5 Perfect Eyebrow Shapes For Heart Shaped Face

Easy-to-follow tips for framing your eyebrows and highlighting your best facial features

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If you are looking for the right eyebrows for heart-shaped faces, we are here to help. To look stunning throughout the day, you should begin your makeup regimen with your eyebrows. Then, pay attention to shaping those babies to perfection, and you can achieve any look you want. So, swipe up to try these ideas and enhance your oomph factor!

protip_icon Keep In Mind
  • The Eyebrow Tip: The Eyebrow Tip Defining the tip of the eyebrows will help achieve a well-groomed shape for a heart-shaped face.
  • Color: The Eyebrow Tip While buying an eyebrow pencil, always go for a shade lighter than your eyebrows, like grey or dark brown.
  • Concealer Hack: The Eyebrow Tip Use a concealer while grooming the eyebrows in the trimmed tail look to conceal and highlight the arches.

1. Medium And Groomed:

Medium eyebrows for heart-shaped face
Image: Shutterstock

Did you look like a plastic doll the last time you went for threading? Is it still too tiring for you to choose a correct shape for your eyebrows? Do you find it almost impossible to look sexy and not plastic at the same time? Well, you must have chosen a thin eyebrow pattern with sharp edges then. Avoid extremely thin eyebrow patterns, since heart shaped face doesn’t carry this look well. Instead, choose to have a medium growth, which is well groomed of course, with subtle arches for a flattering look! This style is never boring and out of order for heart shaped face. Look your best with this simpler look and see the difference it creates to your overall appearance.

2. Rounded Brow Pattern:

Image: Shutterstock

Thicker brow patterns with extreme curves are in this season. However, always say no to bushy and thick eyebrow shapes, since this style is not for your face to experiment with. If you are sick and tired of carrying the same medium and groomed look for long, you still have the option to keep the frame fuller and rounded. This medium curve pattern focuses on creating an impact with low arch towards the middle. It is neither too loud nor too dull and is the perfect eyebrow shape for heart shaped face. You might just get pleasantly surprised with the feminine look of your face with the rounded brow pattern.

3. Trimmed Tail Pattern:

Image: IStock

Do you absolutely adore keeping the tail of your eyebrows pointed and extended out? Take a break from this look and try the Trimmed Tail pattern on your face this time. This will definitely be one of the eyebrow shapes for heart shaped faces to try out. Go for subtle tail ends that do not bulge out much. It creates a nice angled impact on heart shaped face and looks different than usual. If interested in trying something new that will transform your looks manifolds, go for this brow pattern for sure.

Nakiba, a blogger, offers tips on eyebrow shaping for heart-shaped faces. Speaking specifically about the trimmed tail pattern, she suggests, “This will definitely be one of the best eyebrow shapes for a heart-shaped face. Go for subtle tail ends that do not bulge out much. It creates a nice impact on the heart-shaped face and looks different than usual (i).”

protip_icon Trivia
Keeping eyebrows short will visually balance your jawline and give the forehead a narrower appearance.

4. Controlled Arch Pattern:

Controlled arch brows for heart-shaped face
Image: IStock

The Controlled Arch pattern demonstrates the need of heart shaped face to avoid excessive arches and curves. This face type is neither arrow sharp, nor round. The face width is neither squeezed nor expanded. In short, it is a perfect shape. The controlled arch pattern concentrates on finding the medium way to experience a change in looks. It involves plucking extra hair from the brow line for a symmetrical look, and taming the pattern to something, which lies midway between curved and arched. It is a sure-shot way to create a huge impact, since it increases your style quotient manifolds.

5. Controlled Thick Rounded Pattern:

Image: Shutterstock

Looking forward to look younger and sexier? Tried various serums and face creams to endure youth? Try a different eyebrow pattern this time. No kidding ladies! The Controlled Thick and Rounded eyebrow pattern makes you look younger than your actual age. It accentuates your looks completely by redefining the dimensions of your face. This customized look needs a lot of guidance to get a perfect finish. The brows range between medium and thin. The arches are non-visible and take a rounded pattern that involves minor curves. It is not the flat look that has no curves/arches at all. This is more of a controlled pattern that needs time, patience and experience for a neat and tidy outcome.

6. Curved Brow Pattern:

Image: Shutterstock

If you have a heart-shaped face, the perfect curved brow pattern can truly enhance your natural beauty. Its soft, curved arch complements the distinct features of a heart-shaped face and helps elegantly frame the eyes. The brow should be slightly thicker on the inner corner, taper towards the arch, and gently curve downward at the outer edge. This shape helps balance a wider forehead and narrower chin that are characteristic of a heart-shaped face. Avoid overly angular or thin shapes as they may emphasize the pointy chin. A well-groomed curved brow pattern highlights the right features and gives you a harmonious and flattering look that complements your facial structure.

This list of eyebrows for a heart-shaped face is all you ever need. From Medium And Groomed to Rounded Brow Pattern, Controlled Arch Pattern, and more, the options are just so many. All you have to do is, pick the one that suits you best and try them out. With these choices in place, you would not come across one day when you would not look pretty and flawless. So, let’s not delay any further. Prep yourself for some picture-perfect moments in perfect eyebrows and distinguishing mascara because you will slay, girl!

protip_icon Trivia
Billie Eilish, Sydney Sweeney, Kylie Jenner, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon, and Naomi Campbell are some of the leading ladies with a heart shaped-face who you can look up to for some eyebrow inspiration.

Do you rejoice in any specific eyebrow patterns that complement your heart shaped face? Do you have some suggestions for the world to know? Share your favourite eyebrow shape with us in the comments section.

Infographic: Top Eyebrow Shapes For A Heart Face

Your eyebrow shape can accentuate your best facial features or make your face appear shorter or too angled. So, if you have been struggling to find the ideal shape for your beautiful heart face, don’t worry. Check out this infographic for the top eyebrow shapes that will perfectly complement your face cut and accentuate your lovely features.

top eyebrow shapes for a heart face (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tweezers should I use to groom my eyebrows for a heart-shaped face?

The slant tip tweezer is the most common store-bought hair plucker for easy brow grooming. You can also use the point-tip tweezer or the pointed slant-tip tweezer to pluck ingrown or fine hair.

Are there any special techniques I should use when creating eyebrows for a heart-shaped face?

The forehead is the widest part of the heart-shaped face. The eyebrow shape should be able to make the forehead look smaller. You can also use eyebrow techniques such as adding tint and henna brows to give an illusion of dark brow color.

Is there a risk of infection when grooming eyebrows for a heart-shaped face?

Yes, eyebrow-grooming techniques can cause infections. Bacteria and pathogens can enter the skin through open skin follicles. An infection of the hair follicles on the eyebrow area can happen due to the use of unhygienic eyebrow thread.

Are there any special products available for creating eyebrows for a heart-shaped face?

Several products can help you get the right curve to match your heart-shaped face. Brow pencils, brushes , gels, and powders can be used to maintain shape and fill in the brow to create the perfect arch shape, while brow stencils can help you create the exact shape you want.

Are any permanent solutions available for creating eyebrows for a heart-shaped face?

Permanent eyebrow tattooing and microblading are permanent solutions for creating eyebrows. An eyebrow tattoo involves injecting pigment into the skin, while microblading deposits pigment into fine cuts made on the skin to give it the appearance of hair. These procedures are invasive and should be performed only by professionals.

Key Takeaways

  • If you wish to lift a heart-shaped face, medium and groomed eyebrows suit better than thin eyebrows with sharp edges.
  • Rounded brow patterns with low arches provide a fuller and rounded look.
  • A trimmed tail pattern is a good option for those who want to highlight their heart-shaped face as it helps take the focus off from the jawline.
  • If you are someone with defined thick eyebrows, a controlled thick and rounded eyebrow pattern can help redefine the contours of your face.
eyebrows for heart shaped face_illustration

Image: Stable Diffusion/StyleCraze Design Team

Discover the perfect eyebrow shape for your face from the following video! Learn how to choose the best eyebrow shape for your unique features and get the look you want.

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