Pisces Woman: Love, Relationships, And Personality Traits

Learn all the must-know deets on Pisces women if you plan to date one.

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If you are seeing a Piscean lady and want to build a relationship with them, you are at the right place. In this article, we will help you understand a Pisces woman’s traits. For starters, Pisces women move between reality and fantasy. They are represented by the ethereal fish sign, which denotes the friction between fiction and fact. As Neptune rules this sign, she is represented by spiritual things and believes in higher spiritual energy. A Pisces woman really loves being in love.

Furthermore, their traits include being incredible listeners, expressive, emotional, loving, caring, among others. She is a giver in an emotional equation and prioritizes her partner’s needs than her own. Being extremely adaptable is one of the important traits of a Pisces woman.

However, all Piscean women do not possess the characteristics in their entirety. So, you should invest time and effort in understanding your Piscean lady and know her qualities. Here, we help you understand your Pisces woman better and build a strong bond with her. In this article, we have listed everything related to the Pisces lady — her likes, dislikes, and more. Keep scrolling!

How Are Pisces Woman Traits In Love And Relationships?

Pisces women are honest and loyal in a relationship

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Dating Neptunian energy is a guaranteed experience in the exploration of yourself and your partner, as empathy is a stand-out characteristic when it comes to Pisces woman traits in romantic relationships.

A Pisces woman really loves being in love. She gives of herself fully and freely and is invigorated by the idea of being in a long-lasting relationship. If you are someone who isn’t in touch with your inner self, your Piscean partner is going to nudge you gently towards doing a 360. While being able to open up is a healthy relationship trait, if you are someone who doesn’t like to delve into things, there’s a chance a Pisces woman will feel shut out as she is comfortable opening up and expects the same from a partner. Her expressive disposition can be overwhelming at times.

The character traits of a Pisces woman include being incredible listeners- whether complex emotional issues or just trivial, light-hearted things. She is a giver in an emotional equation and tends to care more about her partner’s needs than her own. She is perceptive when it comes to what’s unsaid; hence, it is important to pick up on subtle emotional cues regarding her needs and desires as Pisces has a tendency to forget that not everyone is as empathically attuned as her. Also, note that romance is important to her. So you can win her heart with a song, a poem, or a candlelit dinner.

Pisces women are emotionally vulnerable

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As the final sign, Pisces is a combination of the sexual energies of all the signs before her. In bed, she is emotional and loving; physical intimacy for her should be meaningful. And when we talk about the Pisces woman sexuality traits, we can say that she’s receptive, adventurous, and totally driven by fantasy.

For true sexual compatibility, it is important to be connected to the crown chakra or the inner mind as sex for a Pisces woman is a combination of emotional and physical traits. She is intensely feminine and would like to be treated as an object of not only your desire but love. Attention to foreplay is key for the Zodiac’s sensual dreamer as she loves being touched. Infuse intimacy into your lovemaking by playing with her hair, kissing her on her forehead, and cuddling her. Making her feel safe and loved will lead you to the most enthralling physical experience.

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Pisces women have a keen ability to read people. They are adept at spotting when someone is lying to them. If you pretend to be someone you are not, she will be able to tell immediately and might not want to be with you.

Pisces Woman Personality Traits

Positive Traits Of A Pisces Woman

Pisces women are nurturing and supportive

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    • Compassionate: It is very much in a Pisces woman’s personality to be a healer. She feels deeply and is tuned into what you unload on her making her a compassionate shoulder to cry on.
      Since her empathy runs deep, she is soft-hearted even towards those who have wronged her as she is able to see their perspective. She is willing to go to any extent not to see someone unhappy around her and is a big believer in allowing people second chances. She tends to care more about others than herself.
  • Intimate: Intimacy is a Pisces woman trait that is very much dominant. She prefers having a handful of close friends over a thousand acquaintances. She does not invest in surface-level friendships. You’d be hard-pressed to find a Pisces who doesn’t quickly become a part of your inner circle. She is not shallow and will not make friends for the sake of popularity.
    She gets bored with small talk in mere minutes but can have meaningful conversations for hours. She is able to create a safe space for others and establish a strong sense of trust.
  • Adaptable: Pisces can roll with the punches and adapt to new situations with ease. Being one of the mutable signs, she is able to find common ground with just about anybody and gets along with a wide variety of people. People find her gentle presence comforting.

She is very well-liked and valued in social settings due to her elastic-like energy. Adaptable people are generally more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives as they face fewer conflicts (though this is not always the case!). Tolerance for different viewpoints points towards higher emotional intelligence.

Negative Traits Of A Pisces Woman

Pisces women can be quite stubborn

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    • Overly emotional: To say that a Pisces is extremely sensitive is an understatement. You have to watch your tone as she tends to be sensitive to little changes in behavior. Her emotional instincts can sometimes make her go from being high on energy and extremely cheerful to moody and somber based on her perception of your behavior.
      Pisces is easily hurt by the actions of others. She tends to feel unfulfilled with people that are emotionally unavailable or independent. Co-dependency and living in symbiosis with others comforts her. Sometimes her desire to share can become overwhelming.
  • Overly trusting: One of Pisces woman bad traits is that she takes what is said to her for face value and has difficulty discerning between people with good and bad intentions. She often lands herself in trouble as she assumes that everyone is as well-intentioned as her and sees the best in people.
    She is also extremely impressionable as a result of her trusting nature, and her core beliefs can be swayed easily. She is often unable to recognize when someone’s actions contradict their promises to her. She’s the first to fall victim to treachery and deception.
  • Closed off: Although wearing her heart on her sleeve is one of a Pisces woman’s character traits, she will go to great lengths not to bother anyone with her problems. Since she is more concerned with your needs than her own, her personal issues tend to take a backseat as she prefers to take on the role of a problem solver.

A Pisces woman tends to unintentionally sabotage the authenticity of her relationships by shutting people out in order to protect them. She inadvertently ends up building walls between her and her loved ones resulting in the opposite of what is natural of the Pisces woman love traits of building intimacy and developing stronger relationships.

Interesting Facts About Pisces Women

Pisces women are day-dreamers

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  • Ruled by Neptune, the guider of dreams, she’s a daydreamer forever getting consumed by her imaginary world.
  • She’s a sucker for old-school romantic love. She prefers thoughtful gestures and spending quality time over material presents.
  • Since she’s an idealist, decision-making doesn’t come easy to her as she needs to do what’s best not only for herself but for the world around her.
  • She tends to excel in her career as she is extremely likable and thrives in co-working environments.
  • She’s considered one of the most artistic creatures of the astrological wheel and flourishes in music, creative writing, and fine arts when allowed the creative freedom to express her authentic self.
  • She is most compatible with earth and water signs such as Taurus, Scorpio, Cancer, and Capricorn.
  • Her spirit animal is the deer, as she is calm, gentle, and non-confrontational.
  • As a water sign influenced by Neptune, she is inherently withdrawn and can come across as an introvert.
  • She is extremely invested in her interpersonal relationships and is interested in details that others may consider mundane. Oversharing is the key to her heart.
  • She is most likely to opt for a career in photography, social work, counseling, music, nursing, recruitment, sales, and art as they appeal to her natural instincts.
protip_icon Quick Tip
Famous women who belong to this sign include Lily Collins, Elizabeth Taylor, Lupita Nyong’o, and Rihanna. Each of them may have taken a different path to fame, but their destinations are equally amazing.

The chameleon-like nature of a Pisces female is often mistaken for being too fickle and wavering. However, she is very much open to change, and one of the most impressive traits of a Pisces woman is her adaptability. The reason? She has grasped the wisdom and knowledge of all the 12 signs combined! A Pisces woman has an alluring and mysterious personality and is referred to as the bleeding heart of the zodiac as she takes things to heart and feels deeply. She is a daydreamer and struggles with decision-making. However, that does not stop her from succeeding in her career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pisces females loyal?

Yes. A Pisces woman is loyal and dependable. She helps you resolve your problems and keeps your secrets. However, a Pisces woman at a low spiritual level may cheat and lie as well. But the good thing is, if she is spiritual, she can be faithful even after a break-up.

What kind of man does a Pisces woman like?

Pisces women are attracted to polite, gentle, sensitive partners with an artistic side to them. They also need a strong partner who can become their solid rock. They value romantic love and seek stability and affection in their relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Pisces women move between reality and fantasy, believe in higher spiritual energy, and love being in love.
  • The Pisces woman is a giver in an emotional equation and highly perceptive to emotional cues and what is unsaid.
  • The pisces woman is intensely feminine and loves being touched.

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