19 Best Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

From power dressing at work to glamming up for the night—these outfits cover everything!

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We cannot deny that pencil skirts are one of the greatest inventions in the whole world. And they go perfectly with all body types; it feels like they are just made for you. With the right pencil skirt outfit ideas in place, you can flaunt your look effortlessly and steal the show right away. They will sit nicely on your body and allow you to rock a look that will inspire others as well. Oh, and the best part about these versatile skirts is that they can be repeated. No matter how many times you have worn them in the past, they will always look new and super chic. So, if you want to flaunt a look that is worth trying now and then, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with some must-try ideas below. So, go ahead and check them out!

What Is A Pencil Skirt?

Pencil skirts are usually short, straight, end before the knee, and taper as they approach the hemline. Some pencil skirts run down till your calf, but follow the same pattern of narrowing out. These can be worn as both formal and casual attire, depending on the material and how you style it. Here are some fail-proof pencil skirt outfit ideas for you.

Stylecraze Trivia
Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Betty Brosmer made pencil skirts popular during the mid-1900s.

19 Best Pencil Skirt Outfit Ideas

1. Long Pencil Skirt And Formal Shirt For Work

Replace your regular and straight formal skirts with a pencil cut skirt. Pair it with a checkered shirt, slingback pumps, and ace your power dressing game like a boss.

2. Black Pencil Skirt And Turtleneck Top

Black pencil skirt with turtleneck top


There’s nothing like a well-fitted outfit – and this one looks suave and slick. Pair a short straight cut black skirt with a turtleneck T-shirt. Neatly tie your hair into a ponytail, and throw on some pumps too.

3. Long Pencil Skirt

Thanks to brands like Prada, Fendi, etc. – they brought the long version of the pencil skirt to the runway first, and showed us how it’s done. A long pencil skirt comes to prove that an outfit or a skirt does not have to be short to be sensuous. Wear it to a party and have all heads turning towards you.

4. Leather Pencil Skirt

Try this outfit that looks effortlessly put together. Honestly, you can do this entire look in less than a few minutes, and act as nothing happened. Tie up the side of an oversized T-shirt, throw on white converse shoes, and put your hair up in a half bun. Chic, I say!

5. Plaid Pencil Skirt

People think pencil skirts need fancy tops, but that’s not true at all. Pick up a plaid pencil skirt, and match it with a plain white or black T-shirt. Tuck it in and do your usual hair and makeup. Wear sandals to keep up with the vibe.

6. Floral Pencil Skirt And Kimono

Most of us are straight up uncomfortable with the idea of wearing something as defining as a pencil skirt; you don’t have to because there are ways to deal with this. Whether you are plus size and conscious or petite and shy – add layers and definition to your outfit. Go with floral or a bold color skirt that steers the attention away, but let nothing stop you from donning these outfits, not even yourself.

7. Faux Leather Pencil Skirt

Faux leather skirts and trousers are catching up, and for a lot of reasons. But, the point is these look incredibly stylish – wear one of these with a plain white T-shirt, throw on a shrug, and wear pumps.

8. Pencil Skirt And Leather Jacket

Pencil skirt with leather jacket


Leather jacket, pencil skirt, striped tank or top with ankle length booties. This fall, instead of your regular plaid dresses and trench coats, trip on this combination.

9. Pencil Skirt And Crop Top

Pencil skirt with crop top


If you look at it, this outfit can take you from work to a date night or an after party in minutes. Go to work in a black skirt, formal shirt, pumps, and a classy necklace. In the evening, change into a crop top – and that’s all it takes. Touch up your makeup maybe? This monochrome pencil skirt outfit hardly needs anything else.

Stylecraze Says
If you are short, a high-waist pencil skirt and crop top will be the best choice as they will make you look taller.

10. Pencil Skirt And Sneakers

Target, H&M, Forever 21, Zara and all our favorite stores are filled with the stretchable variant of the pencil skirts. These are oh-so-comfortable, effortless to style, and versatile. Go with bold colors, and all out if you have had enough of the grey, black, and other standard colors. But finish the look with sneakers, and thank me later.

11. Pinstripe Evening Pencil Skirt

Bodycon and LBDs have been a constant in our lives, plus they ain’t going anywhere. Next time you get an invite to an evening party, try this pinstriped neon skirt. Go with a sequin top, or a muted white top with ruffles that adds definition and elegance. Whatever fits you right – but the point is to experiment and explore. You could even ditch your pumps for wedges for this outfit.

12. Pencil Skirt And Overcoat

Bring simple and every day (but unassuming) colors together to paint a beautiful canvas like this. Make fall colorful, but on your own terms. Go with heels that encompass your feet, and little details like this that marry it all to perfection.

13. Pencil Skirt And Halter Top

Headed for a cruise vacation? A resort or to the bay? Pack a pencil skirt in a vibrant color and wear a halter neck top or bikini with it.

14. White Shirt And Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirt with white shirt


A crisp white shirt, tucked into a formal skirt, is just power dressing at its best. You can also go with not-so-obvious colors like blue, plaid or printed because the idea of formal clothing is changing, and at a pace we can’t keep up with if we don’t get onboard.

15. White Pencil Skirt Monochrome Outfit

White pencil skirt


White monochromes are matchless – try this with a pencil skirt and look prim and on top of your fashion game.

16. Blue Pencil Skirt Dress

Yes, you heard that right – pencil skirt dresses are a thing. It’s an attached one-piece dress that looks like a matching set. It’s impeccably stylish and something we should all try.

17. Casual Pencil Skirt Outfit

Keep it simple, chic, and elegant by bringing these everyday essentials together. Black pencil skirt, graphic T-shirt, and a long sweater to keep you warm in winters.

18. Pencil Skirt And Tank Top

Pencil skirt and tank top


Next time you have a day out planned with your clan, just throw on your pencil skirt and a tank top. Tuck it in, and complete it with wedges. Style your hair in beachy waves, and take a tote bag along.

19. Sequin Pencil Skirt

Sequin pencil skirt


The sequin skirt is an excellent choice of outfit for a party. Keep the blouse simple – either a satin spaghetti top, a bodysuit or even a chambray shirt if you like the vibe. Carry a sequin clutch or a side body bag, and sport smokey eyes and nude lipstick.

Pencil Skirt Vs. Straight Skirt?

Just as the name goes, straight skirts are just in a straight line and come in all lengths; and by now you should know what pencil skirts are! If you are venturing into skirts, start with straight skirts, but progress to pencil skirts, because these are more stylish, and every girl should try these.

Infographic: 6 Ways To Pull Off Your Formal Look With A Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are the most versatile and fashionable clothing item you can own. They complement all body types and are available in countless styles. Whether it’s floral patterns to make you feel feminine or plaids to aid your formal look, these skirts are for everyone. But if you specifically want to rock your formal office looks, check out the infographic for some style inspo. Scroll down!

6 ways to pull off your formal look with a pencil skrit[infographic]

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

With the above pencil skirt outfit ideas, you can now be well assured of making a style statement effortlessly. Pencil skirts help you stand tall in a crowd while not appearing too loud or flashy. Suitable for all body types, you can choose the color, fabric, and length of the skirt as per your comfort, fit, and preference. Be it a brunch with friends or a special date night, pick any of the above-listed jean jackets to steal the limelight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a pencil skirt if I have a belly?

Yes, a pencil skirt can be worn even if you have a belly. However, pencil skirts with detailing like buttons and pockets near the belly are better avoided in this case.

Do pencil skirts make you look thinner?

Yes, pencil skirts can give you an illusion of a thinner body.

Why are they called pencil skirts?

Pencil skirts are named for their shape. They have a long and slim look tha resembles a pencil.

What body shape can wear a pencil skirt?

Pencil skirts fit exceptionally well for an hourglass shape.

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