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Perfectly Messy—50 Different Messy Hairstyles

Perfectly Messy—50 Different Messy Hairstyles Hyderabd040-395603080 July 30, 2019

You can wear a messy, unkempt hairdo to red carpet event or to a simple house party. From messy ponytails to braids to even pixies, the options for the non-tailored styles are myriad. There is no need for any styling product to keep the style tight in place. The messy flyaway’s and the free bangs all add to the untidy chic style. These styles take less time and effort. So go ahead and try them out.

We list out 50 different Messy hairstyles which you can try out.

1. Messy Side Part:

Messy-Side-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

A side part with messy curly waves gives a sexy feel to the style. It’s unkempt yet attractive. You don’t need a styling product for this.

2. Wrinkled Ombre Waves:

Wrinkled-Ombre-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The spikes like waves are easy to get. Use the fingers to style the wet hair this after applying a hair gel or mousse. The spikes are blunt and exude a messy essence to the pixie.

3. Subtle Tousled Waves:

Subtle-Tousled-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The hairdo gives a youthful touch to the personality. The fine bangs and crumpled layers give the perfect dishevelled style.

4. Messy Soft Curls with Fringes:

Messy-Soft-Curls-with-Fringes Pinit

Image: Getty

The curly bangs and the loose small curls give the pretty uncombed style. You can wear the style even for formal events.

5. Messy High Ponytails:

Messy-High-Ponytails Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy high ponytail is the perfect messy chic hairdo. The hair in front is pulled back neatly into the tousled style ponytail.

6. Messy Curls Accessorised with a Hat:

Messy-Curls-Accessorised-with-a-Hat Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy curls swept on one side display a very elegant and sophisticated style. The big pink hat is just right for the style

7. Messy Layered Medium Length Bob:

Messy-Layered-Medium-Length-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The untidy bob is one of the best messy hairstyles for that evening dinner. The soft makeup complements the hairdo.

8. Blonde Messy High Ponytail:

Blonde-Messy-High-Ponytail Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy ponytail exudes the sexy and chic essence. Partnered with a dash of red lip colour the hairdo is dressed very chic.

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9. Softly Tousled Spiral Curls:

Softly-Tousled-Spiral-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

The softly tousled style is just right for evening get-together. The slightly messy curls offer a cute tender touch to the style.

10. Messy Half up Half Down:

Messy-Half-up-Half-Down Pinit

Image: Getty

This messy style is perfect for a wedding part or a reception gala. The ‘do’ appears unkempt but is still incredibly chic. The flower accessory just makes it perfect.

11. Tousled Layered Waves:

Tousled-Layered-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Kate Winslet is elegance personified in this tousled layered style. The hairdo has a breezy feel to it. The pink lipstick refreshes the style.

12. Soft Tousled Side Waves with Side Swept Bangs:

Soft-Tousled-Side-Waves-with-Side-Swept-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

This neat messy hairdo is attractive and appealing. Even with the small flyaway’s the hairdo sits pretty.

13. Long Layers Tousled Waves:

Long-Layers-Tousled-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Shakira is sexy in these messy waves. The long tousled layers appear elegant in this dishevelled shape.

14. Messy Rouge Updo:

Messy-Rouge-Updo Pinit

Image: Getty

This quirky rolled up updo has the unkempt effect but is high on the style factor. The element of uniqueness is increased further by the red colour.

15. Straight Hairs with Messy Bangs:

Straight-Hairs-with-Messy-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

This medium length hairdo has straight hair with an unkempt touch. The messy bangs and the tousled flyaways give this style a distinct shape and make it exceedingly chic.

16. Platinum Messy Curly Updo:

Platinum-Messy-Curly-Updo Pinit

Image: Getty

This stylish curly updo has messy flyaway. The curly mess gives an impressive svelte feel.

17. Subtly Tousled Waves with Curled Edges:

Subtly-Tousled-Waves-with-Curled-Edges Pinit

Image: Getty

The subtly tousled waves with small flyways are brushed for fresh party affair. The tender curled edges give a new touch to the tousled waves.

18. Unkempt Curls and Waves:

Unkempt-Curls-and-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Tyra Banks makes this ultra messy hairdo look extremely sexy and hot. The unkempt effect is perfect for the V necked lace dress and the nude makeup. Also notice the edgy eye makeup.

19. Ombre Subtly Textured Waves:

Ombre-Subtly-Textured-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

Not every time does chic and neat go together. Sometimes a slightly tousled element just adds more glamour to the style.

20. Casual Tousled Bangs:

Casual-Tousled-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

Casually side swept bangs give Ellen page a wonderful carefree attitude.

21. Subtly Layered Tousled Edges:

Subtly-Layered-Tousled-Edges Pinit

Image: Getty

The hair style has a windy flair to it with bangs flying right across the face. The very subtle tousled layers just accentuate the casually happy face.

22. Blonde Subtly Textured-Tousled Edges:

Blonde-Subtly-Textured-Tousled-Edges Pinit

Image: Getty

The swept away bangs on the top and curly tousled of the short bob style give a unique look to the hairdo. The style is untidy yet appealing.

23. Ombre Subtly Braid Waves:

Ombre-Subtly-Braid-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The unkempt ombre hair with the braided wave effect has a sexy appeal to it. The wavy hair is left open with the middle part giving the style an informal feel.

24. Brunette Subtly Textured Layers:

Brunette-Subtly-Textured-Layers Pinit

Image: Getty

The unkempt brunette layers play with the wind and dress up the messy style so well. The nude makeup is just right for the hairdo.

25. Messy textured Short Bob:

Messy-textured-Short-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The side swept bob has a pretty untailored style. The style gels well with the soft pink lips and red studs!

26. Shoulder Grazing Messy Bob:

Shoulder-Grazing-Messy-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This style gives a very relaxed feel. The wavy, tousled hair shining bright in the sun is very chic.

27. Medium Messy Bob with Short Sides:

Medium-Messy-Bob-with-Short-Sides Pinit

Image: Getty

The black messy waves and the full fringe in the front give a unique element to the style.

28. Messy Side:

Messy-Side Pinit

Image: Getty

The hair swept to one side in an uncluttered gives a messy vibe but is still very stylish. The hairstyle teamed with a red lipstick gives a strong statement.

29. Messy Wavy Blunt Bob:

Messy-Wavy-Blunt-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy flyaway’s contouring the blunt wavy bob make for the subtly tousled style.

30. Unkempt Side Part:

Unkempt-Side-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

Do a side part and leave the hair open. The unkempt essence, the tender curled bangs contouring the face give a soft touch to the facial features. Try to keep the makeup natural with this hairdo.

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31. Platinum Textured Tousled Hair:

Platinum-Textured-Tousled-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy look can be achieved by using a tousled wave spray or beach wave spray on wet hair. Just finger comb the hair and let it dry. You have the unkempt chic style.

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32. Subtly Tousled Long Waves:

Subtly-Tousled-Long-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The hairstyle has a middle part. With soft wavy edges on both the sides, the style exudes a very tender essence. The style is casual yet classy.

33. Ombre Angled Piecey Bob:

Ombre-Angled-Piecey-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This is a super messy hairdo. With spiral wavy hair, the style has a very untailored and laid-back feel to it.

34. Tousled Soft Waves with Fine Bangs:

Tousled-Soft-Waves-with-Fine-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

The hair is brushed casually to one side for a nonchalant and chic style. The hairdo shines bright with a glossy pink smile.

35. Tousled Wavy Edges with Highlights:

Tousled-Wavy-Edges-with-Highlights Pinit

Image: Getty

Jennifer Lopez gives a very upscale gaze wearing a casual, seemingly untailored style which is very chic.

36. Backcombed Medium Length Softly Tousled Hair:

Backcombed-Medium-Length-Softly-Tousled-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The perfectly highlighted streaks go very well with the hazel green eyes. The backcombed hair radiates an unfussy style.

37. Wavy Ombre Tousled Medium Bob:

Wavy-Ombre-Tousled-Medium-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The shaded streaked hair blends wonderfully with the tousled waves. The medium bob gives displays a very cool untidy and stylish style.

38. Tousled Curl Bob with Long Side Bangs:

Tousled-Curl-Bob-with-Long-Side-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

This bob again has a very subtle soft touch to it in spite of the messy-unkempt effect. The makeup has a natural tone to it which when combined with the messy style looks very attractive.

39. Wavy Medium Bob with Side Part:

Wavy-Medium-Bob-with-Side-Part Pinit

Image: Getty

This medium bob has soft spiral curls with even edges. The carefree style exudes elegance and gives a tender appeal.

40. Long Straight Messy Hair:

Long-Straight-Messy-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The formal essence in this messy hairdo is every evident. The spectacles and the cluttered hair still appear smart and modish. The style is very elegant due to the no makeup schema.

41. Subtly Tousled Side Hairdo:

Subtly-Tousled-Side-Hairdo Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy side hairdo is elegant and attractive. The bright smile and the edgy make-up make the style super chic. Overall the style has a soft tousled element to it.

42. Bouncy Tousled Waves with Side Swept Bangs:

Bouncy-Tousled-Waves-with-Side-Swept-Bangs Pinit

Image: Getty

The backcombed waves and side-swept bangs along with the tousled essence give a bouncy feel to the style. The hairdo gives a sexy appeal with a nude-almost natural look.

43. Voluminous Sides Swept Tousled Waves:

Voluminous-Sides-Swept-Tousled-Waves Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy wavy tousled hair has a shiny textured feel to it and Shakira look fabulous sporting the style with fine tousled bangs.

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44. Tousled Tight Curls:

Tousled-Tight-Curls Pinit

Image: Getty

The messy braided style here has tighter curls. Though the hairdo is still unkempt but the tight spiral curls exude elegance and class.

45. Wavy Tousled Short Shiny Brown Bob:

Wavy-Tousled-Short-Shiny-Brown-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

This style appears untailored but still looks very edgy. The shiny brown bob is still very attractive, and elegance personified. The natural make-up and the delicate smile are perfect for the hairdo.

46. Long Tousled Hairs with Wavy Edges:

Long-Tousled-Hairs-with-Wavy-Edges Pinit

Image: Getty

The straight hair has a tousled feel to it with messy curl edges. The style has a dry messy element which is very splendid.

47. Messy Wavy & Curly Bob:

Messy-Wavy-&-Curly-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The style is extremely chic and super sophisticated. The wispy bangs cover the eye and exude a super chic look while the curly edges make the style more tender and soft.

48. Dark Brown Highlighted Tousled Hair:

Dark-Brown-Highlighted-Tousled-Hair Pinit

Image: Getty

The highlighted streaked hairdo it has a beachy tousled feel. But the style is very elegant and sexy. The style teamed with a bright lip colour exudes class and elegance.

49. Simple Blonde Medium Tousled Bob:

Simple-Blonde-Medium-Tousled-Bob Pinit

Image: Getty

The style is simple yet modish. Just pull a strand and take it back and secure it with a pin. The tousled bob teamed with the twisted strand gives a very elegant feel to it.

50. Platinum Ombre with Tousled Bangs:

Image: Getty Pinit

Image: Getty

Ellie Goulding simply stuns in this messy hairdo. The style has wavy tousled uneven bangs. The textured curly waves give an elegant touch to the wispy side swept bangs.

We have given 50 cute hairstyles for messy hair here. If you know more sexy messy hairstyles and would like to add to this list, please let us know. We appreciate reader feedback and would welcome any suggestions for this article. Do not forget to mail us or leave your comments below.

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