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Top 25 Pictures Of Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

Top 25 Pictures Of Katrina Kaif Without Makeup Hyderabd040-395603080 June 10, 2019

Call her Sheila, Chameli or Kamli—Katrina Turquotte, better known to her fans the world over as Katrina Kaif, has been captivating hearts right since she burst on the Indian movie scene over a decade ago.

Born on the 16th of July, 1983, to a British mother and a Kashmiri-Indian father, Katrina made her Bollywood debut at the infant age of 18 with ‘Boom’. But while that movie may not exactly have catapulted her to stardom, the debut and a language barrier notwithstanding, her sheer determination and perseverance led to movies like Namastey London, New York, Raajneeti, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, and a place in our hearts, forever.

After all, love her or hate her, but you certainly can’t ignore her. The face that can bewitch enough to sell us mango juice like it’s an act of love, is a face that can launch a thousand ships. Sure we’ve said to ourselves that it must be ‘all that makeup’, for no one can be as stunning, right? But you know what, you guys? This one really is.

So (as if life wasn’t hard already) here’s presenting to you 25 pictures of Katrina Kaif without makeup. Psst, if these pictures make you want to curl up and sob into your pillow at the unfairness of it all, we totally know how you feel.

Latest Pictures Of Katrina Kaif Without Makeup

1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup - 1. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Pinit

Image: Instagram

Let’s start this series with this dreamy picture of Katrina at a beach that’s been giving us major vacation goals for a while now. Teaming a gray cami with striped shorts, Katrina keeps her look simple as ever, but still manages to set the temperature soaring. The no-makeup, loose hair look has the camera falling in love with her too!

2. When You’re Cute And You Know It

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup - 2. When You’re Cute And You Know It Pinit

Image: Instagram

Miss Kaif is a fairly recent addition to the world of Instagram and, thanks to her sparkling wit and charming smile, her official Insta profile has already garnered over four million followers in less than four months of being on it. Unlike a lot of celebrities who sleep with their makeup on, here’s the lady herself, breaking barriers and showing us what makes her such a ‘cool Kat’.

3. Just A Picture Of ‘Hair’ And There

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup - 3. Just A Picture Of ‘Hair’ And There Pinit

Image: Source

The fact that Katrina is gorgeous is a no-brainer. Unless it’s for her movie promotions or screenings, she rarely, if ever, wears any makeup, preferring to keep it natural at all times. Body conscious is one thing she isn’t, a rare delight in these days of fad diets and size zero figures. Such a positive message to send out to her followers, especially those at impressionable ages!

4. You Were Saying?

Katrina Kaif With Bunned Up Hair Pinit

Image: Source

Armed with just her smile and bunned up hair, this picture of Katrina Kaif without makeup is bound to put a smile on your face on a dark, depressing day. Also, notice how she’s giving us pro tips at acing selfies? Turns out embracing yourself for who you are, messy hair, zero makeup and all, is everything you’ll ever need to conquer the world of your front camera.

5. Soaking Up Some Vitamin ‘Sea’

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup - 5. Soaking Up Some Vitamin ‘Sea’ Pinit

Image: Instagram

Looking absolutely irresistible in this picture taken by the beach, Katrina shows us how to master no-makeup pictures with just the right attitude on. We’re loving the cami-and-shorts wearing, barefoot Katrina. Who’d have thought that the diva of Bollywood is just an old school hippie at heart? You go, girl!

6. Flower Child

Katrina Kaif Without Makeup - 6. Flower Child Pinit

Image: Instagram

Looking like she’s channeling the spirit of the Earth in this picture, Katrina’s face in this shot has a beguiling gravitas that we found utterly captivating. The more we see of her like this, the more we’re tempted to do away with our makeup kits and just go au naturel.

7. The Baller Life

Katrina Kaif at Gym Pinit

Image: Source

It’s a well-known fact that Katrina is a fitness freak like nobody’s business. A-listers across Bollywood, be it Parineeti Chopra, Alia Bhatt or Aditya Roy Kapoor, wax eloquent about how she’s the in-house fitness expert wherever one goes and gives out fantastic training tips to anyone who asks. Here she’s pictured doing what she does best—hugging her training ball and looking mighty adorable while at it.

8. The Kat And The Tiger

Katrina Kaif With Salman Khan Pinit

Image: Instagram

A lot has been written about their supposed courtship, though neither had ever confirmed the veracity of it as they were seeing each other. Though that relationship no longer exists, it is refreshing to see how they continue to remain friends and work together, enthralling all us fans that ship them with what could have been.

9. The Queen Of Hearts

Katrina Kaif - The Queen Of Hearts Pinit

Image: Source

Easily one of our favorite pictures of her, this one is from the archives when Katrina was still a rookie in the Hindi film industry. Though a lot has changed since then, her understated yet classy look steals just as many hearts today as it did all those years ago.

10. India’s Favorite ‘Fitoor’

India’s Favorite ‘Fitoor’ Pinit

Image: Source

Katrina’s luscious hair has always been a huge part of her appeal. So, it was a huge risk for her to dye them red for her movie ‘Fitoor’. But watch that movie to know why no one else could have fit Dickens’ Estelle better. For now, though, we’re totally digging this no makeup Katrina taking a selfie, traffic be damned.

11. Two Is Company, Three’s A Coven!

Katrina Kaif is Enjoying A Day with Her Friends Pinit

Image: Instagram

To know Katrina is to fall in love with her—that’s what most of her friends say. Right from Alia Bhatt to Anushka Sharma to Karan Johar, her warm, likable personality has won her many friends. Here she’s seen enjoying a day out in town with her pals.

12. Bang Bang Girl

Bang Bang Girl - Katrina Kaif Pinit

Image: Source

Another one from the archives! Old is gold they say, and rightly so. This no-makeup picture of Katrina with those bangs perfectly framing her forehead had many a college-goer rush to the salon for a similar look. Also, don’t miss her supporting dear friend Salman Khan’s social initiative in that blue ‘Being Human’ t-shirt!

13. Who Ever Said A Kat And A Bird Can’t Be Friends?

Katrina Kaif's Casual Look Pinit

Image: Source

Katrina Kaif made waves on social media recently when she posted this adorable picture of herself with a parrot. While most movie stars go the traditional route with dogs and cats as pets, Kat chose to go unconventional with a bird for a pet. However, it turned out that she’d just been having some fun with this pet parrot as it turned out to be a wooden pet parrot. Nevertheless, we’re loving this stay-at-home, casual look from Kat’s diaries!

14. Slaying It The Desi Way

Katrina Kaif's Real Life Picture Pinit

Image: Source

To be honest, I cannot even imagine stepping out anywhere wearing what looks to me like a bedspread, albeit a pretty one. Not Katrina though. Though she’s literally got nothing fancy on in this picture—no-makeup, no fitted dress, demure colors—she still manages to make heads turn by looking, well, just like herself. Pretty pretty pretty!

15. She Woke Up Like This

Katrina Kaif - A Sleeping Girl Pinit

Image: Source

Doesn’t she look downright adorable in this picture? This sunkissed, peaches-and-cream complexioned picture more than makes up for the fact that she’s got no makeup on whatsoever. Another favorite!

16. When Your Runway’s The Airport

When Your Runway’s The Airport Pinit

Image: Source

A lot has been said and written about the ‘airport looks’ of various celebrities, but I personally like how Katrina keeps it simple in this white top, floral scarf, no-makeup look. Elegant and effortless, it leaves one feeling that looking good may not be such a task after all.

17. Fifty Shades Of Kaif

Katrina Kaif's Cute No Makeup Look Pinit

Image: Source

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Are you not increasingly convinced that Katrina is a winner at pretty much everything she wears? I mean, when was the last time you saw someone make no-makeup, hoodie and a braid look so good? The woman could be on the front page of Vogue dressed like this, and we’d still be rushing to take style notes.

18. Black Is The New Orange

18. Black Is The New Orange Pinit

Image: Source

Ah, back to that heavenly peaches and cream complexion. I am now absolutely certain that a healthy skin and a beautiful smile are all the makeup she’ll ever need. Wouldn’t you agree? (Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. My article, my rules :P) Kidding, I just earnestly commend on her ability to be seen out in public without tonnes of makeup slathered on her face. Makes a ‘star’ that much more believable.

19. You Are What You Eat

Katrina Kaif's Diet Pinit

Image: Source

Katrina’s physique has given a vast majority of women major body goals over the years. While one might argue that she was blessed with it, the fact remains that nothing in life comes easy. Not even to her. Along with her fitness regime, she’s also known to maintain an extremely disciplined diet, the effects of which are visible for everyone to see. Here, she can be seen chilling in a tank top with a bowl of porridge (?) for company.

20. The Name’s Kaif, Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif No Makeup Look Pinit

Image: Source

Movies like Dhoom 3 and Bang Bang have already sealed Katrina’s ability to dance like a dream and kick ass like a nightmare. In her upcoming movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hain’, Katrina extends this repertoire of deadly skills by far more. Maybe it’s time the makers of the Bond movies considered her for a role? Were I a casting agent, this boss, no makeup picture of her would definitely be part of the portfolio I’d send in for it.

21. Wild (Flower) Child

Wild (Flower) Child Pinit

Image: Source

By Katrina’s own admission, she was a quiet, shy girl back in her teenage years. However, it’s hard to imagine anyone passing over this stunner as a wallflower, even if she wasn’t the superstar that she is today, back then.

22. Prettying It Up

Katrina Kaif without a trace of makeup on her face Pinit

Image: Source

Like her or not, you have to give it to Katrina for her confidence in being able to appear in public without a trace of makeup on her face. It takes supreme self-assurance to be able to do that, not just on one day, but on a regular basis, and for that we tip our hats to her.

23. House Of Kaifs

Katrina Kaif with Her Family At Her House Pinit

Image: Source

Growing up with six sisters and a brother across no less than three continents, Katrina is incredibly close to her family. Here she’s seen enjoying a casual day out with her sister Isabel Kaif, also an actor. Notice the pancakes on her table; she’s reportedly a fan.

24. New York State Of Mind

24. New York State Of Mind Pinit

Image: Source

You said it, girl! Dignity is everything, and we like how she chooses to pass on this message in her characteristic fun, no makeup, uninhibited way. What a subtle, yet effective, way of espousing the feminist cause. We’re pretty certain someone’s already made street art out of this somewhere.

25. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

25. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara Pinit

Image: Source

Wrapping up this series of ‘25 pictures of Katrina Kaif without makeup’ is this fun picture of the diva herself telling you to not take yourself too seriously, and enjoy life as it comes. We, for sure, intend to do that. If you do too, then comment using ZNMD’s infamous-by-now dive signs below!

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P.S.- If you haven’t watched that movie already, you absolutely need to, but first, show us some love. We’ll be waiting!

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