25 Pictures Of Nayanthara Without Makeup

Her no-makeup pictures are proof that the actress is synonymous with divine beauty.

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Nayanthara, the superstar of Kollywood, is one of the most talented and gorgeous actresses right now. She is well-known for her outstanding acting as well as her stunning looks. But, while we all are captivated by her sincere her acting and appearances on screen, have you ever seen Nayanthara without makeup? Nayanthara is seen without makeup a majority of the time when she is not shooting, and she still manages to look lovely without it. Here are a few of her photos without makeup. Check them out!

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Diana Mariam Kurian is Nayanthara’s birth name, though she later adopted her stage name as her legal one.

Nayanthara Photos without Makeup

Take a glimpse at how splendid she looks even after giving makeup a miss.

1. The Deep In Thought Look

Image: Source

Nayanthara here looks deep in thought at an important event. Even though she is not completely bare-faced here, she has managed to keep it minimal in order to bring out her natural beauty. She makes an effort to look fabulous whatever the occasion.

2. The Back To My Roots Look

Image: Source

Here, she is gorgeously posing for a picture at an endorsement event. Her traditional Indian attire brings out the ethnic and authentic natural beauty bestowed upon her by her ancestors. She is in what appears to be a deep pink chiffon sari, matched with a green and gold brocade blouse, and gold dangling earrings.

3. The Back To Basics Look

Image: Source

In this picture, she clearly went back to the basics. Her hair is fashioned in a neat French braid on the side. She is wearing a plain red tee and we can understand the level of comfort and simplicity she is going for. Let’s be honest, isn’t that our goal at the end of the day? She topped it off with a black strap sports watch.


4. The Casual Chic Look

Image: Instagram

She chose to keep it casual here with a breezy navy blue attire and a basic side fish braid. She looks radiant in her natural peachy skin and brushed-back hair. Her unpretentious, casual chic look combined with that disarming smile is surely a hands-down winner!

5. The Poised And Pretty Look

Image: Source

Nayanthara is at an award function, looking elegant as ever. Her skin is absolutely glowing in this gorgeous red, orange, and yellow multicolored sari. She paired it up with a pink (almost red) sequinned blouse and is totally rocking this chic desi look.

6. The Girl Next Door Look

Image: Source

Adorable frills, bright colors, and jeans? Sounds exactly like that charming quirky girl next door, doesn’t it? That’s the look she’s going for in this picture. Her unfiltered skin looks super healthy and her cheeks are absolutely glowing.

7. The Simplicity Is Style Look

Image: Source

Her face is full of life and those eyebrows are on fleek! Even though she is sporting a simple pink and purple striped shirt, she is capturing the attention of everyone, proving that there is true beauty in simplicity.

8. The Maternal Glow Look

Image: Source

Here we see a hint of Nayanthara’s maternal instincts shining through. This is clearly being reflected through her iridescent face. She looked delightfully calm and peaceful as she is embraced the baby in her arms.

9. The Pretty In Black Look

Image: Source

Nayanthara looks ravishing in her black strappy top. She has gone for a very natural and subtle look overall. We see her fashioning her hair in a simple manner, and the only jewelery she is wearing is a pretty chain and studs.

10. The Always Fab Look

Image: Source

This picture appears to have been taken on the set after a long hard day of filming. Even so, there’s not a trace of exhaustion on her face. Either she hides it very well, or she has excellent energy! Lively as always, her hair is held back in a ponytail as she sports a casual top.


11. The Sunkissed Look

Image: Source

A selfie taken in the perfect angle can do wonders, but that shouldn’t matter to someone like Nayanthara, who is naturally blessed. Add the natural sunlight to her raw beauty and you’ve got yourself a perfect selfie!

12. The Party Rocker Look

Image: Source

Nayanthara looks so adorable! Even after a good dance session, she is practically beaming! I guess we could all take a leaf out of her book!

13. The Bubbly Look

Image: Instagram

Seen here enjoying a hearty and genuine laugh, Nayanthara looks cute and flawless even without a single trace of makeup on her face. The laid back wavy hairdo and the casual tee enhance her charm in this look.

14. The ‘Comfort Is Key’ Look

Image: Instagram

Nayanthara is seen wearing a pair of comfy green harems and a black tee in this pic. With a headband to complete the look, she looks absolutely at ease. Her no makeup avatar shows how comfortable she is in her own skin!

15. The Demure Diva Look

Image: Instagram

Nayanthara looks her best in this simple Indian look. With a hint of kajal and hair falling in curls, she looks every bit of the glamorous diva she is. Her calm and demure demeanor makes this look a total hit.

16. The High Street Look

Image: Instagram

The South Indian beauty totally nailed this high street look with élan! She pulled this trend with a chic fedora hat and highlighted tresses. She looks confident and effortlessly chic in this look even though she gave the makeup a miss!

17. The Hassle Free And Edgy Look

Image: Source

With a casually brushed back ponytail and a chic boat-neck casual dress, Nayanthara has nailed the no-fuss casual look with grace. Her skin is radiant even sans makeup, and she looks flawless and composed in this photograph.

18. The Uber Sleek And Casual Look

Image: NayatharaWithoutMakeup

With a sleek pulled back ponytail and just a hint of kohl, Nayanthara has us floored with the simplicity of this unadorned look. Effortless and stylish at the same time, she proved yet again that makeup or no makeup, she remains the glamorous diva!

19. Nayanthara And Prabhu Deva – The Vibrant And Breezy Look

Image: Source

This old picture of Nayan shows how radiant and breezy she looks sans makeup. The breezy hairdo and the casual black tee, paired with that beautiful smile, make her look so beautiful!

20. The Home Bird Look

Image: Source

Homely in a casual side-parted hairdo and a simple choice of attire, Nayanthara looks all comfortable and at ease in this look. Her bindi and the strands of stray hair framing her face only add to the charm!


21. The Summer Chic Look

Image: Source

In an uber casual black tank top and loose curls framing her pretty face, Nayanthara looks perfect for the summer! Foregoing pancake doesn’t make a difference to her since she’s got a perpetually glowing face that exudes natural brilliance.

22. The Natural Everyday Look

Image: Facebook

Casually dressed and hair in a headband, Nayanthara looks like the one to follow if you wanna nail the natural look! She looks graceful and is totally owning the informal look without even a trace of makeup on her face.

23. The Light No-Makeup Look

Image: Source

In a khaki button-down shirt and hair let loose, she pulled off this casual look like it’s a piece of cake! Her casual hairdo, paired up with the minimalist hoop earrings, gives her a stylishly laid-back aura. Once again, it puts across the message that she looks fab even when her face is not painted!

24. The Pretty Pigtails Look

Image: Source

Sans makeup and dressed up all casually in a basic printed tee (with her hair tied up in super cute pigtails), Nayanthara dons the look of a college goer in this picture. She nailed this no makeup look with effortless ease.

25. The De-Glam Look

Image: Source

In this picture, probably taken in a press conference, Nayanthara looks flawless without even a trace of makeup on her face. This south Indian beauty nailed the de-glam avatar with grace. The simple white outfit and loose hair combed down only add to her beauty. Nayanthara has been a favorite name in Tollywood, and continues to impress us with her commendable acting skills and beauty! Do let us know which no makeup look for this south Indian beauty stole your heart! You can leave your comments in the box below.

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Nayanthara was the only actress from South India to appear on Forbes India’s “Celebrity 100” list in 2018, with a total yearly income reported at 15.17 crore rupees at the time.

With flawless skin and gorgeous looks, Nayanthara barely requires makeup. She carries herself perfectly, stays real, and wears her confidence, making all the difference. These pictures of Nayanthara without makeup are all one needs to get the motivation to flaunt one’s natural beauty and stay unaffected by unreal beauty standards. Her saree looks are our favorite. How timeless is her beauty! If you have been waiting for the right moment for a long time to keep your makeup away for a change and flaunt your natural beauty, then these pictures should give you the right push.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nayantara dusky?

Yes, actress Nayantara has a dusky complexion and beautiful facial features. She is known for her acting skills.

What sunscreen does Nayanthara use?

As per one of Nayanthara’s interviews, she regularly uses sunscreen and prefers the Neutrogena and Clinique brands.

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