10 Pictures Of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

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As a celebrity, one is continuously in the limelight. Following every moment of their lives offers us a vicarious pleasure, an escape into a life of glamour and glitter, a life that almost every one of us desire. To make sure that they always have a sense of grandeur about them, celebrities need to appear perfect at all times. They are often caked with makeup and thus we hardly get to see the real them. But there are times when they appear without makeup. This is when we truly get to realize that celebrities are pretty even sans makeup. Here are some pictures of Rakhi Sawant without makeup.

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup Photos:

Let us have a glimpse at some of the best pictures of Rakhi Sawant with no makeup.

1. The Festival of Colors:

Holi is a time when people generally do not wear makeup because during this festival, they are sure to be covered in coloured powder, known as ‘abir’ in India. Rakhi Sawant also decided to try the natural look, when she appeared at a holi party without make up. Covered in yellow and pink coloured powder, she looked simply dazzling.

2. Holi:

Rakhi was photographed in a holi function wearing a white low cut top and sporting an enchanting bob cut with fringes with a wreath of flowers on her head.

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3. The Traditional Look:

Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold nature. She is not afraid to try out different looks and a picture of her in a red and green sequined salwar suit proved that she can pull off almost any look. The suit was accessorized with a few bangles and her hair was neatly pulled back. Her face had a refreshing look mostly because she did not have any makeup on.

4. Technology Friendly:

A picture of Rakhi working dexterously on her laptop wearing a casual V-necked white tee shirt exhibited how naturally pretty she is. She had tied her hair into a high pony tail with a blue band and had no makeup on her face despite which she looked fabulous.

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5. A Casual Beauty:

This Bollywood dancer, actress and TV host can look charming both on and off screen. This was made evident with a photograph of her wearing a white and yellow striped top with hardly any makeup on. She had her hair left loose on her shoulder and had a pleasant smile on her face.

6. Off Shoulder:

Rakhi Sawant was photographed wearing a very low cut off shoulder dress with her hair left loose. Though her eyes were covered, it can be seen that she had very little make up on. Despite this fact, she looked absolutely fabulous.

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7. The Nerdy Look:

Rakhi Sawant looks great in glasses. This can be demonstrated through a picture of her wearing a pair of thick black rimmed glasses. She looked absolutely fantastic even without any makeup on. She has the perfect facial portfolio for glasses.

8. Natural Beauty:

A passport sized photograph of Rakhi Sawant without any makeup is evidence enough that she is a natural beauty who does not need to hide behind tones of makeup.

9. The Color of the Season:

Makeup is not always necessary. Rakhi was seen wearing a red pleated halter top with black jeans. Even without makeup she looked glamorous.

10. Femme Fatale:

Here is another picture of Rakhi Sawant without Make up that proves that she is indeed gorgeous without makeup.

What is your verdict on seeing the pictures of Rakhi Sawant without makeup? Share your thoughts with us.

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