of them strongly believe that canola oil is extremely good for health, others stay firm on the belief that olive oil is far better. It may sound strange to you, but the fact is that both these oils have some striking similarities because of their health benefits.

Canola oil

There is much dispute about canola oil and its benefits. While some experts are of the opinion that the oil is not healthy for human beings, a different quarter recommend the same as highly nutritious. Earlier in 1970s, canola oil was extracted from rapeseed plant. This extracted oil contains high amount of erucic acid, which contains high level of toxins. Consumption of this acid leads to Keshan’s disease that can be associated with fibrous lesions of heart.

After 1970s, the cultivation of the plant was changed thoroughly. It was no longer extracted from rapeseed plant, but from canola seeds. According to FDA, canola oil today no longer contains high amounts of erucic acid that is harmful for humans. Therefore, it is important not to confuse canola oil with rapeseed oil. This oil is low in saturated fat and contains monounsaturated fat that is less harmful in nature. Consuming canola oil reduces blood cholesterol level effectively. The oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, which is considered helpful for the heart.

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Olive oil

Compared to canola oil, olive oil is more popular in almost all parts of the world. This oil is derived from olive fruits found in plenty in the Mediterranean regions. The golden coloured oil is well liked for being low in cholesterol and other health attributes. Hence, it easily acquires the preference of many people who look for healthier options. Consuming olive oil helps to reduce the bad cholesterol or LDL in the blood, and increases amount of the good cholesterol or HDL. The amount of fat in olive oil is comparatively high from canola oil, which contains only 6% of saturated fat.

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Canola oil vs Olive oil

When it comes to comparing the benefits of canola oil vs olive oil, you need to consider certain aspects. Primarily, both these oils are qualitatively healthy. Both of them make healthier options when compared to other oils such as coconut oil or mustard oil. Canola and olive both can be consumed on regular course. They are safe and contain almost no side effects.

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