10 Pictures of Kristen Stewart Without Makeup

Written by Nisha Baghadia

Kristen Stewart without makeup is perhaps even more beautiful than with a full face of makeup products. The American actress is famously known for her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series. Her beautiful facial features have led to her mention in the list of People’s magazine’s most beautiful women. Keep scrolling catch a glimpse of her unfiltered beauty!

Kristen Stewart without Makeup:

Here are 10 best pictures of Kristen Stewart without makeup.

1. Kristen Stewart with Blonde Hair:

Kristen Stewart was pictured sporting blonde hair and a casual blazer. This picture was taken without her wearing any makeup and she still looks glamorous.

2. Twilight Promo:

Kristen Stewart was pictured promoting her film twilight in June 2009. She was pictured wearing jeans and trainers. Even though she did not have any make up on, she still looked fabulous. She is in fact often seen without makeup as she prefers looking natural.

3. Jeans Don’t Need Makeup:

Kristen Stewart has been photographed on many instances without makeup. She is famous for her role as Bella Swan where she plays the role of a teenager in love with a vampire. She looks amazing on screen but fabulous off screen too.

4. Kristen Stewart in Casuals:

Kristen Stewart was photographed without make up and wearing a sweatshirt and jeans. She looked extremely tired in the picture. Though she looked exhausted and drained out, she still managed to pull off a cool look.

5. Laid Back:

Kristen Stewart was photographed with no makeup in a dress casually lounging against a green sofa. She looked absolutely stunning even though she did not have any makeup. She is definitely a star who does not need to go out of her way to be pretty, because she naturally already is.

6. Green is Kristen’s Colour:

Kristen Stewart was photographed wearing a green dress and minimal makeup. She had her hair let down and a charming smile on her face. She is a gorgeous actress who has natural good looks that look best when not hidden under tones of makeup.

7. Kristen Stewart in Winter:

Kristen Stewart was photographed in very casual winter wear without makeup. She looked absolutely stunning. She had a woolen cap on her head and her hair let down. She looks mysterious and enchanting in the picture.

8. Kristen Stewart with White Tee Shirt and Sunglasses:

Kristen Stewart was photographed wearing a white tee shirt with a sunglass pulled up to her head. She has no makeup on but looked charming. She has a very pretty face that looks even more marvelous when devoid of makeup.

9. Kristen Stewart with Blue Tee Shirt and Sunglasses:

Kristen Stewart was photographed in a navy blue tee shirt and black sunglasses. Though her eyes were covered, one could make out that she didn’t have any makeup on. Despite this she looked absolutely fantastic.

10. Airport Casual:

Kristen Stewart was photographed at the airport carrying her passport and a handbag. She was spotted wearing a black beanie, a ripped casual tee shirt and navy blue jeans. She looked absolutely stunning despite the fact she had no makeup on. Kristen Stewart no make up show is amazing. She is a fabulous actress who looks fantastic with and without makeup.

Thanks to the fame of the Twilight series – we now know of the gorgeous natural beauty who looks calm and graceful without makeup too. These photos of Kristen Stewart without makeup prove that she feels extremely comfortable in her skin and looks stunningly beautiful at the same time with zero amount of makeup on her face. Especially, her casual jeans look is so on-point, and you will mostly find her in plain attire. Her effortlessly stylish appearance makes her a favorite among the paparazzi, and the pictures prove that.

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