50 Trendy Silk Saree Blouse Designs Catalog (2024)

Get some inspiration from the trending designs to look like a belle from the south!

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Pattu sarees which are a wardrobe staple in any South Indian household, are loved by literally anyone across the globe. They are perfect for special occasions like weddings, family get-togethers, engagement parties, and the like. So if you are looking for pattu saree blouse designs that can add that extra charm to your look, then you will be glad to know that you are totally in the right place. Today, in this article, we are going to introduce you to some trendy blouse designs that are worth trying with your six yards of ultimate elegance. With the designs given below, you are surely going to steal the show wherever you go. If you want to try a casual look, our catalog of designs will help. If you wish for a dressier look, the catalog is there for you too. So, let your desi “you” shine like never before and get started. All you have to do is scroll down, check out the latest blouse designs for pattu sarees, and pick the one your heart desires. So now, let us not delay any further. Let us go and give this article a read because it is time to flaunt some ethnic looks!

protip_icon Ace The Look
  • Fabric: You can explore various saree fabrics to pair with these pattu blouses such as silk, velvet, brocade, chiffon, or net.
  • Color: Opt for contrasting colors to create a striking effect or select matching or complementary shades for an elegant appearance. For example, pair a vibrant red blouse with a deep blue silk saree or a bold green blouse with a golden silk saree
  • Occasion: For festive occasions or weddings, opt for embellished blouses with intricate embroidery or beading. For more casual or formal events, choose simpler yet stylish designs.
  • Accessories: Accessorize your silk saree blouse with a statement brooch, tassels or latkans, embellished borders, embroidered patches, and back jewelry.

4 Types of Saree Blouse Designs For A Modern Silk Affair

1. Cutwork Beauty

Cutwork lace blouse design.
Image: Shutterstock

Cutwork blouses reveal delicate cutouts and patterns usually around the neckline or the back. This design adds an artistic, contemporary look to a traditional silk saree.

2. Temple Border

Temple Border Saree
Image: Shutterstock

Temple borders make the blouses stand out! These have intricate temple-inspired drawings and motifs that give a regal and traditional overall appearance.

3. Cold Shoulder Elegance

Cold shoulder saree blouse
Image: Shutterstock

Cold shoulder blouses add the much-needed flavor of modernity to your silk saree look. These have basic cutouts on the shoulders that symbolize style and sophistication.

4. Backless Design

Backless blouse design.
Image: Shutterstock

A backless blouse can never go out of fashion. When paired with silk sarees, it can evoke a sensuous and glamorous look. Some added embellishments on the back can work wonders!

50 Latest Pattu & Silk Saree Blouse Designs Catalog (2024)

1. Back Neck Blouse Design For A Pattu Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with a back neck design
Image: Instagram

Let’s begin with my favorite part of the blouse and, admittedly, it is for a lot of women. The back neck design for this pattu saree blouse uses a sheer shimmer material to enhance the heavy embroidery. Talk about modern touches and creativity!

2. Blouse Back Neck With Bow For Silk Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with a back bow
Image: Instagram @snehaditya18

The deeper the blouse, the better it is according to me. If loud and gaudy is not your thing, silk sarees are a great option for any occasion. They are gorgeous and elegant at the same time. And you can play the contemporary card with a back neck blouse pattern for a silk saree with this design. A large tie-able bow is to die for!

3. Patch Work Blouse Designs For Cotton/Silk/Chiffon Sarees

Pattu saree blouse design with patch work
Image: Instagram

Patchwork seemed so off when it first hit the clothing line. But just like any fad, this trend took a while to take off. I cannot think of a cooler way of adding punk to this ethnic ensemble. An eclectic blouse design that best suits cotton and silk sarees alike.

4. Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram

The design and color choices for styling the off-white Kerala saree are limitless. Earlier, matching this off-white was a thing, but now it’s old school and out of fashion. It is all about contrast, so pick any color of your choice that will stand out or that matches your skin tone and go with a full sleeves blouse like this with a deep neck. Add accessories to add that zing. You don’t even have to bother getting this blouse heavily embellished or embroidered.

5. Contrast Designer Blouses For Silk Saree

Pattu saree blouse with contrast designs
Image: Instagram

Raid your mother’s closet to steal an old silk saree and pair it up with a raw silk blouse with a back design that is embroidered proportionately. To keep up with the old charm, go with a high neck and 3/4th sleeves just like old times. You could go with a deep pot neck for the contemporary touch.

6. Net Blouse Designs For Party Wear/Silk Sarees

Net pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @grace_creation_fashion

Another design we can never get enough of and looks refreshing every single time. A blouse design that goes with absolutely any saree and the color you choose can either be a contrast or complement the saree. With a sweetheart neckline, high bateau design covered with sheer tulle material and mirror work to pop the look further, this is something you should try, if you have not already!

7. Kanjeevaram Saree With Embroidered Blouse Design

Kanjeevaram pattu saree with an embroidered blouse design
Image: Instagram @tamilweddinginspo

Kanjeevaram sarees are synonymous with weddings. The rich look they emit is matchless and incomparable to any other fabric. This is particularly the case with South Indian brides. If you don’t like the blouse that comes with the saree, go with a blouse of the same color as the saree and embroidery that is neither too heavy or too little.

protip_icon Quick Tip
You can also pair a velvet blouse with a Kanjeevaram silk saree with a little embroidery (like gold work), which will match perfectly and make you look mesmerizing.

8. Blouse Designs With Border

If you prefer something traditional without much work, stick to the old style of a blouse with border, 3/4th hands and subtle piping for the edges or sequin lining to add just enough pop.

9. Mirror Work Blouse For Pattu Sarees

Pattu saree blouse design with mirror work
Image: Instagram @ritucolours

Mirror work is evergreen and will never go away, even though they have been around for a while. The only thing you will have to remember is to make sure the quality and finishing of the work are good. Otherwise, it can look pretty shoddy. The work goes with chiffon, silk or pattu sarees depending on the occasion.

10. Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse

Kundan pattu saree blouse with pot neck design
Image: Instagram @dreamindianweddingblog

A style you could incorporate for any pattu saree variant like Uppada, Benaras, zari, etc. A combination of kundan and sequin work for the deep pot neck at the back with a hanging tussle bunch is all the charm your ethnic saree needs. Keep the hands and front simple if the saree is already heavy, or just follow the theme for neck and hand outline. Either way, a classy yet chic looking blouse design you should try.

11. Pattu Border Work For Mysore Silk/Zari Sarees

Pattu saree blouse design with border work
Image: Instagram @sharanaya.boutique

Sarees with a thick border are back in fashion right now. Just like all the 90s trends that are coming back, this one is too. Also, this unique Mysore silk saree blouse design with borders makes for an amazing bodice.

12. Zardosi Work Design For Pattu Blouse

Pattu saree blouse design with zardosi work
Image: Instagram

Chilli red banaras or kanjeevaram saree; a zardozi blouse with a contemporary neck design is a dream combination. It screams wedding like nothing else. Go with the classic half hands and a steady zardozi work throughout just like this one, and you’re quite sorted.

13. Full Sleeve Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Pattu saree blouse design with full sleeves
Image: Instagram @dreamersevents

A fishtail embroidery design for the sleeves and body makes this blouse unique and one of its kind. Blouses like these will elevate your saree and will be the highlight of the ensemble.

14. High Neck Blouse Design For Silk/Cotton Sarees

Pattu saree blouse design with high neck
Image: Instagram @bymirataylor

Minimalistic is the next big thing in fashion. It means popping the outfit with the design element rather than being OTT. If this style defines you, it should already be a part of your Pinterest board. It is a great design for silk or cotton sarees with a plain body, small border, and printed blouse. You could go up or down with the sleeve length or even go halter if you may, and it looks stunning either way.

15. South Indian Bridal Blouse Design

Bridal pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @blush_finemakeupart

South Indian wedding sarees are usually a combination of red and yellow or a mix of shades that fall under either of them. The best part about these sarees is that the heavily ornate blouses only add charm and grandeur without looking loud. Even though a lot of it depends on the design and the embroidery, it will give you a million dollar look if done well. This golden, green and a pop of silver work plus the additional patch work design used as shoulder piping  only adds up to everything.

16. Contrast Pattu Blouse Embroidery

Pattu saree blouse design with contrast embroidery
Image: Instagram @blush_finemakeupart

What if you do not want to go the usual way but desire a twist? Yes, you totally could. Look at this combination of a typical red pattu saree with a green floral embroidery blouse for a bridal outfit. The green blouse with solid golden zardozi work complements the golden color on the saree, plus we love how the green is made to subtly pop out using the other accessories.

17. Plain Sleeveless Blouse For Jute/Silk Sarees

Plain sleeveless pattu saree blouse desig
Image: Instagram

Cotton silk and jute sarees are all about elegance and class. Here’s a simple blouse design for silk sarees that might suit your palette. Even though it looks like a regular sleeveless blouse, the transition from the high neck to the back into a slightly deep V in the front with a princess cut needs to be dealt with expertise.

18. Banaras Blouse For Cotton Silk Sarees

Banaras pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram

I can never get enough of cotton, be it in any form and when it comes to sarees, it’s my go-to style. For daytime events, I still prefer soft linen or cotton sarees while I like cotton silk or chanderi cotton for parties or bigger functions. A classy and simple way to style these sarees is to team it up with a benaras or cotton silk blouse design with 3/4th sleeves and deep pot neck. The banaras fabric lends just enough sheen and shimmer to the outfit. Style them with big jhumkas and a hair updo and a bare neck to complete this look.

19. Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse With Sheer Design Embroidery

Sheer Embroidery pattu saree blouse design with half sleeves
Image: Instagram @houseofamitaruci

Give your regular half sleeves blouse a little twist with this maggam work embroidery that focuses on the sleeves and back neck. Plus, the refreshing touch of tulle fabric attached gives it a high neck illusion, but with a large motif. One of my favorite designs in this catalog.

20. Yellow Kanjeevaram Saree With Zardozi Work Blouse

Pattu saree blouse design with zardosi work
Image: Instagram @tamilweddinginspo

Go all out with yellow in this Kanjeevaram pattu saree and combine it with a heavy zardozi work blouse. The heavy, intricate work with a touch of green and pink is a feast for the eyes.

21. Gold Zari Saree With Peacock Maggam Blouse

Peacock maggam pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @tamilweddinginspo

The minute I saw this, I knew this would go right into my ‘all-time-favorite’ list. Pairing gold with an unusual choice of pink is a brilliant way of breaking the lavish gold zari saree. The peacock motif used as the base for the thread work embroidery is splendid, and truly one of its kind.

22. Red Pattu Saree Blouse With Golden Embroidery

Pattu saree blouse design with golden embroidery
Image: Instagram @beautycreation1

Style this classic banaras pattu saree in red with gold zari border with a similar embroidery design. The gold maggam embroidery stands out and complements the blouse. Go with a pot neck that connects back at the nape of your neck if you want to mellow down on the work.

23. Elephant Embroidery Design For Blouse Back Neck

Pattu saree blouse with elephant embroidery back design
Image: Instagram @mangalyambrideguide

Like we discussed earlier, sheer back necks are catching up, especially for pattu sarees. This modern blouse design for silk sarees makes use of motifs like elephants to add ethnic elements to your ensemble.

24. Traditional Wedding Blouse With Border

Traditional wedding pattu saree blouse design with a border
Image: Instagram @shopzters

Big border blouse designs are back in vogue, and we could not have been happier. For brides who do not want to go heavy on the embroidery, just go with a traditional half sleeves blouse by using the pattu border for the sleeves. Take it a little further with high neck blouse if you may. Either way, this is a beautiful choice of color and design.

25. Red Saree With Burnt Orange Blouse

Burnt orange pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram

Another interesting choice of blouse design from the South Indian bridal collection. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but burnt orange is catching up in the traditional clothing line. Plus, it goes with almost all colors that fall under the bridal radar.

26. Red Pattu Saree Blouse With Tulle Sleeves

Red pattu saree blouse design with tulle sleeves
Image: Instagram @ezwed.co

Minimalistic yet luxurious, just how most of us prefer. Use the pattu blouse that comes with the saree for the body of the blouse with Kundan work just for the border; for the sleeves take a separate net or tulle material. A simple blouse design for a pattu saree with scattered pearls just like this one is perfect.

27. Floral Pattu Saree And Embroidered Blouse

Floral pattu saree blouse design with embroidery
Image: Instagram

If you want to move away from the regular pattu sarees, floral designs are catching up and make for an attractive option. You can follow the design pattern with a combination of floral, bordered and a tad bit of Kundan embroidery work.

28. Threadwork Blouse Designs For Uppada Pattu Or Jute Sarees

Uppada pattu saree blouse design with threadwork
Image: Instagram

Uppada sarees are in vogue right now, and we are glad. These are lightweight yet grand and elegant. Plus, you can either go heavy with the embroidery for a grandeur look or try the thread work embroidery which is more on the classy side. Use this thread work design for the sleeves and go with a deep neck. You could also add multi-colored tussles of the same color to bump up the look.

29. Dull Gold Saree With Heavy Work Blouse

Dull gold pattu saree blouse design with heavy work
Image: Instagram

Think of a heavy work bridal saree and blouse; this is the epitome of it. A combination that proves that sometimes it is okay to go heavy with both the blouse and saree.

30. Contrast Blouse Design For Plain Pattu Sarees

Pattu saree blouse with contrast design
Image: Instagram @jeenzv

Absolute, plain pattu sarees with a contrast and heavy work designer blouses are trending. If you have a wedding coming up and have nothing to wear, take an old saree, or any used one and combine it with a banaras or pattu blouse. You don’t even have to bother about getting embroidery done either.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Adding a matching border of your saree to the sleeves of your contrasting blouse will not only make your saree stand out but will also give that touch of glam with a minimalistic look

31. Patch Work Blouse Design For Tussar Silk Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with patch work
Image: Instagram @nvystudio

Tussar & raw silk sarees are perfect for bridesmaids. All of you can go with a plain gold tussar silk saree to complement the bride’s saree, and each of you can choose a contrast color blouse with similar embroidery for the blouse. If not the regular embroidery, try the patchwork design like this one.

32. Floral Raw Silk Blouse For Plain Chiffon/Raw Silk Sarees

Floral raw silk pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @trailsofrossanna

By now, we already know that florals are everywhere. From lehengas to sarees, salwar, and blouses they have taken over. So instead of just a contrast blouse for the plain saree, go with this raw floral and soft silk blouse design with a boat neck. Wear nothing else but a pair of earrings to enhance the blouse.

33. Gold Kundan And Mirror Work For Green Pattu Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with gold kundan and mirror work
Image: Instagram

A distinct blouse design that will stand out and is not something you see every day. The gold mirror work, pot neck design, and red piping are all adding up to this stunning blouse. However, the gold strings with beads are the USP of this blouse.

34. Fancy Designer Blouse For Party Wear Sarees

Fancy designer pattu saree blouse
Image: Instagram @sareeblousecouture

By now, we already know that florals are everywhere. From lehengas to sarees, salwar, and blouses they have taken over. So instead of just a contrast blouse for the plain saree, go with this raw silk floral blouse with a boat neck. Wear a pair of earrings and nothing else to elevate the blouse.

35. Net Blouse For Pattu Saree

Net pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram

Keeping up with the tulle and sheer blouse madness, here’s a blouse that fits the bill for pattu sarees too. The plain contrast pattu blouse for the body and a complete nude back blouse design with maggam work is a pleasure to look at.

36. Dull Gold Zari Saree And Stone Embellished Blouse

Pattu saree blouse design with stone embellishments
Image: Instagram @sapivijay

Dull gold is coming back in full swing, and this monochrome-inspired outfit is proof enough that as long as you style it well, the outfit looks great. The rhinestone and embellished 3/4th blouse is regal and sophisticated.

37. Pot Neck And Back Open Blouse Design For Yellow Silk Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with pot neck and open back
Image: Instagram

If you are remotely into designing your clothes, chances are you already stumbled upon this design. And, this contemporary blouse took the internet by storm. I loved how they combined a back open pattern with the pot neck blouse design to pair with a silk saree. And, also the combination of sheer fabric with self-design for the sleeves and silk for the rest of it.

38. Gold Bridal Pattu Saree With Pink Blouse

Pink pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @tamilweddinginspo

Yellow and pink is an excellent combination; it’s refreshing, vibrant and attractive. Totally fitting for a bride. The hot pink blouse with detailed zardozi work looks ravishing. The gold accessories, hair, and makeup complement the outfit proportionately.

39. Net Blouse With Quarter Sleeves

Net pattu saree blouse design with quarter sleeves
Image: Instagram @aks_lets_talk_design

Quarter sleeves were big a few years ago before the 3/4th sleeves took over. However, if you want a middle ground between half sleeves and sleeveless, quarter sleeves are a great option. This net blouse in net and thread work embroidery, pot neck and stone embellishments is a design you can easily replicate.

40. Banaras Blouse With Kundan Work

Banaras pattu saree blouse design with kundan work
Image: Instagram @lavendertheboutique

If you are a fan of deep necks, here’s a design that is exciting. Simple, stylish and sensuous. It basically ticks off all the boxes for a great looking blouse, and this is a theme you can use with any fabric or color. If you are not comfortable with a sleeveless blouse, add net sleeves with kundan border.

41. High Neck Sleeveless Blouse For Pattu Zari Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with a high neck
Image: Instagram @trailsofrossanna

High neck and sleeveless, a trending combination. Go with a color blocking technique and with a complete contrast from the saree. The sweetheart neckline connecting the high neck with sheer fabric and collar embroidery will get heads turning.

42. Peacock Motif Contrast Blouse

Pattu saree blouse design with a peacock motif
Image: Instagram @waidurya

A breathtaking combination of royal blue and peacock green is a blouse we all must have in our collection. With stone embellished borders for the sleeves and boat neck; peacock and floral motifs for the 3/4th sleeves is all done to perfection. You can use similar designs for jute, cotton silk or chanderi fabrics; or sarees that are fairly straightforward.

43. Crop Top Inspired Blouse For Plain Sarees

Crop top pattu saree blouse design
Image: Instagram @kavithamathi

Crop tops double up as saree blouses, and why shouldn’t they? Talking about crop tops, here’s a blouse that takes inspiration from the style. Add body jewelry to make it look hip. If you have a saree in a flowing fabric like this one, you could probably use that as a crop top.

44. Banaras Blouse For Half Saree

Banaras pattu saree blouse design for a half saree
Image: Instagram @blush_finemakeupart

Half sarees or half and half as some may call it are coming back as one of the 90s trends for everyone. If you are also looking for a half saree blouse design, go with a contrast blouse in banaras fabric with 3/4th sleeves. Get zardozi work done for the body of the blouse and leave the borders just the way they are.

45. Boat Neck And Balloon Sleeves Blouse

Pattu saree blouse design with boat neck and balloon sleeves
Image: Instagram

A design that will perfectly go with any or all cotton fabrics—Pochampally, Bengal cotton, ikkat or baltic prints, etc. Handloom sarees have found their revival and this time around the bespoke blouses are the deal breaker. A preppy touch with the traditional saree!!

46. Pink Maggam Work Blouse For Green Pattu Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with pink maggam work
Image: Instagram

A blouse that can be worn with more than one saree, and that is the advantage of contrast colors. And, the kind of time and money we spend on clothes these days, we better use them for more than one outfit. Anyway, here is a design in sheer and georgette fabrics; maggam embroidery and with 3/4th sleeves that stand out for all the right reasons.

47. Pattu Blouse With Deep Neck

Pattu saree blouse design with a deep neck
Image: Instagram

Wow – my first reaction to this blouse. An absolute stunner in every sense! If the deep neck was not enough, the colors, the patchwork and the tussles have all surpassed one another. Just get this done already!

48. Stylish Back Neck Design

Pattu saree blouse with a stylish back design
Image: Instagram @theamritaconnection

Take a plain flowing saree and combine it with contrast or checkered (which is back in vogue right now), pair it with silver jewelry. Bam! You just bought yourself a boho-chic attire. The checkered blouse with horizontal and vertical black strips is oozing oomph!

49. Pink Blouse In Banaras And Silk

Pattu saree blouse design made with Banaras silk
Image: Instagram

A color that is extensively a part of not just South Indian but also Maharashtrian (Paithani) saree collection. Also, a blouse design that will go with just about anything. A yellow georgette saree with pink border, a royal blue pattu saree with peacock motifs or an off-white chanderi saree. It is a perfect balance of chic and traditional blouse design.

50. High Neck Blouse For A Net Saree

Pattu saree blouse design with a high neck
Image: Instagram @dreamersevents

The best part about high neck blouses is that you don’t have to bother about jewelry, well one less thing to worry about. Again, a blouse that will go with jute, net, chiffon or anything flowy.

The best part about these chic saree blouses is that they can be paired with skirts, jeans, patiala pants, and other types of clothing, not just sarees. Tanaya Das, a blogger, shares that she likes to wear her blouses not just with sarees but even Western wear. She writes, “In my opinion, saree blouses make wonderful tops for dancing the night away and look great paired with basics (i).” From skirts to flared bottoms and overalls, she likes to style them with everything. The blogger adds, “I love wearing my Ikat and block print saree blouses with super flared and even skinny bottoms in various fabrics.”

Infographic: Simple Silk Saree Blouse Designs Catalog

Don’t want anything flashy or over-the-top? Don’t worry because we can assist you in finding that perfect blouse for your nine yards of sheer elegance. We have compiled a list of simple yet elegant saree blouse designs that suit your taste for minimalist fashion. So, without further ado, scroll down to check it out!

simple silk saree blouse designs catalog (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

A saree blouse possesses the most incredible power of making or breaking your whole look. It can be a huge faux pas if you do not select the right fabric and design or if it does not fit your body perfectly. Therefore, a considerable amount of time and effort goes into finalizing the most suitable blouse. For instance, if you drape a pattu saree, the blouse that goes with it has to bring forward the culture of your region. In such cases, our compilation of pattu saree blouse designs can come to your rescue to help you choose only the best options out there! So, stop worrying and get ready to flaunt your desi side with the latest blouse designs of the year..

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some tips for choosing the right Pattu Saree Blouse design to complement the saree?

Keep these 3 things in mind when choosing a Pattu Saree Blouse design for your saree:
• Choose a design that complements your body type. For instance, deep-neck and backless blouses look better on hourglass figures.
• Select the aesthetic you want, be it casual or fancy, and choose the blouse accordingly.
• Choose according to the weather. For instance, cut-sleeved blouses would be more appropriate for summers rather than the winters.

How can Pattu Saree Blouse designs be customized to suit individual styles and preferences?

While customization is a great way to promote individual style and unique taste, it can be a tedious task. You can cut down on the time and effort by preparing a mood board of blouses as you keep in mind the color, pattern, and fabric you wish to go for. Familiarize yourself with and choose from a catalog of simple saree blouse designs before you list down the different patterns that suit your body type and get right into it!

Which blouse suits for pink pattu saree?

For pairing a blouse with a pink pattu saree, you can consider shades of pink or contrasting colors like green or mustard. Gold or silver blouses with intricate embroidery or embellishments are always a safe choice.

Which blouse to wear to look slim?

You can opt for blouses with vertical lines or embroidery. Say a big no to puffy sleeves as they add volume, instead, go with long blouse sleeves. Have broad necklines if you have broad shoulds and wear a well-fitted blouse.

Can I wear a bra as a saree blouse?

Bras are not designed as outerwear; however, some women style their bralettes and crop tops as blouses. Wearing a bra as a blouse may not be appropriate for all occasions or cultural events.

Who should wear a high-neck blouse?

High-neck blouses can be a good option for those who want a formal look. They can also be a good choice for those with a long neck or a smaller bust, as they can help create the illusion of a fuller bust. It is ideal for those who have an inverted triangle or strawberry-shaped body type.

Key Takeaways

  • Silk sarees can be paired with blouses made from a range of fabrics such as silk, cotton, brocade, chiffon, etc.
  • Blouse designs for silk sarees can be customized according to the body type and personal preferences. For example, one can go for cold shoulder for a modern look and embellished back for a traditional look.
  • Opt for contrasting blouse colors such as red with a white saree or golden blouse with a black saree for an attractive look.

Check out this amazing video showcasing stunning blouse work designs for pattu sarees. Get inspired by the latest designer silk saree blouse designs and look your best!

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