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7 Percent Body Fat Diet – A Complete Guide

7 Percent Body Fat Diet – A Complete Guide October 31, 2017

Are you on the lookout for a diet that helps you maintain the right body fat? Do you think that a svelte figure is only for celebrities? Well, think again! We present to you a diet that actually works! Yes, you heard it right! A diet plan that works!

It is the 7% body-fat diet we are talking about. Would you like to know more? Read on!

The 7 Percent Body Fat Diet – A Brief:

If you ask your friends how much of fat is required to have a toned figure and healthy body, it will lead to a debate. While 15 to 10 percent fat in your body means you are healthy, some people may want to push the envelope further and take it down to 7 percent, and for a good reason! Studies suggest that 7 percent body fat is optimum and ensures that your body is fit to fight and ward away ailments.

But like all things good, achieving 7 percent body fat is no easy task! For this, you need to adhere to a properly balanced diet and resort to specific exercises. This 8-week fitness plan and diet can help you get an enviable figure. The weeks can be a tad bit tough, but the results are worth it!

The 1st Week:

You will take 4 meals a day. The first meal will have Egg Frittata, the second one cooked tilapia and a half cup of oats. The third meal should comprise of cooked beef, half cup cooked brown rice and 1 cup of green vegetables. The 4th and pre-workout meal will comprise of cream of rice, 50g whey isolate. Make it with almond butter and water. During the workout you can intake 40g casein hydrolysate, 90g carbs. Post workout, the 5th meal should include 2 Almond-apple-yam pancakes. The last meal will have cooked lean white fish and veggies with Protein Berry Crisp serving.

On off days, you will have 6 meals that should include whole eggs, virgin coconut oil, cooked chicken, Ezekiel toast, sweet potato, organic butter, etc. In this week, you should workout for 4 days. This should include weight training and cardio. Cardio session should include 45 minutes of walking.

The 2nd Week:

The meal for working days in the 2nd week will exactly be like the first week. However, refrain from consuming oats. Same is true about meals for off days in this week.

Through this week too, you should do weight training for 4 days. For cardio, raise your walking duration to 50 minutes.

The 3rd Week:

In the third week, working day meals remain the same as the 2nd week. You will follow the same strategy for off day meals.

During this week, you will exercise for 5 days and keep one day to work on your legs alone. For cardio, do 50 minutes of walking at brisk speeds.

The 4th Week:

The working and off day meals remain the same in the 4th week. Even the exercise and cardio routines follow the same pattern of the earlier week. Have a shake made with 10g of BCAAs and eat it during the cardio session.

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The 5th Week:

The meals continue to be the same in the 5th week, both for non-working days and working days. However, exercise time spans to six days now. The additional day is meant for weight training for your back. The cardio routine remains same along with consuming the shake.

The 6th Week:

While meals continue as usual in the 6th week, exercise limit reaches a high. Now, you will need to work out every day of the week, for weight training sessions. This will cover all parts of your body, literally. You will need to do cardio 4 days a week and it will include 50 minutes of walking. The shake consumption will go on as well.

The 7th Week:

Meals would follow the exact pattern of the earlier week and the same can be said about the weight training sessions. The 50-minute cardio sessions should come down to 3 days a week now.

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8th And Last Week:

The non-working day and working day meals remain the same. This week you stick to the 7-day workout regime for weight training sessions. The cardio session will remain for 3 days and you will walk for 5 more minutes on each day.

While many of you might find this 7 percent body fat diet plan like one of those many commercials, we insist that you give it a try! In four weeks, not only will you feel lighter but also more rejuvenated and energetic!

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