Om Meditation And Its Benefits

Make a habit of chanting this powerful mantra daily for ultimate spiritual transformation.

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Sometimes, your mind can perceive a few things that your eyes cannot see. One of the major benefits of Om meditation is working on this aspect as it provides you with the highest level of knowledge, happiness, and realization if you pursue it. Continue reading to learn more about this type of meditation.

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“Om” is also referred to as “Praṇava,” “Oṅkāra,” and “Udgītha.”
You are a cosmic flower. Om chanting is the process of opening the psychic petals of that flower.
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Significance Of Om

Om is the first sound that emerged from the vibrations of the cosmic energy that created the universe. It is the representation of the creator. Om is self-begotten, i.e., it is on its own and doesn’t need another syllable to make its sound. Chanting Om will give you a sense of the source of the universe, and when chanted right, Om’s sound reverberates through your body, filling it with energy and tranquility.

Om exists in everything – the words we speak, the things we use, and in ourselves. The daily chanting of Om will give peace to your mind, body, and soul. The yogis of ancient India knew the inherent power of the Om mantra and chanted it to connect to their soul. They believed that it is present and active within all of us and will reveal itself only through Om meditation.

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Now, let’s learn how to do Om meditation.

Om Meditation And Its Procedure

Meditation that involves the chanting of ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’ is called Om meditation. In Om meditation, the two great spiritual possessions that belong to us – breath and sound – are combined to form a comprehensive meditation technique. Scroll down to know more about how to chant om.

The Om Meditation Approach

  1. Sitting Right
  2. Eye Placement
  3. Breathing Pattern
  4. Om Chanting
  5. Combining All
  6. Overall Effect

1. Sitting Right

Step 1 of the om meditation pose is sitting in the right posture
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Sit either in the Lotus Pose or Vajrasana. If you cannot sit down, sit on a chair. Make sure your back is erect, and you feel relaxed and comfortable in your sitting position. Keep your hands either on your knees or your thighs. You can also keep them in your lap, with one hand resting on the other. Clear your head and sit peacefully.

2. Eye Placement

Step 2 of the om meditation pose is clsoing the eyes
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Gently close the eyes or glance downward.

3. Breathing Pattern

Step 3 of the om meditation pose is breathing correctly in a pattern
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Close your mouth and breathe naturally. Make sure the air goes in and out only through your nose. Keep your jaw muscles relaxed and your upper and lower teeth slightly parted instead of clenching them together or touching one another. Observe your breath while it goes in and out. Don’t force it or add any frills to it. Let it be.

4. Om Chanting

Step 4 of the om meditation is chanting the word om
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While you inhale and exhale, chant ‘Om.’ Fit the chant to your breath duration rather than breathing to the chant. Break down the ‘Om’ syllable to ‘A-A-U-U-M’, followed by silence and back again. Say the first two syllables with your mouth opened widely and the next two by pursing your lips together. Place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth to pronounce the last two syllables. Then, get engrossed in the silence that ensues.

5. Combining All

Step 5 is combining all the steps to do the om meditation
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Continue the Om chanting, keeping it in sync with your breath. Naturally, the cycle of chanting will fall into place and you reach a place of relaxation. You can also chant ‘Om’ mentally. Listen to the internal vibrations created in your body while chanting ‘Om’. Slowly and gradually, your being will sink into its waves.

6. Overall Effect

Overall effect of om meditation
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As you gradually go deeper into the meditation, the Om vibrations become softer and subtle, almost like a whisper. Slowly, it will become silent, and you realize that Om has always been present and active in your body. You will notice that even your breath slows down and becomes light.
In Om meditation, you do not concentrate on any particular part of your body. Your mind does waver around, but make sure it comes back to focus through chanting. Make a note of all the thoughts and sensations that arise while you meditate and deal with them in a calm and detached manner without deviating from your breath and chanting.

Joanne Highland, a certified yoga teacher, says, “People often chant Om 21 times with a belief rooted in numerology where the number 21 symbolizes harmony, health, and nurturer. It is considered powerful and productive in terms of energy, making the meditation more impactful.”

Nithya, a blogger, shared her experience of Om meditation. She explained, “I have personally felt the positive effects of meditating on the Pranavakshara. The internal vibration caused by chanting A_U_M have helped me clear my mind on several occasions. I have felt more energy, less stressed, and more physically able after chanting Om (i).”

Benefits Of Om Meditation

  • Om meditation will give you inner peace, calm, tranquility, and serenity
  • It brings you closer to your true nature and increases your self-awareness.
  • It will make you open-minded and treat others without any prejudice
  • Om meditation is healing and will keep you healthy
  • It increases your creativity and ingenuity and promotes emotional wellbeing.
  • Your spinal cord improves
  • It detoxifies your body by getting rid of the toxins, keeping you young and fresh
  • Chanting Om purifies your ambiance and makes it a positive space
  • It improves your concentration
  • The Om vibrations open up your sinus and clear it
  • Om meditation will keep your heart healthy and improve cardiovascular health 
  • You will have better control over your feelings and emotions and look at various scenarios in a more clear and understanding manner.
  • Om meditation stimulates your metabolism, leading to weight loss
  • It cleanses your face and imparts a glow to it
  • Om meditation improves your mind and balances hormonal secretions

Joanne says, “The practice also supports stress relief and anxiety management. The sound Om in meditation is believed to mimic the natural hum of the universe, thereby syncing the individual’s energy with the cosmos. This experience of unity and balance tends to lower stress hormones, relax the nervous system, and enhance emotional well-being.”

protip_icon Did You Know?
One can become a physiological alert by chanting “Om” in mind and boost sensitivity to sensory transmission (1).

Om meditation may also help improve your sleep quality. It can help calm the mind and reduce stress, making it easier to fall as well as stay asleep (2). Joanne adds, “Om meditation, practiced before bedtime, can significantly improve sleep quality and quantity. Mindful chanting of Om creates a soothing rhythmic sound and vibration that helps induce a calm state of mind. It reduces arousal in the brain, promoting sleep onset and continuity.”

It is a natural remedy that does not involve medication or any complicated routine. Regular meditation can help regulate sleep patterns, ensuring you get the rest your body needs. Research has shown that regular meditation can help lower incidences of sleep disturbances (3), (4).

Over time, it can lead to deeper and more restorative sleep cycles. In a world where many struggle with sleep issues, meditation offers a straightforward and easily accessible solution for better sleep and overall well-being.

Now, let’s look at some common queries regarding Om meditation.

Infographic: Top 6 Benefits Of Om Meditation

Meditation is an essential practice for a healthy mind. In this hustle and bustle of life, it is vital to take out some time to reconnect with yourself. Meditation and mindfulness help with stress relief, the prime cause of many health ailments. In addition, you can clear up your mind, achieve the power to control impulses and irrational thoughts and bring mental clarity. To find out other health benefits of Om meditation, check out the infographic below.

top 6 benefits of om meditation (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Om meditation is a type of meditation that involves chanting the words “”Om”” or “”Aum.”” Om meditation combines our two greatest spiritual possession – breath and sound to create a comprehensive meditation technique. Om meditation brings the practitioner peace, quiet, tranquility, and serenity. It draws you closer to your genuine self and essence. By regularly practicing this, one can experience spiritual growth, improved sleep, anxiety reduction, and even an immune system boost, among many other benefits.

Pause for a moment in our fast-paced world and delve deep to discover what is necessary and true. Realize and luxuriate in the secrets of the cosmos by meditating in an om-centric manner.

In this fast-paced world, pause for a moment, and dig deep to find out what is essential and genuine. Meditate the om-centric way and realize and revel in the secrets of the universe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Om religious?

Om is not religious, but it appears as a traditional symbol and holy sound in some religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

Do we have to be vegetarian to practice Om meditation?

The yoga philosophy follows the ahimsa principle, but it is entirely the choice of the practitioner whether to have animal products or not.

How often can we do Om meditation?

Every day, if possible, and in the morning, preferably. Start off with 2-3 times a week, and slowly extend it to all days of the week.

What do I need to do Om meditation?

All you need is yourself and a mat. With a clear and calm mind, you are good to do Om meditation.

What do I wear while doing Om meditation?

Wear comfortable clothing that will not distract you from meditation.

Does chanting Om stimulate the vagus nerve?

Yes. Chanting Om may lead to limbic deactivation. Similar findings have been obtained with vagus nerve stimulation used to treat depression and epilepsy (1).

Can chanting Om improve your voice?

Possibly. Anecdotal evidence suggests that chanting Om may assist vocal cord muscles to get stronger, particularly in elderly people.

Key Takeaways

  • Om is said to be the first sound created from cosmic vibrations and has religious significance in Hindu culture.
  • Sit in a lotus pose, close your eyes, regulate your breathing, inhale and as you exhale chant ‘om’.
  • This meditation opens your mind, flushes out toxins from your body, and balances hormones.
  • It also improves concentration and creativity, aids weight loss, and cleanses the face.
om meditation benefits

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