10 Pictures Of Hansika Motwani Without Makeup

Written by Nisha Baghadia

Hansika Motwani has traveled a long way from a cherubic child artist to a big-time movie superstar! The actress is also popular for her natural beauty, and these pictures of Hansika Motwani without makeup prove the same. But let us know more about her before checking her makeup-free photos. Hansika was first seen on the telly as one of the naughty flock in the hit series ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom.’ She then moved on to the big screen and worked with big names like Hrithik Roshan and Priety Zinta in the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya.’ After that, there has been no looking back for this beauty. Today, Hansika Motwani is the reigning queen of the South Indian film industry. She made her Tollywood debut in 2007 and has been riding a wave of popularity since then. She has also worked in Bollywood in the movie ‘Aap Ka Suroor’ with actor/singer Himesh Reshammiya.

Her innocent child-like smile can pierce even the most stone-hearted. It is no wonder that she has a fan base consisting of men and women of all ages. She is so endearing; how can one not like her? Her whole persona is that of a child-woman. She did face criticism for her chubby figure, but like a good sport, Hansika took the criticism in good spirit and today flaunts a svelte body. Unlike other divas, Hansika prefers to be makeup-free as much as possible. She has flawless skin that shines with good health and youth.

Best Pictures Of Hansika Motwani Without Makeup

So here we give you 10 instances of Hansika Motwani without makeup looking her best!

1. Hansika – A Fitness Freak!

Yes, Hansika is a fitness freak! She follows a rigorous workout regimen combined with a healthy diet. That is the secret behind her new found svelte figure and beautiful face. And her skin looks as fresh as ever!

2. Hansika In Her Convenient Style

Got to love a girl who can carry a good accessory! Hansika likes to carry all things important in one place. In this picture, she has turned the humble sling into a fashion statement. Convenience and style!

3. Hansika With Her Friends

This candid picture shows the fun loving actress living it up with her friends. She looks gorgeous in the black dress even without makeup. This casual avatar is very sensuous and appealing. Her well toned body is accentuated by the cut of the dress.

4. Hansika At A Media Event

At a media event, Hansika carries the casual and smart look with aplomb. Black is her favourite colour and the combination with blue really looks awesome. The glares complete the whole sporty look.

5. Hansika’s No Makeup Look For A Photoshoot

Here you can see a fresh and new look for a photo shoot. This picture is a perfect example of why Hansika needs no makeup. Her skin is glowing and body looks perfect. And the high heels just look amazing!

6. Hanisika’s Girl Next Door Look

A simple and stylish girl next door look highlights her innocent face; and her smile is as endearing as ever. This still is from a movie but is a perfect example of a no makeup look.

7. Hansika’s Zero Makeup Look

Hansika likes to experiment with colours. And her love for bangs is well known. In this pic, her hair is casually done and she has zero makeup on and still manages to look like a million dollars!

8. Hansika At An Outdoor Shoot

Hansika does not behave like the usual diva. No location is too harsh for her and no stunt too tough! She is a badass actress who loves challenges. This picture is from an outdoor shoot and Hansika looks absolutely ravishing here.

9. Her Down To Earth Look

Yet again, at a media event, you can see how Hansika looks so down to earth without compromising on style. The glow you see here is completely natural- no need for chemical laden blush on!

10. Hansika’s Casual Look

Hansika looks graceful and stylish, no matter how casual her overall look is. Her natural beauty does not need brushes and lipsticks, it shines out anyways. Here her hair looks natural and she looks comfortable in this simple blow dried look.

Hansika Motwani is a hardworking actress. She works on her acting skills and also her body. The one thing she does not need to work on is her face. That is a God given gift

If you are a millennial, you grew up seeing Hansika Motwani. From your favorite TV series, “Shaka Laka Boom Boom,” to one of the greatest movies of your time, “Koi Mil Gaya”, this actress was everywhere. She has flawless skin and a beautiful smile. No wonder she barely ever needs makeup to look fabulous in pictures. Her charming personality contributes to her good looks too. Therefore, she is confident about flaunting her natural beauty. If you want some push to go makeup-less, get inspired by Hansika Motwani.

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