Top 10 Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Top 10 Phoenix Tattoo Designs November 1, 2017

The Phoenix, a bird from Greek mythology is a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. So, if you have a never-say-die attitude and pick yourself up every time you fall down, it’s only apt that you read further about these masterpieces in tattoo art, inspired by the phoenix. These top ten phoenix tattoos are sure to have you thoroughly inspired.

Top Ten Phoenix Tattoos:

1. Phoenix Back Tattoo:

If you are looking for a brilliant piece of artwork to cover your entire upper back, this phoenix tattoo is the perfect find for you. Make a note of how the ornate wings cover the expanse of the back and the delicate tail feathers reach down to the waist. Get yourself a seasoned tattoo artist to replicate this and you have a winner tattoo to show off!

2. Phoenix Midriff Tattoo:

This waist tattoo, depicting a phoenix in flight, is an appropriate midriff tattoo that adds a certain edge and sex appeal to your waists. Make note of the intricate tail details and look closely at how it reaches around to the back. Stay true to the design and concept as depicted here. Employ the services of an expert tattoo artist to replicate this.

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3. Silver Phoenix Miniature Tattoo:

This miniature silver phoenix tattoo design can be effectively inscribed on the nape of your neck, your wrists, and ankles or behind your ears. However, keep it small and stay true to the design as depicted here.

4. Abstract Phoenix Tattoo:

This abstract phoenix tattoo is for those with an affinity for abstract art. Note how the tattoo has been created using mainly curved lines. Don’t miss out the wings and tail in the form of large singular feather motifs. Subtle and attractive, this tattoo is best replicated by a seasoned tattoo artist.

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5. Tribal Phoenix Tattoo:

This phoenix tattoo, heavily inspired by tribal art forms, is a definite treat for the eyes. Look closely at how this tattoo is a series of curved lines that effectively depict a phoenix. Look at the intricate wing and tail details, and you are sure to want this inscribed on your skin. However, it’s best to have this replicated by a seasoned tattoo artist only.

6. Fierce Phoenix Tattoo:

If you are a fighter and have won many tough battles to succeed in life, this fierce phoenix tattoo is the perfect find for you. Note how the phoenix is poised to attack and its fierce expression. This tattoo is for the fighter in you.

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7. Phoenix Belly Tattoo:

This tattoo would be a tough job to replicate. However, if it is done well, it can be a sure stunner with immense sex appeal. Stay true to the concept as depicted here. Employ the services of a seasoned tattoo artist and you can have a piece of brilliant artwork inscribed on to your skin.

8. Colored Phoenix Tattoo:

This tattoo, depicting a phoenix in a bright shade of orange, has a fiery, unbeatable quality. Replicating this tattoo could result in hours of painstaking art work. For this, you would need the help of a seasoned tattoo artist with an impressive portfolio of larger than life artworks.

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9. Orange Phoenix Back Tattoo:

Here’s another phoenix tattoo design that effectively covers the expanse of the upper back. This has been depicted in a shade of fiery orange. This tattoo is the art of pure genius and it would only take another genius to replicate this.

10. Subtle Phoenix Tattoo:

Subtle Phoenix Tattoo Pinit

If you wish to be inspired by an elegant and subtle phoenix tattoo, this is the perfect find for you. Stay true to the concept. However, you are free to experiment with color or the choice as to where you want this piece of art inscribed on your body.

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Hope you liked these phoenix tattoo designs. Do leave us a comment below.

These can be the perfect tattoo ideas to keep you inspired; positive and elegant.

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