Pisces Man In Love: Learn Ways To Win A Pisces Man

Written by Sushmita Barman

Pisceans, born under the water sign, seem to gravitate towards emotions more than practicality. A Piscean is likely to be spontaneous, which is prompted by their need to act as and however they like to. Do you have an eye for captivating a Pisces man’s interest? How do you know a Pisces man is in love? How does a Pisces man fall in love? Are you intending on getting a Pisces man to fall in love with you? Apparently, finding and understanding a Pisces man in love can be rare and even might be as good as gold. Classified as naturals when it comes to love and emotions, they are absolute dreamboats. But since they possess an artistic nature, their perception of the world and situations are subjected to change in the blink of an eye. So, it’s your time to learn the ropes to comprehend and charm a Pisces man.

How To Make A Pisces Man Fall In Love With You?

To date a Pisces man, you must psych yourself up to take things slow. It is better to proceed only if you can commit to unswerving loyalty since a Pisces man in love ought to be the most loyal of all the zodiacs. If you are ready to grit your teeth through all the odds while preparing the ground to capture a Pisces man’s admiration, I have a perfect set of guidelines listed for you.

  • Deeper Connection: By and large, Pisces men predominantly seek profound connections with their partners as they value deeper connections to the surreal world. If you are up for a genuine connection, then it’s your call to integrate your best attributes. Unless you are confident regarding your intentions to love him unconditionally and wholeheartedly, it is safer to steer clear of intricacies.
  • Be Attentive: You ought to know that a Pisces man in love never asks for your attention explicitly, even if they want it. An astute individual will be a perfect partner to a Pisces man.
  • Passionate And Intimate: A Pisces man embraces the feeling of being loved whenever they are truly into loving you. You can charm him with romantic gestures and surprises – be it a simple candlelight dinner, a trip to somewhere, a dinner date. Moreover, besides physical intimacy, they will treasure you if you value emotional intimacy.
  • Be Supportive: Who does not want a supportive partner? Take note of the fact that Pisces men, when in love, tend to be deeply empathetic. Deemed as artistic and creative, a Pisces man would expect you to step up and encourage him in any form of endeavor linked to creativity.
  • Be Understanding: Ruled by the planet Neptune, a Pisces man possesses an intuitive sense of understanding truths and facts, which undeniably lets them choose partners who can understand them as well. With the perspicacity of your remarks and statements, a Pisces man will become familiar with your emotional intelligence.
  • Mindfulness: At times, the mind of a Pisces man, when in love, goes astray while trying the utmost in offering quality time when caring for his loved ones. In order to keep this balance, he needs a partner who is ready to keep an eye on his well-being and hear his inconspicuous thoughts. Give it a whirl, and you will see his augmented interest in you.
  • Eschew Boundaries And Constraints: A Pisces man in love will never try to get along with you if you try to incorporate emotional boundaries and ways to dominate him. He is highly accustomed to being a man with the freedom to express his desires as well as wanting to follow them.
  • Despises Unkind And Mean Behaviour: Since a Pisces man is quite emotionally sensitive, hence, never try to unleash a jarring tone in front of him. Consequently, a healthy trick is to be patient and use a calming tone to make your Pisces man understand his flaws.
  • Leadership: If you are eager to up your game and tickle his fancy, you should be prepared to take the lead in instigating a spark in the relationship. You must have a natural disposition to act confidently and wisely whilst handling the relationship.
  • Exhibit Your Real Self And Be Principled: Show your authenticity by being yourself and sharing your self. Don’t be apprehensive of showing your vulnerable aspects as you will be caught on the hop to see him embracing your flaws. Moreover, a Pisces man looks for a partner who is principled and courteous.
  • Explore Your Creative Side: Discover and engage with your creative side to win a Pisces man’s heart. If you have intrinsic creative skills, nurture them and put them into practice. This, in turn, will compel him to love you more.
  • Meet His Family And Friends: Nothing would contribute more to his growing fondness towards you if you expend your efforts in forging connections with his family and close ones.

8 Signs A Pisces Man Is In Love With You

How to know a Pisces man is in love? Accordingly, if you are dating a Pisces man, often acclaimed as one of the most complicated signs to comprehend, you have got to look after the cues that I am about to disseminate about a Pisces man falling in love.

  • Consider You His Closest Friend: This is the foremost priority made by a Pisces man who is in love. He will be there for you to lend you his shoulder in your hard times.
  • Disclosing His Feelings And Emotions: Most of us must have intuited the personality of a Pisces man to be hesitant and mysterious. Having said that, it is not even unusual to see him opening about his feelings to his beloved once he is assured that she is the best choice.
  • Asking You A Lot Of Questions: While asking too many questions might go way beyond having some sort of regard to respect boundaries, you should know that they are non-judgemental even if your responses are perplexing. A Pisces man falling in love with you will be desperate for knowing your deepest fears, emotions, and secrets.
  • Accepting Your Flaws: You are fortunate enough to be loved by a Pisces man as he is going to accept your flaws. He never puts on a show about it to make you feel insecure or unwanted; rather, he will go an extra mile to win you.
  • Take Care Of You: The way he will take care of your needs along with surprising you from time to time is pleasing to the eye of the outsiders. Simple acts of love like cooking, talking to you, and indulging in creative activities as a pair makes a Pisces man’s love precious.
  • Comfortable With You: If a Pisces man tends to be expressive while being around you, you can discern the truth that he is prepared to kick up a notch while indulging in loving you to death.
  • Be All Gentle And Kind: Until now, you must have ascertained his gentle and compassionate nature, but what about his kindness? Does he pretend to be kind just to gain favors or is kindness his innate trait? So, the response to it is highly suggestive of his disposition to exhibit kindness in any relationship.
  • Not Into The Habit Of Turn-tailing: If he makes promises and commitments to you, he will never indulge in turn-tailing. Although he is adaptable to changes, he would never flee from supporting you if he loves you truly.

Is A Pisces Man In Love Jealous And Possessive?

Significantly, a Pisces man is never too possessive, although he can be jealous at times, depending on the circumstances. In fact, they tend to get sad if they experience jealousy, and they do not reveal it by being eloquent. Insecurity as a predominant characteristic in a Pisces man convinces him to retreat rather than fighting to keep his partner interested in him. Also, you never get to be on tenterhooks with a Pisces man, as they are unsuspicious even if you have intentions. Yet again, if you plant a seed of doubt, they can cut you off abruptly.

So, are you ready to assume leadership with your Pisces man? While you are with him, you don’t need to be at his beck and call, ever. Besides, it will permit you to relish freedom in abundance. Also, how to keep your Pisces man in love with you? Don’t be spiritless and try to inculcate traits that he reckons are attractive. Put in efforts to make time for him genuinely, and don’t let distractions become an endgame to your show.


What is a Pisces man attracted to?

Since a Pisces man intends to forge a stronger and deeper connection with the spiritual world, he is likely to look for a partner who is creative, emotionally intelligent, and intellectually shrewd.

What does a Pisces man need in a relationship?

A Pisces man wishes for physical and emotional intimacy in a relationship. He cherishes a partner who is simple, kind, loyal, and encouraging.

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