149 Best Pick-Up Lines For Her To Up Your Flirting Game

Flirty, funny, cheesy, or corny – floor the girl of your dreams in the best way possible.

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Pick-up lines can make any conversation interesting. If you are trying to grab the attention of an interesting girl, choosing apt pick-up lines for her to kick-start the conversation can be all the effort you need. After all, first impressions can last long! You can find funny, cheesy, and interesting pick-up lines in this article. However, selecting an ideal one is necessary as things may worsen if your partner doesn’t find them impressive or up to the mark. There should be subtle humor and funny words in them. Check out our list of pick-up lines and choose the one that appeals to you the most. Keep scrolling!

149 Best Pick-Up Lines For Her

Best Cheesy Pick-Up Lines

Chessy pick up lines for her

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  1. Hey, tall, dark, and beautiful, you take my breath away!
  2. Hope you are good at leading the way; I keep getting lost in the depths of your deep blue eyes.
  3. I’m sick with diarrhea; I just can’t hold in my love for you!
  4. Give God a call, because I’m seeing his angel down on earth.
  5. We don’t look alike like socks, but I’m sure we’d pair well.
  6. You must have been dreaming about me the whole night because I woke up hugging the pillows tight.
  7. Are you a good catcher? I find myself tripping over things when I look at you.
  8. Every morning as the sun peeps out, I’m sure it is you smiling down at me.
  9. Are you the person who introduced the airplane? You seem to be Wright for me.
  10. Well, now that I’m here, what is your other secret desire?
  11. Are you from France? Because you are tall and breathtaking like the Eiffel tower.
  12. You seem to enjoy raisins, do you love a date?
  13. Can you unlock my phone with your phone number?
  14. ‘U’ and ‘I’ are my favorite alphabets that look good together.
  15. Aside from being a sexy temptress, what is your vocation in life?
  16. I feel like a snowflake because I fall and melt for you.
  17. If you were ice cream, I would have relished your flavor.
  18. Hailing from Tennessee because it is just you that I see.
  19. Are you an officer? Because I always seem to be in trouble when I’m around you.
  20. I wish I could see double because then I can see you twice.
  21. If I play hide and seek with you, I would never win, because you are impossible to find.
  22. My phone just froze. Can you try calling me to see if it gets back to life?
  23. Thank you for the gift; I’ve been wearing a smile ever since you put it there.
  24. Are you a graduate of electronics? You light up my life with joy.
  25. You must have heard that kissing is the language of love. Want to check out if we can converse well?

protip_icon Quick Tip
The term ‘pick-up line’ gained popularity in the 1980s, and by the 1990s, it had come to mean men’s foolish attempts to approach women in bars.

Best Funny Pick-Up Lines That Will Make Anyone Laugh

Funny pick up lines for her

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  1. I guess I’m at an exhibition because you are quite a work of art!
  2. Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by again?
  3. I’m no fairy tale writer, but I can imagine us building a life together.
  4. Should I get a heart transplant, because I believe mine stopped beating when I first set my eyes on you?
  5. Is your heart beating twice as fast? That’s because you’ve got mine.
  6. Can I come along with you? I was taught to follow my dreams.
  7. You must be Alexa because you know just what I need!
  8. Your eyes are the color of the ocean, and I love getting lost in them.
  9. Are you a camera? My smile brightens every time my gaze falls on you.
  10. I feel like I’m at an airport because my heart takes off when you walk in.
  11. My interest in you doubles just like a loan.
  12. You are so sweet; Hershey’s chocolate can’t stand a chance.
  13. Is there a name for that gorgeous face? Or can I call you with mine?
  14. I’m guessing you’re Google, as you are the epitome of all I’ve been looking for.
  15. Have you been bitten by bees? Just like me, they can’t resist your sweetness.
  16. You look tempting as honey, but I bet you are sweeter.
  17. If you were a beautiful scenery, I would love to be with you all day.
  18. My eyes have been giving me trouble recently; I just can’t seem to take them off you.
  19. Are you a campfire? I would love to cozying up with you.
  20. You are super-hot and glowing as the sun; I can’t stop wanting more.
  21. My pals made a bet that I wouldn’t be able to strike a conversation with the most beautiful woman at the club. Now that I’ve won their money, what are your plans to spend it?
  22. I look familiar? Oh, you’re right; we’ve met in my dreams.
  23. If you were a vegetable, you are as cool as a cute-cumber.
  24. I love math, and I’m good with numbers. Give me yours and see what I love doing with it.
  25. Glad I brought along my card because the exciting part is checking you out.
  26. Do you travel through time? Because I’ve pictured you in my future.
  27. Do you love baking pies? You are a juicy cutie pie!
  28. I dropped my drink when you walked in that door; now you owe me a glass.
  29. You must be a high scorer because I can’t wait to take you home and show you off!
  30. You’ve got powers, because every time you are with me, everyone else blacks out.
  31. Dinosaurs still roam the earth, right? Buy me a drink if I’m wrong.
  32. Your ailments are from a lack of vitamin ‘me’.
  33. I’m sure our love will be like the symbol infinity, ever-growing with no end.
  34. Ever since I saw you, Santa has added me to the naughty list.

Pick-Up Lines That Can Actually Work

Pick up lines for her that actually work

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  1. I think I’ve seen you before. Oh, now I remember, in the dictionary, next to the word ‘beautiful’.
  2. I now believe in God, because you are the answer to all my prayers.
  3. You must be tired out. You’ve been running on my mind the entire day.
  4. You look like my favorite delicacy; you are impeccable.
  5. Your driving license must be suspended. I can see you driving everyone around crazy.
  6. If I was a writer, my novels would have been about you.
  7. I love historical dates. Wanna go out on one and create history with me?
  8. Were you baking cakes in the oven? You are super hot and smell sweet.
  9. Now I believe that beauty can blind a man.
  10. Are we on Hogwarts Express? I feel that we are embarking on a magical journey.
  11. Without you, I feel life is pointless – like a broken nib.
  12. I thought Disneyland was fun and the happiest place to be, but that was until I met you.
  13. The day’s work made me tired and a bit off. But then you came along and turned me on.
  14. Is it just sunny here? Or did you just smile?
  15. You are pretty, and I am amazing. When we get together, we will be pretty amazing.
  16. Were you born an alien? Because I haven’t found anyone like you on earth.
  17. Are those stars in your eyes? Someone must have stolen them from your eyes.
  18. I love cheese! And you must be made out of that good stuff as you are looking cheesy.
  19. Touch my clothes; do you know what they are made up of? Partner material.
  20. Write your name on my hand so that I can show my buddies that I have met an angel.
  21. If there is anything that I could change about you, it would be your last name with mine.
  22. I wonder if your parents are chemists because you create the right reactions in me.
  23. When you fell from heaven, did it pain?
  24. Hi, I’m a thief that is set on stealing your heart.
  25. If you give me a chance, I can prove that I’m a genie with magical powers who can fulfill all your wishes.
  26. Rush me to a hospital, because I fell for you and fractured my leg.

protip_icon Quick Tip
Since the 1980s, pick-up lines have been referred to as chat-up lines in the United Kingdom.

Cute Pick-Up Lines For Women

Cute pick up lines for her

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  1. Keys aren’t a requirement to drive me crazy, you are.
  2. You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.
  3. Roses are red, and sugar is sweet, but nothing is as sweet as you.
  4. You seem to be attracting me towards you like a magnet.
  5. I think I’ve seen you somewhere –probably on the cover of Vogue.
  6. Call the cops. I think it is illegal to see a woman looking that good.
  7. You swept me off my feet like a broom.
  8. Is the room hot, or is it you?
  9. I’m having a heart attack because cupid walked in and shot right through it.
  10. The lilies look pure and beautiful, and so do you.
  11. You are a rose amongst the thorns.
  12. Just like Yoda in Star Wars, there is none for me, just you!
  13. I hope you love vegetables too because I would enjoy you exploring from my head tomatoes.
  14. Gazing into your eyes, I see a reflection of me in them.
  15. I always thought love, at first sight, was only for fairy tale books, but that was until I found you.
  16. I was aimless about the future, but now I know who I want to share it with.
  17. When my buddies spoke about their love for women, I didn’t know what I wanted till I saw you.
  18. I was wondering if an angel fell down from heaven to show me what a good time it is.
  19. If God’s angel is here, heaven must be in chaos.
  20. No wonder the sky looks gloomy tonight, with all the vibrant colors I see in your eyes.
  21. I’ve been searching for ages; believe me when I say I’ve found what I’ve wanted.
  22. Just like fine wine, the longer you are with me, the better I feel.
  23. Smile down on me and make my day.
  24. Are you a rainbow? You bring me happiness every time I see you.
  25. I would say you are blessed on the inside as well as out.
  26. I seem to have lost my map and find myself getting lost in the depths of your eyes.
  27. I’m sure it is a crime to be sexy, and I would be guilty of co-conspiracy when I’m with you.
  28. Are you an artist? You are quite talented in drawing me in.
  29. I’ve become religious lately, thinking about what’s pure and well blessed with my favorite things.
  30. I seem to have lost my way. Would you like to be my guide?
  31. I would love to watch the movies with you, but they don’t allow you to take your own delicacies inside.
  32. Do you know where you would look even more beautiful? In my arms.

Cute Pick-Up Lines To Use At A Bar

Bar pick up lines for her

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  1. All this time I thought ‘h’ stood for happiness. Now I figured out, it begins with ‘u’.
  2. The mermaid and I have a common desire; want to know what it is? Well, we want to live in the real world.
  3. Your smile has been lighting up the bar! I’m just drawn to you.
  4. I’m panting for breath after you walked into the room. Want to go out with me for some fresh air?
  5. The wise men say that love doesn’t let you sleep as you begin living reality. Once I met you, sleep seems to be out of reach.
  6. Your hand looks as soft as a rose petal – can I touch it?
  7. What’s your name – besides beautiful?
  8. Your smile looks so tempting; I just had to be a part of it.
  9. How does it feel to be the most beautiful woman? All the guys seem to be staring at you.
  10. What’s a real sweet and lovely girl like you doing in a place like this?
  11. Was there an earthquake just now? Or was it you rocking my world?
  12. Being able to admire your beauty, I’m glad I’m blessed with eyesight.
  13. I don’t know your name, but I guess it sounds lovely as your voice.
  14. You outshine diamonds by the sparkle in your eyes.
  15. I’m a lover of nature, but lately, I find myself admiring you more.
  16. Eternity is never-ending, and so is your beauty.
  17. The only way I could say of your beauty is when you and I are on a date together.
  18. I don’t know what looks refreshing today – is it the sunshine, weather, or seeing you.
  19. I refer to true beauty as cute, pretty, and sexy. But I see you; I find that you fit in all three.
  20. Hello, I want to go for a walk, would you care to hold my hand?
  21. Glad I signed up for life insurance, because when I met you, my heart just jumped out.
  22. When God created you, he must have shaped you for me.
  23. You were born for a gentleman to show off your beauty to the world.
  24. Excuse me, do you have a watch? I wanted to check the time when I fell head over heels for you.
  25. If I were a cat with nine lives, I would love to live all of them to the fullest with you.
  26. You know, I practiced my pick-up line, but the moment you walked in that door, my lines walked out.
  27. Before I’m in bed dreaming of you, what number should I use to text you good night?
  28. I saw you taking your dog for a walk the other day. You’ve got skills that I could use.
  29. I don’t usually donate my organs, but I know you would take care of my heart.
  30. My mind goes blank when I’m around you, and I can’t seem to form the words.
  31. You must be one hell of a magician because you managed to draw me closer from across the room.
  32. Let me borrow a kiss from you, and I’ll give it right back with interest.

Infographic: Things To Remember When Using Pick-Up Lines On A Girl

There’s more to trying a pick-up line on a girl than just knowing what to say. How you deliver these pick-up lines matters. For example, you should be respectful and confident but not forceful.

Check out the infographic below to learn what you need to remember when using pick-up lines on a girl.

things to remember when using pick-up lines on a girl(infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

If you find someone interesting and want to approach them, pick-up lines can be the way to go. They are also a great idea to make your partner laugh. Pick-up lines can be cute, saucy, or humorous, depending on how you want to take the relationship forward. For instance, you can tell your crush, ‘Are you a good catcher? I find myself tripping over things when I look at you’ to make them smile and blush simultaneously. A comment like, ‘Is it just sunny here? Or did you just smile?’ can leave them thinking about you for long after the conversation has ended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will melt a girl’s heart?

Being genuine, affectionate, caring, respectful, and protective towards the girl or woman you like can melt her heart. Little things like listening to her attentively, giving her genuine compliments, and telling her what she means to you can make her feel loved and cherished.

What do girls like to hear?

Girls and many women like to hear the truth and how wonderful you find her to be. The more ways you can show her the same, the better.

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