101 Weird & Best Pick Up Lines For Girls (Make Them Laugh!)

Take hints from the ideas to charm and impress her with your words during your first meeting.

By Harini NatarajanHarini Natarajan, Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner  • 

Cute pick-up lines can help you get past the awkwardness of meeting someone for the first time. The initial impression you make is memorable, so make it count. If you are looking for some awesome pick-up lines for her, you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the best ones that you can use at a moment’s notice to flirt with that special someone and get their attention.

Find one that will appeal to both you and your crush. Finally, don’t give up if your attempts fail. Perhaps, there is someone out there who would appreciate your sense of humor and be happy that you are interested in them. Here are a few ideas!

101 Pick-Up Lines That Are Guaranteed To Work

A. Best Pick-Up Lines

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  1. If I had a choice between watching the Olympics and talking to you, I would rather talk to you. The Olympics still happens once every four years, but the chance of meeting a person like you happens only once in a lifetime.
  1. I bet stoplights turn red every time you pass by. Even it would want to stare at you a bit longer.
  1. You have lonely lips – should I introduce them to mine?
  1. Are you the devil? You are definitely as hot as hell!
  1. Hershey’s creates millions of “kisses” every day – I am only asking for one from you.
  1. I need to run to the nearest bakery to order a sweet dish like you!
  1. Thief! You stole my heart, and you gotta give me yours if you want to keep mine.
  1. Excuse me, could you check if there is something wrong with my eyes? I just can’t take them off you!
  1. That show off! (Who?) God! He must have been showing off when he made you.
  1. If God made anything more gorgeous than you, he is not going to send him on earth.
  1. Are you Espresso coffee? Coz, damn, you are so fine!
  1. Shit, there is something wrong with my phone! I can’t find your number on it.
  1. I am working on a presentation on the finer things in life, could I put your picture in?
  1. Are you at the wrong office? The modeling agency is on the next block.
  1. If you were a McDonald’s burger, you would be McHottie.
  1. If you were words on a page, people would need glasses – you are what they call FINE PRINT!
  1. Hi, I am The One, someone said you were looking for me? What can I do for you?
Quick Tip
Even the wittiest pick-up line won’t work if you do not look and sound confident. Keep a smile on your face, maintain eye contact, and have an overall positive attitude to appear genuine.

B. Funny Pick-Up Lines

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  1. Without you, my life is like a broken pencil – pointless.
  1. I sneezed, and God blessed me with you!
  1. Oh my! I do hope you know CPR – because you take my breath away!
  1. Do you have a sunburn or something? Or, are you always this hot?
  1. Do you have a fever? (No!) Oh – you look so hot to me!
  1. You have to stop, drop, and roll right now! Coz darling, you are on fire.
  1. My friends just bet that I am too shy to start a conversation with the hottest guy in the bar. Want to buy some drinks with the money they will lose?
  1. You without me is like a nerd without braces, shoes without laces, and asentencewithoutspaces.
  1. I have heard nothing lasts forever. Want to be my nothing?
  1. (Start jingling your keys) These keys are useless! I need the one to your heart.
  1. Are you Prince Charming? Because I need to find him before my shoe disappears at midnight!
  1. Wow! Even if there was no gravity on the earth, I would still fall hard for you!
  1. I am not a photographer, but I sure can picture us together.
  1. I gotta show you the most handsome man I have ever seen. (Give him the phone with the front camera on)
  1. If a million artists painted for a million years, they would not be able to create a work of art as amazing as you.
  1. My name is (your name), but you can call ‘me’ whenever you want!
  1. Just let me tie your shoelaces; I don’t want you falling for anybody else.

C. Cute Pick-Up Lines

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  1. Are you a thief? I can totally see the diamonds you stole and hid in your eyes.
  1. Here’s an idea for the perfect crime: I will steal your heart, and you can steal mine back.
  1. No wonder the sky is all cloudy and gray today, all the blue is hiding in your eyes.
  1. According to Dr. Phil’s theory, I am afraid of intimacy. Want to prove him wrong?
  1. What are you doing after this? Asking because I want to spend my life with you.
  1. You gotta be a kidnapper – you just abducted my heart!
  1. I don’t know which is more mesmerizing – your smile or your eyes!
  1. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but you are the one I would like to catch.
  1. If you were meant to be a triangle, you would be ‘acute’ one.
  1. Was that an earthquake? (no!) Well, maybe you just rocked my world!
  1. Were you in Boy Scouts as a kid? Coz you have tied my heart into a knot I can’t untie.
  1. I wish I was cross-eyed, so you wouldn’t know I was staring at you.
  1. Why is it so dark in here? Oh! It is because all of the light is within you.
  1. Hey, I know you! You are the guy with the gorgeous smile.
  1. It is not my fault that I am falling for you, you literally tripped me!
  1. I am learning about important dates in history. Do you want to be one of them?

D. Stupid Pick-Up Lines

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  1. Goodness! I think just located the treasure I have been searching for!
  1. You give new meaning to the word “delicious”.
  1. Is your dad an art thief? Because, honey, you are a masterpiece.
  1. You must be an alien! You have just abducted my heart!
  1. Hey, my name’s Microsoft. Can I crash at your place tonight?
  1. Do you have an extra heart? Mine appears to have been stolen.
  1. Every single time I see you, my heart gets all worked up.
  1. If gorgeousness was time, you would be eternity.
  1. Excuse me, are you a magician? I am asking you because whenever I glance at you, everyone else disappears.
  1. Someone vacuum this guy’s lap, I think I need a clean place to sit.
  1. Is the air conditioning not working in here, or is it you?
  1. Looks like you made me drop something – my jaw!
  1. (Ask if you can take a photo of him.) Sorry, I just wanted to show my mom what my dream guy looks like.
  1. Are you a keyboard? Well, you sure are my type.
  1. Was your dad an alien? Because you don’t look like an Earthling!
  1. Is your name Wi-Fi? Because I can feel a connection.
  1. My attraction towards you is an inversed square law.
  1. Your eyes are as blue as the ocean. And I think I am lost at sea.
  1. Hey, is it just me, or you too feel that are we destined to be married?
  1. My tooth feels really sensitive. I shouldn’t talk to you – you are toooo sweet!
  1. You are so sweet, you can put Dairy Milk out of business.

E. Weird Pick-Up Lines

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  1. Let’s just share a bottle of wine, and I will make you mine.
  1. The government just collapsed. Quick, have your way with me!
  1. Are you a light bulb? Because this room lit up the moment you entered.
  1. Do you mind if I check you out – I like the finer things in life.
  1. I heard a plane – is there an airport nearby? Oh, never mind, it is just my heart taking off.
  1. Is your father a jewel thief? Because you look like a rare gem to me.
  1. What do I want for my birthday? You!
  1. If you would be a steak, you are definitely well done.
  1. Are you busy tonight at 2:00 AM?
  1. I am (your name), nice to meet you, Mr. Hot.
  1. If your eyes were the sea, I would swim in them forever.
  1. If you were a teardrop in my eyes, I would never cry because I would be too afraid of losing you.
  1. You want to know what’s double and inviting? (Surprised look) My bed!
  1. Sorry, I can’t hold on anymore! Shit, now I have fallen for you.
  1. Hey, sexy! You make my knees weak, palms sweaty, and arms spaghetti!
  1. Thereeee you are! Do you know how long I have been looking for you? Yes, you, the man of my dreams!
  1. Do you happen to know karate? Because sweetheart, your body is really kicking!
  1. Besides being sexy, what else do you do for a living?
Quick Tip
Have a strategy before throwing a pick-up line. You can’t expect a positive reaction and a genuine connection unless you know how to build off and continue the conversation.

F. Amazing Pick-Up Lines

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  1. May I have the honor of flirting with you?
  1. Oh, so you are the reason women fall in love!
  1. You know, hottie, my lips can’t just kiss themselves…
  1. I am not drunk, I am just intoxicated by your presence.
  1. Who needs the sun when your eyes can light up the whole world?
  1. My bed is a little uncomfortable. Would you like to help me fix it?
  1. How many girlfriends have you had? (He says ‘4’) Could I make that 5?
  1. People often confuse me with a tic-tac. Want to freshen your breath?
  1. My name is (name). Now you know what to scream.
  1. Quick, somebody needs to call the bomb squad. Can’t you see, you are a bomb?!
  1. Could you please call an ambulance? Your sexiness is killing me!
  1. Boy, if I were a fly, I would be all over you, you are too sweet!

Infographic: Cheeky Movie Pick-up Lines

Pick-up lines are great conversation starters and can help break the ice when you have met someone you want to impress. But, if you do it, you must do it well and confidently. Check out this infographic for some of the sassiest pick-up lines used in movies for inspiration.

cheeky movie pick up lines (infographic)

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Now that we have it all sorted for you, go ahead and make the best use of the examples that fit your purpose perfectly. Of course, you can get creative and tweak the ones given above to make them more relatable. After all, your intent should be to convey your message the right way to the girl of your dreams. Just remember that your pick-up lines should not offend anyone. Yes, they can be corny, funny, and romantic, but your purpose will only fail if they are offensive. So, be wise while framing your pick-up lines for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to ask a girl for her phone number through pick-up lines?

You can try pick-up lines like “There seems to be a devastating problem. I do not have your number.” You can try a funny or witty pick-up line to make her laugh and then respond with, “I’m only one call away.”

Which pick-up line can impress your girl/crush?

If you want to impress your crush, opt for witty and intelligent (but don’t be Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, unless she likes that). You can try something snarky and sarcastic, but don’t offend anyone.

What are some pick-up lines to make her trust you?

Honest pick-up lines about how she makes you feel are the best to make her trust you.

Are pick-up lines for her more effective in person or online?

Two aspects come into play here. First, it depends on the woman’s communication preferences. Some introverted women prefer to communicate online, while extroverted women prefer in person interactions. Second, it can be hard to decipher the intent and tone of an online pick-up line, which is why most people prefer in person ones.

How do you know if a pick-up line for her is too cheesy or too forward?

Cheesy pickup lines are cute, corny, and straight up obvious. With the right words, they are sure to make anyone smile. A good rule of thumb is to keep it light, respectful, and avoid being too forward.

Are cheesy pick-up lines still effective with girls?

Cheesy pick-up lines may get a reaction, but they are not necessarily effective in creating a genuine connection or establishing a romantic relationship.

What are some signs that a woman is not interested in a pick-up line?

Disinterest, avoiding eye contact, and not responding or giving short answers are all signs that a woman is not interested in a pick-up line.

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