21 Refreshing Outdoor Date Ideas

Dating is not just about watching movies or dining out. It can be so much more fun outdoor!

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Bored of the clichéd date ideas? Be it dinner at a classy place or catching up on a movie, there is everything you have done before and are now tired of! So, to keep your date night fresh, we have curated some amazing outdoor date ideas that you can definitely count on for scoring another date! Nathalie Maggio, LMFT, says, “There are many benefits to going on outdoor dates, especially in long term relationships. For one, it can be a refreshing change of scenery and can help couples to feel more connected to nature and each other. Outdoor dates can also be more physically active, which can be a great way to bond and stay healthy together. Additionally, going on regular dates can help to keep the romance and excitement alive in a long term relationship, and can be a great way to continue to get to know and understand one another.”

The list below consists of various fun and romantic outdoor date ideas that you can certainly try. From drive-in movie nights and beach days to watching sunsets, this list is surely going to be your go-to list henceforth!

21 Refreshing Outdoor Date Ideas

Fun Outdoor Date Ideas

1. Go on A Hike

Hiking together is a great outdoor date idea
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Going on a hike with your partner is a fun and refreshing activity. Moreover, you and your partner are sure to explore a new side of each other as you walk through nature. You can also find new conversations and topics that will help you get to know each other better.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Ensure you have a plan and carry essentials like weather-appropriate clothing, a first-aid kit, etc. Also, choose a hiking destination and trail appropriate for your skill levels.

2. Beach Day

A relaxed couple on the beach for an outdoor date
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If you live by the beach, then a fun outdoor picnic date at the beach is a winner! From sunbathing to chilling with some chilled beverages, there is so much you both can talk about. You can also engage in some fun beach activities like signing up for surf lessons, going boogie boarding or paragliding, or even playing beach volleyball and building a sandcastle. Get to know each other in the most uncommon and unexpected natural ways!

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3. Visit The Amusement Park

Unleash your inner daredevil and your fun personality by exploring the various rides with your date. A kick of adrenaline rush never hurt anyone! In fact, if you are a thrill-seeker and your date isn’t, you can help her experience some of the most amazing and heart-pumping rides at the amusement park. However, if you chicken out from scary rides and roller coasters, maybe your date will drag you to one and you can end up bonding over certain crazy experiences.

4. Go To A Fun Festival Or Outdoor Concert

Look around for events happening in your city. This will not only be a fun experience, but you can also enjoy fun music events and explore your interests. Your date will surely enjoy the music and vibe of such events. If there are open mics or karaoke, then there is no going back from the amazing time that awaits you! Even if you or your date are bad singers, you will definitely have something to joke, laugh, and talk about later.

5. Picnic At The Park

There is no other classic idea that is straight out-of-the-movie like a fun picnic plan at the park. Make a quick snack that can be easily packed, like sandwiches, fruits, or salads. Curate a fun playlist that you can play in the background while you both sit and chit-chat while sipping your chilled beverage and enjoying the snacks. You can also pack up a board game and use it as conversation fillers while you get to know each other better.

Pro Tip

You can also opt for more bold, daring and adventurous options like biking, kayaking, fishing, and horseback riding to make the date unforgettable!

Romantic Outdoor Date Ideas

6. A Sunset To Remember

There is nothing that screams more romantic like watching the sunset together. Drive to your favorite spot, maybe a hilltop or to the beach, and watch the beautiful sunset with your partner. You can grab a cup of coffee to go. Sit and soak up the beautiful last rays of the day and get to know each other over coffee.

7. Go Out On A Drive

Create a fun playlist filled with romantic songs and take your date on a long drive. Have fun conversations, explore cute little restaurants on the way, and build up a conversation.

8. Go Camping

Share a new experience as a romantic date by taking your partner out for a day’s camping. You can start with the day full of activities and end the camping experience with sunset, bonfire, and cooking your meals on those makeshift fireplaces. The fun and raw experience of this date is surely going to unleash a different side of your personality that you and your date can forever cherish.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Ensure the camp is set close to a water source, as walking long distances for water while camping is not ideal and may be unsafe at night.

9. Experience Boating

A young couple on a thrilling boat ride date
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Take your date on a beautiful lake-side experience. Plan a romantic evening date by taking your partner for boating. Pack up some food and drinks that you can enjoy while you both pedal or row the boat and enjoy the serenity of the lake-side view.

10. Tick Off The Bucket List

If you are aware of something that your partner has been wanting to do for a long time but hasn’t been able to, this is your cue to make that happen! Be it learning some sport, taking some fun activity classes, or just going shopping – ensure you make it happen. Plan the day packed with surprises and make your date feel extra romantic and special.

Winter Outdoor Date Ideas

11. Take A Walk

Winters are usually the best times to experience the amazing weather and night lights. If the holiday season is around the corner, you can definitely walk around the neighborhood and look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. Take a pit stop to grab some coffee or hot chocolate and continue to explore each other’s personalities amidst the winter night.

12. Build A Snowman

Just like building sandcastles, building a snowman together in the winter is fun! There is something undeniably romantic and cute about making something together and admiring each other’s creative side, whilst throwing snowballs at each other.

13. Go Ice Skating

An exciting and fun outdoor date at the skating rink
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For those staying in snowy regions, ice skating is one of the most fun activities you can try even if it’s the first date. You can literally bond over silly things and how clumsy you are and not let your inhibitions get in the way! Help each other up when you fall and have a gala time learning and teaching each other ice skating.

14. Go On A Snowy Hike

While hikes are common, hiking in winters is beyond amazing. You may accidently explore some beautiful spots amidst nature that are cladded with snow. It definitely would be a beautiful experience that you and your partner can enjoy and experience together. Get some fun pictures around a frozen lake or an icy waterfall and make it a date to remember.

15. Plan A Bonfire

There is nothing as cozy and soothing as a warm bonfire on a chilly winter night. In your backyard, set up a small little bonfire and barbeque and toast some marshmallows and build up a mood. Play some nice romantic music or turn on some fun Hallmark holiday movie and enjoy a dreamy date with your partner.

Outdoor Date Night Ideas

16. Drive-In Theater

A romantic couple on an outdoor date watching a drive-in movie
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What else is a romantic gesture than the classic drive-in theater experience? It does not matter if you both are or are not big movie buffs – just get the experience of watching a movie outdoors, under the stars. This is sure to bring you both close to each other. Get some popcorn and cozy up with conversations and enjoy the movie with each other’s company. And if there isn’t a drive-in theater around you, well, you could put up some fairy lights and make a DIY theater experience in your backyard.

17. Star Gazing

What could be better than laying down on the soft grass and gazing at the sky whilst being by your partner’s side? There definitely is no other better way to get into a deep, existential conversation about love and existence than lying under the stars with your partner. So dreamy, isn’t it?

18. Quit The Fancy Dinner

Quit dinner at a fancy restaurant, and find a cute little outdoor dine-in or a restaurant patio. Get some candles lit and have a romantic dinner in each other’s company with some basic food like pizzas or burgers. You can also explore some food trucks!

19. Out For The Night

Check for some fun comedy shows or open mics playing around your city. Take your date out on a fun night filled with laughter and music. Try out various bars and places and spend the night exploring new places in your city.

20. Take A Carriage Ride

If your city still has some beautiful carriages, it is time to take your date out on a nice ride. Get some coffees or hot chocolates to go, and experience a new serenity amidst the hustle of your city.

21. Candlelit Dinner In The Backyard

This is the most classic alfresco romantic dinner date. Set a table in the backyard, light candles, play some romantic tunes, and let love spread its magic in the air. Bring out your valued tableware and dress up for the date. If you are not in the mood for cooking or it is an impromptu date, order takeout and serve it with a bottle of champagne or your favorite wine. After dinner, you can stargaze or read a book on a hammock while a small bonfire keeps you warm. Set up a tent outside and snuggle up with each other for a quiet and romantic night. And voila, you have yourself the most dreamy date.


Did these amazing ideas already tempt you to start planning your next date night? Whether it is your first date or your tenth, all these amazing outdoor date ideas are sure to help you find a great company to be with! Let us know which of these you are planning to try.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my park date special?

You can pack a nice picnic basket filled with your partner’s favorite munchies and beverages. Additionally, you and your partner can rollerblade, hunt for pokemon, plan a photoshoot, or listen to a podcast together.

What do you do when it’s cold outside on a first date?

If you think the cold outside can put your outdoor date in trouble, it doesn’t have to. You can go for an ice sculpture class, take a hike together, ski, or go for a whisky tasting for a fun and memorable date.

What are some adventurous date ideas?

You can try adrenaline-pumping activities like river rafting and bungee jumping. A trip to a haunted house or a challenging escape room are other ways to keep your dates fun and interesting.

Where should I go on a short date?

You can take your partner for short dates at a cute coffee shop, a walk in the park, or watch the sunset from a beach.

What should I wear on an outdoor date?

For an outdoor fun date, you can wear a T-shirt and jeans or a sundress and sports shoes. You can add a leather or denim jacket for cold weather. You can sport a maxi dress with heels for a fancy dinner date.

How can I stay safe on an outdoor date?

Pick a public location and transport for the first few outdoor dates to stay safe. Do not share confidential information like address or family details with them. Be clear about your intentions and what you want out of this relationship to avoid confusion later.

What are some outdoor date ideas for couples who love animals?

Visit the zoo, volunteer at animal shelters, feed stray animals, or walk your neighbor’s dog if you are both animal lovers.

What are some outdoor date ideas for foodies?

You can try new food outlets in your area, participate in a food-eating contest, or go fruit-picking if you both love and enjoy food.

Key Takeaways

  • Go on a hike with your partner to explore each other’s new sides as you walk through nature.
  • Take your date on a long drive, have fun conversations, and explore cute little restaurants.
  • You can also opt for some fun comedy shows or open mics playing around the city.
Outdoor Date Ideas

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