Gearing Up For Pippa Middleton And James Wedding – Here’s Everything We Know So Far!

Gearing Up For Pippa Middleton And James Wedding – Here’s Everything We Know So Far! May 10, 2018

Pippa Middleton took all of us into a fashion coma with her figure-hugging Alexander Mcqueen designed by Sarah Burton at the Royal wedding of Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge—Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. She sure made heads turn with her fabulous fashion choice at the Royal wedding, which put her in the fashion spotlight. She has been the talk of the town, actually the World ever since. And, now with Pippa’s wedding round the corner—It’s reached another level. CANNOT WAIT!

  • The Couple – Pippa And James

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The relationship between Pippa Middleton and her fiance James Matthews who is a multi-million dollar hedge fund manager reportedly goes back a long way. They first met over a decade ago at the Eden Rock when the Middleton family went there for a vacation. It was casual dating that was short-lived back then. Cut to a few years later; they met in 2015 and their romance rekindled; the couple soon announced their engagement in July 2015.

  • The Dress

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The excitement, speculation and guessing game is reaching a fever’s pitch by the hour. The fashion police have been trying to guess the dress and have narrowed down to three options. Given Pippa Middleton’s fashion history and immaculate choices, they are hoping she will create a style revolution in the bridal line; or follow her sister’s footsteps with a classic gown; or go with a bohemian inspired dress that blends with the vintage theme of the venue.

Even though nothing is guaranteed and the name of the designer will only be unveiled along with the dress on the big day, it is highly likely that Pippa might be wearing Giles Deacon’s handmade, elegant and simple wedding dress; this is coming from a source very close to the designer. Also, Giles was spotted walking in and out of the mansion with garment bags. And, as on yesterday, design assistants walked in with a closed garment bag which was quite thin, so it’s already here people! We will just have to brace ourselves for it.

  • The Ring

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James Matthew is quite a traditionalist himself, but also a diehard romantic at heart. Now, that’s a combination to die for! So, this happened when they took a little trip to the Lake District, just outside London. He went on his knees and popped the question with a 3.5 carat Asscher cut diamond ring by the designer Robinson Pelham, which was estimated to be a whopping $200,00. Pippa Middleton accepted the proposal, while James took permission from his to-be father-in-law Michael Middleton. By the way, the Asscher cut implies that the clarity of the diamond is of the highest order. Has to be, isn’t it? Totally fitting for the Duchess’s sister. So, if this is how the proposal went by, we cannot begin to imagine the grandeur of the wedding and THE RING! Can we fast forward to Saturday, the 20 May 2017 PLEASE?

  • The Venue

Pippa Middleton and James Matthew are all set to get married at St.Mark’s Church in Berkshire. It sits on a private estate and is a landmark from the 12th century. It’s not very far from where the sisters grew up. The venue is getting all cleaned and spruced up for the event that has aroused curiosity and interest a la the Royal wedding. It is an intimate wedding and a private affair, so not many can even get a sneak peek! We will have to wait for the official wedding pictures to be out.

  • The Event

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After the private wedding and service at the church, the newlyweds will move the wedding party to the Buckleberry mansion, the Middleton’s parents house for a reception. Both the families are trying to keep all the details under wraps and strictly confidential. However, with all the buzz around the preparatory activities, it is certain that Pippa Middleton’s wedding will be an affair to remember just like her sister Duchess Of Cambridge.

  • Pippa’s Wedding Preparation

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Pippa Middleton is gearing up for the wedding in full swing. She reportedly signed up at the Grace Belgravia Health Club which is exclusive for women where brides get access to bridal consultations with nutritionists, skin care experts, personal trainers; and access to meditation and yoga classes.

  • Pippa’s Bridesmaids And The Maid Of Honor

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One thing is for sure, the Maid Of Honor is not going to be someone we are all expecting. You ask why? It’s about the etiquette. Maid Of Honor is usually an unwed sister or best friend of the bride. So since Kate is already married, she cannot be part of the tribe or the Maid Of Honor. Although, the Kensington Palace confirmed that Pippa’s two-year-old niece Princess Charlotte would be part of the bridesmaid gang and we just cannot wait to see how this doll will dress up. She probably will be the most adorable bridesmaid there is. And guess what, Prince George will be the page boy. Just between the both of them—cuteness will be at the power of infinity.

  • Pippa Middleton’s Matron Of Honor

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So yes, there is good news too. Kate Middleton might be the Matron Of Honor, an equivalent to Maid Of Honor for the married. However, there is also another side to this story that the Duchess Of Cambridge just might not even attend the wedding because she does not want to steal the thunder and steer the attention away on her sister’s big day. I mean come on, she might one day be the Queen, she will invariably be the spotlight wherever she goes. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Royal couple and the family to be there, especially Kate being around her sister on the big day!

  • Prince Harry And Meghan Markle To Be Spotted As A Couple?

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And, in other news, where yet another Royal couple is in the making—The question is if Prince Harry and his girlfriend Meghan Markle will attend the wedding, and make an appearance as a couple? More than anything else, remember there was a guest (partner) policy by Pippa that is ‘no ring – no bring.’ But, hey apparently they have made an exception to the to-be Royal couple. So, hopefully, we will get to see them together and a whole lot of it!

So this star-studded-next-to-Royal-wedding is almost making all of us restless and put us at the edge of our seats. There is a lot that is awaited, and the excitement has touched its peak. Again, just like we cannot wait to see what Pippa Middleton will wear to walk down the aisle? Who will be part of the bridesmaids’ team? The Maid Of Honor, The Royal Couple’s attendance, if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will attend (as a couple), and many other million dollar questions. We’ve contained our excitement and waited this long, let’s just keep calm and wait for another day! Phew!